Kevin Needs Your Help!

For over 30 years Kevin Trudeau has been serving humanity by exposing corporate and government corruption, revealing secrets “THEY” don’t want you to know.

Kevin has been a fearless voice to the voiceless, and has given power to the powerless.

For 3 decades the “Powers that Be” have been trying to “buy him out”, silence Kevin, and discredit him by spreading misinformation, distorted facts and outright lies.

In what is being called “The Greatest Injustice in American History”, the US Federal Government has put Kevin in prison for 10 years for “Contempt of Court”, AND confiscated all of Kevin’s assets and possessions worldwide, leaving Kevin penniless.  All because Kevin dared to go on TV and talk about his #1 NY Times bestselling books and express his opinions about natural ways to cure and prevent disease.

Kevin needs your financial help now!

Kevin has served 7 1/2 years in a US Federal Prison and is now on “Home Confinement” serving the remainder of his sentence.

Kevin has done so much for humanity and risked his life by sharing insider information that “They” don’t want us to know about.

Kevin has fearlessly empowered hundreds of millions around the world by teaching the secrets of:

- natural ways to cure and prevent disease without drugs and surgery, and how to attain dynamic vibrant health naturally

- how to attain wealth by knowing the secrets of banking, the power of the Law of Attraction, and other insider knowledge held exclusively by the privileged elite class and the “ruling families” of the world

- the most important and precious gift of all: inner peace, joy and bliss, by attaining consciousness and awareness at the highest levels. The secret of true happiness.

“The soul has no secrets that behaviour does not reveal.” 

~Lao Tzu

Who is Kevin Trudeau?

Kevin Trudeau is a NY Times #1 international bestselling author
with over 50 million books sold.

His book “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About” exposed how “Big Pharma” has been lying about the safety and effectiveness of their drugs, causing more disease and illness than curing disease.

Kevin’s book "Debt Cures" exposed how the Big Banks are ripping people off all over the world, effectively making us slaves to debt and effectively “owned" by the rich and powerful.  Kevin gives us the solution!

Kevin’s book "Free Money" exposed the US Federal Grant programs and how the friends and supporters of politicians get most of the “Free Money” from the government. More importantly, Kevin exposed the little known “secret methods” that allow average people to get their fair share of this “Free Money”. 

Kevin needs your financial help now. 
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On "The Kevin Trudeau Show" (Kevin’s radio show), Kevin predicted this current pandemic back in 2010 as well as the “lockdowns”, and the suppression of free speech by the government and big tech companies. 

Kevin has been fearlessly serving humanity for decades, helping people improve the quality of their lives in all areas and increase their standard of living.  Kevin has given people the knowledge and “power” to control their lives and be the master of their destiny. 

All this has angered the “powers that be” including Big Pharma, Big Banks, the mainstream media and governments around the world. 

The privileged elite ruling class does not want you to know this empowering information. 

Kevin has threatened their power and control by giving power to the powerless and a voice to the voiceless.  Kevin has awakened hundreds of millions around the world and taken many out of their “trance”.  Those who were previously “sheeple” are now powerful lions who see and know “truth”.  

Read what a former “Minister” and “government Cabinet member”, a right-hand man to the President, has to say about Kevin and this situation. 

For decades the US Government, “Big Pharma” and the mainstream media have been spreading false information about Kevin. 

They have been trying to silence Kevin with bribes and offering him “deals”. When Kevin refuses their offers, they do what they always do to “enemies” - they coordinate with the mainstream media to destroy Kevin’s reputation and discredit Kevin with half-truths, “Fake News” and outright lies. 

The government simply stated as fact, allegations that were unsubstantiated, undocumented, and never proven to be true. In fact, the government was required to admit in court documents that “after a full investigation, there has been NO FINDING OF ANY WRONGDOING by Kevin Trudeau or any of his companies or affiliated entities”. 

In 2012 however, a US Federal Judge held Kevin in “Contempt of Court” when Kevin refused to stop talking, exposing Big Pharma on his radio and Television shows.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” 

~Albert Einstein

The Judge sentenced Kevin to an unprecedented and egregious 10 years in Federal Prison - the longest sentence in the history of America for “Contempt of Court”. 

The Judge also ordered that all of Kevin’s assets, possessions and money worldwide be confiscated and turned over to the US Government. 

Kevin was left with only a few suitcases and some clothes.

Kevin needs your help now.

A rare opportunity.

Kevin Trudeau has been exposing corporate and Government corruption for over 30 years, revealing insider secrets “They” don’t want you to know about. And for those same 30 years, the US Government has been trying to silence Kevin and suppress Kevin’s right of free speech. 

Kevin Trudeau is a Hero and Freedom Fighter.

He is a former insider at the highest levels on the global scene (think Yale’s Skull and Bones;
The Bilderberg Group; Bohemian Grove; and the Brotherhood).

Kevin however did the unthinkable… he left the inner sanctum that he was member of for decades.

Kevin “knows” the truth about how to “manifest” and attain what you desire; how to have perfect dynamic health; and most importantly, how to live in a state of bliss, happiness and joy that springs up from within.

Get Free Kevin Trudeau training such as his audio course “Your Wish Is Your Command”.

Kevin “knows” this, he does not just “know about” this. 

Kevin has a huge reach and is an enormous global influencer (hundreds of millions around the world listen to Kevin). Thus, Kevin has been a major threat to those in “power and control” around the world. 

“Every Saint has a past… And every Sinner, a future”.
~Oscar Wilde

The super wealthy and those in the elite ruling class have enjoyed unfair advantages in life including insider banking knowledge, knowing how to access finance and credit, as well as always being treated completely differently in the criminal justice system (we can all see this plainly now more than ever). 

Kevin has been giving the “little guy” the power and tools they never had before to improve one’s “conditions” in life. This makes people more self-reliant instead of government-reliant. This is very good for the people, but angers those in power who want the masses to be “enslaved”. 

Before anyone was talking about it, Kevin exposed how the Pharmaceutical Industry purposely set out a plan to get millions of people addicted to opioids just so they could make billions in profits. Kevin revealed how drug companies manufacture fake and false studies about the safety and effectiveness of their drugs - all to promote the lie that their drugs are safe and effective. 

This has all been proven to be 100% true now. 

Kevin has been our champion. He has sacrificed everything in his life to help us. 
Kevin needs your help now. Please help Kevin get back on his feet.
Contribute Now to Kevin.

Kevin has been the target of governments, big corporations and the mainstream media for decades. “They” have tried to discredit him by spreading lies, half-truths, and Fake News. “They” have put together a coordinated campaign including the mainstream media, the internet tech companies and the criminal justice system, all in an attempt to get people to stop listening to Kevin.

It has not worked, Kevin will not be broken.  And more people now, from all around the world are listening to Kevin because they see the truth. All “their” efforts trying to silence Kevin have simply made him stronger and have proven everything he has said is true.

Kevin has been fearless, knowing the consequences he was facing by serving humanity. In fact, Kevin predicted everything that has happened to him, including the outrageous 10 year prison sentence for “contempt of court”.

Without ever charging Kevin with a crime, the FTC filed 2 frivolous civil law suits against Kevin with outrageous false unproven allegations.

The mainstream media simply parrots what the government alleges, even though there was NO documentation or substantiation that any of the government's civil (not criminal) allegations were true.

The FTC sues people and companies by the hundreds every year. 98% of people and companies that are sued by the FTC (including almost every Fortune 500 company), simply “settle “ with the FTC and “pay the extortion money” to the government.

Kevin did not accept their “offer”. He did not take the “deal”.  Kevin fought back.

When the dust settled, the FTC was forced to sign a consent decree that stated, “after a full investigation, there has been NO FINDING OF ANY WRONGDOING by Mr. Trudeau or any of his companies”.

This is never reported in the mainstream media. Yet the government and mainstream media continue to state the “allegations”, even though they were proven in court to be LIES!

Falsehoods, lies, and misrepresentation of the facts. This is how the government and mainstream media work.  They completely mislead people into thinking that Kevin engaged in wrongdoing… NOT TRUE.

Simply talk to the over 50 million people around the world that have bought Kevin’s books and courses for self-improvement. Read what they have to say.

The only people that say bad things about Kevin are the government and mainstream media!
This says it all. The over 50 million people who have purchased Kevin’s books, and over 100 million that listen to Kevin on radio, love Kevin!


“They” took everything away from Kevin in an attempt to discredit him and “break him” and stop him from revealing the “agenda” of the privileged parasitical ruling elite class.

But they did not take away Kevin’s ability to create! They did not take away Kevin’s love for humanity.

They did not take away Kevin’s knowing that his “mission” is to give power to the powerless and give a voice to the voiceless.

Read Kevin’s Mission

Kevin is committed to helping you attain all your dreams and goals, attain spectacular health and longevity, and be anchored in a state of true inner peace, joy and happiness.

Read “The State Of Consciousness” written by Kevin. It will blow you away.

Kevin is still in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He has nothing. The government took everything away from Kevin. He only has a few suitcases and some clothes.

We at The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club want to help Kevin.
That is why we set up this page where you can contribute to Kevin directly.

Send Kevin a financial gift now.  You will receive many blessings in return.

Kevin has given so much to us. We need to give back to Kevin and help him at this critical time. We at The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club want to provide for Kevin, all his financial needs so he can reestablish himself and get back to helping all of us by sharing his knowledge and transmitting his “energy” to us. Kevin does have the power to “transform” us.

Kevin is more focused and committed now more than ever at serving you and humanity. He is dedicated to selflessly helping all of you achieve your dreams and live the life you always dreamed of - helping you be, do and have all your desires.

Kevin can help you attain inner peace, joy and bliss that is beyond human comprehension.

In the 8 years Kevin has been incarcerated, Kevin went through a massive transformation process himself. He went through a “Wall of Fire” that he wrote about in his “Prison Diaries”.

Kevin spent hours in daily meditation. He engaged in yoga and other mental and spiritual practices. He was committed to daily physical exercise and enjoyed solitude with no distractions.

This allowed Kevin a rare opportunity to complete his transformation and go to a new level.

Kevin’s vibration is higher than ever. His awareness and state of consciousness is beyond most people’s imagination. His mental, spiritual and energetic abilities that have been released are beyond the word powerful. 

They are “miraculous” and some call them “superhuman”.

Kevin is committed to giving to you, all he has and more. He is committed to helping you achieve all your dreams and live a life so spectacular, abundant and filled with success, that it is beyond your wildest imaginations.

Everyone who gives a monetary gift to Kevin will be put on a special list called
“Friends of Kevin”.

As soon as Kevin has completed his “sentence", there will be a special event with Kevin, given exclusively for “Friends of Kevin". You will get to meet Kevin in person, shake his hand, and get a personal photo. Kevin will give you special “training” and many other “gifts and blessings”.

When you give to Kevin and help him, you release “The Power of Giving”.  Kevin has taught on this subject and offers Free Lessons on this “magical” method of unleashing the attractive force of the Universe.  Get the Free Lessons Here.

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”    ~Albert Einstein

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Why become a Partner?

When you become a Partner you energetically connect with Kevin and fall under his umbrella of grace. All the positive karma Kevin has earned, and all the blessings that go into Kevin’s “field” carry over to you.

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We at The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club have experienced firsthand how Kevin has changed lives in miraculous ways for people all around the world. We have seen tens of thousands of unsolicited testimonials from people sharing how Kevin’s books, audio programs, and live workshops have transformed people in positive ways that are beyond words.

Read some of what people say about Kevin here.

Kevin’s programs do more for people, produce better results and have more positive effects in ways unlike any other personal development training course, success coach, or even spiritual guru.

Kevin is unique and a one of a kind. He is a treasure. Kevin is a humble precious soul that is a gift to humanity. He radiates love because Kevin is pure love. 
Kevin loves people and is filled with compassion.

Kevin’s focus is on helping you achieve all your dreams, maintain dynamic physical health, and attain complete spiritual freedom and liberation, allowing you to experience joy, happiness and bliss in a perpetual state.

Kevin is unique because he has actually created an international business empire that generated billions of USD in sales.  He is the “real deal”.

But more important than his past business success, is the fact that Kevin is spiritually aware and conscious. He is “awake”. This means Kevin can help you in ways that no other “success coach” can.

What has happened to Kevin is the greatest injustice in the history of the United States of America, second only to slavery.

Kevin is an innocent man who was sent to prison for 10 years and had everything taken away from him, simply because he dared to exercise his First Amendment Constitutional right of Free Speech and express his opinions about natural ways to cure and prevent disease.

This happened in America, where “Free Speech” is supposed to be protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

“First, they ignore you.
Then, they laugh at you.
Then, they attack you.
Then, you win.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

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