The State Of Consciousness

When a being is fully “conscious” and aware, they transcend the illusion of the physical material world of duality (duality is seeing everything as independent such as a me and you; a this and that; a here and there; where everything and everyone is separate and not connected).

When a being is aware that everything and everyone is “connected” and essentially “one”, then that being becomes aware of “The SELF”, the non-physical “YOU”, the one consciousness or energy.

An inner “state” is then attained where there is nothing to “trigger” irrational and uncontrollable emotions, feelings or thoughts. No one can push your “buttons” because you no longer have buttons to push. You become “Free” and “Liberated”.

Imagine being supremely confident, but not arrogant or conceited.

Imagine having such total knowingness that you never need to be affirmed or validated by anyone.

Imagine never feeling the need to convince anyone or prove anything.

Think about never needing to argue or debate anyone about anything.

Dream about never having the need to feel respected, never needing to be understood, never needing to be recognized or given credit for something you did.

Imagine never being affected by what someone says or does to you, or doesn’t say or do.

Imagine having total clarity and certainty but remaining completely humble, while at the same time never having any doubts, fears, or worries about anything.

Dream about always feeling joy inside and never being affected by external conditions, situations, events, people or circumstances.

Imagine being amused by everything and everyone while always having an inner laugh and smile, for you actually “see” everyone and everything as simply an expression and extension of the One Universal Consciousness that is All-That-IS, and everything in life is just a “play” of that One Universal Consciousness.

Think about how your life would be always feeling light-hearted and cheerful, without any concerns or stress, and never feeling the need to change anyone or anything in order to make you happy.

Imagine being anchored in an inner state of peace, bliss and certainty, regardless of what is “happening” in your life.

Imagine being “Enlightened” and “SELF Realized”. YOU CAN BE THIS PERSON.

Kevin Trudeau 

~ The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club