Fellow inmates talk about what it is like to be in prison with Kevin Trudeau

“He talks very little…”

I am with KT in prison. I have to tell everyone about him. He is very different from everyone else. He is simply amazing. Every day whenever you see him, he is relaxed, calm, and smiling. He radiates peace and joy. 

The inmates and the staff cannot believe or understand how he is so happy all time. One senior staff member said, “KT is actually happy to be here and enjoying himself!” 

What I notice most is KT never talks about himself or all his past success. He doesn’t offer many opinions about anything. He talks very little. 

Everyone else is always talking, acting like they know everything about everything, stating their opinions like they are the experts, and bragging constantly about all the “stuff” they had in the free world. KT has this sense of certainty and inner confidence that is a little strange. You feel like he knows everything about you, can read your thoughts and feelings and has no judgment, but rather just acceptance and love. He is very unique. I can tell you this: KT is the real deal.

~ TK

“He can look at you and smile and change everything inside you…”

I am doing time with KT at the prison camp. He is different. He is almost a little strange but in a good way. 

Many of us can tell he has some kind of unlimited spiritual power, but many here are so clueless and unaware, they have no idea and do not even notice KT. There are lots of uneducated people here, but also some very educated, very intelligent men.

KT is probably the smartest and most intelligent guy here. He probably has the highest IQ. And remember, there are some billionaires here and many super educated highly intelligent academic people. Many of us think KT is a genius.

But more impressive is he has this energy thing about him that is really interesting. He can look at you and smile and change everything inside you. He can touch you on the shoulder and make a wisecrack remark that pushes every one of your buttons and make you want to scream in anger, then it all just goes away and you feel strangely calm. He can say something or nothing, and you seem to see and understand everything totally differently.

He is handling prison differently than anyone else. He actually loves being here! It is wild to see. Nothing affects him in a negative way. It is like he is like watching everything and not really a part of it all, and as he “watches” everything he is amused by it all. For those of you who have never met KT in person, if you ever have the chance make sure you do so. If you are ready, you will receive what you are looking for.

~ CT

“He does not care what you think about him, or what you say about him…”

I have known KT here at the camp for about 3 years. I met him the day he arrived. KT is a special person. There are inmates here that are completely brain dead and “asleep”. They have no awareness or consciousness, and are “know it alls”. These inmates are not even aware that KT is here! They do not know who he is or his name if they see him around the compound. It is like they are almost blind and cannot even “see” him. It is like he is invisible to them. 

But for those here who are awake and aware even a little, then having this man in your presence is quite a blessing. When KT looks at you, it is like he is looking into your soul. You sense that he knows everything you are thinking and feeling. You feel like he totally and completely “knows” you in every way all the way to the very core of who you are. He is humble yet you also sense that he knows exactly who he is. He does not care what you think about him, or what you say about him. He is secure with who he is. He has a sense of certainty and confidence that goes beyond and deeper than anything you can imagine. He walks around totally relaxed with an aura that he does not have a care or worry in the world.

When he talks to you, he does not try to impress you with what he knows, or what he has done (like almost every other inmate as they constantly brag). He does not try to convince you of anything or try to get you to believe a certain thing (like most religious fanatics). He does not go around trying to say profound things. When he talks to you, he says things or asks questions that stir things up inside you. He is never politically correct and sometimes is not tactful at all. He pushes your buttons. And you know he is doing this on purpose. He says things that make you question your beliefs, look at yourself and look within. 

 He does not want you to focus on him. He makes you focus on yourself. He knows exactly what to say to get an automatic emotional reaction that you cannot control. He makes you realize you are not in control of your own mind or emotions. It is like he is waking you up and getting you to witness and observe yourself. He gets you to rethink things. When this happens, you can drop and get rid of all the “programs” that seem to make you act, think, and feel irrational. 

If you ever get the chance to meet him in person, do so. If you can’t, then take his training programs: Your Wish Is Your Command, The Success Mastery Course, and The Science of Personal Mastery Course. By taking his training, you are getting his “energy”. By getting his “energy”, you will become a better person if you are sincerely ready for change and growth. 

All your dreams can come true with a little help from the “power”.

~ BW

“…what he said kinda frustrated me…”

I met Kevin over a year ago at the camp. I told him the staff and other inmates treated me badly, with no respect.  

He never spent much time with me, but told me that I have the power within me, with my thoughts, to create any situation I wanted, including having people treat me with respect and kindness. He said, “Just relax, you can’t push a rope, just allow it to happen. It will happen when it happens. In the meantime, relax and enjoy the ride. But do one thing. To everyone you meet, silently say ‘I love you. Send them love silently no matter how they treat you.” 

Although I felt power in his words, what he said kinda frustrated me. I felt Kevin was blowing me off. Yet when he said it, I felt very funny on the inside, like a seed that was within me started to grow. But a week later I got in trouble by getting into an argument with a staff member and almost got into a fight with him. 

I was shipped to a higher-security-level institution. Everything was much worse. The stress, tension, and fear were everywhere. When you walked by people they never looked at you or said anything positive. If anything they gave you a glare, a cold stare, or mumbled something under their breath. 

No one smiled. But I thought I might as well try what Kevin said. So for a few weeks, I silently said “I love you” to everyone I met or saw, both inmates and staff. 

I began to see everyone as not black, white, or Mexican, man or women, staff or inmate, I began to sense that they were the same as me on the inside, an equal spirit, an equal extension of Source. 

I was blown away by the results. Within a few weeks, people started smiling at me, or would say “hello”, “how are you doing?” Good morning”. People would hold the door open for me, be more polite, kind, and thoughtful, both inmates and staff. 

All I can say is “Thank you, Kevin”. There is so much more I could share about how Kevin’s words and more importantly his “energy” has completely transformed how my life is going and how I feel.

~ RM

“See him for what he really is…”

I recently gave Kevin a thank you letter for all the time and effort he has given me, helping me in so many ways from “running processes”, to just allowing his amazing radiant “energy” to raise my vibration just by being in his physical presence.

I am not the only person Kevin has helped. Kevin has been getting hundreds of these types of letters since he has been in prison. He makes an impact in people’s lives wherever he goes.

Soon, Kevin will be back among you, his friends, and you will all be able to benefit from his presence. Don’t take Kevin for granted. See him for what he really is.

~ LT

“I can’t image the father I would have been having if I not met you.”

Kevin, I would like to say thank you for everything! Over the past year and a half, you’ve transformed my life in more ways than I can explain. Perhaps I could explain if I wrote an entire novel the length of War and Peace, but I wouldn’t want to bore you with my self-centered revelations that I’m sure you knew would happen. After all, changing people’s lives and making others better is who you are and what you have been destined to do. Your unbelievable effect on my life solidifies my belief that you ARE a true GURU!

I know you don’t like that title, but it is what it is. The force and the duty have been thrust upon you. It’s your destiny, your dharma.

God willing this will be our last holiday season in the Feds, a place neither of us intended or predicted we’d be, at this moment in our lives. As usual, though, we are exactly where we’re destined to be, and supposed to be. I’m thankful that the Almighty puppet masters allowed our strings to cross. Your presence in my journey means the world to me. Yet, I’m often moving so quickly that I forget to stop and give thanks to you for all the quality time you have expended with me. It’s people like you that have helped me accept and embrace the prison experience as an opportunity to introspect, grow, and manifest my dreams.

I want you to know how much the time, effort, and energy you have put into me means to me personally, as well as to my family. I truly believe that the work you’ve done with me has fueled my evolution from a lost boy into a maturing man. Your patience has taught me the secret to a meaningful life and your sensitivity has shown me what it means to be a compassionate being.

Your daily actions of unselfish kindness are an example of the selfless attitude that the world needs. Your personal “energy” raises the bar for the global standard of consciousness. You have demonstrated, against all odds and circumstances, the power a highly evolved being has to move people up Dr. Hawkins’s consciousness scale and to uplift the awareness of all the people you touch and the entire world.

I’m fortunate enough to have a front-row seat to this magical revolution you are spearheading just by being you. Not to mention, I’m blessed enough to have spent so much time benefiting from your physical presence and personal tutelage. For this, I’ll be forever grateful.

In my mind’s eye, the gifts that you’ve shared with me are a direct blessing for my daughter. I can’t imagine the father I would have been having I not met you. So this thanks is bigger than me. I want to thank you for giving me the tools, perspective, and confidence to be a present, engaged and approachable father. I’ll never forget the Band-Aid analogy and the effect it had on my daughter’s understanding when I shared your wisdom with her. It was your uncanny ability with words that allowed me to bridge this ocean’s gap in time and space. Again, thank you.

I am honored and grateful to call you a friend. No matter how far you are from me, or how long a time we are apart, know that I’ll always see you as one of my greatest mentors and friends. Much love, and thank you with love and respect. Your friend forever.

~ JS