Lost Prison Diary Messages

By Kevin Trudeau

Lost Prison Diary Message #1

Thank you all for the hundreds of letters and cards I get every day. I read each one. I cannot reply as there is limited paper, envelopes, and stamps. Most are letters and notes of encouragement and support. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Many are stories of how my books, seminars, and/or GIN have changed someone’s life for the better.

Reading makes me feel so good. Even if I am sentenced to life in prison, I will still feel so good knowing that my efforts have positively impacted so many.

I am at peace and feel BLISS! I received one letter that was over 45 pages long from my friend, fellow GIN member, Ed. He told me his whole story. WOW! I hope you all get to hear it from him personally someday. The letter made it clear to me that my efforts have produced great results and were worth it! Thank you, Ed, and all of you!

Being here is such a blessing for me. It is like being in the military, but the living conditions here are much better than what 90% of military personnel have to endure around the world. Being here is like being at an Ashram, temple, retreat, or monastery. It is easier living here than in many of the “Bootcamp” spas I have paid good money to go to over the years. It is really a wonderful experience to destress, relax, read, meditate, and recharge! I am really enjoying it here. If I could go home today I would not! I would want to stay much longer as I know I have more benefits being here! 

All I can say is I am doing great and the wall of fire I am going through will allow me to teach you and help you more than you could ever imagine!

Much love….off to meditate and tap into the ether!


Lost Prison Diary Message #2

I mentioned in earlier posts, my roommate. He has had a fascinating life, filled with mental illness, psychotropic drugs, and spending 20 years in prison on and off. He, like many of the inmates here, is on prescription drugs of some kind, and before they came here were also doing illegal drugs.

Monday-Friday we get mail call. I am so lucky to get hundreds of letters and cards every day! (keep them coming and I love the pictures too!) I feel bad for the majority of inmates who get nothing in the mail, no letters or cards at all.

We can learn from everyone and every situation. We gain insight and knowledge, and in many cases can help us clarify what we want as well as increase our own feeling of being thankful and grateful! I encourage you to feel thankful and grateful every day as I am doing more now than ever before! Life is PERFECT!



Lost Prison Diary Message #3

Thank you all so much for all this energy. You know I love you all! Imagine if I said to you …I am taking a 10-year sabbatical! See you all in 10 years! I will be more enlightened than ever before!

And then I took off on an adventure, of deprivation, of struggle, of challenge, of experiences that pushed me to the limits of mental, physical, and emotional toughness and endurance.

What if I told you all I was going to college and graduate school in a faraway foreign land and I’ll see you all in 10 years!

See? Get it? Some of you still think me being in prison is a “bad thing”. You are missing it! I CREATED THIS for MYSELF! It is the situation and environment I NEED to take me to where I WANT to go! And I am enjoying the JOURNEY!

This is fun! It’s like a college dorm or being in the military…only the living conditions here are much better!!! (Bootcamp is hell! Where I am is heaven!) Think of your own life experience and start enjoying it…or CHANGE IT! 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #4

The secret to gaining massive material riches is “motivation”.

The secret to gaining massive happiness and bliss (and plenty of material riches) is “inspiration’.

Motivation is when you are driven by fear of pain. 

Inspiration is when you are driven by love and desire for pleasure.

Lost Prison Diary Message #5

Every day is an amazing day here for me! I wake up at around 6am.

  • First I meditate for 30-60 minutes.
  • Then read for about 15 minutes from a positive book, then in a different order as I choose…
  • Then have a delicious nutritious breakfast…options include fresh fruit, coffee, oatmeal, grits,         

cream of wheat, whole-grain bran cereal, smoked fish, whole-grain fresh bread, butter, jelly, etc.

  • Then some writing of goals and dreams. Doing the processes in the book Ask and it is Given
  • Yoga
  • More reading (positive thinking books, novels, etc)
  • More writing
  • More meditating
  • Playing cards, chess, scrabble
  • Have conversations
  • Laugh smile laugh, smile laugh, smile laugh!!!
  • Stretching
  • Enjoy a nice hot relaxing long private shower.
  • Tapping into the ether…downloading knowledge (will teach YOU this in the future!)
  • Releasing my abilities exercises! (will teach YOU in the future!)
  • Exercise
  • Think of things I am grateful for…
  • Feel good now, then work on feeling better..!!!
  • Train to focus/control my mind, thoughts, and energy!
  • Listen to classical music or other kinds of music
  • Lunch and dinner of course!
  • Sometimes we cook together in the kitchen and make some cool delicious inventive things!

The guys here are very inventive cooks. I am learning a lot!

I don’t watch much TV.

I LOVE getting up and I love it every day! Not enough time in the day to do all the things I want! The time is flying by and I love every minute! 

Make YOUR life as exciting and fulfilling as you want…it is YOUR choice!

Much love..xoxo


Lost Prison Diary Message #6

Many good books are inspired by “God”, but are written by man, thus influenced by man’s thoughts, beliefs, and “filters”. Thus many good books are just “good”. 

Ask and it is Given and all the Abraham books are written by “God” (the universal field) without ANY human filtering. Think about that and read those books!

The Success Mastery Course in GIN is similar as I download and channel the data. Those who watched me record some of the levels saw first-hand how I did it thus if you want your desire to come true, get all 6 levels of the SMC training through GIN and read all the Abraham books as well as their recordings. I feel those are 100% (not 99%) right on the mark! 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #7

Life is how you look at it. You can be happy no matter what your current situation. 

I want to be where I am. I chose this. I am in training. People ask, when will you get out? Answer…when my training is done! 

If I was in flight school for 1 week, I would not be saying, “I want to be out of school now and fly planes without the proper training”. Flying planes would be disastrous! 

Same here. People ask me when do I WANT to be out? NOT NOW! I want to be out when I complete the training! When will that be? I do not know! It could be months, years, or 20 years. It does not matter to me as to the length of time as I am so excited about doing the training and getting to the end phenomena!

I LOVE the journey and I am excited about the destination! I am so excited about the abilities I am releasing and the knowledge I am gaining. 

Things are happening with GIN and the members as well while I am here and that is PERFECT..and can only happen while I am away.

All is better than well. All is truly PERFECT.

Feel good NOW.



Lost Prison Diary Message #8

I have experienced 3 true supernatural occurrences in the last 6 weeks.

First I talked about in a previous post, the night before I was to testify. I was “told” to remain silent and that I needed to be found guilty and go to prison for a while.

WOW..SOOOO PERFECT!! I am SOOOO glad I am here! Since I have been here 2 other things happened as well..both 100% supernatural. In the future, at the higher levels of training, I will share with you what happened, why it happened, and HOW it happened. I will share as well the benefits of it happening.

Bottom line: I am SOOOOOO glad I am here. I do NOT want to leave yet. I have LOTS to do/experience here in this most perfect environment for my training! 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #9

Who is in “prison”?

Years ago, I was vacationing by myself in Figi. The resort had a small private island that I could go to for the day, all by myself. So I had them take me by boat to the island, and left me with a chair, a cooler with some drinks and food, and a book. They left and said they would come back in about 8 hours.

I was so happy to be in paradise! After a few hours, I wanted to go back but could not! I was in a “prison”. It was HOT. I was miserable in this “paradise”. 

Many people live in self-imposed “prisons” of their imaginations and own creations. They HAVE to go to work every day like a slave. They really do not have choices in their lives (so they think).

I am NOT in prison. My mind and imagination take me to places and experiences all over the world. I am FREE and totally happy every day. Your emotions are controlled by your THOUGHTS not by your situation or circumstances. Take charge of your life and CHOOSE how you feel every day. It is YOUR choice. Loving life! 

Sending you all love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #10

I was reading a book that I “felt” strongly I HAD to read. Hour after hour I read…day after day (I read several books at the same time). This book was HARD to read. I did not feel good reading it. I was getting nothing out of it. Most of what I read was simplistic or something I disagreed with, THEN I read a sentence, and WOW! There it was! I found it! The sentence that triggered the door, to the ether to open. I grabbed a pad and started writing for 2 hours! That ONE sentence in that book said more than the whole book and it was the key to unlock the door to the ether where huge secrets were hidden. 

I now have 3 days of training for you! Stuff I did not know before! Powerful secrets to living and “how it all works”. 

Are you glad I am on this mission, this adventure, this treasure hunt, this journey?! I am!!! WOW! I am loving this! 

When will YOU get this new knowledge? YOU can make it happen FAST by YOUR thoughts, YOUR desires, and YOUR asking the universe. YOU will bring me home! 



Lost Prison Diary Message #11

Most of the men here are just “serving time”, instead of making time serve them! Are you in your life “serving time” or making “time” serve YOU?

I read more in 1 day (about 6 hours) than anyone here reads in a week! 95% of the men here do not read anything ever!

I meditate at least 2 hours a day. What you consistently put in your mind affects what you constantly think. Your consistent thoughts are your consistent vibrations and THAT creates your reality, your life, and your level of happiness. Put in your mind the good stuff and get the “good life”! 

For me, I am making this time serve me! I am so very thankful for my current situation and the path I have chosen and the road I am traveling. This is a road you cannot join me on or follow me. I must go alone. I have been “forced” to surrender all “attachments” to earthly material life, all material things, people, thoughts, personal identity, ego, past beliefs, self-image, and more I cannot explain.

It is a privilege and honor to go through this “wall of fire”, what most people would view as torment, trials, and tribulations, adversity, being separated from friends and family, negativity, attack, loss of freedom and liberty, unimaginable unfairness and injustice, loss of all material possessions, being homeless and penniless, having to live in “horrible” prison conditions, as well as having to face daily potential emotional pain, heartache, and suffering. This is what most people see.

Why then do I feel so “blessed” and blissful being in prison, facing 10 years, and having “everything” material is taken away from me including my freedom, I am only allowed to keep a few suitcases and clothes. 

Because this has forced me to finally be stripped of and surrender EVERYTHING and allowed me to be HUMBLE! This has now allowed me to break a barrier and follow my spiritual path to unconditional love, enlightenment, and the ability to surrender and submit totally to the will of God.

Thank you universe (God) for this amazing gift! All great masters have HAD to deal with oppression, attack, negativity, and in most cases HAD to have years of isolation, solitude (and in most cases actual prison), and focus on contemplation, mediation, and study. (Hawkins who wrote Power vs Force left his opulent, successful NY lifestyle and went into seclusion for 10 years of meditation and study). Most had to “hit rock bottom”. 

The unique difference with me is because of the years of training and my energetic level, it is now almost impossible for me to experience any negative emotion to any significant degree or duration. It is quite the opposite. I am experiencing feelings of Bliss now, that I have never felt before, and the best is yet to come! All this simply means I will be able to help YOU manifest your dreams and become happy, faster and easier than ever before! You will see! 



Lost Prison Diary Message #12

There are about 86 men on my floor. Every day I get more mail (cards/letters) than all the other men combined. Many of the men have NEVER received any mail for several years. They have no contact with anyone from the outside. No telephone calls, no emails, and most importantly, no real physical mail (it has a tactile feel and MASS).

I have a request. Maybe if you feel you want to write to me, instead write to one of the men. It would absolutely brighten their hearts and fill them with love and gratitude! YOU will get all the energetic benefits in addition to them. A man came to me and ASKED if I could help him get a “penpal”. I said I could only ask but if your vibration is right, it is always given! 🙂

Thank you for considering my request. It will also make ME feel great to see them at mail call when their names are called! The surprise and joy I will see on their faces will make MY day for sure. You are helping ME as well and them and yourselves! Enjoy your families and friends during this festive season and try to think of the men here who have to deal with being alone. 



Lost Prison Diary Message #13

I read about 5 books at a time. I just read an amazing short book, Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom. It is the story of a man who goes to visit his old college professor who is dying of ALS. Every Tuesday they are together, where the professor, Morrie, is still teaching…this time the secrets of life. 

The book is filled with secrets. Can you find them? Can you read between the lines? Can you see WHY Morrie, who is so sweet and loving would create this horrible illness? It is a great read. I encourage you to read it and discuss it with others…share your opinions. I was given this book by a man here. I read it and we discussed it for hours. I was blessed with a wonderful gift. My time here is already worth it just by reading this book and more so by the discussion, I had about the book. A magical experience for me! 

Oh, did I tell you about some of the new abilities I have now that have been released? Well, WHEN I am out, I will share them with you and how YOU can have them too! 



Lost Prison Diary Message #14

Around 40 years ago I read a book written in 1963 “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. Someone sent me the book, a reprint published recently. Thank you! I reread it! WOW! I love this book. Highly recommended. (a slight Christian perspective) Read with discernment and notice the amazing similarities to Your Wish is Your Command, Ask and it is Given, Think and Grow Rich, Success through a Positive Mental Attitude, etc.

Also, Conversations with God book 1. Highly recommended. Again look for the eerie and amazing similarities to The Success Mastery Course, Ask and it is Given, etc.

Here is an important piece of data. Certain books and lectures are inspired by God (source, infinite intelligence, subconscious mind, collective consciousness, the universe, etc). God is actually dictating to the person via blocks of thought or concepts/ideas. The person then interprets the data and speaks it or writes it down. 

Sometimes, as in Ester Hicks, there is almost no human interference and the message is 99% pure. Most of the time the person filters the data download and adds, subtracts, alters slightly the data based on that person’s knowledge bank and personal beliefs. Thus the data is maybe 80% pure. But look for the similarities and what FEELS right to you, what resonates with you? 

The books mentioned above are outstanding. Think of it this way. Imagine a person giving a lecture and speaking Russian. And imagine 10 professional interpreters were writing down in English what the Russian speaker was saying. You would have 10 totally different texts! It would AMAZE you as the differences in each person’s interpretation! Some would be VERY different. Most would save the essence but use different words and say it in a different way. 

That is what is happening here. Truth is Truth. And if you want to truly understand why I am in prison, read Conversations with God book 1. The clear explanations are in the first few chapters! 



Lost Prison Diary Message #15

Thank you all again for the letters, cards, photos, support, and love. 

Everything IS perfect! My intention of having hundreds of millions of people exposed to “the training” is happening! 

My mission of raising the vibration of the planet is happening! 

Me getting a 10-year sentence for, in effect, expressing my opinions on TV and in my books, is the best thing that could ever happen. 

I am front-page news around the world. The vast majority of world-renowned legal experts are on my side and publicly supporting me! 

A few years from now, it will be easy for all to see that this is Divine Perfection and the best thing that could ever have happened! 

I see it now, (as I can see the energy behind everything) and I am full of joy, thankfulness, and peace. I am exhilarated! My time here in prison, in peace and seclusion, is fantastic! This stress-free environment is the perfect place for me to be now, as I continue my own “training”.

Lost Prison Diary Message #16

I have and continue to make breakthroughs bringing me to “places” I knew about, but was yet to experience. 

I am releasing abilities far beyond even my wildest expectations. 

I am happier than ever, reaching higher levels of bliss, joy, peace, and serenity. 

I WILL be teaching YOU all this in perfect Divine time. 

People ask me about GIN. All I can say is ALLOW everything to work itself out. Everything is happening by Divine Universal Intelligence, and everything is Perfect. Don’t worry about the “how”. Just see the end result. Millions of members around the world fully trained in the Success Mastery Course, not only having a positive impact on all the other members, but having a positive impact with all those people they encounter every day that are not members yet. 

Remember, ALL ships rise on a rising tide! When there are millions of members, (all with a higher vibration than the masses), we become the rising tide and positively affect the whole world! 

Consider re-reading all my posts since I was incarcerated on Nov 12, 2013. In this new unit of time, you might see the secrets I have been revealing. 

Over the next few weeks, I will give you some very powerful tools to accelerate your ability to manifest your dreams and feel joy and happiness all the time! Expect miracles in your life. Believe and you receive doubt and go without. 



Lost Prison Diary Message #17

Talk about these posts to everyone you know. Encourage people to come to this FB page daily. Let’s get over 100,000 people visiting this every day. 

My case and incarceration are causing people all over the world to be aware of the censorship of governments, and suppression of free speech. This awareness is causing people to DESIRE complete free speech and the free flow of opinions and information worldwide! Thus people are now focusing on and calling forth the desired outcome and thus it will happen for the benefit of all! How exciting. 

This stuff works better than you realize. Example: There are 4 TVs here at the MCC prison on my floor. One is Spanish TV only, one mostly basketball, one mostly BET or similar, and one movie. 

About a month ago, I started thinking about golf and practicing my swing…visualizing me on the golf course. I did this for a few days not really thinking anything about it, just feeling good and having fun. One day, as I walked by the TV, a golf tournament was on the TV! NO ONE was in the TV room! I sat and enjoyed watching golf for the next 2 hours. The deck officer came by and said that in the 10 years he had worked there he has never seen golf on the TV and never seen the TV room empty! I have been watching golf now anytime I want and there are over a dozen guys now who love watching it too! 

Another example, I bought a radio and found a classical music station. I wanted to take this opportunity to learn about classical music and enjoy listening to it. After a few days, I was sitting in the recreation room and 2 guys sat down next to me talking about that classical music station! I now have 2 men with who I enjoy discussing classical music! It goes on and on! This stuff works!

Feel good NOW and watch your dreams come true.. Peace

Lost Prison Diary Message #18

There are 3 major blocks from stopping and/or hindering you from manifesting your dreams, desires, and wants. 

1.) Wanting, needing control over other people and what goes on around you. 

2.) Judging and criticizing other people 

3.) A deep conscious or unconscious need for acceptance from others. 

If you could see the energy behind everything it would be easy to eliminate or reduce these 3 barriers, thus feel better all the time, and manifest your desires faster and easier. 

Imagine seeing everyone and everything as different, yet perfect, like a snowflake. Each is totally different yet divine perfection. When you can see the energy behind everything and everyone, (this is easy to do), you will be blown away! 

Imagine seeing a person who hates you, does and says things that hurt you deeply, does things that you do not like or approve of and is constantly criticizing you. This makes you feel bad, frustrated, angry, hurt, sad, etc. You think you would feel better if they acted like YOU think they should act. You therefore actually wish you could control their behavior, and you judge them and criticize them and want them to act differently. 

Yet you also deeply, consciously or subconsciously, desire them to approve of YOU and accept YOU just as YOU are. 

Now, imagine seeing behind every physical person, an “energy” person, that is connected to and a part of the physical person. You have an “energy person” that is connected and is a part of your physical body as well. The energy person loves you (your “energy person”) even though the physical person is acting like they hate you! 

The energy person is making the physical person act in ways that you both (energy persons) agreed to for both of your benefits. The physical person is just acting, like in a play, or like a game, you both agreed on playing. 

Now, imagine seeing behind, and connected to and a part of the “energy person”, Universal Source energy (God, Infinite Intelligence, Pure Love, etc), and imagine YOU (your “energy person”) is connected to and a part of that Source energy as well, that in turn is connected and a part of every “energy person”, who in turn is connected to and a part of the physical person you are dealing with. 

In other words, EVERYTHING and EVERY PERSON is connected to and one with Universal Source, Energy, God. Everything is ONE. When you can see the energy, you can then see this in every person and everything in your experience. Your whole perspective will change! This is enlightenment. You will have the biggest “Ah-ha” moment of your life. You will have peace and understanding that surpasses all human comprehension! 

I will teach you all HOW to see the energy behind everything! And when you can see it, you will actually see how you can mold this energy to create anything YOU want in life! I love you all because we are all one! I do not just think this, I can see this, and I KNOW this!

Love and peace


Lost Prison Diary Message #19

I think about you all every day. I am so proud of you all! The universe (God, Source, etc) is making everything fall into place perfectly, for me, for you, for the club, for the planet, better than any of us could imagine. 

The end result, coming soon, is millions of members in the club. Tens of thousands of Local Chapter Meetings. Tens of thousands mastering the Success Mastery Course and member cruises all over the world. Millions taking higher responsibility for their lives and the vibration of the planet raising to such a degree that life on earth is more peaceful and in harmony than we could ever hope for! 

WE will be at the forefront of making that positive improvement. It is all falling into place perfectly. Everything IS perfect. Pop the champagne! Enjoy the moment TODAY. Feel good right NOW! And watch it unfold in glorious perfection. 

I am so blessed to have all your love and support…and so blessed for my close friends who are doing so much for me during this adventure! 

My guidance to you would be to read all my posts. There are secrets embedded in the messages….

Sending you love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #20

Many ask about my case. I have many YouTube videos that explain everything in detail right from the beginning. On iTunes, there are many audios you can listen to that I made about my case.

Many ask how I could be in prison if I create my reality. You may think I certainly would not WANT to create myself in prison. Well, YOU do not know what I (or anyone) desires and what I am creating. 

YOU do not know what I (or anyone) is FEELING. I can tell you with 100% certainty, clarity, and knowingness that I am EXACTLY where I WANT to be and NEED to be as it is the path to fulfill my destiny and achieve my desires.

When you release all fear and do not care about the HOW, you allow any experience to occur as you see the perfection in all things and truly appreciate and enjoy ALL experiences. 

I am in a complete state of total joy, bliss, happiness, contentment, serenity, peace, harmony, appreciation, and love. 

I KNOW some of you KNOW everything is perfect right now because you are in alignment with your non-physical source, in which we are all one. Some of you will KNOW how perfect this is when it unfolds and you see the perfection in the Universe (God, Source, etc) and how everything works out in perfect Divine Order and timing. 

Think about others from the past. There are hundreds of examples. Nelson Mandela HAD to do 28 years in prison in order for HIS dream of freedom in South Africa to be realized. If he was not incarcerated for that amount of time, things would not have worked out as perfectly as it had. 

Many people MUST be persecuted first for awareness of an issue to reach critical mass, thus for positive change to take place. 

Because of my 10-year prison sentence, I am front-page news all around the world. People are talking, debating, and discussing issues like never before. More people are now aware of these issues than ever before.

More and more people are buying my books, listening to my audios, watching my videos, etc, and learning about the issues! How wonderful. I am so happy!  

See the future…vindication, redemption, exoneration…all in good time. Remember the words of Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, THEN you WIN!”. 

Look at what has happened with me over the years. This has EXACTLY happened! I was first ignored, then laughed at, then viciously attacked. So, the next step, in perfect Divine timing, will be a victory! Not for me, but for all. 

The end result will be…Freedom to express opinions without government suppression or censorship. 

Freedom to make your own health choices. 

Civil liberties and freedoms to live your life the way YOU want without government interference or oppression. This is all about Freedom and Liberty for all! This is my Destiny. 



Lost Prison Diary Message #21

Thank you again for all the cards, letters, pictures, and messages you leave here. I am overwhelmed with appreciation for all your love and support. 

Many ask how I am handling things. Please go back and read all the posts that I have left since I was incarcerated in November. They tell the story of the journey. I am doing more than fine….I am TERRIFIC! 

I feel overwhelming joy, happiness, and bliss. 

I feel total serenity, tranquility, and harmony. 

I am 100% content at the deepest levels of my being.

I am feeling a peace that surpasses all human understanding. 

I feel complete oneness. And I am actually having an amazingly fun adventurous experience. I am genuinely loving time here! I am seriously enjoying this! It really is so much FUN! 

Plus, I have a knowingness that everything is perfect for everyone and for everyone’s highest ideal. In time, we will all SEE and experience the physical manifestation of what we know as true in the vibrational reality where all things begin. The future for all of us is more amazing than any of us could ever imagine or dream. 

See you there and see you at the top! 

Much love my dear friends….

Lost Prison Diary Message #22

Focus on what you REALLY want. Not the methods you THINK will get you what you want. 

When you say what you want…ask…WHY do I want that?

And when you get that answer, ask WHY do I want that. Keep going until you get to what you ultimately REALLY want and focus on THAT. Be HAPPY right now, while you are focusing on that.


Lost Prison Diary Message #23

Kevin Trudeau update from Federal Prison Camp Montgomery Alabama! 

Thank you all for your mail, love, and support. To update everyone on my current status and my eventual release and return, here are some key items:

  • For over 20 years I have been exposing corporate and government corruption.
  • I have exposed: the drug companies; banks; the food and diet industries; high fructose corn syrup; artificial sweeteners; Ritalin and other drugs are given to children; taking phonics out of the school system (thus “dumbing down” our children) and much, much more.
  • For over 20 years I have been exposing how our civil liberties and freedoms are slowly being taken away from us. Primarily focusing on our Free Speech Rights and our Health Freedom Rights.
  • I have sued the government many times and won 2 major victories where it was proven that the government violated my First Amendment Rights and other civil rights/freedoms.
  • The government has been trying to discredit me and “take me out of circulation” for over 2 decades. Finally, they found a way….but only temporarily, and it is the best thing that could ever have happened!
  • Several years ago, I was charged by a Judge with contempt of court for not following his “orders”. No individuals ever filed any complaints, and I was never indicted by a grand jury or charged with doing anything criminally wrong by any state or federal law enforcement agency. In fact I NEVER knowingly committed ANY crime EVER.
  • After a trial where I could not use my First Amendment Right as a defense (I could not even say the words First Amendment or Free Speech in court,) I was found guilty of contempt of court, not a felony and not even a misdemeanor, and sentenced to 10 years in prison. One of the longest sentences for contempt of court in US History.
  • My “contemptuous behavior” was for allegedly violating a civil court order that said I could not misrepresent the contents of a book in an infomercial. When I gave my opinions and my personal experience in the TV infomercial/live interview, about the Weight loss Cure book, (such as “I found it to be easy”) the government (not the people who bought the book), said I misrepresented the contents of the book, AND I did it KNOWING I was committing a crime! I did not, I am 100% innocent, I believed then and now I was simply exercising my First Amendment Constitutional rights of Free Speech.
  • The government never produced even ONE person who said they bought the book (or any of my books or products) and felt misled or did not get their money back if they asked for it. The book still sells very well today and people overwhelmingly LOVE the book.
  • I am looking into a commutation of the sentence (reducing it) and a Presidential pardon.
  • I am serving my time at Federal Prison Camp Montgomery Alabama, an excellent facility run by a terrific professional staff. I am so thankful and appreciate being at the camp.
  • I have been posting updates since I was taken into custody. I STRONGLY encourage you to read all those posts in the order they were posted as they contain hidden embedded training messages/secrets, that are designed to release YOUR abilities as well as plant seeds that will grow later when I give you training that will activate those seeds.
  • I am relaxed, stress-free, smiling, laughing, and enjoying every delicious moment of life. I feel fantastic. 
  • I love this adventure. I am fit, strong, calm, centered, and experiencing unprecedented peace, harmony, serenity, tranquility, and contentment. 
  • I am happy, healthy, and terrific! I am in total bliss and joy. 
  • I walk around with a smile on my face, and a skip in my step, and a song in my heart. Everyone calls me the happiest man in camp with only positive things to say about everything.
  • I have not cut my hair since I was taken into custody. There are several reasons for this and I say one of them in one of my previous posts! It is long, wild and grey!! Ed Foreman, Earlene Vining, Mary Miller, Tom, and Ted Morter and Blaine Athorn, (all who came to visit) HATE my hair and strongly encouraged me to cut it! LOL Janine just laughs when she sees me and looks at my hair! She thinks I look totally silly, a cross between a hippie, mad scientist, and guru! LOL ( I WILL cut my hair when the time is right..maybe! LOL)
  • I am meditating, doing mental training exercising, learning typing, exercising, doing yoga, reading, writing, walking, playing cards, shooting pool, playing tennis, hand and racketball, bocce ball, horseshoes, studying training videos, eating well, napping, enjoying nature, having great conversations with fascinating people from all over the world, from all walks of life, and much more. I am keeping a full fun-filled schedule!
  • My abilities are being released faster and more intensely than ever before. I am “going places” that only a few in history were WILLING to go due to the path being so treacherous, dangerous, and terrifying. Doing so gives me knowledge that I will share with all of you. Going through the “wall of fire” has been a magnificent journey and experience. 

Because my chosen destiny is to share what I KNOW (not know about), YOU all will benefit just as much as I am, and even more! 



Lost Prison Diary Message #24

Maybe a bigger picture?

“Hey all, this is Mary Miller of I Ching Systems, Kevin’s good friend for many years. As you know I visited him 2 times in the last 2 months and plan to see him again soon. Many people ask me about Kevin and why I think a man with so much power and success in life could end up in a correctional facility. And I am sure there are many explanations. 

In our work, I could probably make the argument that these events were planned thousands of years ago. And this is part of a greater journey. On this journey, we think that each of us has within us a higher consciousness, a “Witness” or “Presence.” This aspect, the Spirit if you will, must ultimately end up in the driver’s seat of our lives with the personality sitting in the back seat, going along for the ride. All too often the human personality suffers from hurt and harm and gets caught trying to resolve the harm instead of moving forward and up in vibration.

From our view, Kevin may be transitioning from the human personality to the Presence or Witness. The best way to explain this is through an ancient astrological system called the Destiny Cards where each of the 52 cards in the deck is assigned a psychological profile. In this system, each of us has many cards that describe different energies. But the key aspects are represented in two Cards, the Birth Card which is your Path in Life, and your Planetary Ruling Card which is your Personality. In the end, the Birth Card must prevail as this represents the Witness or Presence.

In Kevin’s case, we have an Ace of Clubs in the Planetary Ruler or Personality Card. Aces are all about the self. Their world is self-oriented and aimed at making sure oneself is comfortable. If we quote from the work of one of the greatest authors in this field, we find Robert Lee Camp saying the following: 

“Aces are masters at creating and manifesting. They are natural conduits for new ideas. They bring many things into being that were not there before. Aces are not known for their patience. The Ace of Clubs has a love of knowledge and is also a student of love, always learning about relationships. They never lose that natural curiosity and desire to learn good things…The challenge of all the Aces is to use their ability to manifest things in the world for something greater than their own personal wealth and comfort.”

With this Card in the Planetary Ruling position, the personality has to overcome his own tendency toward self-centered thinking, but only after they have fulfilled their dreams in the material world. And getting this aspect under control can make it possible for the Birth Card, the Destiny energy to rule.

In Kevin’s case, we have the Six of Spades in the Birth Card position. All Sixes are about world service, improving the lives of other people. According to Camp, your potential for success is enormous. If you are willing to listen to the voice within you, you can find your own destiny. Sixes have come here to fulfill a special and unique purpose. Their mission is to change the lives of others, uplifting people from their difficulties and helping them find better pathways in life.

So maybe if we consider Kevin’s case from a bigger view of life, maybe we are watching a man in transition from a life that was blessed with personal comfort and self-fulfillment, to a new life based on how to improve the quality of life for others…It is just a possibility ….”

Mary Miller MSW

Lost Prison Diary Message #25

Many of you have already started reading the book I recommended “The 4 Hour Workweek”. Some of you have already finished. I am getting so many positive comments. 

Many of you asked if I in fact wrote the book?! 

Or if Tim, the author, is/was my student and/or did I mentor him, as much of the material is 100% the same as things I teach in the Success Mastery Course, Infomercial Secrets Revealed, Priority Management, etc. 

I would simply say to you if the information rings true….use it and have a wonderful stress-free life with complete time and financial freedom! It works. And you can do it. Check it out and use his website.

Also, people ask me about A Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, Abraham/Hicks, Siddha Yoga Meditation, and other types of groups. The questions are if I encourage people to read the books, join study groups, listen to their CDs and training, go to their events, and/or frequent their websites. 

The answer is if YOU get value, and if YOU feel empowered, and if YOU feel it is good for YOU, absolutely yes!!!! Follow your inner guidance. There is not only one road to the Truth. There is not only one WAY to find the answers to all your inner questions. 

In the words of Obi Wan Kenobi ” You must do what you feel is right. Reach out with your feelings. Trust your feelings.”. Be a Jedi. You are already. 



Lost Prison Diary Message #26

In the Success Mastery Course training, it says that your eyes can deceive you. Remember, it is not what you see, but how you feel that tells you the truth about things. But most people are influenced too much by what they see with their physical eyes. 

Sometimes people look good, sound good, smell good, but something is missing. 

They might be very well-meaning, but something does not feel right”.  

They might sound good intellectually, but the “power” is not there, something is either missing or does not “feel” right.

Many times there is no evil intent, just missing energy. 

What you “see” with your eyes does not tell all. You might be in the presence of a truly enlightened “sage, guru, saint, master” whose energy can completely awaken and bring to life your dormant energy and clear out from you many of the patterns that are holding you back from manifesting your dreams, and you do not even know the ‘presence” you are standing next too. You must be “ready”, accepting, and WILLING to change for you to “see/FEEL” TRUTH.

You cannot know by looking at someone. He might be fat (Buddha), killed by his own people (Jesus), ugly, skinny, falsely accused, attacked in the media and press, imprisoned for years (Gandhi; Mandela; Peter; Paul and thousands of other “saints”), publicly ridiculed and criticized (Columbus, Edison, Einstein, etc), attacked and vilified, they might dress funny, have funny hair, speak strangely, walks and acts goofy, etc. 

They might not ACT like a “saint” as YOU THINK a saint, the master should. You know ONLY by the “experience” YOU have with them. 

Follow your heart, your feelings. This is the true test. The more aware you are the easier it is to “feel, sense, perceive, know” TRUTH, instead of getting caught up in being led, deceived by what you “see” with your eyes, or what your intellect tells you or what your mind, though, the ego tries to convince you on a “logical” basis. 

All other “senses” other than “feelings from the heart” will deceive you. The good news is there are no “mistakes”. Even if you follow a “false” teacher and get led down a “dark” path that leads to misery and destruction, you have nothing to fear, for you always have the power to create a completely different experience, and to attract the “training/teacher” you want/need.

Sending you all love and appreciation…..as I sit in bliss……You CAN have it all!


Lost Prison Diary Message #27

Many people notice something interesting as they are going through the “training”. All of the books, the Success Mastery Course, all the workshops, seminars, lectures, webinars, and all of these messages I post here contain and say virtually the same things, just in different ways, from different perspectives, viewpoints, angles, and in slightly different modalities (visual, audio, metaphors, real-life examples, humor, science, etc). 

This is true. And you will notice each “feels” different. This is because each is infused with a “different” energy. AND YOU are different energy each time you go through the training. YOU change and are different at every moment in time. This is why spaced repetition of material (that is infused with energy) over time, awakens YOUR energy. When this happens you GET IT. You SEE! And you KNOW (it’s always a FEELING).

Over the last year as I have been “back to school”, I have reread all the books on the basic and advanced book lists. I can tell you, I am still learning! I felt like I was reading them for the first time! I was so happy. 

And I have been studying and reading many other books as well. As I was rereading Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal your Life, I began laughing as everything I was reading is in dozens of other books, and the Success Mastery Course (SMC) etc. 

The Truth is not new, it has been written about for thousands of years. You can ALWAYS get a deeper understanding of Truth. 

You can always get more CLEAR of Truth. 

You can always (as long as you are in a body) get a higher sense of freedom on all levels and all dimensions. 

You can always increase your abilities and release more abilities. 

And you can always have an even deeper, more powerful and intimate “experience” within yourself. 

I encourage you to continue reading and rereading the books, reading and rereading these posts, messages, engaging in the SMC, and continue on your constant journey of internal expansion. We will soon be offering an even more in depth look into the future so stay tuned for the next step.

Your Friend,


Lost Prison Diary Message #28

Over the last few years I have received thousands of letters, emails with questions about how to manifest, how to be happy, how to overcome adversity etc. ALL of the answers to EVERY question is IN the Success Mastery Course and all the books. Seek and you WILL find. Knock and it WILL be opened.

But YOU must SEEK and YOU must go through the door that has been opened!

 A man came to me here and asked for the “secret” to making money. He was obsessed with getting out and making money. I asked him what his favorite TV shows were. He had a list of about 20 shows that he watched every week. He also watched all the football games and other sports all week. (He basically spent most of his free time watching TV!).

I said I would be happy to sit with him and give him advice; all he had to do was not watch TV for 1 week and read a book I would give him. He got upset and said he just wanted the “secret”, he did not want to “study”! He walked away in a huff. I simply sent him love and knew he was not ready yet to receive the gift. 

Are YOU ready to receive? Think about that! 

…until next time….you are deeply appreciated. 

Love yourself, for I love you.

Lost Prison Diary Message #29

Something to consider:

All advanced training is essentially, taking a person who has worked with the “basics” for a period of time, back to redo and DRILL the basics, ONE concept at a time, in a new unit of time as THE PERSON is different, thus the basic training is different, and more importantly their EXPERIENCE will be dramatically different.  

Advanced training must also be presented in a new different way (different modalities), so it may SOUND new or APPEAR to be new information. But you can take all “advanced” training and go back to a book or audio and find it there! 

The 2 issues that make advanced training NEW, are: 

  • the person is “different”;
  • in advanced training, you actually DRILL the material so the person actually DOES the exercises you talked about in earlier training, (that they never had the time to do, or thought was not going to be worth the time and effort), and thus by spending LOTS of time on ONE training concept at a time and drilling it, the person has a true breakthrough and experience.

Many people I have talked to over the years have a tendency to think the “secrets” are “over there”, in the next recommended seminar, book, level of training etc. etc.

Think about this. Do you read one of the recommended books as fast as you can so you can get to the next suggested book? 

Do you want to go through the Success Mastery Course (SMC) level you are currently on as fast as you can so you can get to the next level of training? If so, you are missing the very secrets you seek. They are right in front of you. 

I suggest you read the recommended books slowly. Think about each sentence and key concept. Underline and write notes in the margins as you read it. Reread a sentence or paragraph if you felt impacted by it. Stop reading and ponder what you just read if it had a powerful impression on you. 

DO the exercises in the book (if there are any), BEFORE you continue reading! Do not RUSH. This is not a race. Take your time. Breath! Smile. Go slow. The book, cd, DVD, etc. you have in your hand DOES contain secrets (not any training, the recommended books, cds, DVDs, and the SMC)! FOCUS. Pay attention. Look. Observe. Perceive. Be aware. Concentrate! 

Open up your mind and heart, and allow the material, information, energy to flow through you. Feel the material, knowledge, information, energy; do not just think about the information on an intellectual level. 

Be open. Have a willingness to learn from the book, cd, DVD or whatever training you are going through right now. 

Be ready to receive the energy from the training you are going through right now. You have many secrets in your hand RIGHT NOW. The book, cd, seminar etc. you have been led to contain the knowledge and energy you seek. 

Open your eyes and open your heart. Accept it. Allow it to come in. Breath. Smile. Be fully willing to let go of patterns that have held you back. Be willing to change. Be willing to grow and expand. 

You are standing on acres of diamonds! (read the small little book Acres of Diamonds to know what I am talking about. IF you have read it, read it again!) 

Stop looking “over there”…when what you seek and what you need is right “here”. 

Most people are lucky to remember and use 10% of the knowledge and energy in a book, cd, DVD, webinar, seminar, SMC training level etc. They think “this is basic material, I want the advanced stuff!”. 

Remember my story of Sifu Shi Yan Ming training me how to throw a “punch” (I recommend his book, “Shaolin Workout”.) To be a master, you must master the basics. Mastery of the basics gives you mastery of all. 

Most people KNOW ABOUT lots of stuff, but do not really KNOW about any one particular thing. Jack of all trades, master at none. To KNOW something you must master it. To master it, you must focus on it. When you focus on and master ONE “basic” teaching, you have it all! 

Every “basic” training concept contains it ALL. Like a seed. A seed contains the whole tree!

When I told Sifu I knew all these various martial arts strikes, he told me, “I am not afraid of the 10,000 strikes you practiced once each, I am afraid of the 1 strike you practiced 10,000 times.”

When you read a book or go through any training, know that what you’re studying has it all-.so focus, pay attention and go slow.

I was dining in Las Vegas a few years ago with my friend Mark Hamilton. The restaurant we were dining at is one of the finest in the world, “Joel Robechoen”(Chef of the Century). The meal was a 12 course (dish) masterpiece. Each course was spectacular and one of a kind, and were served one at a time with a nice break in-between each course. 

Each course was paired with a different wine to compliment that particular course (dish). The meal took over 4 hours to enjoy.

We savored EVERY course.

We ate each course slowly and deliberately. We wanted to taste and experience EVERY course and EVERY bite. 

We did not hurry and eat each course as fast as we could, so we could hurry up and get to the next “better” course. EACH course was perfection! Understand? 

Life is the same way! Each day is like a course (dish) in the restaurant, perfection. All training is like a course at the restaurant. Stop trying to “get there”. Enjoy the journey, and you will simply realize one day you ARE there! 

THERE is knowing that you are always creating! Once you fully believe and comprehend that YOU are one with ALL then everything can be yours because everything is already yours waiting for you to claim whatever you choose.

Until next time.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #30

The highest teaching is this:

You are ONE with God, Source, Consciousness. There is only ONE Consciousness. The ONE Consciousness is everything. The ONE Consciousness is pure love/light. There is nothing that is NOT Consciousness, even the “nothingness” is the ONE Consciousness. ALL physical form AND non-physical formless is the ONE Consciousness.

Thus YOU are this ONE Consciousness: ALL-THAT-IS. You can thus “experience, have, manifest” in the “physical, form” dimension anything you choose, as it is already yours, and you are ONE with it. You are pure love/light. And since you ARE “one” with this “love/light”, “ALL-THAT-IS”, there is nothing EVER to fear. Pure bliss, joy is your essence. 

It can take lifetimes to come to the complete understanding and knowingness of this. When it does, even to a small degree, you begin to experience peace that surpasses all human understanding and cannot be described in words. 

You also realize that you have complete dominion over all physical matter in your experience and you have complete control of your thoughts, thus your emotions. 

You thus can and do exhibit your true power and your true nature: love without condition to “all” people and things without exception, for you see God/Consciousness, etc in all people and all things, and you see everything as perfect for it is so.  

Bliss, peace, joy is then yours. You are truly “enlightened”.

The most wonderful part of this, is you can, if you choose, have any of the material, financial, worldly “stuff” you want, desire, AND at the same time, because you have no attachments to the “material world”, and you have no fear, you have ultimate happiness, peace, bliss, joy.

Ponder this Truth.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #31

Over the years I have received thousands of letters, emails, etc. with many questions about “things”. Every question has already been answered in one of the recommended books, and the Success Mastery Course. 

And now, many questions have been answered in the messages I have been leaving here on this page. Seek and you WILL find! 

If you have any questions about me, or success, or manifesting or anything, my question to YOU is, “have you read all the recommended books, have you read all my posts, messages on this page, and are you at level 7 in the Success Mastery Course?” 

If not, I suggest you do that first! All your questions will be answered. Now, if you have done all that, and you have a question on some of the material you have studied then I am more than happy to give you my time and mentor you! Because you are now ready. Feel free to mail me your question. I will not mail you back an answer directly, but I will answer it on this page!

Anything and everything you seek is available to you, all in perfect timing.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #32

The Science of Personal Mastery Course has it all in terms of teaching you how to manifest whatever you desire (not just money or material things). More importantly, the SPMC (Science of Personal Mastery Course) teaches you how to be happy, blissful, joyful, and achieve total peace that surpasses all human understanding that can never be described in words. 

The recommended books reiterate what is in the SPMC in different ways and different modalities. By reading as opposed to listening, you are getting the information from a different perspective.

The same is true with the recommended seminars, workshops, DVDs. etc. They all work synergistically together. Every recommended book, seminar, webinar, etc. focuses on some aspect covered in the SPMC. 

By using spaced repetition, different angles, viewpoints, different authors, speakers, and “different” energy (as each author/speaker has a slightly different vibration, although it is technically the same ONE energy), the total system of training works very effectively at releasing your abilities and getting you to complete understanding of Truth thus having total command over all matter (being able to manifest easily and effortlessly) and being in total bliss/peace. 

The other aspect of the training “system” of audios, books, events, recognition, relationships that makes it one of the most effective and fastest ways to release your abilities is, as you go through any recommended SMC (Success Mastery Course) level or recommended books, seminar etc, you grow and are changed permanently (because of the energy that is infused in the training).

So, when you go on and read another recommended book or reread a book you already read or go through a new SMC level, or re-listen to some of the SMC training that you already went through, YOU are a different person, who can now, in a new unit of time, perceive the information differently and be affected by the energy in a different way. 

Because YOU are different, YOUR energy can be awakened to a different, deeper degree. Seeds that WERE planted earlier, NOW can begin to grow. This is the magic in the “system” that makes it so unique, powerful, effective, and unlike anything else!

Enjoy the journey! Make sure you stop and smell the roses and enjoy the views as the destination is NOT the goal…enjoying the PROCESS is why you are here. You are destined to reach your destination! SO relax and have fun in the process! 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #33

You may wonder what I am “desiring” to happen.

The answer is the secret to life. I am happy right now. I have no attachment to any outcome.

I know the greatest good for all will be delivered by Source, in exactly the right way, at exactly the right time. 

I have 100% certainty and knowingness that all IS perfect. I am sending love to all the people involved on both “sides” without any judgments, criticism or condemnation. 

I am thankful, grateful and sincerely appreciative for every person involved on all sides, and all that has happened. 

I send forgiveness and love to all and ask for forgiveness from all. And I forgive and love myself as well. 

The point is not what happens, but how we respond to what happens. 

I can assure you of this:

20 years from now and probably much sooner, the “reasons” all that has happened and will happen will be crystal clear, and you will all say, if I knew then what I know now I would have never stressed, worried or felt bad. That is why I feel so good now. Think about this.


Lost Prison Diary Message #34

Greetings to all who are reading this message. I send you all love and appreciation. 

Over the last few months I have posted some very powerful messages, training material that has created a firestorm of positive effects for those who have read the messages. 

The comments coming in are amazing. If you have not read the messages over the last few months (going back to early December 2014) I would strongly encourage you to do so as the information I have been led to give you is loaded with all-encompassing life enhancing knowledge and information that is having a major positive life empowering effect on those who have read them. 

Most importantly, the messages are infused with “energy” that is awakening, activating and bringing alive YOUR energy from within. Read them ASAP. 

Also, I would like to thank you all for all the cards and letters I continue to receive every day, and all the comments you leave on this page. 

If you have been reading these messages over the last 18 months, you will know that me being in “prison” for contempt of court (not a felony and not even a misdemeanor) for exercising my First Amendment right of free speech, has been the most positive experience of my life. 

I have been able to be totally free of all “attachments”. 

This, combined with being able to meditate “isolated” in complete peace, serenity, and tranquility, has enabled me to “go places” within, release abilities, and pass through a “wall of fire”. 

All this has given me more “knowledge and energy” for YOU to make it easier and faster for YOU to manifest whatever you desire, and have inner peace, bliss, joy at all times. 

There are secrets that I am now revealing. I am now sharing all this “advanced” training in the “Science of Personal Mastery Course”, which are the lessons that come with the Nuggets of Gold monthly newsletter being offered by the Kevin Trudeau Legal Defense Fund. 

People who have gone through years of training on the Law of Attraction, and/or manifesting, creating, & making one’s dreams come true, have said that in just a few Lessons of the “Science of Personal Mastery Course”, they have made more “gains” than in all their previous training combined. 

Yes, while it is true that the “Science of Personal Mastery” course “awakens” all the seeds planted from all the books you have read, all the audios you have listened to, and all the seminars you have attended, the course is also for people who have had little or no training at all and want to be able to manifest their desires quickly and easily as well and being “happy, feeling good” all the time. For more information on the SPMC, visit globalinformationnetwork.com.

Here are what current subscribers are saying about the Newsletter and the “Science of Personal Mastery Course”.

“Kevin’s Nugget’s of Gold” Newsletter is really amazing and I feel that the more I read it the more I grow! Thank you Kevin, from the bottom of my heart” RL

“I’ve subscribed to the newsletter and it is really great – the energy, the feelings of joy, excitement and expectations it gives you, the power! It is amazing! And all that is just for less than a dollar a day!!!! Who cannot afford it?” KS

“I can tell you that Kevin Trudeau’s Nuggets of Gold is amazing, with words really not adequate to describe it. For example, just one of the lessons has all the benefits mentioned, plus more (my memory improved after doing it). It is truly the greatest of the dozens of personal development courses I’ve ever done. I endorse and recommend this ahead of all others, and am so grateful, thankful, and appreciative of the opportunity to learn (at such a shockingly low cost, too)!” J.D

Thank you all for your support. This Newsletter and Course is my way of giving back to you. You can have Personal Mastery over your entire life and live the life of your dreams.

Much love


Lost Prison Diary Message #35

I continue to get cards, letters, and various types of correspondence from all over the world, from people that have read my books, gone through the Your Wish Is Your Command CD series, Mega Memory students, members and ex members of GIN, subscribers to the Nuggets of Gold Newsletter, students of the Science of Personal Mastery Course and the Success Mastery Course, and people who have just followed me in the newspapers, TV or the internet like YouTube and Facebook. 

The overwhelming common denominator of 99% of these messages to me is amazing, heartfelt support for me fighting for Free Speech and civil liberties for all. For this I am so humbled and thankful. 

The other common denominator is, most tell me their success story of how some of my training or recommended books, training has had a powerful and positive effect on their lives. I love hearing about people’s “success” in life as they define “success” (not just making money). 

The last common denominator is many people have questions about how to “manifest, attract, create” things in their life. The most common “wants” is more money, or something money can buy, followed by wanting a lover, mate, love relationship, then health issues. 

Ultimately all really want, whether they know it or not, a “feeling” inside. Those who have the questions, have not gone through the Success Master Course up to level 7, and/or are not a student of the Science of Personal Mastery Course, and/or have not read the books on my recommended book list. 

I can tell you that manifesting money is easier than you “believe” it is. My suggestion to everyone is go through the training, as it will help you make your dreams come true. 

The Science of Personal Mastery Course, the Success Mastery Course (offered through the Global Information Network), and the recommended books have all you need to make all your dreams come true. 

One other “secret” for making money AND being happy is to do what you LOVE. Do what you are enthusiastic about. If you do what you LOVE and are ENTHUSIASTIC about you will have a magical wonderful life. 

Check back to this page often as I will be leaving some great updates, and make sure you read both the comments and leave comments as well. 

Much love and until next time….


Lost Prison Diary Message #36

The biggest secret for making money is doing what you love and what you are enthusiastic about. 

When you do what you love and are enthusiastic about, all the success principles taught in the Newsletter which contains the Science of Personal Mastery Course, the Success Mastery Course, and all the recommended books are “automatically” used by you. It really is that simple!

Here are some more comments from subscribers of the Nuggets of Gold Newsletter and students of the Science of Personal Mastery Course:

“KT, I am on Lesson 3 and all I can say is this is blowing me away! I am a Level 6 member in GIN, and I have learned more in these 3 Lessons than all the training I have had in my life combined. This is the best ever. I encourage everyone to subscribe.” 

(From KT: Please note that the Lessons in the Science of Personal Mastery Course help “sprout the seeds” that have been planted in the Success Mastery Course. The Science of Personal Mastery Course does not replace the Success Mastery Course, it supplements it.)

“I have read a few success and law of attraction type books, and done a few trainings, but nothing much really. The first Lesson was a real eye opener. Lesson 2 however was not what I expected. You had me do some “drills/exercises”, that I first I thought was a little elementary. But, in just a few minutes, my mind simply expanded beyond my understanding, and I felt all the “stuck energy” lift away. I instantly felt lighter and my whole perception was completely different. I felt 1000% more confident about everything, and I have never felt so calm and centered in my life. This is wild stuff in the most positive way. I find myself smiling and laughing much of the time. I just KNOW that all my dreams and desires are going to come true. Simply amazing.”

Lost Prison Diary Message #37

Here is a fact. Your thoughts, intention, vibration instantaneously affect EVERYTHING in the Universe. 

Everyone’s thoughts do the same. Fact? Yes. Science now proves this is true. It also proves that your thoughts, intention, vibration create, out of the “nothingness”, all “matter”. 

It also proves that your thoughts, intention, vibration can even change “existing” matter. This means you can create, attract, manifest anything you want in this life. You can be, do and have anything you “desire”. Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. Your wish is your command. 

You do have “superhuman supernatural” abilities. (The PROOF is in the books The Field and the Intention Experiment. Read them in that order.)

The question is not do you have these abilities, but rather HOW to release and use them! That is what the “training” is all about. The Science of Personal Mastery Course contains the “secrets” to releasing your abilities to “manifest, attract, create”, while at the same time have inner peace, joy, bliss. 

This training comes from a rare combination of; direct from Source; and from someone who has “experienced” this life altering phenomena and thus is “there”. 

So many want to “help others”, when in fact they need lots of help themselves. 

So many want to “teach success principles”, when in fact they need to learn success principles themselves and become successful first. 

So many want to show YOU how to get “there”, when in fact they need to get there first so they can show you the way. 

I encourage you to subscribe to the Science of Personal Mastery Course. For more information, visit globalinformationnetwork.com.

If you have not read these posts in a while I encourage you to go back and read them, as they contain very powerful training messages that will have an immediate positive impact in your life. 



Lost Prison Diary Message #38

There are 2 good books that clearly show the scientific evidence that everything stated in the Success Mastery Course and the Science of Personal Mastery Course is true. 

They are The Field and the follow up book, The Intention Experiment. Make sure you read The Field first. You can also go to the www.Intentionexperiment.com website and program an intention that you would like to be “in the Field”. Potentially, thousands of people can see your intention, and agree, it is thus making it a powerful group intention. 

Perhaps you might want to program in an intention for my freedom, or for something important to you. 

You can also help others by seeing others intentions on the site, and agreeing with others intentions, thus sending out intentions for other people’s needs. That is powerful. Helping others, actually helps you. Remember, the secret to living is giving.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #39

You see and experience in your life what you are projecting.

It is YOUR thoughts, vibrations, and intentions that are reflected back to you as “reality” and “what is fact”.  

Here is an example. I get letters from people who are going through the Success Mastery Course and The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Some say “KT, it seems all you talk about is making money and achieving material things in your courses. Can you please talk more about spiritual matters and emotional issues”. 

Yet just as many others say “KT it seems all you talk about is spiritual matters and emotional issues. I can hardly pay my bills, and I need money. Please talk more about manifesting money and material things as I live in the real world and have financial needs. Spiritual stuff is fine, but only after I have made all the money I need.” 

So, which is true? Does the course talk more about making, manifesting money or achieving spiritual freedom, and emotional and inner peace, bliss? 

If you look at the words and break it down, there is actually almost exactly 50% of the time spent on manifesting material, money, physical things, and 50% of the time spent on achieving inner peace, bliss and emotional happiness and stability. 

You see what YOU are projecting. You see YOUR own reflection in things. It is therefore easy to tell what is going on inside a person by watching how they describe things. 

Watch yourself and be aware of what you “see” as “reality” as it is a reflection and indicator of what you are vibrating. And it is your vibrations that attract what you experience.

Until my next post…

much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #40

Many think that there are things in life they want, that if they had them, they would then be happy and fulfilled. 

Even if you got everything you ever wanted all at the same time (money, love, power, friends, a perfect body etc), within a very short period of time, you would yet once more be unfulfilled, dissatisfied, unhappy, and still looking for “something more”. 

True joy comes from within, not from without. Finding this peace, joy, bliss within is a treasure that is beyond measure. Seek first this peace within, and all the other things will be added into your life to enjoy. You will “have it all”, AND have inner peace, bliss, joy. 

If you seek first riches, then you may get riches, fame, wealth, and power, but you will be empty inside and deal with inner pain and despair that you cannot imagine. You will be in a living “hell” with all the trappings of wealth. 

Think of Robin Williams, and the thousands of other rich, talented, famous, and powerful people from around the world who seem to “have it all”, yet deal with inner pain, loneliness, torture so horrific that it leads to major drug addictions, massive depression, destroyed health, and even suicide. 

There is a better way. There is a way in being happy, healthy AND wealthy. The way is clear, and it works. Follow the “system” of books, audios, seminars, events, relationships, and recognition. If you are not already receiving the Science of Personal Mastery Course, visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information.

Lost Prison Diary Message #41

Most people have a fear that is never discussed. It is the fear of being bored. I see it everyday here at the camp. Grown men, from all educational, social, and economic backgrounds, all dealing with the inability to simply sit and be with themselves, and their own thoughts. 

Everyone here MUST be busy ALL THE TIME. They go into a state of depression, when there is “nothing to do”. They all “need to DO something”. There is a reason for this fear. And there is a major benefit to all who can eliminate this deep inner fear programming. 

When you can eliminate this inner fear, you automatically become less agitated, irritable, anxious, stressed, nervous, and depressed. 

You automatically become able to be “in the moment” and in “present time”. 

You are able to focus and concentrate more easily. 

You become more at peace and gain inner peace, bliss, joy. 

This is discussed at length in the Science of Personal Mastery Course. I highly encourage you to get it. Here is what people are saying about the Course:

“I just want to say thank you very much and express my sincere gratefulness for the monthly Nuggets of Gold Lessons, and the other posts. It’s absolutely life transforming in every aspect poised in a unique method, as all of your teaching and courses.” B.A

“Wow! I simply love the newsletter! It has rocketed me forwards and upwards! I feel so thankful, grateful and appreciative for this knowledge and for Kevin and his teachings. You are always in my heart.” C.N

“The Science Of Personal Mastery Course is transforming. An open gateway to unknown, inner dimensions.” D.K

“Absolutely love the difference in energy that is being conveyed through this series, it’s absolutely phenomenal!” J.T

For more information on the Science of Personal Mastery, visit globalinformationnetwork.com

Lost Prison Diary Message #42

Abraham (Esther Hicks) says so beautifully, that the magic to making your dreams come true is to ALLOW it to happen. They call it the art of allowing. 

Think about this. You cannot “will” yourself to sleep. The harder you “try” to make yourself fall asleep, the longer you will stay awake. You must “let” yourself fall asleep. And when you do, you cannot remember WHEN you fell asleep. This is how manifesting works. It is allowing. 

There is a secret to this. There is a way that you “activate” your “allowing” capacity, which then opens the floodgates of your “vibrational escrow” where all your desires that have not physically manifested yet are stored. 

I teach this in the Science of Personal Mastery Course. When you do this exercise that opens the vibrational escrow doors, things that you have been asking for start simply “showing up” in your life! There is an art AND a science to “allowing” all your desires to manifest into your physical experience. This is extremely powerful and works.

Lost Prison Diary Message #43

The mind/ego always wants to be right. It justifies every thought and action. It condemns, points out where other people or things are wrong. Judges and criticizes. 

The SELF simply sees perfection in all people, things, events, circumstances, and situations. It knows what it sees, IT created. 

It knows that it is seeing a reflection of ITSELF. 

It thus sees itself in “all”. 

It sees God/Source in “all”. The SELF-appreciates, loves, understands ALL. It is accepting and compassionate of ALL.

Ask yourself which has been more predominant in your experience. 

When the mind/ego is more predominant, we deal with more emotional ups and downs. 

When SELF is more predominant, then we experience bliss, peace, joy, contentment, serenity, & happiness most of the time AND when SELF is more predominant you can manifest, create, attract what you “desire” easier and faster. 

The Science of Personal Mastery Course teaches the powerful secrets, methods and techniques that strip you of the ego/mind and allow the SELF to blossom in your life. 

Here is what people are saying about the Science of Personal Mastery Course and the Nuggets of Gold Newsletter:

“Thank you for the first Nugget of Gold lesson information that was vital and off the charts just like the Success Mastery Courses. Thank you for rising above yourself to be the greater good for humanity!”


“The course is beyond the levels of GIN, if you haven’t subscribed to KT’s Nugget’s of Gold DO IT NOW it is so powerful and when combined with the GIN training KAPOW!!!!!

I love Nuggets of Gold !!” F.B

“The Newsletters are phenomenal! I am getting better and better every day because of this information. I am applying the techniques and mastering the basics.” D.S.V

For more information on the SPMC, visit globalinformationnetwork.com and apply to become an Associate Member.

Lost Prison Diary Message #44

If you want to manifest your desires AND have inner peace, joy, bliss, then you must shed the Ego/mind. You must be humble. 

The challenge is that when you have a huge Ego, you cannot even hear these words. The ego tells you it is humble. 

But the ego is simply selfish and acts out of fear. It wants, wants, and wants more. 

The ego seeks everything, and wants to take credit for everything “good”, and blame others for everything “bad”. 

The ego gets mad, angry, nervous, and anxious. Yet, the EGO also says it wants “enlightenment”. 

Remember however, the ego wants everything for selfish reasons. When your ego is taking charge of you, you think that if you are enlightened, then you will know more than others, be better than others, be able to control others, get more than others, and that people will love/like you, admire you, adore you, follow you, praise you and give you accolades. 

You think that people will listen to you.  

The ego always thinks in terms of what anything (like being enlightened) can do for itself. 

Simply look at yourself. Do you want things for “selfish” reasons? That is the ego. 

Do you want things for yourself AND others, and for the betterment of all equally? That is the SELF. 

If you have a big ego, you CAN manifest your material things such as money, but you WILL be unsatisfied in your life and deal with inner turmoil, suffering, and pain. 

If you come from SELF with humility, you WILL manifest your desires while always maintaining inner joy, peace, bliss, contentment. 

Which do you prefer? 

I am now teaching how to do this in the Science of Personal Mastery Course, which you get free as a member of the Global Information Network. If you are not a member and would like to purchase the course, go to globalinformationnetwork.com

Here is what some students of the course, newsletter are saying:

“This is mind blowing material. I am a Level 6 in the Success Mastery Course, have gone through all Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Abraham, B.E.S.T, and many other trainings and courses. I have NEVER heard any of this material before. More importantly, the exercises and drills Kevin had me do produced breakthroughs and results I could have never imagined. I believe this is the best “success training” available anywhere in the world. Kevin is simply a genius.” CA……  

“I am on Lesson 4 of the Science of Personal Mastery Course. In this Lesson Kevin had me do an exercise that he said would “release” all the desires, wants, wishes, dreams that I have, that have not yet manifested. Kevin said all our “desires” are in, as Abraham says, my vibrational escrow, and that this “exercise” would “allow” those desires to manifest, even with me not doing anything. Within 5 days, 7 of my unfulfilled, unmanifested desires (that I had for over 10 years) ALL magically manifested into my life, without me doing anything. They simply showed up. This course is more than amazing.” Toronto 

“I have read all of Kevin’s books, been to almost every seminar he ever did, and am a Level 6 GIN member. After going through the first 4 Lessons of the Science of Personal Mastery Course, I believe that Kevin has become self-realized, self-actualized, enlightened. Maybe he has been all along, but now his “energy/power” is coming through more than ever (maybe it is me who is different?). His love, humility, knowingness, and awareness/consciousness is beyond words. This course is the best ever. I will never be the same”. I.L

Lost Prison Diary Message #45

Many people confuse “feel good now”, with simply “masking the pain”.  

Doing drugs, sexual promiscuity, traveling, changing jobs, spending money, watching hours of TV, spending hours on social media sites, exercising to excess etc can many times be simply distractions that are covering up your pain. 

You think you are doing things that make you “feel good”, when you are just numbing the pain, and then wonder why things are not working out well and even getting worse.

Many people also confuse “feel good now”with avoiding or not doing things that would be best for them if they want their dreams, desires to come into reality. 

Your dream might be to have a fit slim body, but you eat ice cream because it “feels right” and “makes me feel good now”. 

If you are dealing with the above types of issues then that means you do not have a “dream” you are committed to, but rather are living in a dream world. Your dreams will never come true. 

You must be able to distinguish between being in alignment (feeling good now) , “masking the pain”, being delusional, and simply sticking your head in the sand to avoid or distract yourself from the reality you have created. 

You must be able to know the difference between these various types of “feelings” and the true inner SELF feeling of being in alignment.

You must also learn to “confront” your SELF, your thoughts, and all of your past actions with humility and peace. Think about this.

You can see how close you are to being able to “confront” things in your life, and capable of feeling good now without simply masking the pain, distracting yourself from your pain, and living in a dream world (where you think you can eat ice cream all day and still have a fit trim body) 

Here is the test. Can you sit and simply meditate in silence, focusing on your breath? Can you do this for 20 minutes? Can you do this for an hour? How about 3 hours? And do you feel amazing doing it? Does it give you inner joy that overflows? This is the test. Being able to be with your SELF is your test of being able to be in alignment, have inner peace, happiness and manifesting all your dreams, desires in life.

This will be discussed in length in the Science of Personal Mastery Course. There will be drills and exercises that I will teach you that will give you this ability. You can and need to have the ability to distinguish and discern between the real inner “feelings” that are your guidance system to making good choices versus those fraudulent and misleading “feelings” that many people think are the real thing. 

You need to be able to know the difference if you want to master your world, emotions, and your life experience.

The Science of Personal Mastery Course is being called the finest “success and enlightenment training of all time”. For information on the SPMC, visit globalinformationnetwork.com

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #46

I am getting so many letters asking me about the Science of Personal Mastery Course 

Why ask me or others about the Course when you can see and decide for yourself? 

You should judge for yourself if it is all people are saying it is. 

The cost is so low, everyone can afford it. 

You should consider getting it now, and you be the judge. 

I will share with you what actual students of the course are saying after going through only a few Lessons. 

“This is by far the best ‘training’ I have ever seen, and over the last 20 years I think I have seen them all. Nothing compares with this”. “After going through the first 4 Lessons, I have expanded more on the inside, and transformed more in an infinite number of ways it is simply beyond words. I already have achieved an inner peace that surpasses all human comprehension and cannot be described in words. To top it all off, without putting any attention on my business and finances, my personal income has increased 10 fold! I have more money pouring in from more sources than I could have ever dreamed about. I know these miracles are coming from the Course. I am in for life!” “How can one describe the indescribable? This Course is nothing like you can imagine. There is something totally different and special about the Science of Personal Mastery Course. It is like I am getting Wizard training, or Euphoria training, or Magic Powers training. It simply is astonishing. I am amazed and loving it. Great things keep happening in my life, and my previous desires are showing up without me doing anything. This Course has power!”

I am getting these kinds of comments all the time. 

If you want inner peace, bliss, harmony, serenity that goes beyond anything you have experienced in your life, then this Course is for you. 

If you want to have an awareness/consciousness/knowingness level that you never had before, then this Course is for you.

Go to globalinformationnetwork.com for more information

Lost Prison Diary Message #47

If you have the ability and habit of “duplicating” (repeating exactly) what you see, hear and experience through all your senses, then you have mastered your ego/mind. 

This means you will be much happier and have more inner peace, and you will be able to manifest what you desire fast and easily. 

What is “duplication”? It is repeating exactly without changing or adding or deleting anything.

Here is an example:

10 people were standing waiting for a bus and witnessed a car accident. They each described what they “saw” to the police. Each gave a slightly different description of what they saw. They each either added things that did not happen, failed to mention key facts that occurred, or changed what actually happened. 

This is what most people do almost all the time. You either add things, delete things, or change things. This phenomenon takes place because of the mind/ego. 

Most people cannot duplicate exactly what they experienced through the senses. Our egos/minds are so big and full of “stuff” that we add the reflection of our own thoughts into what we experience. 

If you can witness/experience something, and duplicate it exactly, you have control over your life.

This is being taught in the Science of Personal Mastery Course, which you get free as a GIN member. It is designed to release all that is holding you back from living your dream life and having inner peace, bliss. 

It will help you be in complete control of your emotions, as well as being able to manifest into your life whatever wants, wishes, desires you have. 

It is the ultimate “total success in life” course. It is unique and extremely powerful. These Lessons are some of the actual lessons that were given to me over 30 years ago by my “uncle” when I was being trained in the “manifesting” arts and in superconsciousness. 

The response from students is simply amazing. Here is what some students are saying about the Science of Personal Mastery Course.

“I am more aware, conscious, and awake than ever before. My ‘vision’ is so deep, my knowingness is so profound, and my understanding of everything is at levels I could not even imagine before. I am the happiest I have ever been. And everything in my life is simply and like magic, getting better.” “After 3 Lessons, I feel more powerful and more in control of my life than I ever thought I could be. I feel like a Wizard having the power to create/attract into my physical reality anything I want. I feel totally at cause over everything in my environment.”

“This Course is nothing like Kevin has ever done. I can tell he was waiting for the right time and the right place to release this training. It is fun, and it is awesome. I feel like I am going through Harry Potter School, learning all the real secrets of making your reality what you want. This is so far more advanced than anything I have ever read, or any material in any seminar I have ever gone through.” 

“Kevin has power and energy. It comes through the words in the Course. He must be god-realized, SELF-realized, enlightened or something like that. He is different. This Course is so different from any other course or training or book. It is stunning, amazing, wonderful, over the top and awesome in every way.”

Lost Prison Diary Message #48

If you want to be happy, at peace, and be able to manifest, create, attract what you desire, then you cannot be constantly “feeding your ego”. 

Many people think they are “doing things” that make them “feel good”. The “good feeling” that comes from “doing” things is not the genuine deep inner “feel good now” concept that we talk about. It is rather a cheap imitation and imposter of the true “feeling good now” inner feeling that is your guidance system, which tells you that you are on the right track. 

When you only “feed the ego” (by doing things), you seem to feel good, but you know it is an imposter of the real thing because the feeling is based on an external condition change and a doing activity. 

It is also always temporary and always leads to a deep feeling of dissatisfaction (aloneness, separation). You are always left unsatisfied and disillusioned when you are just feeding the ego. Heroin makes you feel good. But the good feeling is not the real deal. It is an imposter. It is a fraud. It is not the genuine inner “good feeling”. 

The deep feelings of “wellness, joy, peace, harmony, bliss and happiness” never come from external sources. Outside stimulus can be a short term help. 

Things like music, going for a walk, exercise, yoga, deep breathing, tapping, acupuncture, BEST treatments, Mary Miller instruments, good food, even a glass of wine can help “put you in a better mood” and make you feel better. But they still are outside stimuli. 

The key is to have no change in conditions, no doing activity, and no external anything. Then solely with thought control, to be able to change your emotional state into “feeling better”.

Depending on your level of training, over minutes, hours, or days, you can feel extremely good, and you can feel bliss. Masters can get to a blissful state no matter what the outside conditions, in a matter of seconds, and they usually are in this state most, if not all of the time. The external conditions stay the same, but YOU control with your mind only, your emotional state. 

This is much easier said than done, for many reasons as discussed in the Success Mastery Course and the Science of Personal Mastery Course. Being able to be in this state at will, will not only make you feel better, but enhance your ability to attract, create, manifest in your life all your desires. 

You can learn to do this. This is highly advanced training. I am teaching the HOW to do this in the Science of Personal Mastery Course which you get free as a GIN member. If not in GIN you may visit globalinformationnetwork.com for information on applying for Membership.

Much Love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #49

I get lots of questions about business. Here are the most common business mistakes.

  • Starting a business then just raising money and getting investors without focusing on profit. Then telling everyone “look at all this revenue, we are doing great!” You are not doing great. Money raised from investors is not revenue. It is debt. This is being delusional and living in a dream world.
  • No focus. Starting a business, and then starting another business or starting several divisions in your existing business without any focus, planning, organization, budgeting, and without you KNOWING with 100% certainty what if any of the businesses or divisions is actually making a profit. You need to focus on 1 thing until you are making great profits and debt free (all investors paid back).
  • Not knowing the score. Not knowing exactly what is profitable, and exactly how much money you are making (profit).
  • Not managing cash flow. I know lots of people who kept saying they are getting rich with their businesses, then go bankrupt because they mismanaged their cash flow.
  • Getting into debt. HUGE error. Operate out of cash flow. 
  • Going too fast. Trying to grow too quickly. Being in too much of a rush to be a Billionaire. This is the EGO being in control and leads to disaster.
  • Doing things in your business to feed your ego. Needing publicity about you and your business. Needing recognition. Needing validation. Needing acceptance. Needing pictures with rich and famous people. Needing to be a part of the IN crowd. Spending money on a fancy office, a big corner office for yourself, an expensive desk, etc.
  • Not budgeting. Spending money too quickly on things you do not need to spend money on (be frugal, thrifty, and tight with your money! Do NOT spend it easily).
  • Living in a dream world. Being delusional about what really is happening with your business. Have a dream, but do not live in a dream world.
  • Always talking about what you are going to do, and what you have done (embellishing your achievements) looking for validation, approval and acceptance. Talking to everyone about YOU.
  • Not understanding that it is ok to “fail” in business. Being unable to fire people, cut salaries and expenses, trim and cut spending and waste, or even shut down parts of your business or the entire business (most people stay on the sinking ship too long. If you are on the Titanic, get on the lifeboat!)

If you are in business do a personal check on yourself. If you know people in business do not be judgmental, or critical if you see them with lots of these attributes. Know that most of us have to learn from our own mistakes. When I see this in others, they almost never see it in themselves. They are in denial that these issues exist. If I point them out, they in turn get angry at me! LOL

Lesson: Let others do their thing and simply love them unconditionally without condemnation, criticism or judgement. IF they ask, then share your OPINION with love and gentleness.

Until next time..

much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #50

There are lots of books, seminars, audio programs telling people about the secret to happiness (most are taught by people who have deep inner unhappiness). 

Let me tell you instead the secret to Unhappiness (that I learned from a Master/”Guru”): Try to please everyone. Think about this. 

There really are only 3 “main” levels of awareness. 

There are those who are obsessed (to various degrees) with how other people perceive them, think about them, talk about them. Other people therefore have complete control over these people’s emotions. If someone says something bad about them, does something bad to them, insults them, disrespects them etc, they feel miserable. Is this you to some degree? It is all of us to some degree.

Then there are those who only think and care about how they think of and perceive others. What people think or say about them is not relevant and has no impact on these people. These people do not care what anyone thinks of them. They are focused on what THEY think of THEM. This gives you more power. No one then has any control or impact on your emotions. You are in control. 

Then there are those who understand that we are all “one” awareness/consciousness. That we are all the SAME SELF. Thus these people only focus on SELF, from a witness, observer perspective. Thus they focus on loving at all times the SELF, without condition and without exception. They see their physical “body” and all other physical “bodies” as costumes of the same SELF, and from the perspective of SELF, they witness and observe it all. This is ultimate power. 

If a person is at level 1, their emotions will always be a roller coaster and they will never feel in control and at peace. They will never feel lasting satisfaction and contentment. The less you are of level 1 and the more you are of level 2, the more lasting inner bliss you will experience. Getting to level 3 even to some degree will open up a new Universe for you. 

The HOW to do this is being taught in the Science of Personal Mastery Course. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information. 

Lost Prison Diary Message #51

If you want to be able to manifest what you want fast and easily, and have inner peace, bliss, joy, and contentment. Masters, Gurus, Sages and the most enlightened say there are 2 areas you should look at as indicators as to your progress. 

Do you have a strong sense of self-importance, and do you have a strong craving for acceptance from others (a desire for others to think and say good things about you)? Ask yourself to what degree does it upset you when others do not give you credit, say or think bad things about you, or do bad things to you?

Do you feel self-conscious that other people are “looking at you”, and/or how others “see” or perceive you? These indicators tell you how much the mind/ego is in charge. When the mind/ego is in charge, you cannot have lasting or complete inner serenity, tranquility, equanimity, peace, harmony, bliss, joy, happiness, satisfaction and contentment. 

You will always have a roller coaster ride of emotions. When your mind/ego is in charge, even if you do manifest “material things” like money, it will never give you lasting satisfaction. You will always feel you need a little more and will always have a deep inner sense that “something is missing” in my life. You will always be disillusioned, and unfulfilled.

Think of all the rich and famous who “have it all” but have no satisfaction, contentment because their ego/mind is in charge, and they wind up committing suicide. 

You can lose the ego/mind and let your inner SELF, the real you, shine forth. When this happens you truly do have it all: peace that surpasses all human comprehension and all the material “stuff” your heart desires. You attain complete satisfaction and contentment. 

I am now teaching this in the Science of Personal Mastery Course. 

This course contains some of the actual Lessons I was given over 30 years ago by my first mentor, guru, sage, teacher, master, “uncle”. 

Here are some comments of actual students of the Science of Personal Mastery Course

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow!!! I have started today with the newsletter and WOW! It really felt I had an actual conversation with you KT!!! And it felt good! At one point it made me cry. In a good way 🙂 Something shifted and it felt like “something” or someone better (probably my higher self) was relieved and happy she’s been given the opportunity to reveal herself. It was amazing. Thank you for that.” J.B

“Your wise words and courage to share them have changed my life for the better in so many ways KT. Thank you so much!” I.H

“As I go through my life day by day, you have always been there by my side. (…Through the newsletter lessons…) I honestly, theoretically speaking owe the world to you.” S.E

“The Science of Personal Mastery has changed my life by giving me insights into things I never considered to be important. Also it has helped me to shift my perception, which has created more happiness in my life.  I’m actually loving my life even while experiencing a challenge. Thank you deeply Kevin for everything!” AO

Lost Prison Diary Message #52

My uncle” (not my real uncle, but my first mentor, teacher, trainer. Guru), very early in my “training”, introduced me to several people who had excelled and mastered the art of making money. They all were super rich. They were wealthy. They had net worth’s in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and some in the billions (this was back in the 70’s and 80’s, so you can at least triple that amount to convert it into today’s money based on inflation). 

I was taught how to make money and make it fast. 

I was taught the real secrets to creating wealth. 

I learned how to always have huge amounts of money to do as I pleased. 

Making money, after I learned what the “real secrets” were, was always easy. If you know the “how” (which means you know the real secrets not the “sound good catch phrases), it can be easy for you as well. 

Most of you I am sure find this statement hard to believe. You have tried everything to make money and you still struggle financially. 

Many of you have invested huge amounts of time and money going to a variety of “making money” or “get rich, wealthy” seminars. Yet you still are not rich or making big money. You still are not financially free, independent. You still have debt. You still struggle with bills and making ends meet. Most of you still live paycheck to paycheck. 

You have material, financial wants and desires that have gone unfulfilled. Many of you have listened to audio courses or read “success” books, but are still not making serious money. 

You tried the Law of Attraction, did all the “magic clearing”, opened your chakras, self-hypnosis, subliminal programming, self-talk, affirmations, and did anything and everything hoping it would be the magic formula to riches. Yet, with all the time and money invested, you are still not rich, wealthy. 

You have yet to “attract, manifest” wealth or even enough money to just get out of debt and live comfortably with no financial stress or worries. Worse than that, you are even more in debt than when you started getting educated on getting rich, because you spent so much money on all this “prosperity” training. You are probably frustrated as well. 

Many of the seminars, audio courses and books on how to get rich, make money, be prosperous, be wealthy, increase net worth, achieve financial freedom and independence have excellent technical information about wealth creation and/or making money. Some of them are first class, well produced, and contain invaluable information, strategies, and techniques that work almost 100% as stated, and have passed the test of time.  

Many of them are simply outstanding and are HIGHLY recommended (some of the courses are not so good, and are a waste of time and money and/or filled with useless unworkable information and should be avoided, so choose wisely). 

Yet with all the “excellent” material out there on wealth creation, 99.9% of those who go through these “courses” never make any serious money and for sure do not get rich, wealthy. 

Why is this? There are 2 main reasons.

First, those teaching these courses (or the authors of the books/material) are usually well meaning people, and they are usually teaching what they “know about’, and not what they actually, “know”. They THINK they are teaching the secrets of making money. They might actually BELIEVE that they are teaching the secrets to making money. Yet even if they have great useable, workable, proven to work material, there is ALWAYS at least 2 key elements missing from EVERY course, book, seminar available on making money, getting rich, wealth creation (over the years I have personally reviewed over 500 such courses, books, audio programs from around the world and they all fail to mention the 2 real secrets to wealth, prosperity, money that I learned over 30 years ago). 

The 2nd missing key ingredients are something that the teachers & authors do not KNOW are the REAL secrets and absolutely essential to making money. Without them, you cannot get rich, period (even if they ARE rich & wealthy, they almost always still do not KNOW what the 2 secret ingredients to making money are. They THINK the secret or most essential, vital element is the technical mechanics of wealth & money creation. Those are important, but NOT the KEY).

So the first problem is there are 2 missing ingredients that I learned over 30 years ago that are THE KEYS, the missing links, the “magic ingredient”, to making money and they are NOT in ANY of the material out there on making money or achieving success. Without these KEYS, you simply will not get rich. 

(Some people go to making money seminars, learn GREAT material, apply it, and then become rich. But this is because they inadvertently start using the missing KEYS without even knowing it. And then, because they do not know there are secret, essential, vital keys or what they are, they might also then inadvertently stop using the KEYS. Then they lose all their money, or stop being successful at making more money. They do not understand why they are no longer making money easily or why they lost all their money. You see this all the time, as it is VERY common). 

The second main reason people do not get rich even with great wealth creation training, is simple Karma. This means that when you are in this lifetime embodiment, you are dealing with your PREVIOUS wants, desires, decisions, vibrations, and frequencies that have not yet manifested in your physical experience. These energies are still in your “vibrational escrow, vortex”. Many of these unmanifested vibrations, frequencies (coming from past/previous, decisions, intentions, desires), are counteracting your current desire to make money, get rich, wealthy.  

This MUST be addressed now before you can have a vibrational match that will allow money to flow into your life. I am teaching the 2 missing essential and vital keys to making money, and how to address your “karma” relating to making money in the Science of Personal Mastery Course.

You get the Course free with your GIN membership. If you are not a GIN member, you can learn more about applying for Membership at globalinformationnetwork.com.

The Science of Personal Mastery Course contains some of the actual Lessons that I was given over 30 years ago by my mentor, teacher, trainer, guru, “uncle”. They contain Keys to success in all areas of life as well as how to attain inner peace, contentment, joy & bliss. 

Your Friend,


Lost Prison Diary Message #53

The #1 NY TIMES book “Natural Cures they don’t want you to know about” is the best-selling alternative and natural health care book of all time. It is still selling well today. Over 100 million people have read the book or heard about the book. I am still on TV every day promoting the book Natural Cures somewhere in the world. All this is making a huge impact that benefits all of us. 

For example:

Panera Bread plans to ditch 150 artificial ingredients! This is a great start.  

Chipotle announced it is getting rid of all genetically modified ingredients. 

Kraft said it was swapping our artificial coloring in its flagship macaroni and cheese in favor of paprika, annatto and turmeric. 

McDonalds will stop serving chicken with antibiotics. 

At least a dozen different food companies and restaurants chains have made similar moves in the past six months. Why is this happening? They say they are simply responding to consumer demand for more natural food like what they can get at farmers markets. This shows that YOU have the power. Every time you buy something you place your vote. 

Stop buying the food with ingredients you know are bad, and things will change. We already are starting to see this with genetically modified, high fructose corn syrup, being taken out of food and replaced with natural sweeteners like pure cane sugar. 

All this is happening in part because of the Natural Cures book. Many industry insiders say this is happening SOLELY because of the popularity of the Natural Cures book and my constant infomercials telling people the truth about processed food. I salute you for taking your power back and effecting the positive improvements in society that you choose! 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #54


Actually several big things are brewing. Remember, in every adversity are the seeds of a greater benefit. I have been incarcerated for “contempt of court”, which is not even a felony or misdemeanor.

The incarceration has provided the perfect opportunity for me to do ‘amazing processes’. This includes ‘writing many things’ that I have wanted to write for years, but the timing was never ‘right’. During my time ‘away’, the timing and conditions have been perfect for me to, among other things, ‘focus, and write’.

One of the ‘things’ I have been writing is, I believe, one of the most significant works I have ever written. It will positively impact infinitely more people than anything I have ever done. It will have worldwide appeal.

It will be extremely inexpensive, so everyone can access it. It will still be controversial, but in a way that will increase and expand the readership worldwide. It could, over time, have over 1 billion worldwide readers. The ‘literary work’ I am referring to is a series of “Novels”. Novels, being entertainment and works of “fiction”, have a much larger audience than non-fiction books.

If an author is good, the story compelling, and the books marketed well, there can be over 1 billion readers worldwide in just a few years. This has happened many times. Think of the Harry Potter series, and authors like King, Child, Flynn, Grisham, Steele, Collins, Clancy, Brown, and many others.

“Fiction” simply attracts more readers than non-fiction self-help books. Imagine a series of 20 or more novels (over a period of years) all with the same main character and expanding story line.

As with the Harry Potter series, the Jason Bourne series, the Lord of the Rings series, or Star Wars series, the story and characters flow on a timeline of events. The story itself in my novels, as in those successful and famous examples, will be groundbreaking and unique.

As in the Da Vinci Code, the story will also be highly controversial. And like the Da Vinci Code, although the book is listed as a work of fiction, it will have all the facts right. There will be real people’s names, actual well known and documented events, and actual company’s names mentioned.

It will make a compelling case for the underlying theme and conclusions brought out in the books. It will get people talking “is this real or fiction?”.

The first book in the series will be entitled “The Prodigy” (working title).

The main character in this series is born with a genetic abnormality in his DNA, giving him certain “abilities”. He is a savant in many respects, a prodigy – unique, but not a “superhero”.

He is human. He still has “issues”, makes mistakes, and has many lessons to learn in life.

His unique and rare “powers” are discovered by an ultra-secret global “group” whose members are from a particular blood line. Are they the legendary and almost mythical “shadow world government”, the Illuminati, that people for centuries have said have much to do with “controlling” the world?

The “group” recruits the young boy into this “secret society”. He is assigned a “mentor”, his “uncle”, who trains him how to use his “gifts”. He is exposed to shocking and unimaginable “truths” about the “illusion” we call “reality”.

The new student is also introduced and trained by other, senior “members” with amazing, almost supernatural abilities. The main character and his unique abilities are “used” to do various activities for the “group’s” global agenda.

Like Forrest Gump, he seems to be everywhere and in almost everything that has national or global significance. He also achieves enormous wealth, and lives in opulence and luxury as the people featured in “lifestyles of the rich and famous”.

The novels chronicle his “training” and adventures around the world with the group. Other members of the group, all with unique talents and abilities, interact with the main character.

There is action, suspense, and international intrigue. The reader gets an insider’s view of the true, mostly sinister underworld of such things as global politics, elections, advertising and media, drug companies, banks, and the international food industry.

You discover never before revealed information about “secret societies”, the Vatican connection, the global privileged elite class, royal families, and dynasties like the Rothschild’s, Bush’s, DuPont’s, and Rockefeller’s. You get a never-before look behind the scenes into the never-talked-about, dark world of the world’s controlling, privileged, elite class.

You see greed, lust for power and control, and the “world” as you have never imagined. Is it all about money, power, and control, or is there something deeper, more shocking and completely unimaginable that drives the “world elite”?

You are brought in “behind closed doors” and learn the secrets that have been hidden from the masses for centuries.

The curtain is pulled back to reveal the truth about the great “OZ”. There are “gurus and sages”, villains and heroes, and almost superhuman, psychic, paranormal powers exhibited – bordering on the realm of “magic” or the miraculous.

The reader will learn about the people that “control” the world, and how it all works. Plus, the excitement and drama that unfolds when the main character “leaves” the group, his race for survival and who helps him, and the fulfilling of his destiny.

I am not presenting this as my Autobiography, or my Memoirs. This is a work of “fiction”, “inspired by a true story and actual events”.

Take that as you like.

This series will be published and marketed around the world in many different languages.

Imagine hundreds of millions of people reading these novels around the world. Imagine a series of movies as well, being viewed around the world. This will have a positive impact on hundreds of millions of people, and ultimately, society in general.

Think about the main character using the Law of Attraction. Imagine his training involving books like Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich and others. Imagine him using meditation, various exclusive yoga techniques, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Nei Kung, various “balancing instruments”, homeopathy, energy rebalancing, tapping, acupuncture, and various “energy and alternative natural health treatments”.

Imagine millions of people being exposed to the powerful, personal benefits of all these things, including reading “self-help” books, listening to audios, going to events, recognition, and having powerful relationships with like-minded people that support you. Imagine hundreds of millions of people being exposed to the truth that “you become what you think about”, taking 100% responsibility, good etiquette, the secrets of effective communication, and how to manifest, attract, and create what you want in life.

Imagine hundreds of millions being exposed to the truth about drug companies, genetically modified food, artificial sweeteners, fluoride, vaccines, politics, elections, the educational system, the food industry, the brainwashing by the media, manipulative, deceitful advertising, the secret science of images and more.

This will create an “awakening” in society. Hundreds of millions of people are going to start reading the positive thinking books mentioned in the novels to see what they are all about. They will start going to seminars and workshops to learn about the Law of Attraction and the secrets of manifesting. They will embrace natural healing methods like those in the book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”. They will take more responsibility for their lives. They will become more self-sufficient and entrepreneurial. They will finally know the truth about the media, politics and corrupt, international corporations.

The masses will come out of their trance. The global elite will lose their ability to control and manipulate the world’s population. People will debate, think, and discuss the ideas presented in the book.

Eyes will be opened to a new world of possibilities and “reality”. With this new knowledge, people will think differently, see things differently, have new buying habits and voting habits, thus people’s quality of life will dramatically improve.

Global conflicts, wars, and senseless violence may even begin to decrease as the military industrial complex is exposed and dismantled.

People will want to join “success” clubs or groups that are supportive and encouraging. They will seek “enlightenment”, inner peace, and unconditional love. They will learn about karma, and the benefits of feeling good now.

Globally, things will begin to shift in a major way as people begin to think differently (the hundredth monkey syndrome).

This can be a reality.

This is just the beginning, and just a taste of what is to come. The books, novels will be highly entertaining, fast reads and real “page turners”. They will be shocking and eye opening. They will be suspenseful, thrilling, exciting, engaging, thought provoking and filled with drama as well as “bizarre” twists .

The books will also be inspirational, uplifting and empowering. They will ultimately contain a message of hope for each person and all of mankind. Plus they will be filled with “lessons”, practical tips, techniques, and “information”, all presented in a subtle way, that can be implemented by the reader and positively impact the quality of their life.

The books will be infused with “energy” that will “awaken” people from the inside, opening their eyes to the truth, as well as opening their true, inner “vision” to “reality”. Many people will get goosebumps and tingling sensations up their spine as they read them. The books may even cause miracles to spontaneously happen in people’s lives. Much of the “profits and royalties” of the novels and movies will be used to “finance and support” the “movement, group, club” that someday may have millions of like-minded, positive, motivated, “success-oriented” people from around the world as members.

Something big is brewing.

I know you can sense it.

This will not happen overnight, and of course, it may never happen. It is a dream. It is a vision. It is an intention.

Together, I believe we CAN make it a reality.

Let’s improve the planet one person at a time.

The best is yet to come.

Remember, whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Believe and you receive, doubt and go without.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #55

There are many things promoted that claim to be the “secret” to financial success. There are thousands of books, methods, techniques, processes, devices, audios, seminars, courses, and workshops. Many have to do with things like “clearing” or “balancing”, or systems that “open up energy channels”. Many of these are excellent. Many are extremely helpful. Some are probably a waste of time and money, as they have not passed the test of time. So they are actually harmful and detrimental. Are any of them required for financial success?  

Let’s see. Look at the Forbes 400 richest people in the world. Do they ALL meditate, or use Dianetics or Scientology processes and training, or get BEST treatments, or do Callahan tapping, or use Mary Miller instruments, or do some kind of magic “clearing” or energy work?  

No. I do not know of any of them doing any of those things. It does not mean these kinds of “success aids” cannot help you. I know some of them can in fact be very helpful to you (I have personally benefited greatly from all those mentioned and many more). 

However, there are actually only a few common denominators of all mega rich people. (These are not the same common denominators of truly happy people with inner peace, contentment, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment). 

Here are 4 major common denominators:

  • They are all part of an elite club or society or group, which gives them many advantages including a mastermind, support, training, connections, insider info etc. 
  • They all have a self-image that matches their desires and their “programmed” self-image. 
  • They all focus on what they want (defined dream with a burning desire) and get in the “sweet spot”.  
  • They all have the “karma” for ultra-mega wealth.

With GIN and other clubs like it, there are now many “clubs, groups, societies” for people to join that supply “support” in a similar way (not the exact same way) as the clubs the privileged elite are members (those clubs are very special and different from what YOU can join, so you cannot get the exact same benefit).

Most people however, do not have a self-image that matches their desires and their “programmed” self-image (most do not even know what their programmed self-image is). 

Most people cannot focus on what they want with a burning desire for its achievement and get in the sweet spot. 

And most people do not have the “karma” set up for mega wealth. This is why many of the “success aids” can be helpful. They address those issues. However, beware of those who claim that “their” method, secret is the best and only one you should use. There are many things that work. There are many things that are helpful. Find the one that you like and works best for you. 

In the Science of Personal Mastery Course and the Success Mastery Course, I specifically address the self-image issues, the Karma issues, and extensively the defining your dream and getting a burning desire for its achievement (and getting into the sweet spot). If you just did both of those courses, you would over time, achieve all your dreams in the physical realm and gain inner peace, joy, bliss, and contentment. There is a way to total freedom on all levels in your life. I encourage you to become a student in the Science of Personal Mastery Course. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information.

Lost Prison Diary Message #56

I spent several years learning about and practicing Buddhism. It was there that I first came across the concept of Duality. It seemed like such a central idea for understanding a better way to Be in this world, but I just didn’t get it. Until now. Kevin’s Science of Personal Mastery Course has illuminated this concept of Duality for me in such a simple way. 

Perhaps it is the loving and awakening energy which Kevin’s Newsletter is imbued, or the clever and entertaining way that Kevin brings me to a new understanding, step by step. 

Kevin’s latest work, which he is now sharing with the world, is truly a gift that delivers instant and powerful cognitions, even in a casual read. 

But these are not casual teachings that Kevin has assembled for us, they are lifetime learning tools that my family will read and re-read for decades to come. I highly recommend that anyone interested in personal development and in achieving greater inner peace, to add The Science of Personal Mastery Course to your family library. Thank you Kevin for another incredible contribution to my growth and happiness!”

Lost Prison Diary Message #57

Many people ask me why I am in prison. I am here for “contempt of court”. This is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor. The court said I “willfully violated a court order.” I did not willfully violate any court order. All I ever did was exercise my First Amendment Constitutional Right of Free Speech by giving my opinions in my books and in my TV and radio interviews and advertising of the books. 

I am 100% innocent. 

Many people also ask me about my day here at the minimum security prison camp. We live in dormitories, similar to a college dorm or military style barracks. There are no “cells”. It is very clean and comfortable. I live a simple life. 

Daily I meditate, do mental exercises, read, write, walk, exercise, do Yoga, study German, nap, play pool, watch a little sports on TV, do a little socializing, and rest. 

Plus there are many more activities from volleyball, soccer, softball, football, racket ball, tennis, bocce ball, board games, DVD’s, movies, religious activities, many courses offered in education and more. I love every minute. 

This is an important concept for you to learn. When you can have inner joy, peace, and bliss, no matter what the outside conditions and experiences are, you are free. I am teaching this ability in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Consider taking the Course. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information.

Lost Prison Diary Message #58

Here is a question that comes in very often: How do I know if I, or someone else is enlightened (self-realized, god-realized, self-actualized)? How can I tell and how can I be “sure”. What if someone told me that they were enlightened, how would I know if that is true? Maybe they just “think” or “believe” they are “enlightened, god-realized”, but are actually not. How do I know for sure if I, myself, am “enlightened”.

Answer: For yourself, it is simple. If you have any question about your self-realization, then you are not. 

When you lose the ego and mind fully, the “veil” lifts, and you know and experience your oneness with Source, you are fully enlightened. Those who are, simply know, without any doubt. The experience is pure, true, and without comparison. 

The experience of full god/SELF realization can happen all at once, as in a quantum leap from 0 to 1000. 

The experience can also occur over a series of “steps” as you shed more and more of the mind and ego. The “veil” might be lifted all in an instant or slowly over time. The “final” breakthrough is infinitely clear. The bliss and inner joy is beyond human comprehension, words, or description. 

Here are some of the things experienced by those who are enlightened:

  • In most respects everything is the same, as you still have a body, karma, a mind (which is needed to operate with a body), your personality etc. The difference is YOU (the SELF) is separate from all that. YOU are witnessing (looking at) your body and mind experience “life”. YOU are witnessing the mind (personality) go through emotions and karma. YOU are in a constant state of “bliss” which is separate from what the body and mind are experiencing.
  • YOU can “see” everything as it really is. You “see” people and things not as the eyes see them, but rather “light” and energy, all connected and all “one”.
  • YOU “see” past, present and future simultaneously, thus you see the “whole” and see the perfect light, love and perfection of everything
  • YOU have a total sense of “being”, not “doing”. While your karma, mind, personality, and body might still be “doing”, or achieving, YOU are without desire.
  • YOU are not your body or mind. YOU sense yourself as non-physical. YOU look at and see your mind and body. The body can experience “pain”, but YOU do not. The mind can experience “emotional pain”, but YOU cannot and you do not.

There is much more. In future posts I will give more information about how you can tell if someone else is “enlightened”.

I can assure you of one thing. This is a state, once attained, surpasses in every respect all other desires, wishes and wants. This is the Ultimate. This is everything that can be attained in not only this life, but eternally. 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #59

Hello all. I am still enjoying my time at Federal Prison Camp (I explained why I am being unjustly and illegally held by the US Government in previous posts).  

Many of you wonder how I can be “enjoying” my time in a prison camp. The answer is this: when you are free from the ego/mind, the veil lifted that has hidden the Truth of who you really are, and YOU (the SELF) are free from the karma that the body and mind are dealing with, you are in a state of perpetual inner, peace, bliss and joy, regardless of the outside conditions, circumstances, events, people and situations that you are confronted. 

This is a state known as enlightenment, or Self Realization or God realization. It is a state of pure freedom on all levels and all dimensions. When you attain this state you are free of uncontrollable and irrational emotional swings. You are truly connected and one with the Universe. It is an inner state of being that includes peace, love, bliss and joy that surpasses all human comprehension. It is a state that is available to everyone. 

The 2 major benefits of increasing your level of Self Realization (heading towards complete “enlightenment”) are the inner states described above as well as the ability to manifest one’s desires faster and easier than ever before. 

As I explained in previous posts, I am incarcerated for “contempt of court”. I am 100% innocent. I have stated all along that writing my books exposing corporate and government corruption (primarily about the drug companies, banks and food industry), and expressing my opinions on TV and radio was simply me exercising my First Amendment Constitutional rights. 

I came back to the USA from Switzerland to fight these attacks on Free Speech and personal liberties. I came back to America ready to be incarcerated because of my deep beliefs in Freedom and Liberty for all. I did not have to come back to America as there is no extradition anywhere in the world for “contempt of court”. I came back because I believe in fighting for the rights and liberties of all citizens. 

Suppression of Free Speech by the US Government must stop. US Government censorship must stop. The media, drug companies, banks, food industry and government have been working together to spread lies and deceive people around the world for decades. This is all coming to an end. 

People around the world now distrust the media, large corporations, and government more than ever in history. TRUTH is winning! I will continue the mission to expand individual freedom, free speech for all, personal liberties, and personally empower people all around the world. Much love and peace to all. Smile, love everyone, and know all is well.

Lost Prison Diary Message #60

When I get released (whenever that will be), I will more than likely do a world speaking tour. This tour will be different than anything I have ever done. During every lecture, I will be physically doing something to everyone who would like to have their inner dormant energy “awakened”. 

This is a very special process. It was done to me many years ago. There are several Self Realization enlightened people around the world who do this. When you receive this process, your inner energy is brought to life. It moves up your spine. You feel it. You see lights. Many feel like they “leave their bodies”. 

This is powerful and transforming. Ones’ life is never the same. An inner peace, contentment, bliss and joy permeates you. 

Your ability to manifest is dramatically increased. What country and city would you like me to come to? Please leave a message here with the country and city you would like me to come. All suggestions will be considered. I am looking forward to meeting you all personally. 

Much love, Your Friend,


Lost Prison Diary Message #61

If you want to feel good, have inner peace, bliss and joy AND be able to manifest whatever desires you have easily without emotional distress, you need to be free (or at least more free than you are right now) of the programming that the media have implanted in your mind. 

Yes, the media purposely implants programs into your mind. Most everything you know, believe, and think is a true fact, comes from programs implanted into your mind. Most of these come from the mainstream media including TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. 

You are also being programmed by music lyrics, movies, books, and now of course all of the various internet sources of news, entertainment and “information” (like the completely non-factual based Wikipedia). Then add in all the advertisements you are being bombarded with in all those media sources. 

You are virtually being programmed your entire waking hours. These programs make you think, act and feel irrationally and without your rational analytical control. The programming controls your thoughts, actions, and emotions. The programming controls your desires as well. 

Let’s just look at TV “news”. The TV “news” is not factual and objective. Each news source has an agenda. Mostly, they want controversy and anything that will increase ratings so they can sell more ads at higher prices and make more money. They purposely mislead, deceive, alter the facts, and outright lie. 

For example: a presidential candidate makes an innocent statement at a conference (while smiling). The news media reports the statement as an “angry tirade” and/or a racist statement. The statement was innocent, and was neither an angry tirade or racist in any way. Yet the media simply reports it in a way that is “sensational” and controversial. They do not report the objective “facts”. They report what will make headlines and create controversy. 

If they do not like that particular candidate, they will want you to think a certain negative way about him. So they simply make statements that are not true (or are in reality a very biased opinion and not factual at all). 

When your eyes and ears are open, and when you can see the truth because your own programming has been disengaged, you become amused, not angry for you see everything as it really is. Think about this. 

The Science of Personal Mastery Course includes specific processes that remove these programs and empower you. You can be free of this negative programming. You can be in control again of your mind, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information.

Your Friend,


Lost Prison Diary Message #62

Many people ask me what is the best way to share the information I am teaching. One great way is to give away copies of my books and the CD program “Your Wish is Your Command’. 

When you give these as gifts include a short letter. Include this Facebook page information and how to get here, You can also put in the short letter that you have been reading the posts on the Facebook page and what you are getting out of them. You can also put in the letter that you are doing The Science of Personal Mastery Course and what you are getting out of it. 

Certainly doing as Gandhi said “be the change you want to see” is something everyone has to embrace as well. Spread the word about this page. Share your favorite posts with others. Proper thoughts (feeling good while thinking about what you want to happen) combined with action (doing things that as you do them gives you joy) creates magical results.

Much love…..


Lost Prison Diary Message #63

Your perception is your reality. What is really true? 

Do you feel safe in these unsettled times full of terror attacks? Are these times in actual fact unsettled and full of terror attacks or is that just a perception? 

Consider these interesting bits of data. 80% of those people polled who watch TV news on a regular basis say they are very afraid of terror attacks. Yet only 10% of those who never watch TV news say they are very afraid of terror attacks. 

It seems that TV news has the power to make you think and believe certain things. Should you be afraid? Maybe that depends on what country you live in. If you live in Syria, you are more at risk than if you live in Iceland. 

In America, you have a 1 in 8000 chance of being killed by a drunk driver. You also have a 1 in 9 million chance of being killed by a gun (terrorist or just violence or crime). So why are you so afraid of “gun violence” or “terror attacks”? It seems you should be much more scared of drunk drivers!  

Do Americans actually like violence and being scared? Studies show that Americans actually want to feel the emotion of being scared and powerless, and want to feel the emotion of revenge. 

Consider that the top selling video games are all extremely violent with the games all about killing. Consider the most watched movies and TV shows are all about extreme violence, killing, and negative emotions. 

Consider all the military ads we see on TV with soldiers and guns telling us how wonderful that is. At major sports events there are military promotions. This is unique to America. America promotes the military in the same way Germany’s Third Reich did, convincing the people that it’s country’s military was righteous and saving the world. Your perception is your reality.  

How do we get our views, opinions and beliefs? Let’s consider this example. A poll is taken about what concerns people. The top 3 are terrorism, the economy, and gun violence. 

Now, would it surprise you that in the last 30 days before the poll was taken, the TV and radio mainstream media talked mostly about terrorism, the economy and gun violence in that order. You see, the mainstream media can get the masses to think the way they want. Their power to put you in a trance is almost beyond your control. Their messages are so powerful. 

Over 80% of Americans polled say they do not trust the mainstream media and feel that the media misleads them. Yet you can see by the results, that by watching the mainstream media you get their messages implanted even if you “say” you do not trust the mainstream media. 

The media does not report the news or facts objectively. ALL of the mainstream media (this includes TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, and book publishing) is completely controlled by just a few families. It is all consolidated. 

For the first time ever, major newspapers are putting the “opinion editorials”, written by the newspaper themselves and espousing their own personal views and opinions, on the front pages. This means that the owners of the newspaper are finally exposing their personal bias and hidden agendas. They are finally dropping the charade that they objectively report the news but instead have an agenda. 

It is now clear that they are really using their monopoly of the media channels to program you with their opinions (not facts or objective news). Go back and see how newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst (the movie Citizen Kane was loosely based on his life), secretly used his papers to spread his personal opinions for personal gain and control, and pass them on as objective facts. 

Here is the point. Are you in control of your thoughts? Or are you as Zig Ziglar points out a SNIOP (Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People). 

You can have complete control of your thoughts. You can have complete clarity and see through all the manipulation the media engages in. 

You can have absolute knowingness when the media is misleading you and trying to program you. 

Think of it this way. When a magician does a magic trick, you are amazed. You say, “wow, how did he do that”. But when you know how the trick is done, you are no longer amazed. When he performs the trick again, after you know the “secret”, you see how he does it instantly. You are no longer “fooled”. You can have this knowingness. You can be in total control of your thoughts. I teach this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information on applying for Membership.

Lost Prison Diary Message #64

You can “have it all” in life. This means you can have all the material success you desire. You can have all the money and “stuff” your ego wants. And you can have total and complete inner peace, fulfillment, contentment, joy, happiness, and bliss. You can in fact be “rich” and fully enlightened and SELF-Realized. You can have wealth as well as being totally “spiritual”. 

I am teaching how to do this in my newest training The Science of Personal Mastery Course. 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #65

Wealth can you yours. Success as you define it, can be yours. Perfect health can be yours. Enlightenment (SELF-realization, giving you inner peace and joy that surpasses all human understanding), can be yours. 

Total awareness of your own spirituality can be yours. All your dreams, wants, and desires can come true. I am teaching how you can attain this in my newest training, The Science of Personal Mastery Course. 

Lost Prison Diary Message #66

I was sitting on the grass, by the river, meditating peacefully. A fellow inmate came and sat a few yards away. I sensed his presence, and felt he did not want to disturb me, but wanted to talk to me. 

I opened my eyes, smiled, and said hello. He appeared to be a little sad. I had never met him before, although I have seen him around the camp. I did not even know his name. Without any small talk, he asked me how I deal with the feelings of being lonely. I instantly could sense his deep inner loneliness. 

Also instantly I was overcome with deep compassion for him. Compassion is similar to feeling “love” for another. It is having the wish or desire that the “other” person experience complete happiness, peace, joy and bliss without any “suffering” in one’s life. 

You do not have to “like” someone to have compassion and love for them. My immediate wish was for this person to have inner joy instead of the inner suffering he was obviously experiencing. 

I thought for a few moments as to how to answer his question honestly and in a way that could help relieve him of his inner torture. 

Without “thinking”, I gave him the only truthful answer I could “I do not know, because I have never felt lonely”. His look when he heard my answer was priceless. He “knew” I was being honest and truthful. And THAT excited him! 

Without hesitation his eyes got as big as saucers, he almost smiled, and quickly with a sense of expectancy asked “teach me how to never feel lonely!” 

Within a few weeks, the man has completely transformed. He is now one of the happiest people on the compound. More than outwardly happy, he exudes an unmistakable inner joy, peace, contentment, self-confidence, and “certainty” that simply radiates from him. He is in bliss. Now, he actually CANNOT feel lonely no matter what the circumstances. 

This is only one of the many “abilities” you can release. I am teaching how to do this in my newest training, The Science of Personal Mastery Course which is free to GIN members. If you would like to purchase the course, visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information.

Much Love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #67

You create everything in your life. Your current thoughts (your vibrations and the frequencies you broadcast) create your reality and your life experience. Your past unmanifested thoughts, postulates and decisions are your Karma and also influence your current reality. Your thoughts come before your actions. 

Most think actions create things in your life. Actually it is your thoughts past and present that do the real creating. When you really want something, and feel really good when you think of what you want, the Universe will, with absolute certainty, create circumstances, events, conditions and situations that will make what you want a physical reality.

The Universe will orchestrate everything perfectly with amazing precision and complexity in ways that are beyond human comprehension. When this happens in a “spectacular” way, it is called a miracle. Each year, millions of “miracles” are reported around the world. Things like spontaneous instantaneous physical healings, money seeming to appear out of nowhere to handle an urgent need, bumping into the perfect “mate” while you were lost and at a place you were not supposed to be, meeting a stranger that introducing you to someone who was looking to hire a person exactly like you and it turns out to be your “dream job”, and the list goes on. This is the Law of Attraction.

Everything always works together for the ultimate good. However what the Universe gives you might not appear as the ideal answer to your “request or desire”. But I can assure you, it is always better than we could have imagined without limited thinking. As you all know, I am being held in prison for “contempt of court” . People say what has “happened” to me is horrible, totally unfair, and a gross injustice. However I know this did not “happen” to me. I created it because I was “broadcasting” a very big dream. 

The Universe gave me exactly what I needed to make my dream a reality. This “horrible injustice” as most call it, has actually been the most wonderful miracle in my life to date. It has been a gift from the Universe. You will never know how thankful, grateful and appreciative I am for this “experience”. I felt this way from the very beginning of this “ordeal”. Yet in the beginning I could not tell you why it was perfect and so wonderful for me, I just “knew” it was. There were no apparent logical “good” or “positive” benefits for me being “locked up” and having everything taken away from me. Yet, I know how everything works.

So when I was sentenced to prison, taken into custody, and had every material possession confiscated by the government, I danced with joy! I was filled with ecstasy and positive expectation. Overwhelming bliss took over me. I could not give you any logical reasons why this was the best thing that ever “happened”. I just KNEW it was the best thing that could have “happened”.

I felt on the “inside” of my being like I won a jackpot. It is a feeling perhaps similar to what most people would feel if they just met the love of their life, or hit the lottery, or found out that their lost child was found totally safe. 

Now, for me everything is clear. Because I have been in prison, I have had the time and perfect opportunity to do something I have not been able to do for 20 years, but has been one of my major “chief aims”…complete my own “training”. For the first 12 months of my incarceration, for over 8 hours a day (and on many days up to 14 hours) I have done highly advanced and arduous mental exercises, processes and meditative training. This training is the most advanced, complex, and difficult mind and spiritual work one can partake in. 

My “ordeal” and incarceration has allowed me the opportunity and environment to do mind and spiritual training, exercises, and various practices and processes, that only a handful of people on the planet have ever had the ability and motivation to engage in. Once I completed the majority of the training, my clarity and abilities have increased so exponentially it is truly mind blowing. For the next 12 months after my “training”, I have finally had the massive amount of time needed, in a distraction free environment, to put together, write and structure all the “advanced training programs” for you. 

This includes The Science of Personal Mastery Course and much of the advanced training that you all will find to be the most revolutionary personal transformation training that the world has ever seen. For those who are going through The Science of Personal Mastery Course you know what I am talking about. That Course and all the other training and books that have been written since I have been incarcerated, would not have existed if it was not for me being “locked up” for “contempt of court”.

Can you now begin to see how this has been a true Miracle? This has been more than a miracle and a “blessing” for me personally; it has been the most amazing experience in my life. For all who want more out of life, who want to be able to manifest all their dreams and desires, and who want inner peace, bliss, joy and “enlightenment”, you all will see in time, that my experience is mostly a true Miracle and blessing for you! The next and best chapter for all of us has begun. 

I encourage you to partake in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. It is being called not only my best work to date, but also the finest personal development and transformation Course available anywhere. 

Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information.

Much love to you all,


Lost Prison Diary Message #68

There is a secret science of images. It is used to control people. If you know how it works you will not be controlled because you will see through it. It will have little or no effect on you.  

If you know how to use it, you can use it for your advantage to create the life of your dreams. It is the power of your imagination. Think about what you see on TV, or in the movies, or in any form of advertising. They are all images. The pictures are images. 

But the music also helps create the image by invoking emotion. The specific words used with specific nonverbal forms of communication attached also create images in your mind. The pictures, sounds, and words create a specific image in your mind with emotion attached. This puts you in a “trance” and the images program you to believe and think a certain way. 

Sometimes the pictures, sounds and words create confusion in your mind where nothing makes sense. When they do that, while your mind is “confused” and you are virtually in a trance, they implant commands and messages that subconsciously program you to believe and think in ways that are not rational. 

Here are some examples. You hear the words “boots on the ground” in the news media daily. What image comes to mind when you hear “boots on the ground”? Think about it for a moment. If they used a different phrase such as “your sons and daughters being shot at, maimed and killed in combat”, what picture comes to mind? Can you see that “they” want the words “boots on the ground” used because the image you get is non personal, similar to the pictures used in all the extremely violent military video games? 

Think of other words used that create images that are confusing or seemingly create no images at all such as “coalition”. What picture do you get when you hear that word? Other words used that mean almost nothing but are repeatedly used by Politician’s include bipartisan, government programs, committee, sub-committee, and double down. 

Think of all the TV Ads you see and notice the images and music. Look at one of the Ads for drugs. Look at the images, listen to the music, and notice the cadence and tone of the person talking. You will be amazed that you have never seen any of this before. Those Ads put you in a trance. 

Notice the Ads for the US Military. Look at the images. They make it appear that the Military is the most wonderful kind people on the planet. Even the slogans “a force for good” creates images “they” want you to have in your mind. Interesting enough, if you look at the way the military was portrayed to the German people by the ruling Nazi party, it is almost identical to how the US Government is portraying the US Military to the American citizens. 

When you completely know how the secret science of images work you will never watch TV or the movies, or listen to radio, or read magazines and newspapers the same. Your eyes will be opened. What you will see and “know” will astonish you. You will no longer be programmed and controlled. And you can use this science to help manifest the life of your dreams and be happier and more fulfilled than ever. I am teaching this in The Science Of Personal Mastery Course. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information.

Lost Prison Diary Message #69

There were 2 fitness trainers here at the prison camp. Some inmates put together an 8 week contest to see who was the best trainer. The first trainer was eager and excited about the contest. The second trainer was not interested in the contest. Each had 15 men who wanted to lose weight and get in shape. The first trainer was extremely knowledgeable and educated in all aspects of personal training, fitness, weight loss, and nutrition. He was a great speaker. 

He took his group of 15 men into a classroom for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. For the entire class time of 2 hours each day, he taught them how to lose weight and get in shape. He taught them about nutrition, how to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. He taught them all the various exercises that should be done to get the body fit and looking great. He taught them the science behind when to exercise, for how long, how often, at what intensity and when to rest. 

All of his students loved the classes. He was amazing. They took page after page of notes. After 8 weeks every student was happy with the training. The teacher received high praise as being the best trainer ever. The trainer was the talk of the camp. Everyone wanted to be trained by him. 

However, during the 8 weeks of classes, none of the students actually DID anything that they were taught. After the 8 weeks of classes, none of his students had lost any weight. None of the students got in shape, or increased their fitness. After the classes were finished, no one actually started doing what they were taught. 

The second trainer said to his 15 students on day one, “Come and follow me”. He went out to the recreation yard and began working out for 1 1/2 hours. He told his students “Meet me here every day, rain or shine, hot or cold, and do what I do, go as hard as you can, do the best you can and just stick with it. Don’t think too much. Have fun and just do as I do.” Day after day his students came for 1 1/2 hours, every day, 5 days a week (the same time the 2 hour classes were going on with the other trainer). 

The second trainer did not say much. He just worked out for 1 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week, and the students did what he did. They simply watched him and followed. On occasion, he would encourage the students by saying, “you can do it!” or “keep on keeping on!”. He also told his students to meet him at the chow hall for each meal and to eat exactly what he ate. They did.

After 8 weeks his 15 students said the teacher was not very good. They said, “He really did not teach us much about losing weight or getting in shape”. However, all the students were actually exercising and eating better for the 8 weeks than they ever had. Every one of his students lost weight, got in great shape and increased their fitness levels. They lost massive inches and their clothes were so big they had to get smaller sized clothes from the clothing department. They all looked great and felt better than ever. 

Everyone noticed the amazing results. Everyone in the camp still however wanted to be trained by the first trainer, not the second! There are several morals to the story. The first is, that you have to DO what is required to achieve the results you want, not just learn about what to do. YOU actually have to take action. YOU have to do the right things, long enough, consistently, to reach your goals. 

The second is the best teacher actually walks the walk and not just talks the talk. A real leader leads from the front. A real leader leads by example. A real leader is too busy doing what the other guys are just talking about. A real leader says, “Do what I do, follow me”. 

You can never be a hero by running for cover. A hero runs toward the “enemy”, not away from the “enemy”. In the words of General Patton, “When in doubt, attack.” If you want success in your life, take massive and immediate action. Many people listen to audios, read books and go listen to speakers talk about success, the law of attraction, and how to manifest their dreams. This is fine. However, you have to actually do what you are being taught. You have to put into action and practice in your life what you are learning.

In The Science of Personal Mastery Course, I am teaching you the actual processes that I personally did and am doing to release amazing abilities. This “material success and enlightenment” course is different than anything you have ever gone through. It is not just academic. It is me telling you, “do this NOW, and come back to continue the Lesson”. When you go through this course you are actually doing what you need to DO to get the results you want. 

By the way, I was the second trainer in the story. 

If you seek success, abundance and prosperity, take this Course. If you seek to learn how to manifest whatever you want in life faster and easier than ever before, take this Course. If you seek to attain inner peace, joy, bliss, harmony, contentment, and fulfillment take this Course. If you seek Enlightenment and complete Self-Realization, take this Course. I am looking forward to being your personal life mastery trainer and helping you achieve complete Personal Mastery over your life. You can live the life of your dreams. 

Lost Prison Diary Message #70

Many people ask me what are the characteristics of “enlightened or SELF-Realized” people. All of these “beings” have different personalities. They experience very different conditions in their lives based on their own karma. There are, however, some common “traits” among them. Here are some of the most common traits of the “enlightened”. They are:

  • cheerful and lighthearted 
  • takes life very lightly and never too seriously
  • do not take themselves seriously
  • cares but not very much at all about anything
  • laughs easily and very often
  • great sense of humor and sees the humor in everything
  • childlike, sees the world as wondrous
  • lives mostly in the moment, never the past, and not very much in the future (like a child)
  • everything is always “ok” or fine
  • sees all people and everything, condition, event, and circumstance as just an expression and manifestation of Universal Consciousness, thus perfect
  • completely relaxed and comfortable with themselves and other people
  • never lonely yet can spend any amount of time completely alone with no contact with others
  • never has to be “doing” anything, can sit and just “be” with themselves for any amount of time and still be in complete bliss
  • never bored
  • completely stress free, worry free and carefree
  • has compassion, and love for all people without exception and without any condition
  • easily changes routines, schedules and habits, totally flexible
  • spontaneous, never ridged or “set in their ways”
  • goes with the flow
  • no needs, only mild preferences
  • manifests easily and effortlessly any “desire or wish or preference” 
  • not attached to anything, person, position, place, or condition
  • never affected emotionally by outside conditions, circumstances, situations or events
  • no internal “suffering” even if the body is in pain or external conditions are “bad”
  • never depressed or has any inner discontentment or level or unfulfillment
  • has perpetual and constant inner feelings of being free and liberated, bliss, joy, peace, equanimity, contentment, and fulfillment
  • accepting, forgiving, compassionate, and understanding of all people and external conditions without exception and without condition

These are just some of the common inner states, traits, and external actions of enlightened or SELF-Realized beings. The advantage you would have in your life if YOU were “enlightened” are obvious from reading the list.

You do not have to wait until you are 100% “SELF-Realized” to get the benefits. Increasing your awareness even a little, can mean dramatic improvement in the conditions of your life right now, and dramatically improve how you feel right now.

Everyone reading this can attain this state of being. It is within you right now. You really have in fact nothing to “attain”. It is already 100% within you right now. All you need is to increase your awareness of what is real. This happens with the veil between the ego and the SELF is lifted. This happens by awaking within you the life force energy that is dormant. You have to become more conscious that energy is within you and it must be activated. 

I am teaching how to do this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for information on the purchase of this course.

Let me be your personal trainer, mentor and coach. Let me guide you on your road to freedom and liberation. I know the way. I have already made the journey. The path is clear. I can show you the route to total freedom on all levels and all dimensions. Just say yes, and you are on your way! I will see you not only at the top…I will help you all along your journey. Get ready for the adventure of your life! I am waiting for you.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #71

Many of you have been intuitively aware of what I am about to tell you. Over the last 40 years, almost full time, I have been “in training”. This “training” has been ongoing, and is a unique and very personalized program for “success” and “enlightenment”.

My training has been first, specifically about how to manifest in life what one desires (as it has been reported in countries around the globe, over my life, I have manifested so many “things”, it put me in the top 1/100th of 1% of people in the world). My training has also been about me learning almost all of the “spiritual” and mental processes to attain Self Realization (enlightenment). These are two very different paths with two very different benefits or outcomes. 

One is about material success in life: making lots of money and achieving one’s dreams. The other is about having inner peace, bliss, joy, contentment, and fulfillment: always feeling “good” regardless of the outside circumstances.

Up until now, a person had to choose which path to take. It has always been a choice of one or the other. Mega rich people and anyone who is only seeking material riches and worldly sensual pleasures simply do not have that inner peace, joy, contentment, and bliss. You can see this when you look at all the rich and famous people who are on anti-depressants, and who commit suicide. It is not only the mega rich that are not “happy”.

All those who are only focused on the path of “achievement and success” in the material world are also not at “peace” and content. These people simply are not “happy”. In America over 80 million are on or have been on antidepressant drugs. Over 95% of those making over $250,000 a year say they are not “fulfilled” and have never had “lasting happiness”.

Wealth, power, fame, status, and attainment of “things”, do not give you that lasting happiness, joy or fulfillment. On the other side, those who have that inner peace, ultimate constant overflowing joy, and who are content, do not seem to make much money and certainly never get rich.  

My very tailored training has been about learning how to have both at the same time. This is the proverbial “having it all”. Over these 40 years I have been through a very rigorous training schedule, including reading thousands of books on these subjects. Many of these books were originally published in languages other than English. Also many have never been available to the general public.

I have also listened to thousands of audios and attended thousands of seminars, workshops, lectures and various programs. Again, many of these have not been available to the general public. Additionally, I have been engaged in personal one on one training with “mentors” and “uncles” all along the way. I have also been instructed, personally coached, and personally engaged in tens of thousands of hours doing various “mental”, mind, and “spiritual” training, processes, exercises and techniques. 

Most importantly I have been “given” specific “experiences” in real life to “deal with” first hand. This allowed me to learn by personal confrontation, trial and error, and by cognitions, that can only occur when the situation is “real” and not hypothetical. These real life experiences were things I could choose to partake in if I wanted to take my training to the highest levels. I have obediently and willingly done this for over 40 years. 

Many of these “experiences” have been what most people would say are “extreme adversity”, or disasters. Some have been the opposite: major victories and “wins” that most would call “miracles” or opulent blessings from “above”. When you look at all three things I have done in my own personal “training”, I have personally experienced and actually “done”, what 99.9% of “masters” only talk about. 

Now I have had the opportunity to do even more and in effect “complete my training”. Because of my “situation” I have been able to spend 6-10 hours a day doing additional reading, writing, meditating, and various mental, mind, and spiritual practices. This opportunity to continue my training at a level of intensity and focus is only because I have been able to personally experience what most people would say is major adversity, unfairness, and a gross injustice. Think about that. Many people think I am in a “bad place” and feel sorry for me. But I have been rejoicing at my good fortune. 

Think about the advantages I have had over everyone who is in the “free world”. What I have been able to do (the number of books read, writing, and amount of time meditating and doing my “mental and spiritual work”) is something that only a handful of people on the planet have been able to do in a lifetime. And this is on top of everything I have done for the last 40 years. 

This is not “boasting” or telling you how great I am. It is not about me. I am a humble messenger. I invented nothing. I tell you all this for only one reason. You will never have the time to do all that I have done in terms of personal training for success and enlightenment. However, you do not have to spend all the time that I have spent. You do not have to take the same road I have taken. 

There is now a much faster and easier path. YOU are now going to be the beneficiary of the fact that I have taken this road. Now the path has been cleared. The road has been paved. The map is available. And the vehicle is ready. Up until now, in all my “teachings and training”, I have only scratched the surface of the knowledge that I have acquired. I have not revealed “all”. 

The reasons for this was the time was not right to release all that was revealed to me. No one was ready. The foundation had to be laid. The Success Mastery Course has laid that foundation. Now, it is time to begin to release the “rest of the story”. I am now going to reveal “everything”. I am now ready to teach it “all”. For those who want to be able to manifest whatever you desire in life, AND have inner peace, joy and bliss, your “prayers” have been answered.

For the first time, there is now going to be training that can teach YOU how to “have it all”. You can have all the material success you desire in your life right now, AND you can have total inner freedom and liberation. YOU can be as rich as you desire, have all your wishes granted AND you can have total inner peace, bliss, joy, contentment, and fulfillment. The foundation is laid in the Your Wish is Your Command Program and the Success Mastery Course.

It continues with The Science of Personal Mastery Course. This is a powerful course. It will have the most profound positive effect on you in every aspect of your life.

In future events, I will personally share the “secrets of the ages” for personal achievement, and inner peace. Most importantly, this training will awaken the energy inside you that is dormant. It will bring to life this powerful “life force” within you that will absolutely change everything in your life for the better. The best is yet to come for you. I wish you all the best. 

You have a right to be happy and eliminate all suffering in your life. You have a right to live your dreams. Start with becoming a student in my newest training, The Science of Personal Mastery Course which is free for members of the Global Information Network. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for information on how to purchase the course if you are not a GIN member.

Much love, Kevin

Lost Prison Diary Message #72

Get ready everyone. Something big is coming very soon. I hope you are ready. Can you feel it in the “Field”? Many of you can “feel” the energy shifting in the “Field”. Many of you have a sense of “knowingness” that something wonderful is coming. Keep posted here for the news that will be “coming soon.” Get ready. In the words of my late great friend Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, “Life IS Tremendous!”.

Much love…


Lost Prison Diary Message #73

As you all know, I am being held in a US Federal Prison Camp for “contempt of court”. This is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor. I was charged with “contempt” by a single judge. As part of the “punishment”, the US government has confiscated all of my personal, business and family money and assets worldwide. They took all the money and assets of other family members as well. They even confiscated all current and future “income”, forbidding me to earn any money for the rest of my life, as all money I earn forever must go to the government.

 In addition, I was given the longest contempt of court prison sentence in US history: 10 years. I appealed both the conviction and sentence. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against my appeal. This has shocked every legal scholar I talked with. 

That means I will be serving additional time before I will be released. I will be appealing this decision to the US Supreme Court. The costs of the US Supreme Court appeal are huge. A “good” lawyer can charge over $300,000 for this case. I need your help to get a lawyer to file and argue my appeal to the US Supreme Court. I need to get the funds to pay for the legal bills. There are still outstanding legal bills that also need to be paid. 

If you can help financially please do so today. I sincerely appreciate your help.

As for me, I am taking the surprising news as simply news. There is no good or bad news. There is only news. YOU make it good or bad with your thinking. Most people would feel depressed, sad, or shocked. Many would have anxiety attacks, cry, or feel overwhelmed with fear. I know, however, that this news is good, because I can choose it to be good with my thinking. 

First, I can give you many rational logical reasons why this is good. I get another 7 years of rest, relaxation and the opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh by body, and mind. I have the unique perfect stress free environment to read, study, meditate, exercise, do yoga, learn German and most importantly write the best training materials I have ever put together. This is the perfect opportunity for me to master my own ability to control, still, and quiet my mind, and burn off all my remaining “karma”.

I actually sat down and made a list of all the wonderful benefits that I am thankful, grateful, and appreciate for that I will receive by staying here for another 7 years. The list was many pages long! Doing the list was fun and made me feel wonderful! When you focus on all the things you are thankful, grateful and appreciative for, you feel great! Then, I meditated on the fact that the best things I will personally gain from this adventure are off my radar screen. I do not even know what the best things that are coming to me from this news are yet. I cannot even imagine them yet. But I KNOW that there are so many amazing wonderful glorious things off the radar screen that ARE coming to me because of me losing this appeal! 

When you think about that fact, you feel even better! You know you have been given a priceless gift! You can always overcome any adversity in your life. You can always feel good no matter what the conditions and circumstances in your life. I am teaching all this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. The students are enjoying it immensely.

Thank you all for your love and support. Come back here often for more updates. The adventure continues!

Your Friend,


Lost Prison Diary Message #74

Over the years, I have left messages on this blog trying to explain “who you really are”, and how everything is in fact “one”. The reality is that “you” are not just your body, YOU are nonphysical “energy” that is an extension of the “one” energy/consciousness that is “everything” in the Universe. 

YOU are pure consciousness. YOU are pure love.

This concept and reality is impossible to describe in words. How can I describe to you the taste of a new fruit (that tastes like no other fruit), if YOU have never tasted the fruit? How can you describe snow or ice to a native who has lived on a tropical island without TV, or radio, or the internet and has never seen ice or snow and does not even know what “cold” is? How could you explain ice is water that turns as hard as stone and is “cold” when those concepts are something they have never seen or experienced? How can I or anyone share with you the “other realm” and what having the “veil lifted” allows you to fully experience? 

How can anyone explain what it is like to have complete knowingness, understanding, awareness and consciousness of how everything “really is” (it is nothing like you see with your eyes or experiences with your 5 senses). There have been several books written by those who have become “enlightened/SELF-realized” who attempt to share this knowingness about wholeness, oneness, how everything is the same “energy or consciousness” and all connected.

Unless you have “been there” and fully experienced it yourself, it is impossible to fully grasp the true reality that is beyond all human comprehension. However, there is a book that is very unique. It is called “Dying to be me” by Anita Moorjani. The foreword is written by my friend, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. He talked about Anita in his wonderful book Wishes Fulfilled. Anita’s book is fabulous. It is a very easy fast read. 

She tells her story of having her body consumed from head to toe with stage 4 cancer, having all her organs shut down, and going into a coma (virtually dying). Her body was so ravaged by the cancer she had only hours to live. Yet she “came back” from her coma (after having a near death experience in the “other realm”). She was fully and miraculously healed of her cancer in just a few days! Her case is one of the most amazing spontaneous healings ever recorded. Her case is fully documented and verified. 

She describes the “other realm” and “who you really are” in beautiful detail. This book will have a powerful positive effect on you. It is inspiring and uplifting. I highly encourage you to read this book. What she describes is what those who are SELF-Realized or “enlightened” have experienced and continue to experience while still in their bodies. She had the veil lifted for a short time and had the chance to experience the oneness that has been talked about by gurus and sages for thousands of years. She experienced first-hand what it is like when you “drop the ego” and become one with the Universe, have complete knowingness, awareness and consciousness.

She came to full awareness of who she (and we all) really are. She experienced the full unconditional, non-judgmental love that IS the entire Universe. Read this book. This will help you on your journey. You are not reading this by accident. You are here because you are seeking “something” and you have “asked” the Universe for an answer. Here is your answer.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #75

When dealing with the various situations, challenges and circumstances in your life, you might want to consider the “Possibilities Thinkers Creed”. This was taught to me in the mid 1970’s. Most people today have never heard of it. Consider this powerful “creed”: “When faced with a mountain – I will not quit. I will persist until I find a way over, around or through the mountain. Or, I will simply stay where I am and turn the mountain into a gold mine!” 

The “mountain” is what you perceive as your “problem or adversity”. The magic is being able to turn what appears to be negative into a positive with simply a change in perspective.

At an event several years ago a man asked me about the concept of “looking for and always finding the gold” in life. The idea is that when you are digging for gold, you have to move tons of dirt to find just a few ounces of gold. But you are not looking for the dirt, you are looking for the gold. So in life, stop looking for and focusing on the “dirt” (the negative, the problems, the adversity you are facing). The question is when you are digging in the dirt (dealing with life’s challenges) and there just is NO gold there (there IS no positive you can find), what do you do? 

The dirt is what we perceive as life’s problems, negatives, and adversity. Generally you can “find the gold” in every situation you deal with in life if you simply look and change your perspective. But what if there is simply NO gold, but ONLY dirt? Then, since you are in the dirt anyway, laugh like a kid, and play in the mud! The dirt IS the gold! You are meant to let go, surrender to the Universe, relax, and stop being attached to the outcome YOU think is best. 

Just like in the Possibilities Thinkers Creed, the mountain itself (the problem, adversity) becomes the prize! This is how to be a wizard in life. I am in “prison”. However, I have turned this “prison” into my private sanctuary, my personal “retreat”, and my own wonderful “university”. I have made this “prison” the perfect place for me at this time where I am gaining more benefits in every area of my life than anyone can imagine. 

Everyday I am thankful, grateful and so appreciative to be HERE….right NOW. How are you dealing with YOUR mountains? I suggest you embrace the Possibilities Thinkers Creed”. You will feel better, and your life will BE better. I am teaching how to do this in my new home study monthly correspondence course, “The Science of Personal Mastery Course”. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information on the course.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #76

North Korea sentences American author to 10 years in prison!

The anti-free speech regime of North Korea has jailed #1 NY Times bestselling author Kevin Trudeau.  

The 10 year prison sentence was imposed without convicting Trudeau of a “crime”. Radio host and free speech advocate Trudeau’s books, which expose corporate and government collusion and corruption, have sold almost 50 million copies worldwide. The totalitarian regime however, called them “worthless”. They claimed Trudeau’s opinions about the mainstream “establishment” as well as the corruption between big money corporate special interests and the government were “dangerous”. 

Known for their censorship, and opposition to free speech, the government held Trudeau in “contempt of court” for talking about his books on TV. Contempt is inherently not a “crime”, and is not a felony or even a misdemeanor anywhere in the world. 

What many called a fake trial was held where Trudeau was not allowed to defend himself or testify on his own behalf, making a mockery of their so called “justice”. Trudeau was not allowed to produce people who bought the books and loved them as witnesses. He was not allowed to state that he believed he was simply exercising internationally recognized free speech rights when he went on TV and talked about his books. 

Trudeau was found guilty within 30 minutes after the end of the “trial” and even though Trudeau was not a threat to society or a flight risk, he was immediately handcuffed, shackled, and put in maximum security detention. He received the same treatment as if he was an international violent terrorist. 10 years imprisonment for “contempt” is the longest prison sentence ever imposed for contempt anywhere in the world. The guilty verdict and prison sentence is being called cruel and unusual punishment by advocacy groups around the world. This is one of the most outrageous international injustices in the last 50 years. 

CORRECTION and UPDATE! While everything in the article is true, the country is not North Korea. 

Everything you read actually happened in AMERICA! 

Read about it at KevinTrudeau.com and see how you can help. We are asking President Trump to please commute Mr. Trudeau’s sentence and have him released. Mr. President, please correct this government abuse of a US Citizen. #freekevintrudeau

Lost Prison Diary Message #77

SELF-Realization, enlightenment, or GOD-Realization means that the veil that has been hiding true reality from you has been lifted. You then have total awareness of true reality. You are totally conscious. It feels like you came out of a dream. You “see” and experience everything differently. There is no separation between you and anyone or anything else. 

You experience everything as simply an expression of the same one consciousness or energy that is all things. You “feel and see ” that everything is the same “oneness”. You are one with everything. 

You are complete and whole to a level you could never imagine now. 

A good metaphor for this is looking at the Magic Eye 3D images. These books can be bought online. When you look at the images, you simply see the image in 2D as it appears normally. Then when you shift your perception, and see “through” the image, like magic another image appears out of nowhere and it is in vivid 3D! 

This is like seeing the world after you are fully SELF-Realized. I encourage you to get one of the Magic Eye books and see for yourself. You are now experiencing, with your 5 physical senses, less than 10% of what is true reality! You CAN have the veil lifted and live a magical life of wonder, joy, bliss and ultimate happiness. I am teaching how to do this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. 

I think you will find this is some of the best life changing training available anywhere at any price. I hope you engage in your own personal journey toward total fulfillment. I will see you at the top!

Much love .


Lost Prison Diary Message #78

Last week I engaged in a very important mental and emotional process. This is an exercise that was taught to me almost 40 years ago. I run this process on myself at least once a year. The process can be very intense and even dangerous if not done with a trained “expert” working with you. 

Each day for 7 days I tried to feel certain emotions. I worked very hard at getting into a certain emotional state. 

The first day, (day one) I tried to feel lonely. 

On day 2, I tried very hard to feel anger and hatred. 

On day 3, my goal was to feel sad, depressed and to cry uncontrollably. 

Day 4, was for me to feel worry, stress and anxiety. 

Day 5, was for me to be critical, condemning, and judgmental. 

Day 6, was to feel jealousy and envy. 

On day 7, I was to feel greed. 

It was a very fun week! I failed miserably. That means I simply could not feel those emotions! This is a test where failing to achieve the goal is passing the test! Imagine if you could not feel any of those negative emotions for more than a few minutes, no matter how hard you tried. And if and when you did feel them, in just a few short minutes you immediately started laughing because you simply could not really genuinely feel those `negative’ emotions. 

A great Guru once said that the difference between an enlightened being and someone who still has the ego and mind in control, is that when the average person gets mad, they stay mad for 3 weeks, the SELF-Realized one gets mad for 3 minutes. This is personal mastery. 

When you can control your mind and your thoughts, you control your emotions and you control your life. You have mastery over your experience on earth. You control the vibration you “broadcast”. Thus you control what you “attract” in your life. I am teaching how to attain this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Contact globalinformationnetwork.com for information on the SPMC.

Within just a few Lessons you will start seeing and feeling the positive results that come from the Course. Much love, KT

Lost Prison Diary Message #79

If you want to make money, the secret formula has been revealed many times over the centuries. Most people do not know the formula. For those who do, 99% do not apply it with consistency. The secret is “Define your dream, and get a burning desire for its achievement”. That statement can be said a thousand different ways. What does define your dream mean? What exactly is a burning desire and how do you get it? If you want money and financial success, this is the key.

I teach all the details of this simple formula in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. 

Lost Prison Diary Message #80

It is said to love your enemies. Why should you love your enemies? Shouldn’t you hate your -enemies? After all, your enemies hate you. It is easy to love those who love you. It is almost impossible to love those who hate you. 

Why does virtually every spiritual text throughout history say something to the effect of “love your enemies; do unto others as you want them to do unto you”? 

Very few people actually do this. Most very rich people hate their enemies. Revenge, vengeance, vendetta are commonplace with those who achieve great financial and material success. 

So why should we love our enemies? What advantages in life do we get if we “forgive” and love those who do terrible things to us? There is magic when you can love your enemies and love those who hate you. There is magic in “forgiveness”. 

For those few people who actually practice this art, there are untold inner treasures. When you love those who hate you, it becomes easier to manifest your desires in life. When you love your enemies, peace, joy and inner bliss that surpasses all human understanding overtakes you. 

There is a way to be able to love those who hate you without struggle. It can be easy. You can be forgiving, compassionate and have love for all no matter what the circumstances. I teach this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course which is free for GIN members. If you would like to purchase the course, Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information.

Lost Prison Diary Message #81

If you want to go to the next level of being able to manifest all your desires, and at the same time have inner peace and joy, you need to have your inner dormant “sleeping” power awakened. When this happens, energy moves up your spine and you become “alive” for the first time in your life. All your karma starts to burn off and you are like a new person. This can happen to you just by getting the Science of Personal Mastery Course. You get one Lesson emailed to you each month, starting with Lesson one. The Course is infused with energy. Here is what one student had to say about this: “I just read the first 2 pages of this month’s Lesson in the Science of Personal Mastery Course. I stopped because I felt the energy flowing from the pages into me. As I sat here, not even reading, the energy kept flowing. Then my thoughts, like the “punch” you talk about learning from the Shaolin monk, were, ‘I want to learn how to do THAT!’ Thank you for letting me know it is possible. I love the Course.” You can learn how to do that! 

Lost Prison Diary Messages #82

Messages from Fellow Inmates of Kevin’s:

“I am with KT in prison. I have to tell everyone about him. He is very different from everyone else. He is simply amazing. Everyday whenever you see him, he is relaxed, calm, and smiling. He radiates peace and joy. 

The inmates and the staff cannot believe or understand how he is so happy all time. One senior staff member said “KT is actually happy to be here and enjoying himself!” 

What I notice most is KT never talks about himself or all his past success. He doesn’t offer many opinions about anything. He talks very little. 

Everyone else is always talking, acting like they know everything about everything, stating their opinions like they are the experts and bragging constantly about all the “stuff” they had in the free world. KT has this sense of certainty and inner confidence that is a little strange. You feel like he knows everything about you, can read your thoughts and feelings, and has no judgment, but rather just acceptance and love. He is very unique. I can tell you this: KT is the real deal.”

“I am doing time with KT at the prison camp. He is different. He is almost a little strange, but in a good way. 

Many of us can tell he has some kind of unlimited spiritual power, but many here are so clueless and unaware, they have no idea and do not even notice KT. There are lots of uneducated people here, but also some very educated, very intelligent men. “

KT is probably the smartest and most intelligent guy here. He probably has the highest IQ. And remember, there are some billionaires here and many super educated highly intelligent academic people. Many of us think KT is a genius.

But more impressive is he has this energy thing about him that is really interesting. He can look at you and smile and change everything inside you. He can touch you on the shoulder and make a wisecrack remark that pushes every one of your buttons and make you want to scream in anger, then it all just goes away and you feel strangely calm. He can say something or nothing, and you seem to see and understand everything totally differently.

He is handling prison differently than anyone else. He actually loves being here! It is wild to see. Nothing affects him in a negative way. It is like he is like watching everything and not really a part of it all, and as he “watches” everything he is amused by it all. For those of you who have never met KT in person, if you ever have the chance make sure you do so. If you are ready, you will receive what you are looking for.”

Lost Prison Diary Messages #83

As you know I am in prison for contempt of court serving an outrageous 10 year sentence. 

Contempt of court is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor. I am appealing. Appeals can cost millions of dollars. In order to review the hundreds of thousands of pages in the record and in the law, the number of hours dozens of lawyers need to spend doing all the work is mind boggling. 

The government has unlimited resources. They can put 20 or more lawyers on a case and make sure that they win. Here are the facts. When a poor person is charged with a crime, he is most often put in prison pending trial unable to post bond. This makes it almost impossible for him to put together a good defense. Then, he is given a public defender to represent him in court. That means he gets just one lawyer who had hundreds of other clients and cases. This one public defender spends on average about 10 hours working on the case. 

The government has unlimited numbers of lawyers available and on average spends 500 hours working on their case. Poor people get convicted in federal court 98% of the time! If you are lucky and you are rich, you can put together a dream team of lawyers to fight for you. This can cost 5-10 million dollars or more in legal fees! 

However, you get what you pay for. The rich are only convicted approximately 40% of the time. Appeals can also cost millions in legal fees. I am appealing. The government has confiscated every penny I have anywhere in the world. They also take 100% of all royalties I earn from book sales and any other interests I have. 

My legal defense fund is funding my appeals. The lawyers are owed a lot of money. When this happens, as it is now, the lawyers do the bare minimum on my case. This means I have only one junior level lawyer doing very little on my appeal, in his spare time. If the lawyers see money coming into the legal defense fund, then the law firm will authorize more lawyers to work on my appeals. The more lawyers working on my case means I have a better chance of winning. I need your help and support.

Thank you all for your financial support, your love, and your positive energy. This is an exciting time. Right now is wonderful and the future is assured to be perfect. I will see you at the TOP.

Much love…


Lost Prison Diary Messages #84

Prominent people throughout history have been in prison. Some have done terrible things, changed their life, and then went on to do great things for society and become great people. 

Others did nothing wrong, but were persecuted, and imprisoned for challenging the status quo. Most of these people, when released, went on to do their greatest work AFTER their imprisonment. 

Most of these people took their time “in prison”, to write their greatest works and prepare their minds for their greatest, most impactful contributions for the betterment of society. 

During my time here in prison I am writing what many people are saying is my most powerful training, “The Science of Personal Mastery Course”. For more information, visit gobalinformationnetwork.com

This Course is something you should consider getting. The Course is infused with “energy”. Just getting the Course will fill you with “power”. The Course is fun. You can just read the Lesson each month, which usually takes very little time. You can also do some or all of the “processes” in the Course if you have the time. 

The Course releases your ability to manifest your desires while at the same time attain inner peace, joy, bliss and contentment. The Course not only “teaches you things”, it awakens your dormant energy.

It could be called the “How to be Happy Course”, or “The Ultimate Success Course”. Here is what one student says about the Course: “Kevin, I am doing Lesson 18 and it is so ironic because you wrote ‘…As this happens the more peace, joy, and bliss you feel. The lighter you feel. The more cheerful you become. You “become” more “loving” to others and yourself. You realize you “are love”. You live as “being love”. You no longer “suffer”.’ I was telling a friend the other day that I could not describe why I felt so light and so “giddy” all the time….You know I am pretty happy most of the time, but it is a different feeling now. I am not “working” at it, it is completely natural and is just a perpetual state now. I love this Course, it is completely life changing from the inside out. Thank you Kevin.”

Lost Prison Diary Messages #85

Message from one of Kevin’s fellow inmates

I have known KT here at the camp for about 3 years. I met him the day he arrived. KT is a special person. 

There are inmates here that are completely brain dead and “asleep”. They have no awareness or consciousness, and are “know it alls”. These inmates are not even aware that KT is here! They do not know who he is or his name if they see him around the compound. It is like they are almost blind and cannot even “see” him. It is like he is invisible to them. 

But for those here who are awake and aware even a little, then having this man in your presence is quite a blessing. When KT looks at you, it is like he is looking into your soul. You sense that he knows everything you are thinking and feeling. You feel like he totally and completely “knows” you in every way all the way to the very core of who you are. He is humble yet you also sense that he knows exactly who he is. He does not care what you think about him, or what you say about him. He is secure with who he is. He has a sense of certainty and confidence that goes beyond and deeper than anything you can imagine. He walks around totally relaxed with an aura that he does not have a care or worry in the world.

When he talks to you, he does not try to impress you with what he knows, or what he has done (like almost every other inmate as they constantly brag). He does not try to convince you of anything or try to get you to believe a certain thing (like most of the religious fanatics). He does not go around trying to say profound things. When he talks to you, he says things or asks questions that stir things up inside you. He is never politically correct and sometimes is not tactful at all. He pushes your buttons. And you know he is doing this on purpose. He says things that make you question your beliefs, look at yourself, and look within. 

He does not want you to focus on him. He makes you focus on yourself. He knows exactly what to say to get an automatic emotional reaction that you cannot control. He makes you realize you are not in control of your own mind or emotions. It is like he is waking you up and getting you to witness and observe yourself. He gets you to rethink things. When this happens, you can drop and get rid of all the “programs” that seem to make you act, think, and feel irrationally. 

If you ever get the chance to meet him in person, do so. If you can’t, then take his training programs: Your Wish is Your Command, The Success Mastery Course, and The Science of Personal Mastery Course. By taking his training, you are getting his “energy”. By getting his “energy”, you will become a better person if you are sincerely ready for change and growth. 

All your dreams can come true with a little help from the “power”.” 

Lost Prison Diary Messages #86

An enlightened, fully SELF-Realized “saint” once explained the truth about happiness to me. Your happiness must be anchored in the experience of the SELF.

It must be established in understanding the “oneness” of all that is and that you are not separate from anything. Your inner joy and bliss must come from “knowing” the fact that you are an extension of Source which is all things. Then your happiness is complete, total, and everlasting. Then you have complete inner contentment. Then your happiness will be bubbling up within you every moment forever. It will never come to an end. 

However, if your happiness is based on how smoothly everything is going in your life, how well you are doing, how wonderfully people are praising you, how often you get what you want, how cozy you are in your own little cocoon you call your “life”, then you must understand that your happiness will never be complete and will never last. If you do have moments of happiness, it is illusionary. It never is total or complete, it never fulfills you. You are always left wanting and searching for something more. You are always feeling “something is missing”. You are never content. 

You cannot look for happiness outside yourself. You cannot base your happiness on external conditions, situations, events, circumstances or people. True happiness comes from knowing the SELF. This means knowing and experiencing that you are an extension of Source. Source is energy. 

This ONE energy or consciousness or awareness is the ONE “thing” that EVERYTHING in the Universe is an extension of. Knowing this and EXPERIENCING this will give you complete and total happiness, joy and bliss that surpasses all human understating. This explanation is wonderful, however, you must experience it yourself and not just intellectually know it. I am teaching how to actually attain and experience this joy in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. For more information visit globalinformationnetwork.com.

Much love to you every one of you, and I wish you all experience much happiness and joy in your life.


Lost Prison Diary Messages #87

I want to thank all of you who have sent money to my commissary account here at Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery AL. I am serving a 10 year sentence for “contempt of court” for what I believed was exerting my First Amendment Right of Free Speech by talking about my books and expressing my opinions on TV. 

This contempt of court charge is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor. I have not been fined. I have not been ordered to pay any “restitution”. Yet, the government still has confiscated all my assets worldwide. 

I am now penniless. All I have in the world is a few suitcases and some clothes. So, I am deeply grateful for your financial help. The money you send to my commissary account allows me to buy things including sneakers, socks, food such as tuna, rice, beans, and sardines, as well as some personal hygiene items. 

Most importantly I use the money for telephone calls and using the computer, both which are extremely expensive and charged on a per minute use (you can easily spend over $1000 per month just for email, computer and telephone). There is no internet access here, but I use the computer for email communication via the prison Trulinks email system. I also use the computer to write all the training I am working on, such as The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Again, this is just a sincere thank you. I love you all and appreciate all you have done, are doing, and continuing to do for me.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #88

A message from one of Kevin’s Friends.

I am a friend of KT for many years. I went to visit him recently. I flew halfway around the world to see him as I live in Asia. So many people want to visit KT, yet he is mostly in “isolation mode” as he calls it. 

Rather than having visitors, he has focused on working on himself, The Science of Personal Mastery Course, and other advanced training materials that he will release sometime in the future.

Many people are a little concerned about KT and how he is dealing with prison. I can assure you all that KT is doing better than good. He is actually doing great. He is really having a wonderful time. He looks better than ever. He is totally relaxed and at ease. He is totally blissful and happy. 

He just oozes joy. He is completely content. I have never seen him in such great shape, looking so good, and radiating such happiness, peace and love. I talked to other inmates in the visiting room and asked about KT. They all said the most positive things about him. They are all in awe of him.

KT is living in the moment and enjoying every minute. During our visit, KT talked so much about all of you. He talked about the members of GIN, the students of the Success Mastery Course and The Science of Personal Mastery Course. He talked about the members of the Alchemist Society and the people who have sent money to his commissary account. He talked about all the people who have sent him letters and cards. And he talked about all those who have made contributions to his legal defense fund.

He glows when he talks about you. He loves each of you. He is so thankful and grateful for all of you. He is so proud of you. He talks so highly, with so much affection for all of you. He said so many positive things about you. 

Know that he is so proud of you all and so happy for all of your success in life. I left not feeling sad for KT, but rather almost envious of his living situation and his ability to turn what others call adversity into a major positive experience. 

KT is living in paradise, because paradise is within. 

Please know that KT is so thankful for all of you, all of your good thoughts, and all your support and is constantly sending his love.

Lost Prison Diary Messages #89

Trudeau’s prediction about Trump winning easily comes true.

As you know, since even before Trump officially announced he was going to run for President, I said that if he did he enter the race, he would win. 

For over 18 months every political insider, every political party leader, every pundit, every journalist and every single person in the media, political and academic establishment said Trump had no chance of winning. 

Every poll said he had no chance of winning. 

Everyone was wrong.

I was right.

Gandhi said about “movements”: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.

That is exactly what happened here.

Just like the people of the UK voting to leave the EU, the question is “will a Trump President be good for America and the World?”

Only time will tell.

I predict the Trump that ran for President will not be the Trump that governs as President. President Trump will not be the same person as “candidate Trump”. 

I predict more world peace, and the standard of living in America going up for all Americans.

But only time will tell.

As you all know, I have been predicting a Trump victory since even before he officially entered the race. I have said over and over, “Trump will win easily, probably with 300 electoral votes”. This is all documented and has been in writing for all the public to see for over a year. 

My latest public announcement of this was Monday, the day before the election. Being able to predict this as well as the UK Brexit vote which I also predicted, is very easy to do when you can read group energy. Everyone can be taught how to read group energy. Think of all the advantages you would have in your life if you could read group energy like this. I teach how to do this in the Science of Personal Mastery Course which is free for GIN members. If you are not a member, you may purchase it by visiting globalinformationnetwork.com

Lost Prison Diary Messages #90

There is in fact a small group of people that “rule the world”. It was reported in the NY Times and other worldwide established media outlets that 60 people in America control over 80% of the wealth in the USA. Think about that. 

These people are all members of various “secret societies”. I have had first-hand experience with some of them, including the Bohemian Grove club in CA, and the Bilderberg Group. I have had direct interactions with the inner circle members of Yale’s Skull and Bones and the secret high level Masons above the 33rd degree. 

The members of these “secret societies” do have a “Global Master Plan”. This includes a one world currency, a one world government run by non-elected officials who are of the ruling class bloodlines, open borders with all countries, and no independent constitutions or sovereignty by any nation. 

When the courageous people of England voted to leave the European Union, this was a major blow to the “master plan”. When Trump was elected President of the USA, this was even a bigger blow to their master plan. 

There is much more to this global master plan. And there are many reasons WHY this plan is being pushed. Know that there is a class of people that believe that they and only they, are genetically superior to the masses. They believe that they are the ones destined to rule the rest of humanity. 

This “ruling elite class” controls all the mainstream media outlets worldwide. In the future, I will reveal “all” in an explosive exposure’, all from first hand personal experience. The truth will shock you. It is not what you think. 

The great news, is the TRUTH will, in fact, set you free! Having this knowledge will eliminate all inner hidden stress, tension, worry, anxiety, and fears. 

Lost Prison Diary Messages #91

Urgent Announcement!

YOU can get Kevin released from prison!

YOU have the power to convince President Trump to pardon Kevin or at least commute his outrageous 10 year prison sentence for “contempt of court” to “time served” and have him released immediately. 

Kevin has been treated horribly by the Government, the dishonest media and the Federal Courts. Kevin’s issue is about Free Speech, censorship, and abuse of power by the US Government and Federal Judges.

Go to KevinTrudeau.com and follow the instructions. They are simple, quick, and easy. At KevinTrudeau.com you can also learn more about how the mainstream media, the FTC, and the Federal Courts use and abuse their power and influence to protect the profits of the drug companies. 

The real reason Kevin is in prison is because he exposed the collusion between the FTC, FDA, mainstream media and the drug companies through his bestselling books and radio show. This is an issue that affects all Americans as well as people all around the world. 

This is about free speech. This is about the Government deciding whose opinions you will be allowed to hear. This is about the Government burning books and putting in prison anyone who says things that the Government does not like. This is about stopping the powerful lobby groups like Big Pharma and the Too Big to Fail Banks from controlling our country. 

This is about stopping activist Judges who pay no attention to the law, but rather rule based on what their personal and political beliefs are. This is about stopping Judges from “making their own laws from the bench”. 

Let your voice be heard. President Trump is listening. If enough people reach out to the President advocating on Kevin’s behalf, he will listen to the will and voice of the people. 

Having Kevin released will help ensure that Free speech is protected and that censorship will not be tolerated. 

A win for Kevin is a victory for the Constitution. Your rights are at stake. Your freedoms are at stake. 

The Judge said Kevin’s opinions and books are worthless and dangerous, and that putting Kevin in prison for 10 years without being charged or convicted of a felony or even a misdemeanor is to send a message to other people who “think like Kevin”. 

Kevin must be vindicated. This suppression of free speech must be stopped. Who will be next? Whose opinions will next be deemed worthless and dangerous by the government. Who will be the next author who will be thrown in prison for daring to expose corporate and government corruption?

Simply go to KevinTrudeau.com and get as many other people to do the same!

This is the time. Take massive and immediate action. Use all your powers and skills. If you want to be with Kevin live and in person very soon, then take action now!

Lost Prison Diary Messages #92

A man came up to me and said “Everyone tells me you made more money than anyone here. I didn’t believe them. All you do is smile, and you do not talk much. But, now I know it is true. I want to know the secrets.” I said to him “Start by smiling and not talking much.” He walked away in a huff. Think about this. Many of you ask a question about something from someone who has what you want and has been where you are, but when they give you the answer, you do not like the answer. You argue with them, and ultimately “walk away in a huff”. If you want to make your dreams come true, and have real inner happiness and joy, start with smiling a lot, and not talking much.

Sending you love,


Lost Prison Diary Message #93

American courts are worse than North Korea.

Imagine if a #1 NY Times bestselling author wrote books exposing corruption in the North Korean government and how they collude with big business for the personal enrichment of the Politician’s, and then was thrown in prison for 10 years on some made up non crime of “contempt of court”. What would President Trump and the rest of the free world say?

Well this is exactly what has happened in America. 

Kevin Trudeau, #1 NY Times bestselling author with almost 50 million books sold worldwide, has been exposing corruption and government corruption for years in his books and on his radio show. Determined to silence Trudeau, the government came up with a “fake crime” of contempt of court, and sentenced Trudeau to 10 years in federal prison. Why 10 years for something that is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor? Because the government and the judge said that Trudeau’s opinions and books were “worthless”! This is terrifying. Tens of millions of people love Trudeau’s books, and have watched him and listened to him on TV and radio for almost 20 years. Trudeau has a right to express his opinions. The government and a Federal Judge do NOT have the right to determine whose opinions and books are good, and whose are “worthless”.

This is Fascism. This is suppression of free speech.

Where is the outcry? Where is the outrage? Where is the ACLU? Where is Amnesty International? This is clearly a freedom of speech issue. This is government censorship. This is an out of control rogue judiciary. 

Trudeau did nothing wrong. He was not charged with any fraud, not fined, and not ordered to pay any restitution. This is clearly politically motivated and pushed by the powerful drug lobby that Trudeau has so aggressively exposed. 10 years in prison for contempt of court is the longest sentence ever imposed for contempt. When armed bank robbers, rapists and other violent criminals routinely serve far less than 10 years in prison, Trudeau is getting cruel and unusual punishment. If this was North Korea, America would be calling it a human rights violation. President Trump, correct this injustice and commute Trudeau’s sentence to time served and give him an immediate release. The world is watching. Go to KevinTrudeau.com for more details

Lost Prison Diary Messages #94

Press Releases about Kevin’s 10 year prison sentence for the non crime of contempt of court have been sent out and getting massive media attention. Go to KevinTrudeau.com and read the short Press Releases and see what is causing all the excitement. Also, there are ideas there about what you can do with these Press Releases such as sending them to your local newspapers and radio stations, your favorite radio and TV hosts, your favorite authors and celebrities, your Senators and Congress people who represent you in government (both state and federal) and many other ideas. There is a big buzz in Washington DC about Kevin Trudeau and how for years Kevin has been on the Deep State “hit list”, and how unfairly and badly he has been treated by his own government. President Trump has said that in the past, many US Citizens have been treated very badly by the US Government and past Presidential administrations, and that he intends on fixing that pattern of government abuse of power. Go to KevinTrudeau.com for more information.

Lost Prison Diary Messages #95

The Science of Personal Mastery Course is producing positive results in people’s lives like nothing ever before seen. It was designed to “make the able more able”. On the level of inner transformation, the Course can take the wicked and make them Noble. It can take someone who is already Noble, and make them peaceful. It can take someone who is peaceful now, and have them become free from the bondage of any suffering. And it can take someone who is free from that bondage and give them the power to set others free. On the level of material, and financial success in life, the Course can take anyone from where they are, and have them become someone who can manifest their wants and desires faster and easier than ever before. And yes, the Course can help the student become financially rich with plenty of material success. 

For more information, visit globalinformationnetwork.com

Lost Prison Diary Messages #96

One of the main reasons people do not achieve their dreams, and one of the main reasons people have chronic back pain or other physical problems is that they live in fear. Yet, these people do not know this and cannot be convinced of this truth. I know a person who has chronic back pain and other health issues. She smiles and laughs all the time. She is pleasant to be around and seems very upbeat and positive. But, within there is constant fear of things turning out “bad”. She thinks of what she does not want to happen. She “worries”. 

Worry is thinking about what you do not want to happen. It is negative goal setting. When you worry about “consequences” you are projecting those things into existence, OR that negative thinking produces health issues and most commonly, chronic back pain. As the late President Roosevelt said “we have nothing to fear, except fear itself”. Think about that. You have NOTHING to fear in life! NOTHING. The ONLY thing to fear is FEAR.

Being fearful is the worst thing that you can be. Think about this. There is never, anything to fear…..EVER. I know. 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #97

What is the sign of a truly “successful” person? A great sage said it this way: First, this person is genuinely happy, and regardless of where the person is, what is he doing, who he is with, the current conditions of his life are, he is still happy. He sees good and “God” everywhere, and in everything. He is relaxed and comfortable in his body. His mind is calm. He is at ease and at peace. Even in horrible situations, he is still at peace, and confident for he has total faith and trust that everything is meant to happen for a reason. This person hates no one, and dislikes nothing. There is no stress, tension or friction in his life, or his mind. He loves his fellows, and this love emanates from within himself touching all those around him. He has only a loving vibration of appreciation. He is fearless. He is never afraid of anyone or anything. Others are not afraid of him, including animals and plants. A truly successful person takes everything in life as a game, and never takes life very seriously. He loves both winning and losing. In many cases he likes losing more, because when you lose you allow the other fellow to win and you get to look at and see a smiling happy joyous winner. When you win, you see a sad loser in front of you. There is great joy in losing because you make someone else very happy. The happiest person is one who makes others happy. The truly successful person is cheerful, lighthearted, playful and fun. He smiles and laughs easily and often.

The only way to achieve all this is to be in control of your mind. When you control your mind, you control your life. You control your emotions, your thoughts, what you manifest and most importantly, you control how you feel. I teach this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. 

Go to globalinformationnetwork.com for more information on how you can obtain the course.

Lost Prison Diary Messages #98

Every person desires to be happy. Everyone in the universe is looking to first “survive”, which increases their “happiness”. 

Happiness, joy, bliss, and many other synonymous words (you can pick the word you want), is truly the “goal” of all humans. Every day we want to “feel better”, to feel “good”, to ultimately be happy. Most people try all kinds of things to be happy, from eating, drinking, drugs, sex, making money, going places, shopping, etc. Yet, although many of these things may give a person a temporary good feeling, it is never enough. It never truly satisfies us. Something is always still missing. And, those good feelings never last. They are fleeting. You feel good for a very short time, then, you are looking for happiness again. 

The truth is you are looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Happiness can never come from anything in the material world. Happiness lives within you at all times, more intense and glorious than you can ever imagine. Look within. Then all the other things will be added on into your life as you wish. 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #99

You want money. You desire material riches to some degree. You can attain that goal. Add this secret ingredient: discipline. 

Discipline your mind, your body, your senses. When you want something big, you have to pay a big price. The more you exercise discipline, the more the Universe knows you are serious about what you want, and the more other people know you are serious about what you want. That is when the whole world gets out of your way clearing the way for you to achieve your dream. Discipline. 

Look the word up in the dictionary and get the full meaning. Find the origins of the word. Use the word in some sentence and make sure you KNOW the full meaning of the word. Add discipline to your life and you will join all the great masters throughout history, as well as the richest people who ever lived, all who showed more discipline in their own lives than the “average masses”.

Your friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #100

Yes, you can be rich. You can be wealthy. You can become a millionaire. If you desire nice material things that money can buy, you can attain what you desire. There is a formula that creates money. There is a pattern for success. There is a method that attracts and creates financial prosperity. J.Paul Getty called it the “Millionaire Mentality”. 

It starts with the way a person thinks, which leads a person to acting in certain ways, which lead to the development of “success habits”. While everyone cannot and will not become a billionaire, most people CAN become a millionaire if that is what they desire. 

Read J.Paul Getty’s book, How to Be Rich, and learn as I did back in 1972, the “secrets” of success. I will see you at the top! 

Your friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #101

Are all great sages, holy men, “Masters”, enlightened SELF Realized beings, and Guru’s from India? It may seem that way. Soon, you will see truly “enlightened Masters” emerge from all over the world. 

Although a public genuine “Guru” is still rare, there are many fully SELF Realized beings all over the world. But when one becomes “one with the Universe”, 99.9% of those people never “go public” with their “attainment”. Only a very few are “destined” to be a public figure and whose role is to help others on their path. 

Even more rare is the enlightened Master who also helps people attain material success. The Master that teaches how to attain financial prosperity as well as inner peace and bliss is rare indeed. You live in a material world, enjoy it and embrace your sense pleasures. Enjoy food, sex, and material “things”. Enjoy your body and everything in the physical universe. Simply do not look to these things as the “source” of inner contentment and bliss. 

Be in the world, but not of the world. Enjoy everything, while still being detached from everything. This way, you CAN have it all! I will see you on the beaches of the world.

Your friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #102

Explaining the secrets to making money is easy. Explaining the secrets of eternal bliss and of the Universe is impossible. 

One must “experience” first hand, the sense of “oneness” and connectedness. Many people can teach you how to make money, or attract a better job, or manifest some material thing you want or desire. I have told many people “how to make a fortune”. Several people actually did what I said, and they all made a fortune. 

One of my students now owns an international company that he started from scratch just a few years ago, that is doing hundreds of millions of Euros in annual business. He is a multimillionaire on his way to even greater riches. 

Yes, I teach people how to make money. But only so they will perhaps be open to learning how to be eternally blissful. 

One cannot explain this supreme inner peace, joy, and ultimate feeling of love, contentment and satisfaction. This is a sense of wholeness and oneness that surpasses all human understanding. But you CAN experience it. 

When you meet someone who has attained this state, their essence can touch you, and awaken within you what has been sleeping. Get rich if that is your desire. Enjoy sense pleasures of this life. But, as all the ancient holy books say in so many different ways “seek first inner peace, and everything else will be added on in your life”.

See you at the TOP!


Lost Prison Diary Messages #103

Enjoy each moment of your life. You actually can do this, no matter what the circumstances or conditions are. Think about how many people go to a sad movie because they “love a good cry”, or read a horror novel because they love to be scared. You can enjoy every human emotion. 

One part of the secret is being in the moment. A “Master” walks when he walks, eats when he eats, reads when he reads. He does not think of what he will do later when he is talking a bath, he is simply taking a bath. You can train your mind to do this automatically. When you control your mind, you control your whole life. When you control your mind in this way, you can then control your mind to focus on and manifest whatever you desire.

You can do it!

Your friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #104

The way you do anything, is the way you do everything. If you want to achieve success in life, be disciplined. Do not think that discipline means lack of freedom. 

A wise sage shared this example. Imagine being tied to the saddle of a galloping wild horse. As you cling to your life, hoping and praying that the horse would stop, would you feel freedom and enjoyment? This is not having discipline in your life and over your mind. To enjoy horseback riding you must be in total control of the horse, and can stop the horse anytime you want. You will enjoy life when you discipline your mind. That can start by adding discipline into any activity. The way you do one activity is the way you then do every activity. Be the master of your life. 

All successful people control their environments by controlling their minds through will, habit, and choice. Make the decision. Success is a decision away. You can do it.

Your friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #105

Embrace everything in your life no matter what it is. You created it, so embrace it. Do not reject or resist anything. When you eat, embrace it, fully enjoy it. 

When you are fired from your job, embrace it. When you are arguing with your spouse, enjoy the argument! When you are dealing with pain in the body, embrace the pain, and enjoy the pain. 

What you resist persists, what you reject will come at you more often and with more intensity each time. Embrace your challenges, adversities, and suffering. By doing this, they will ultimately leave you alone, and you will be in bliss. THEN, all the things you “want” will start happening in your life. Go for your dreams!

See you at the TOP,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #106

There are many ways to a fortune. Maybe you just want a little more money than you have now. Maybe you would like to have enough money to pay off all your bills and debts, have cash in the bank, have money in some retirement account, have some other investments, and have a steady nice secure income stream. You can achieve this. This is easy. 

Even if your goal is to be a millionaire, you can do it with relative ease in today’s world. The opportunities to make money today are greater than at any time in history. It is easier to make money today than ever before. And you can make money faster today than ever before. 

First start with making the decision that you are going to be “rich”, wealthy, successful, prosperous, have a fortune, be a millionaire, be financially free, be financially independent, live in luxury, live the high life, live the good life, live on easy street. You choose the word or phrase. 

First decide that you are going to achieve that goal, without fail, that’s it period. Success is a decision away. Then everything will start falling into place for you. The “how” will present itself to you. I teach how to make money in the “Money Lessons” of The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Go to globalinformationnetwork.com for information on how to obtain the course.

Become my student, and I will teach you how to make all the money you desire. Do it and I will see you on the beaches of the world! Let’s hang out together.

Your Friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #107

A great secret to financial success is this: “It is not what you know, but who you know”. When you have “connections”, you have advantages. When you know successful people, that person’s success energy and millionaire mentality rubs off on you. 

As my mom used to say “If you hang around with those people, you will turn out just like them!”. That goes both ways, the positive or the negative. Associate with winners. Join clubs and organizations with successful, positive, upbeat people. Go places where enthusiastic, motivated, happy people go. Develop friendships with prosperity minded people. 

Doing so will raise your vibration and cause you to start attracting more of what you want into your life. Go for your dreams.

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #108

Here is a secret that almost every billionaire uses. The mega rich set their clocks ahead a few minutes, usually between 5 and 10, with most at 7. 

The super rich do not live in the present time. They are rarely in the moment. Mostly they live in the future. This leads to massive creative and manifesting ability, but also leads to misery, suffering, feelings of separation, aloneness, unfulfillment, dissatisfaction, discontentment, restlessness, unease, anxiety, unhappiness, sadness, depression, anger and many other “negative” emotions. 

This method creates a feeling of longing, needing, emptiness, searching, wanting, desiring, greed, envy, and more. If you dare, try it. But just like trying crack cocaine one time, you might get addicted and live in misery until you are “saved”. 

I suggest you live in the moment, embrace the moment, live in the present. You might not become a billionaire, but you WILL be much happier and fulfilled.

Your friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #109

Received from an inmate who lived with Kevin

I met Kevin over a year ago at the camp. I told him the staff and other inmates treated me badly, with no respect.  

He never spent much time with me, but told me that I have the power within me, with my thoughts, to create any situation I wanted, including having people treat me with respect and kindness. He said “Just relax, you can’t push a rope, just allow it to happen. It will happen when it happens. In the meantime, relax and enjoy the ride. But do one thing. To everyone you meet, silently say “I love you”. Send them love silently no matter how they treat you.” 

Although I felt power in his words, what he said kinda frustrated me, I felt Kevin was blowing me off. Yet when he said it, I felt very funny on the inside, like a seed that was within me started to grow. But a week later I got in trouble by getting into an argument with a staff member and almost got into a fight with him. 

I was shipped to a higher security level institution. Everything was much worse. The stress, tension and fear was everywhere. When you walked by people they never looked at you, or said anything positive. If anything they gave you a glare, a cold stare, or mumbled something under their breath. 

No one smiled. But I thought I might as well try what Kevin said. So for a few weeks I silently said “I love you” to everyone I met or saw, both inmates and staff. 

I began to see everyone as not black, white, or Mexican, man or women, staff or inmate, I began to sense that they were the same as me on the inside, an equal spirit, an equal extension of Source. 

I was blown away with the results. Within a few weeks people started smiling at me, or would say “hello”, “how are you doing?” Good morning”. People would hold the door open for me, be more polite, kind and thoughtful, both inmates and staff. 

All I can say is “Thank you Kevin”. There is so much more I could share about how Kevin’s words and more importantly his “energy” has completely transformed how my life is going and how I feel.

Lost Prison Diary Messages #110

Many people want to know if special “powers” can be attained by doing certain mental or spiritual “practices”. Yes. Psychic powers, ESP and all kinds supernatural and supernatural phenomenons like that are released when the “Kundalini” energy at the base of your spine is awakened and begins to move within you. 

Seeing into the past and future, being omnipresent, being able to read people’s thoughts and have total knowingness, and many more, are just some of the “powers” of “Masters”. 

The fastest and easiest way to get the kundalini energy brought to life is to be initiated by a Master who 1.) has that power fully awake within him 2.) has the gift of transference of that power to an initiate, thus awakening the power within them. 

These Masters are rare indeed. When you are led to one, be thankful, as your “prayers” have been answered.

Lost Prison Diary Messages #111

A woman writes “When my son was set up by drug dealers and unjustly sentenced to 10 years in prison, even though he was 100% innocent, I was more than just angry. I had hatred against the entire corrupt judicial system. I was also depressed. 

But then I read that “man” is not disturbed by what happens to him in life. Man is disturbed by HOW HE THINKS ABOUT what has happened. 

Once I stopped blaming the “external world” for how I was feeling internally, everything changed for the better. Not only in my life, but my son’s as well. 

When I see something happening to me, or hear someone say something “I do not like”, I understand now that those things are only stimulus’s. I have the power to choose how I will think about and “frame” those things. 

My opinion and judgment about what happens is under my 100% control. Therefore I control how I feel all the time. 

The ONLY cause of how I feel are the thoughts I am having regarding these stimulants. Thank you KT for the training. It works like magic!”

Much love.

Lost Prison Diary Messages #112

So many people ask me about my day. While every day is slightly different, I will tell you what I did yesterday to give you an example. 

I woke up at 5am. Meditated for 30 minutes. Then went outside and did 1 hour of yoga, followed by 1 hour of cross fit full body High Impact Training. Meditated for 30 minutes. Showered. Ate breakfast. Did some reading. Checked emails. Studied Italian for 1 hour. Studied French for 30 minutes. Took a 1 hour nap. Did some reading. Meditated for an hour. Had a late lunch. Did some writing. Went for a walk. Socialized with some friends. Studied Italian for 1 hour. Had a small snack. Met with our “Mastermind Group” for 1 1/2 hours. Did an hour of yoga. Showered. Small snack. Watched a little TV while socializing with some friends. Did some reading. Bed at 10:30pm. Again, every day is different. 

Some days I play pool, tennis, or Bridge. Sometimes, I watch some sports for a while. Other days I spend some time cooking for myself and friends. But this is to give you an idea of what life is like here for me. But none of this matters. 

What your day is like and what activities you do can have no effect on your inner state of peace, joy, bliss and your ultimate happiness and sense of fulfillment and complete satisfaction. Think about this!

Much love…Your friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #113

Because you keep asking! Here is how ANOTHER day was like (yesterday): I woke up at 5 am and meditated for 30 minutes. Then went outside for 1 hour yoga, and then 1 hour cross fit exercise. Rested for about 30 minutes (slow walk). Showered and then breakfast. Then mediated for 1 hour with some of the guys who like to meditate with me (they have amazing experiences such as seeing lights, transcending thoughts, and being filled with bursting love and an “overwhelming benevolent presence” and many other things). Then studied Italian for 45 minutes, then French for 30 minutes. Had a light lunch. Took a 1 hour nap. Read for 1 hour. Meditated for 1 hour. Read for an hour. Socialized with friends. Had a light dinner. Studied Italian for 1 hour. Meditated for 1 hour. Yoga for an hour. Shower. Watched a little TV with friends. Read. Bed at 1030. Tonight will be different as we play Bridge tonight from 6pm – around 9pm. 

My routine changes based on the weather outside and other factors. Some days, I spend several hours writing. Some days I play some pool or tennis. One day a week I teach an hour class to several hundred inmates. Bottom line is none of what I “do” matters. All that matters is how you “feel”. And I feel total peace, bliss and joy beyond all human comprehension. You can too! I love you all.

Your friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #114

You keep asking for more details about how I spend my day. I have left several posts of what an actual day was like. 

Here is another: Woke up at 5am. Meditated for 1 hour. Breakfast. Went to Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony from 7am – 11am. Shower. Lunch. 1 hour nap. Played pool for about an hour. Read till 3 pm. Meditated for 1 hour. Did a seminar for 300 inmates till 6:30pm. Dinner. Checked emails, and did some writing (1 hour). Socialized with friends. Read. Bed at 10:30

And here is another day: Woke at 5 am (raining). Meditated for 2 hours. Yoga for 1 hour. Breakfast. Shower. Read 1 hour. Study Italian and French 1 1/2 hours. Lunch. Mixed workout with abs and stretching (inside) 1 1/2 hour. Shower. Meditated 1 hour. Read, check emails and write. Dinner. 6pm Bridge till 9pm. Meet with some men to answer their questions. Bed 10:30pm. 

As you can see (if you read the other emails as well) each day is similar but slightly different. In the winter when it is cold, I do yoga inside in the morning and workout in the afternoon and do yoga again inside in the evenings Monday, Tues, Wed and Thurs. Normally I play Bridge Sat and Sun nights from 6-9. Sometimes on Sat and Sun I will watch golf in the afternoon if there is a good tournament. During football season on Sat and Sun and Monday and Thursday night I may watch football games with my friends (if the games are of interest). 

As you can see, it is very relaxed here. On Friday night I usually spend 1 hour with my Jewish friends as they celebrate Shabbat. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer you, if you are more curious!

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #115

I have been leaving messages here since November 2013, when I was first put in prison for contempt of court. The messages have been a real time explanation of what was happening to me. I shared a little of what my life was like in prison and how I was handling the situation. 

I also shared many secrets of manifesting your desires and how to deal with adversity directly “from the front lines”. 

The other day, I spent a few hours and read all the posts and messages I left in date order. If you have not read them, I encourage you to do so. If you want to learn about how to attain all your desires in life, and have inner peace and joy no matter what the circumstances are in your life, the secrets are in the messages. 

As you read them, if you find some you particularly like, pass them on to others and leave a message here sharing the date of the messages you really liked. Enjoy!

Wikileaks has published thousands of emails that now prove what I have been saying about the media for 20 years. The emails show that all the major TV media outlets (CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC) have been working directly with the Democrats, and FOX has been working directly with the Republicans. 

All the major newspapers and magazines work directly with the Democrats and a few work directly with the Republicans. 

This means that we do not have free speech. We do not have honest and fair media coverage. What we have is a propaganda machine that is 90% for the left wing Democrats and 10% for the right wing Republicans. 

All the mainstream media in TV, newspapers and magazines simply are brainwashing you with propaganda for the “establishment”, mostly the left wing Democrats. The “establishment” has a “Global Master Plan”. 

This includes a one world currency, a one world government run by non-elected officials, no countries but simply open borders. This really is not a secret as these concepts have been repeated over and over by the “elites” publically for decades. 

President Obama just said these exact things while on his last European trip. The good news is that YOU can still have a “perfect” life. YOU can have the life of your dreams. You can manifest all your desires and have inner peace and joy. No matter what the “ruling elite class” does or does not do, YOU have the power to create the life YOU want. Embrace your power. Remember, Your Wish is YOUR command. 

Lost Prison Diary Messages #116

When you watch the news on TV, read newspapers or magazines, or listen to the news on radio, you are almost always being misled. The media has an agenda. They want you to think a certain way. They want you to believe certain things. They mislead you. They misrepresent the facts. They distort the truth. They deceive you. They give you false data. They twist words. They use images that manipulate your thinking. They present undocumented and unsubstantiated data as absolute fact. They give opinions and present them as the objective truth. They use very sophisticated techniques of mind manipulation to brainwash you into thinking the way they want you to think, and believe what they want you to believe. There are many times it is an outright lie. 

The so called journalists are not journalists at all. They are not objective. They do not give you all sides of issues or present the simple facts of what is happening. They are propaganda tools for the “establishment” (the privileged and protected elite ruling class). 

These “journalists” do the bidding of these ‘higher ups” because they crave money and power and because they are also being manipulated and controlled. If they do not do as they are told, they will lose their jobs or be demoted. 

If they do not follow the “rules” and read what the teleprompter says, they will lose all their power and influence. The media is simply dishonest and deceitful. You never get the “truth” from mainstream media. 

Here is the problem. Even if you know all this, resistance can be futile. When you listen to mainstream media, you WILL be brainwashed, no matter how hard you try to resist. It is like alcohol or drugs. You know drinking alcohol will make you intoxicated. But if you do not want to be intoxicated, and you drink a bottle of whiskey in one night, no matter how hard you try, you will in fact get intoxicated. 

The same is true with the media. If you do not want to be brainwashed, but you watch the news every day, read the newspapers and magazines and listen to the radio, you will in fact get brainwashed. There is only one way to solve this problem (other than disengaging completely from listening to the media). 

You can train your SELF to be the observer and witness of what the mind is receiving as information and news. When you can do this, you “SEE” how they are trying to manipulate you, deceive you, and brainwash you with lies. Everything is crystal clear. 

You can then see through all the misleading information and distorted facts. You can then be objective. Having this ability is a powerful advantage in life. Having this ability makes you happier than ever before. You can be in the world but not of the world. You can always be at cause over your environment instead of being manipulated and at effect to the brainwashing. I teach how to do this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course.

Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information on how to obtain the SPMC.

If you want to manifest your desires in life and be blissfully happy consider these facts. Your feelings are the vibrations that you are sending out into the ether that attract what you want in life. The actions you do while feeling good create great results. 

With this in mind, think of this. Your thoughts affect how you feel and how you act. So, it is important to “think good thoughts”. However, your feelings affect how you think. So you should work on “feeling good” so you can think good thoughts. Your feelings also affect how you act. If you are feeling bad, you do not “do” the actions required to achieve what you desire. 

But wait, there is more! How you act (the physical things you do) affect how you think and how you feel. So even if you feel bad and are thinking negative thoughts, by ACTING AS IF you feel good, you start to actually feel good, and then start thinking good thoughts. 

This is the AS IF principle. In life however, most people “think” a thought, which in turn determines how they feel. How they feel then determines how they act and what actions they do or do not do. Those who can control their thoughts, thus control how they feel and how they act. Thus they control their vibrations and what they attract in life. 

You can control how you feel in many ways, including using the AS IF principle. Dale Carnegie said it best “ACT enthusiastic, and you will very soon FEEL enthusiastic”. But there is an even more powerful level. Most people think with the “head” or their mind. Wizards however “think” with their “heart” or feelings. 

When you can learn how to “feel” first even before a thought or an action, you can create any thought and action you want. You then become a true magician that can conjure up anything you want anytime you want. Since you control your feelings, you always feel content, satisfied, and fulfilled. You always experience bliss in addition to being able to manifest things quickly and easily.

I teach how to do this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course 

You can have, be, and do, whatever you desire. You simply need to learn “how”. 

Much love…


Lost Prison Diary Messages #117

You can achieve all your dreams. 

You can be, have and do anything you want in this life…within reason. 

All you have to do is know exactly what you want, be obsessed with it, think about it all the time, make the decision that you are going to have it no matter what, and have a burning desire to achieve it.

Life is wonderful once you decide it is. You are wonderful and you will know this fact once you realize who you really are.

You are perfect. You are Divine. You are an extension of Source, just as everyone and everything is. We are one. 

Much love,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #118

Over the last 30+ years millions of people have asked me for help. The areas of need are always the same: money, love/romance, health. These are the top 3 and nothing else comes close. #1 is ALWAYS money. People’s first issue is always needing/wanting more money and getting out of debt. The vast majority of people feel financial pressure and feel terrible not having the nice luxuries life has to offer. People want to live the good life and money makes that possible.

In The Science of Personal Mastery Course, I teach a series of “Money Lessons”. By far, these are the most powerful, concise and specific Lessons ever developed about manifesting money in a person’s life. You can have all the money you want. The formula presented by Napoleon Hill is simple and works: Define your dream, and get a burning desire for it’s attainment. Clearly know what you want, think about it all the time, feel right now AS IF you were already in possession of what you want, and have an obsession with attaining your desire. This is the magic formula for Success. You can do it! Enroll in The Science of Personal Mastery Course and become my personal student. I will teach you HOW to manifest more money than you could ever imagine. Visit globalinformationnetwork.com for more information on how to obtain the SPMC.

Your friend,


Lost Prison Diary Messages #119

My friend sent me 2 powerful quotes. “The overeducated are worse off than the undereducated, having traded common sense for the ILLUSION of knowledge!” And this one “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for SURE, that just ain’t so!” 

Think about these.

Kevin Trudeau

~ The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club