Personal Prison Diary of Kevin Trudeau

November 18, 2013

I sat down today to start writing all the things I am thankful and grateful for. Things like my health, my friends, my mind, my loving supportive parents etc.

I wrote and wrote and wrote.

Over 1 hour later I was still writing things I was thankful and grateful for. I then began to think of all the poor unfortunate people that, unlike me, are suffering. People who are hungry and cold. Living in horrible conditions. I felt so sorry for them, and I felt so lucky and blessed. 

No matter what your situation is, you can find the gold.

Find the good.

Find the blessings.

When you do this you begin to feel a certain way…a good feeling…and this vibration will create an amazing future!

Much Love,


November 19, 2013

Please know that I chose to create this path I am on. This is a road very few will ever choose. But I created this as it is the ONLY road that will take me to where I want to go.

The reasons will be known and revealed to you all in due time.

I smile and laugh all day. People are amazed. They say, “Look, he doesn’t have a care in the world! How does he do that?”

I then share with them my secrets.

I have much to be thankful and grateful for.

This is where the training pays off! 

Much love to all of you!


November 19, 2013

My situation appears to the untrained eye as negative, but it is not!

It is a gift given to me and everyone associated with me…

So to all of you, take advantage of this gift and situation as I am taking full advantage of it. Get all the amazing once in a lifetime benefits from this exciting adventure! 

All my love!


November 19, 2013

Every situation in life is an opportunity and a gift. I am more excited now than ever because I am taking full advantage of this miracle to break through a “wall of fire” that is taking me to a place I have never been.

This is the path I choose to create for myself.

When I get out of “prison”, be ready! The knowledge and trainings I will be teaching will blow away everything you have seen so far!

Get ready!

Get excited!

And be prepared to be amazed! 

Much love…


November 20, 2013

As you all know, I am facing up to life in prison.

I will probably be sentenced in Feb. or March and will know my fate.

Imagine facing life in prison?

Imagine facing 18 years, or 15 years, or 10 years?

How would you feel?

Well, I will tell you how I feel…


I feel better than ever!

Why? Because I KNOW that EVERYTHING works together for GOOD!

Even if I spend the next 20 years in prison, I KNOW I will personally gain more benefits in all areas of my life than I could ever in any other situation.

And since my life is about helping YOU release your abilities and make YOUR dreams come true, that means YOU ALL benefit as well!

So no matter what the sentence is and no matter how long I have to spend in prison, I am at total peace and bliss!

More insights tomorrow. 

All my love to you all.


November 22, 2013

Remember, when you are humbled, you are the most teachable. Now I am more teachable than ever!

And even more important, when you have nothing else to lose, when all of your worldly possessions are gone, you are totally free. This freedom allows you to tap into the universal field more fully than at any other time.

Combine being totally teachable (humbled) with no attachments to material things and you gain power and knowledge you could never have gained. This is what is happening to me and I will be sharing this with all of you in the future! 

Much Love,


November 26, 2013

For years I had wanted the opportunity to go to an “ashram” or monastery, or some kind of “retreat”, where I could be alone and contemplate, think, reflect, meditate, exercise, and be totally removed from society.

I am enjoying my time today doing just that!


You do get in life what you ask for! I am so blessed and happy.

Think of your life. You are in fact living the life you created. Make the most of it or change it and create the life you want.

Remember, every day you and you alone can make the decision to be happy and have a great day no matter what the circumstances appear. Life is truly exciting and wonderful! 

Your Friend,


November 28, 2013

As I go through each day here with the full knowledge that I could be in prison for 18 or more years, in many ways, I wish this was much harder to deal with.

As we go through life, it is the hard things we deal with that make us grow, make us stronger, and where we learn the most.

Do not be sad when you face challenges, be grateful for them as they are what make you better! 

Much Love,


December 1, 2013

Don’t feel sad for me. I am far from sad. 

I am so happy, more than ever!

The reason I am so happy is I knew long ago that this would probably be coming for me. I chose it. I accepted it. I was preparing for it. I was welcoming and embracing it. 

I was looking at it as an adventure, a challenge, and an experience that would make me a better person and release abilities that I would have never been able to release unless I experienced this situation. 

All great people in history have gone through tragedy and/or devastating times in their lives. Many went to prison. In the Bible, Joseph was thrown in prison for over 7 years. Read the Book of Job in the Bible…think about Mandela, Gandhi, Chavez, even people like Steven Jobs. 

Great people who do great things have all had major tragedies. Health issues, bankruptcy, losing all material possessions, family problems, having their businesses taken away, being put in prison etc.. 

Think about and read the stories of Onassis, Pat Robertson, Walt Disney, Colonel Sanders, Ray Crock etc. The list goes on. 

This road is not for everyone and most people should NOT choose this road. But you all will benefit from the road I have taken…

Much love to you all,


December 3, 2013

How mentally tough are you? 

Could you handle what I am going through?

Do you have all your desires in life? 


I have manifested ALL my dreams and desires I have ever wanted AND I have the mental toughness to easily handle my current chosen situation.


Work on YOUR mental toughness and YOU will manifest more of your dreams! 

No matter what situation you are in, people have gone through and dealt with and survived much, much more! 

When faced with challenges, be strong! 

You can handle anything! 

And you will be much better after you deal with your challenge! 

Much Love, 


December 4, 2013 

I am so excited about my current experience. I chose this road. This is a road very few should choose or need to choose. But for me this is the only road that will take me to where I want and need to go! 

I am excited!! 

For me, I must lose everything. Material things and physical freedom. I must be stripped of all ego. I must be totally humble, and be free of all fear. 

Only then will I be able to tap into a power source and release abilities and gain secret knowledge. 

I can tell you already, miracles are happening to me! 


Keep reading, I will share more with you in upcoming messages. 

Much Love, 


December 8, 2013

Nelson Mandela passed away… One of my heroes. 

He was convicted of being a TERRORIST! And spent 20 years in a jail cell! 

A hero. 

A person I admired and respected.

If I had only 1% of his character. 

I mention to you many of my heroes, such as Jesus, Gandhi, Chavez etc. All people that were convicted of crimes in court and were sentenced to prison time. 

I am not even in their league. 

They are my heroes. 

They give me strength. 

Always look at people who walk the walk, not just talk the talk. And gain strength from what they had to go through. You will be inspired by those who went through much more than you or I have ever endured. 

I look at my life and current situation and see that I have it so easy compared to others who went before me. 

You can always put things in perspective. 

Focus on the good things and what you want…and be happy right now! 

I am! 

Much love! 


December 10, 2013

You have to know as I do, that no matter what situation you are in, or how bad it appears…

  • There are always things to be thankful and grateful for!
  • You absolutely can CHOOSE to be happy! (YOU control how you feel!)
  • You can choose to take advantage of the great and best opportunity to clarify what you WANT and with strong emotion and particle flow, you can then focus on what you want and create your future faster than at any other time!

My firsthand experience is giving me even more insights and knowledge that YOU will benefit from in the near future.

I love you all! 


December 11, 2013

People always complain about not having what they want. They complain about having bills, not having the car or house of their dreams. Not having enough money etc. 

I suggest that you count your blessings. 

Look for the gold. 

List the things you are grateful for. 

Being happy and fulfilled is a choice. 

It is a decision. 

It is how you frame things. 

It is the contrast you create and the perspective you put on things. 

Consider where I am (prison). 

I am so thankful! 

I have a clean comfortable warm bed. Great food. I have better living conditions than the majority of the millions who are in the military. I have it better than the majority of the millions in prisons in countries around the world! I have it better than the millions of homeless. I have it better than the tens of millions who go to bed cold, hungry, and live without running water or clean sewage and no sanitation. There are tens of millions who are sleeping on dirt floors, who are riddled with disease and sickness with no hope. 

I am so lucky. 

I have an amazing opportunity to relax and de-stress! 

Everything is free for me! 

The government is paying for everything! 


How lucky am I!??

I could be paying huge money to go to a monastery or ashram somewhere and have much less comfortable living conditions. 

I get this as a gift. 

Remember, in life, turn lemons into lemonade! 

Smile and be happy! 

Love you all! 


December 13, 2013

I am rereading “Ask and it is Given”. 


It was totally rewritten since the last time I read it! 

LOL Sound familiar!?

If there is one book any of you should read and reread, this is the book! 

In your life, the only important thing is to feel good now. 

People might judge you and your situation and say… “look at the poor guy in that terrible situation”, but they do not know how you feel. You might be in total bliss. 

When I go to “boot camps ” for weeks at a time, I “suffer” every day. Little food, strenuous exercise, deprivation… but I LOVE every minute! 

My current situation is the same. I am loving every minute and am feeling sooooo good! 

Use your GIN training and feel good NOW… no matter what! 

You can do it!

Much Love, 


December 14, 2013

My incarceration needed to happen for me personally to achieve new levels of knowledge and power, and for all of you as well! 

The exact reasons will be revealed in the future, and become very clear to all of you! 

Much Love, 


December 15, 2013

I woke this morning feeling soooo good. 

Imagine being 50 years old and having achieved ALL of your goals and dreams. Imagine going everywhere you wanted to go, having everything you wanted to have, doing everything you wanted to do! 


What next? 

An Adventure! 

Imagine selling everything you own and giving it to the poor. 

Imagine having NO debt. NO material possessions. NO responsibilities. 

Imagine going on a 10-15 year ADVENTURE of a lifetime of study, learning, laughing, living totally stress free, releasing abilities, gaining secret knowledge and having your adventure all paid for by the US Government! 

LOL… Welcome to my world! 

Be happy for me. 

I chose and created my reality, and am enjoying it and benefiting from it more than you could ever know! 

My choices and my reality is NOT for the majority of you… 

you might hate it! 

Now, YOU create YOUR reality in ways that YOU want! 

Go for YOUR dreams and pay no attention to people who try to judge your choices and decisions and the ways you choose to enjoy and live your life. 

Your Friend, 


December 18, 2013

I love my life RIGHT NOW! 

I feel great RIGHT NOW! 

I am finding the gold and finding the hundreds of things I am grateful, thankful and appreciative for in my CURRENT situation. 

I feel thankful all day. 

I smile all day. 

I laugh all day. 

I feel good all day. 

I feel so lucky and so blessed RIGHT NOW.

I am so much better off than 99.9% of the people in the world.

I am feeling total bliss. Stress free. I feel totally FREE! I am in the perfect place to focus and clarify exactly with specificity what I want, what my desires are, and what my life will be in the near future. 

I am creating the perfect life for ME! 

This process makes me feel soooo good…total bliss…and that is the ultimate goal…feeling good…experiences BLISS…and I have it RIGHT NOW! 

I hope all of you learn from what I am experiencing. Because who is better off right now? Me….feeling total bliss or maybe some of you feeling stress, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration etc…??? 

Something to think about!!

Keep listening to the Success Master Course training…and read the books on the basic and advanced book list. The material needs to be USED.

The training is for when things appear to be bad.

Some of you are folding under even the slightest pressure. 

Be strong!

Focus and use the training!

I love you all…

And I am looking forward to partying with all you wonderful Jedi Knights when I am out , which will be at the PERFECT time and place for me and you! 

Much Love, 


December 19, 2013

People ask me why I did not take the stand and talk on my own defense at the trial.

I had planned to do just that. I communicate well. I was sure if I took the stand and told the truth, that the jury would see that I was innocent. 

They would see that I did not violate the order.

They would see that I did not misrepresent the contents of the book.

And for sure, they would see I had no criminal intent and did not do anything willfully in violation of the order.

But on the night before I was to testify, I had a supernatural, spiritual experience like I had never had in my life. 

I won’t explain now in detail what happened. I will do that later for those who attend future seminars…(my writings will be read by my good friend Janine). 

All I can say was I knew I could not take the stand. 

I had to remain silent. 

I could not speak in my own defense. 

And I knew if I did not take the stand and defend myself, I was going to be found guilty! 

I knew that my path was to be found guilty! 

Think about all the people that stood silent and did not speak in their own defense…

Jesus, Mandela, Gandhi, Chavez, the list goes on and on about people who stood silent when accused and did not speak in their own defense. 

My current incarceration is the perfect path for me! 

More on this amazing miracle later…

All I can tell you is, what happened to me was beyond anything I have experienced in my life. 

It was spiritual. 

It was supernatural. 

It was a miracle. 

And it has given me a peace I have not had before.

Much Love, 


December 20, 2013

Your life is what YOU make of it. 

Some of the men here are just passing time. They never read anything. They spend day after day watching TV, listening to music, or playing cards. Some of the guys have been here for years. 

As I chat with them, I ask how they are different today than when they came in?

What have they done to better themselves? 

They look surprised at my question as they say they are just “passing the time”. 

You have heard me say, don’t have 1 year of experience repeated 20 times, and then claim you have 20 years experience. 

Many people in life are just going in circles, repeating their thoughts and thus keep getting the same results in their life. 

The reason I am so excited about this experience for me, is I am taking full advantage of the time I have to read, think, write, and thus CREATE my future exactly the way I want! 

And for me…this is the optimal situation for me to plug into the “field” and download information that I would never be able to access on the “outside”. 

I am soooo blessed and soooo ecstatic! 


I am living in BLISS! 

All my love to you all! 


December 22, 2013

You must face your fears and confront what worries, concerns, or gives you distress. 

I taught this at my last, 1-day seminar in Washington DC.

Example: General Patton feared being shot right between the eyes. Yet in the movie Patton, there is a scene during an air raid where Patton jumps in the middle of the road and faces off with a plane shooting right at him! He yells and challenges the plane, “Shoot me right between the eyes!”

All great leaders confronted their biggest fears and overcame those fears…and turned those fears into their greatest motivations.

Patton loved being in battle. He DEMANDED he be sent to the front lines! He craved what others were afraid of and trying desperately to avoid. 

That is how I see it as well. 

Many people think they would hate to be going through what I am going through now…being in jail and facing 18 or more years in prison, and having all your money and every material possession taken away from you. 

I, on the other hand, LOVE THIS adventure! 


Trust me when I tell you….I WILL be at the top and I HOPE to see YOU at the top as well! 

You can do it too! 

Much love! 


December 23, 2013

Back in the 70’s and early 80’s I was “in training” almost full time. 

I was reading, listening to audios, and doing mental exercises EVERY day! I would attend seminars/workshops almost every month and sometimes weekly. I was meeting with my “uncle” on a regular basis.

Then I jumped into the “real world” and started fully applying all I knew. 

Everything worked! 

Like magic. 

So well in fact, that I spent almost all my time helping others apply the material.

Yes, I still “trained”, but not full time or anywhere close to that.

Every day I worked from the moment I got up, till the moment I went to sleep, 7 days a week!

Ask Blaine, Brandy, Janine, Chris, the Morters, or anyone who lived with me on a regular basis.

Now I have 100% “ME” time! I am back to training full time! And I am LOVING IT!

Janine came to visit and looked so worried when I walked into the visiting room to greet her. She asked if I was ok…

I said….”I LOVE IT HERE! I can’t wait to get back to my books and mental training!


The point is this…

YOU can be happy no matter what you are facing, and when you get happy (feeling good…or at least better than you feel now)…everything will start BEING better in your life anyway and all your dreams/desires WILL come true! 



December 25, 2013

Think of all the things you do every day and take for granted.

A good fresh cup of coffee.

A walk in the park.

Petting your dog or cat.

Playing with your kids.

Having a pizza.

Going to a great restaurant and having a spectacular meal.

Going to see a movie at the cinema.

Going for a swim.

Taking a bath.

Getting a massage.

Having a nice glass of wine, or scotch, or a fine cigar! LOL

Are YOU really fully enjoying all those things you take for granted every day?

Are you grateful and thankful and feeling so appreciative for being able to enjoy all those seemingly simple pleasures?

Well, I am so lucky because when I get out of prison, whether months or years from now, I can tell you I will so fully and totally enjoy all those things more than you can ever imagine!

That means I am so lucky to be able to FEEL more gratitude and thankfulness than many of you are allowing yourselves to feel.

I can and will be more appreciative for all those things than you are doing now.

I will be fully savoring those simple experiences and feeling more joy from them than you are now…

And that means, because I will have more intense GOOD feelings doing all those things, that the universe is going to POUR into my life MORE good things than ever before and in such huge quantities it will be almost impossible for me to take it all in!

YOU can have the same…

Just start enjoying EVERY simple pleasure and FEEL SOOOOO grateful that YOU can experience it now!

It will be easy for me…but YOU can do it too!

Enjoy the pizza! REALLY enjoy it…and be SOOOO thankful for all those simple pleasures!



December 28, 2013

I am in the perfect environment to do what I have been wanting to do my whole life, and what I need to do to take me to the next level.

I can focus.

I am getting complete clarity.

I am molding energy.

I am plugging into the ether, the universal field, and downloading knowledge and information that I could never access before, but now I can!

I am clearing patterns that I have never been able to clear.

I am releasing abilities that I have never been able to release, but knew where always there.

I am accessing source energy like never before.

I am in total BLISS!

If they told me I could leave today, I would say NO! I am not finished yet with what I need and WANT to accomplish!


Life is wonderful.

Focus on YOUR dreams.

Don’t let anyone tell you how YOU should be living YOUR life.

Follow your BLISS.

Much love, 


December 30, 2013

This is a powerful secret that I will be going into great detail in the future.

Remember, always LOOK for the gold.

Find the positive aspects of everything.

Find the things to be grateful for in every situation.

The poet said…

I had the blues because I had no shoes…..

Until the day I walked the street…

I saw a man….

who had no feet.

Count YOUR blessings, and when you do, you feel GOOD…

and when you feel GOOD….

what you DESIRE (your dreams) comes into your life!

Much love…


January 3, 2014

When you have desires…what you “want” is your destination.

But sometimes….what you “want” is more in the journey!

If you “want” to go white water rafting…it is the trip down the river…the journey…that is what you want…not the destination where your raft ends up!

If you “want” to go hiking…or trekking….it is more the journey that you really enjoy…not so much getting to your final destination.

If you “want” to go to Rome…then it is more the destination that you will enjoy. 

However…if you really want to experience a full exciting bliss filled life….ALWAYS enjoy the journey…as well as the destination. You will spend more of your life on the “journey” to what you want…than actually “getting there”.

For me, I am in the journey and adventure of a lifetime! I do know the actual destination.

I know exactly where I am going and what my ultimate desire is.

I know what I will “get”…what I “want”.

And I know that there is a journey I MUST go on, in order to get to where I want to go!

There is a place in Zion National Park in Utah called Angels Landing. If your desire is to go there. If your “want” is to get there…there is ONLY ONE way there!

One trail!

One journey!

You might hate the hard dangerous hike…or you might enjoy it…but it is the ONLY way to get to Angels Landing!

For me…there is only ONE road to where I want to go. I choose this road…so I am totally enjoying this journey…because I know I WILL get to my ultimate destination. I MUST go through this wall of fire!

How long will the journey take?

I cannot tell you.

Maybe a few months, maybe a few years, maybe 20 years. It matters not!

I am more excited everyday now than I have been in all my life…because I am 100% following my bliss and going after MY personal ultimate dream!


I finally took the plunge and went after what I have always put off till another day!

I was told about something I could have over 20 years ago…a “place” I could get to where I would find ultimate knowledge and release abilities beyond comprehension….but the ROAD would be ..hmmmmm..”interesting!”. 

Some may say the road would be hard, dangerous, scary…for me I reframed it and made it a road full of excitement and adventure! And now I am on that road…and enjoying the journey!

Enjoy YOUR journeys you will go on as you go after your dreams, your desire, and your “wants”.


ALWAYS enjoy the journey as well and enjoy the destination!

Much Love,


January 4, 2014

One thing I am so thankful and grateful for is the time to train my mind even more!

I am training to completely control my mind and thoughts even more than before!

I am training my mind to focus more than ever and with even more power!

I love being in training again!

This forced upon me environment (actually created by my own desires) is the PERFECT place and time to do this training!

I feel sooooo lucky!

Do YOU feel lucky with YOUR life?

Think about it!


change the way you look at things or simply create the environment you want!



January 6, 2014

If there was a Bible for those of you who listen to my audios it would be the book Ask and it is Given.

Being here, I have the amazing opportunity to spend most of my day reading and actually DOING the processes in that book!

We all make excuses (me included) as to why we do not actually DO the processes in the book Ask and it is Given. We say…I don’t need that…I will do it tomorrow. I don’t have time right now….etc…

I can tell you….when you actually DO them…MAGIC happens!

I am sooo blessed to have created the perfect situation for ME to have the time to read, study, do the processes, tap into the ether, meditate, exercise, relax, recharge, and create the next chapter in my thrilling exciting adventure fun filled life!


I hope you love yours!

Life is what you make of it!

You feel as good as you CHOOSE to feel!

Much Love,


January 7, 2014

Please send love (pray) on a daily basis to both judges in my case, Judge Gettleman (civil contempt case) and Judge Guzman (criminal contempt case), as well as the Mr. Cohen of the FTC, all members of the FTC handling my civil contempt case, and all members of the US Attorney’s office handling my criminal contempt case.

We talk about “love your enemies”, and recall Jesus on the cross praying to GOD the Father “forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

We must walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

We must practice what we preach.

Forgive and give unconditional love to ALL without exception!

In reality we do not have to “forgive” anyone involved in my cases as they did nothing that needs forgiving.

And there are no “enemies”.

I alone am responsible.

I take 100% responsibility for my legal and court situations.

I am the one that is asking THEM to forgive ME.

I am sending ALL of them energetic unconditional love.

I am telling THEM that I am sorry.

I feel nothing but compassion and love for all of them.

I also ask and pray for their compassion and forgiveness, mercy and leniency in dealing with my sentence and punishment.

We are all one.

Everything is one.

There are not “enemies”.

There is not “evil” and “good” per say.

A cat is whole. The head and tail are both part of the cat. One is not “good” and the other “bad”. If the cat bites the tail…the cat hurts himself!

This is why we must only LOVE…..everyone and everything…for we are all connected.

When we LOVE…we help ourselves…when we hate or retaliate…we hurt ourselves.

I know the universe is perfection and all IS well.

All is perfect no matter what “happens” or what things “appear or seem”.

So please pray and send love to all involved in my case. Wish only the best for them and their families. Want only good things for them.

Send them peace, compassion and unconditional love.

They deserve it!



January 9, 2014

I hope you understand that we can energetically communicate with other people to varying degrees, based on each person’s “resistance and energetical interference”.

You can also communicate with people that have died…That have “passed” and it is MUCH easier to communicate with them because even though YOU have resistance and interference …THE DEAD person has NO resistance and NO interference.

I talked about this at the seminar I did in Washington DC last month. (Contact the Global Information Network at for more information)

Much love to all of you,


January 10, 2014

Every day I feel so “on purpose” with my life. I am engaging in my personal life’s purpose with 100% clarity and certainty.

Every day is a super perfect productive day!

How is your day?!

I am loving the journey.

And I am excited about my personal destination…the end phenomena!

How long it takes means nothing to me. If it takes months…years…or 20 years….it matters not…I am 100% “on purpose” with my life and loving it!

YOU need to feel good every day and life will be a joy to live! Try to live each day of YOUR life…100% “on purpose’.

Much Love,


January 11, 2014

I sat with a man today who looked sad.

He said he was getting out in about 12 months.

I was happy for him. But he was depressed because he said he had nothing waiting for him when he would be released.

I asked him why he was sad when he should be excited. He looked at me strange.

I told him when I get out I will have nothing. I will be homeless and penniless. All I will have is a few suitcase and clothes.

And I told him how excited I was!

Think about it I said…you are being given a second chance…a clean slate to start over…A do over for your life…a blank canvas where you can create whatever you want for you future.

He looked perplexed.

I told him to think about it. I am sure he will.

Think about YOUR life…it is what YOU MAKE it to be and choose it to be.

I am EXCITED about the future…like a little kid! And it matters not, if I am here 1 year or 20 year…whenever I get out….I will be stronger…

Are YOU thinking like this? You should…go for your dreams!



January 12, 2014

Someone wrote me and said…Kevin, your roommate is so lucky to have YOU (Kevin) as a roommate.

I never thought about that…all I thought was how lucky I was to have HIM as a roommate!

Think about that!

You see, people are ALL different. No 2 people are the same. We ALL are different and we can learn from and benefit from everyone we meet.

More important is the fact that we are all very much the same.

The fact is, people are more the same than we are different…the more we get to know people of all different types the more we learn about “people” and the more we see we are all really the same.

This is the key to our self-image.

We begin to see that WE are just as “good” as the most successful person we can think of.

When you believe in yourself….the world is YOURS!



January 13, 2014

The secret to gaining massive material riches is “motivation”.

The secret to gaining massive happiness and bliss (and plenty of material riches) is “inspiration’.

Motivation is when you are driven by fear of pain.

Inspiration is when you are driven by love and desire for pleasure.

January 16, 2014

Another interesting fact…every night the main room on my floor turns into a huge card room for about 4 hours!

Over 50 guys sit around playing various card games. Some play with the same guys each night…some move from table to table…game to game and mix it up. We play spades, hearts, casino, poker, Gin etc. There are Texas Hold-em tournaments from time to time. I played in 3 tournaments so far and won all three!

The amazing things I noted are…there are all these different cultures…and we all get along!

No one criticizes anyone else.

Everyone is so upbeat and positive!

There are no cell phones, or smart phones…no texting…googling, etc.

Everyone is just in the moment socializing.


It is SO much fun and soooo cool!

I play Gin everyday with 2 guys.

We could not be more different.

We play cards and laugh all night!

We enjoy each other’s company and enjoy getting to know a little about each of our different cultures…rap music…inner city speech..I read books…they watch TV all day or listen to their rap music!

LOL So fun!

In your life….are YOU socializing like me??

I can tell you this…you grow as a person when you are being truly in the now socializing with other human beings!

Communing with others is truly special…

much love from the front lines!

Much Love,


January 18, 2014

I am rereading all my personal “basic training” books I got from my “uncle” over 30 years ago!

Before I started reading the books I was taught the “truth” about vibrations and how “it works”.

Then I was told to read the books knowing that they are being influenced by a man’s ideas and perceptions of the truth and may not BE the truth. They are going through a person’s “filter”…so read with discernment.

Read knowing what is really true and knowing how it works.


For you that means…read Ask and it is Given and the other Abraham books so you know the truth (or listen to the Success Mastery Course, Your Wish is your Command and the Science of Personal Mastery Course)..

THEN read the other books and WOW you will see what I am talking about!

I am reading Og Mandino’s books…Amazing!

I forgot all about his books! I read them almost 35 years ago!!..I am rereading psycho-cybernetics…the magic of believing….the power of positive thinking…success through a positive mental attitude…the magic of thinking big….and others too like…man’s search for meaning…I am SOOOO loving it!!

You need to read EVERYDAY…with discernment.

All reading is beneficial, especially when you challenge what is read with your own knowledge and understanding of the “truth” as it is how it really works!

The more good stuff you put into your mind, on a regular basis…the faster all your dreams come to pass.

Og Mandino points out the true secret is having positive success habits and being a SLAVE to them! This is unconscious competence! READ the books!! and Internalize the material and “know” it!

All your dreams can and will come true!

Much love,


January 21, 2014

Everyone here has been accused of committing a federal crime.

No one is here for selling Bibles!


There are mostly uneducated, but some educated…mostly poor, but some came from money and means, black, white, Mexican, Europeans…mostly minorities. Mostly under 30 years old. Most facing 10 years to life.

We all created this experience by our own thoughts.

Most did so without knowing what they were doing.

They programmed themselves for failure.

I see it ever day here. Most sit and watch “reality“ TV or Jerry Springer type shows most of the time and at the same time they have their MP3 player headphones in their ears listening to “music”. They sing out loud the lyrics…all negative!!

Amazing to watch!

It is so obvious with all that negative “input” CONSTANTLY… That they will vibrate frequencies that will give them more of what they do not want.

YOU know this!

So read books, listen to audios, and SPEAK and THINK good things everyday…ALL DAY!

You create your own happiness and bliss and it starts with what YOU input on a regular consistent basis!



January 23, 2014

I am doing several kinds of meditations…focusing on…sound…a mantra…an object…a smell…and a body movement…as well as others…

I am so blessed to have not a worry in the world or have any distractions.

And have all the time I need to do these things.

I am going places you will never have the time, patience or perseverance to get to….

but YOU will benefit from my personal journey, experiences and gained knowledge and abilities…

can’t wait to see you all again…at the perfect time and place…

thank you universe for being always delivering PERFECTION!

Much Love, Kevin

January 24, 2014

It is so easy to find goodness in everyone when your heart is open.

It is easy to see Love shining from everyone and everything giving YOU joy and peace.

It is a magical experience.

Mother Theresa said when she first went to the slums of Calcutta and experienced the poverty, sorrow, crime, sickness, and hopelessness she wanted to run away and not deal with it or confront it. It was only after repeated exposure did she become “compassionate” and understanding to the people and really “love” everyone she met.

Her heart opened.

When YOU can experience compassion and understanding towards other humans without exception and when you can really feel unconditional “love” to all people without exception YOU magically change and your life magically changes.

Feeling people’s pain and sorrows and fears has opened my heart to compassion, understanding, humility, and love to levels I did not even know existed.

Being totally nonjudgmental and instantly and effortlessly seeing “love” in all I meet is heaven!

I am so thankful for this gift that will be with me for the rest of my life.

I am blessed.

In YOUR life, look at people and try to feel more compassion, understanding, non-judgmental, and then give them energetically “unconditional love”, and watch YOUR life become magical and enhanced than you could ever imagine!

Love to all…..KT

January 31, 2014

Here is a secret to manifesting.

Here is the secret to getting everything you want.

When you miss someone or something, you feel “bad”. That vibration stops the things you want to come into your life.

Remember, ideally, you need a majority of your vibrational composite to be that of love and appreciation.

So when I think of someone not with me, I do not “miss them” and feel “sad” (bad). I feel great love, appreciation and thankfulness for getting to know that person, spending time with them, and having them in my life.

So when I think of them….I feel “GOOD!”. 

When I think of my family or my dog, I do not “miss them” and feel bad….I feel so excited thinking about seeing them again!

I feel love and appreciation for the fact that I WILL at some point see them and be with them again and feel love and appreciation FOR them.

So when I think of them, I feel…”GOOD!”.

This is a little distinction that will make all the difference for you!

Think about it!…

Feel good NOW!



February 14, 2014


Nothing “out there” or external will make you happy and feel secure, but it sure appears or seems that way!

Happiness and security is ultimately a choice, and comes 100% from within.

It appears that attaining things brings you a feeling of security and happiness. Things like money, success, a car, a vacation, a lover or relationship, another person, a good job or boss or business, etc etc.

It seems when you attain or acquire your desires, when things are going “well or good”, you feel happy and secure, and when you “lose” these things (your lover leaves you or you lose your job or all your money), you feel sad and have fear to some degree.

When you “realize” that you can actually BE happy and FEEL secure ANYTIME, ANYPLACE and regardless of the conditions or situation, spiritual goals (such as awareness and enlightenment) become a prime focus instead of trying to attain material possessions or “get or gain” something.

Living in total integrity and 100% responsibility is your priority and new standard, and the results are you are happier than ever in your life and feel more secure than ever and you do GET all “things’ you want anyway!

Imagine being INCAPABLE of feeling any negative emotion to any significant degree or duration!

No matter how hard you try!

No matter what the situation or circumstances or current condition you are experiencing no matter how “bad” it is!

Imagine no fear, sadness, depression, stress, anxiety, jealously, guilt, grief, anguish, anger, rage, hate, despair, hopelessness, shame, regret, etc etc.

Imagine at all times feeling various degrees and intensities of love, happiness, bliss, joy, peace, security, contentment, and serenity.

Imagine seeing only the “good” and “beauty in everything and everyone without even trying!

Imagine seeing the gold in everything and everyone effortlessly and automatically as it simply is “there” and presents itself to you.

Imagine feeling grateful, thankful, and appreciative “all the time’…without trying!



This is an “ability” you have and I can show you how to “release” it as I have done!

If you want more information about the Science of Personal Mastery Course, send an email to The Course is provided free of charge to members of The Global Information Network. You may also use the same email address to obtain information on purchasing the course if you are not a member of GIN.

Much love.


February 23, 2014

Are you living in Heaven or Hell?

It really is your perception and your choice as how you “frame” it, and what you are focused on.

If you read my past posts (and I hope you have read all of them), I talk about all the positive aspects of prison!


For me this is simply a habit, as I always look for the good, the gold, the positive aspects in everything, and all the things to be grateful and thankful for.

This way I am almost ALWAYS feeling GOOD!

I could very easily do the opposite and tell you all the horrible things about being in prison. Examples…loss of freedom, not being able to see my family and friends, not being able to see or hold my dog, not being able to go outside and get fresh air, terrible food, a small uncomfortable bed with no pillow, whole body strip searches, being locked in a cell every day for various periods of time, bad instant coffee, sitting wondering if I will ever be able to see my parents alive again as I am facing 20 plus years!

This list could go on and on and on.

But the fact remains.


So, I have a choice, I can be in prison and be miserable and feel horrible, sad, depressed, fearful etc….or I can be in prison and feel happiness, joy, positive expectation for the future, peace, bliss.

The choice is MINE.

Victor Frankle survived a Nazi concentration camp. In his book, Mans Search for Meaning, he said, no one can ever take away man’s ability to choose how he feels.

You always have the POWER to control your feelings, which means you always have the power to control your life!

Choose wisely!

Love to you all!


March 3, 2014

People sometimes are frustrated with their current situation and unhappy about things in their life.

What you should do, is know that YOU caused it and YOU can change it, with your thoughts!

Also…you must understand that there is a time for everything and you should enjoy the moment no matter what…as doing that will change it for the better faster anyway!

Remember…there is a time for planting seeds…a time for nurturing and cultivating the soil…a time to pull weeds….a time to water the plants… a time for harvest….and a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

There is a time to rest…and a time to work.

There is a time to prepare, train, plan….and there is a time to execute your plans and go to battle.

No matter where you are and what your situation is…you CAN be happy and fulfilled!

Do it!

Much love,


March 5, 2014

I did something very dangerous yesterday.

It was part of my mental training.

I woke up and was determined to look for the “dirt’ instead of the gold!

This is a slippery slope as it might have been hard to get out of the abyss I knew I was going into…but I knew I had the mental power to pull myself out and passing this test would be very beneficial to me at this point in my training.

It was easy to find the dirt, it was everywhere!

I realized I was actually in prison!


Prison sucks! It is horrible. This is a nightmare. It is depressing, ugly, torture, and scary. It is really hell. Instantly I felt bad. I felt all the bad emotions. It happened fast and furious, and it was like a runaway freight train.

People around noticed right away…saying ” Kev are you alright? Did something bad happen?”

When you look for dirt and focus on it, the universe will keep giving you more terrible things to look at.

When you feel bad and think a bad thought, the universe keeps giving you (because you attract it) more and more bad thoughts…it takes a life of its own.

I then pulled myself out!

I knew going into the exercise I had the power at any moment to pull myself out because I always can deliberately focus my mind on something good.

So I did.

I did not feel good right away. You can’t go from feeling terrible to feeling bliss…you can only go from feeling terrible to feeling a little less terrible…little by little…you move up the emotional scale.

I did this…but I am really well trained now! It only took me a couple minutes and I was back feeling amazing!

You see, this place IS hell….AND it IS also heaven!

You have the power to make ANYTHING heaven or hell.

I have the power to make this place and this experience heaven for me. I have the power to make it anything I want.

So do you. You have the power to turn YOUR hell (your negative situations) into something very positive for you.

YOU have the power of your mind and where you focus your thoughts.

Look for the gold in everything. Look for the positive aspects in everything…they ARE there!

Find them…focus on them….and get feeling BETTER…THEN and only then will your reality change into a bliss experience….because you are feeling blissful in your CURRENT situation.

Much love,


March 13, 2014

My sentencing date is Monday, March 17th.

How long will I have to be in prison? 6 months? 6 years? 20 years?

No one knows. But we all will find out soon! 

I know I will get out as soon as is perfect. The universe knows what is best for my highest good. (28 years was for Mandala and the country of South Africa’s highest good!)

Whatever it is it is.

A piece of coal needs a certain amount of time and pressure before it transforms into a diamond.

I need a certain amount of time and “pressure’ for me to reach my spiritual goals and desires and for me to release all the abilities I want to release.

The universe knows the answer.

I am thankful for this experience and the growth I am achieving.

I could have never achieved spiritually what I have if it were not for this experience, environment, and all that has happened.

And I am doing things I always wanted to do…like let my hair grow! I have not cut my hair since I have been here! I look almost like a cross between a crazy professor and a hippie! And my grey hairs are pouring in! I also am not wearing contact lenses and letting my eyes rest after all those years of contact lenses use. My super thick “coke bottle” glasses make my eyes so small looking! I feel like Mr. Magoo!! I look so funny! We all have a great laugh with my crazy greying long hair and Mr. Magoo glasses!

Every day is a great day for me as I am one day closer to being free, and I to continue my “lessons” and training exercises!

Be happy everyday…life is way too short!

Much Love…


March 14, 2014

The Golden Rule says Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you.

The word translated DO actually means more than do…it also means think about, wish for etc.

So…THINK about OTHERS, WISH for OTHERS, and DO to and for others and you want them to THINK about YOU, and WISH for YOU, and DO for and to YOU.


Whatever you think about, wish for, and do to others, YOU will, in time receive YOURSELF!

Thus…..LOVE your enemies! Praise your enemies. Ask God to BLESS your enemies with all the things YOU want God to Bless YOU with!

We are ALL one.

What you do unto the least of my brethren you do unto me.

Think about that.

Life can be easy.

Feel joy everyday no matter what, without exception.

Feel unconditional love, appreciation, understanding, acceptance and compassion for everyone without exception.

See GOD and perfection in ALL people and things without exception.

Know that everything is perfect right now.

Do this and your experience will be filled with people circumstances events, conditions, and situations that based on YOUR preferences will give you feelings of joy, bliss and thankfulness.

Much love…you and I am one.


March 16, 2014

The time has come.

I get sentenced Monday, March 17th. The hearing starts at 2pm Chicago time. It will be an interesting day to say the least.

The government will tell the Judge how horrible a person I am.

They will call me a liar, a con man, a fraudster, motivated by greed, and say every bad thing that they can say about me. They will say the Weight Loss Cure book is totally worthless. They will say every book, cd program, and seminar I ever produced is worthless and full of lies. They will show private personal email excerpts to and from my wife, and several female friends.

I ask for forgiveness to those who may be embarrassed by the Government showing those emails.

Please love and support those innocent people that the Government tries to hurt and embarrass, and send love (do not be angry or upset) to those from the Government who are showing the private emails.

The emails may show the roller coaster range of emotions I have personally dealt with while I have been incarcerated.

They will show me as being human.

As you know, negative emotions tell you that your alignment is off. When I first got here, I experienced them all…sadness, loneliness, fear, anxiety etc. I used those emotions to correct my thinking and get back into alignment, which is always a work in progress.

You always feel the most intense emotions with those who are close to you, with me it is my wife. I have done much venting with her via email and let a lot out! She has been so supportive.

They will take everything out of context to make me look as bad as possible. Imagine having someone say half-truths and lies about you, constantly saying horrible things about you. Some of you know what it feels like if you went through a nasty divorce.

It can be very painful. It can make you mad, depressed, and want to lash out.

Because you know what is being said about you is not true, or distorted, taken out of context or misleading.

What I will do at sentencing is sit there, and send them all unconditional love. I will turn the other cheek.

It is easy to love someone who loves you.

You need to love people WITHOUT condition.

You need to love people when they HATE you, lie about you, say horrible things about you, try to hurt you, and attack you. (even though it can be painful and embarrassing) 

You can be kind to people who are kind to you, and be kind to people who are unkind to you, ONLY IF kindness is your nature.

I am working on making unconditional love and kindness my nature, more and more each day.

Monday will be a wonderful day for me, as I get to show (energetically) my true nature, which is becoming more unconditional loving than ever, and totally accepting without condition. (a constant work in progress!)

I will turn the other cheek.

I am human, thus I am flawed, as we all are. I have made mistakes in the past and I take responsibility for all my actions. I am still learning and still the student. Yet I know God (Source, the Universe) unconditionally loves and accepts me even with my weaknesses, flaws, and mistakes. I will be sentenced by Judge Guzman.

Whatever the sentence, I will be thankful.

I know the Universe (God) will allow me to be free from prison at the perfect time for my highest good.

Today I am at peace.

Monday, no matter what happens and no matter what the sentence is, I will still be at peace, because peace is my nature.(still a work in progress!)

Much love to you all, and thank you all for your unconditional love and support.


March 19, 2014

Had a great night’s sleep after the sentencing!

Mandela got 28 years, I was blessed to get only 10. I have deep love and appreciation for the Judge and the prosecutors. Please send them love.

A 10 year sentence means I will be out between 6-8 years depending on certain things. I will appeal the sentence and the verdict. I might get the verdict overturned and/or the sentence reduced.

The Universe knows what is best and perfect. You must trust Divine Timing.

I will use my time in prison, however long that turns out to be, to my advantage.

There are reasons for everything.

I KNOW my personal desires ARE being manifested. The HOW, and WHEN do not concern me, as the Divine knows and delivers Perfection in everything.

Learn to trust. 

When I heard the sentence, I knew there were amazing things off the radar screen I did not see yet. I felt so excited for my upcoming adventure and all the blessings that are in store for me!

Time issues cause much negative emotions with people. You want something, but don’t have it NOW, and you feel bad.

Space also causes negative emotions issues. You are here, and want to be there, and you feel bad.


In the energy dimension, there is no time and space.

If you see everything as energy, WHEN something happens or manifests in THIS time/space reality does not matter anymore, as you begin to understand that everything reveals itself at the absolute perfect time.

This temporary time away is my personal exciting adventure for growth, learning, and where I am releasing abilities that I will be able to teach to you all!

There are people I must meet, and who must meet me. There are experiences and emotions I must confront. There are walls of fire I must walk through. There are breakthroughs I must make.

All is being given to me in perfect divine order for the highest good of everyone.

Thank you again for all your love and support.

Everything is Perfect!

Much love.


March 23, 2014

I was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment the other day…

How do I feel?



I do not believe, but KNOW that everything is perfect as I feel so good.

My MIND thinks I should have got a lot less time, but I FEEL 100% perfect with the sentence.

Everything will work out in perfect divine order.

I am so thankful and appreciative of all of you and all your love and support.

Smile and be happy.

All is well.

All is perfect.

Still believe I will be free much sooner as miracles DO happen to those who believe!

I am at peace and will sleep very well tonight, bathed in love.

I am sending you all love as well.


March 31, 2014

Thank you all again for the daily dose of cards and letters! Keep them coming! They are my inspiration! Enclose pictures of yourself and your address and I just might mail you back!

If you are new, go back and read all my posts on this blog!

And, very important, spread the word and get more and more people reading this blog daily! We need over 100,000 people a day reading this blog…YOU can make that happen. And YOU will benefit as well when you get people to read this daily…it is how the universe works. 

Interesting thing happened tonight…there was a prayer group that spontaneously met for a short prayer session…the word spread and a bunch of men joined in. We all met in the back room and held hands.

One inmate said he was moved to express how thankful and grateful he is for everything in his life and he was amazed that today all he noticed and all he thought about was things to be thankful for! He said it was one of the best days of his life. He felt so good! Spontaneously man after man spoke out loud mentioning things they were thankful and grateful for…everyone was smiling…laughing…and happy….

I can tell you, the energy in the whole unit has been permanently changed for the better.

YOU can be that powerful source of energy everywhere you go and with everyone you meet.

You don’t have to say or do anything…it just will happen!



April 4, 2014

Be positive.

Be happy.

Feel good now.

It is easy to feel good when things go as you “think” they should go.

The magic happens when you feel good when things “appear” to be bad. Because, you CAN see that what appears to be bad things, are NOT bad at all, but perfection, and GREAT!

When your attitude is right the facts don’t count.

You must call things that be not as THOUGH they were!

You must claim things unseen as if they ARE seen.

In every “adversity” (what you THINK or CLAIM to be an adversity) is a seed of a larger positive benefit!

The bigger the “adversity”, the larger the seed for an even larger more positive benefit. “Adversity” causes you to strongly desire what you want. That desire is the seed! Be thankful and appreciative for “adversity”!

The key is to do not look at the adversity as a bad thing, but actually see it and feel it as a good thing, a great thing!

Find the gold in the “adversity”.

The DESIRE of what you want is automatic! Thus the seed is automatically planted when you experience the “adversity’. The feeling good in the middle of the “adversity” germinates the seed and produces the great positive result. This has happened my entire life.

When the Government sued me for Coral Calcium, it looked like I was out of the TV Infomercial business forever. But I could do a book. I never thought about doing a book…but out of that tremendous adversity came the book Natural Cures. Millions of people have been positively affected by that book.

When I was fined $37 million for the weight loss cure book, out of that “disaster” came Your Wish is Your Command and GIN!

I am so thankful for that $37 million fine, aren’t you?!

Now I got a 10 year prison sentence.

First I am so thankful it was not over 20 years!


I got a miracle!

I am going to take the few short years I will have in prison (and the time will go sooo fast!) and make it the best years of my life!

I am so thankful and blessed.

And I am SOO excited about the amazing wonderful seed that has been planted that WILL manifest very soon!

In a few years, we all will be saying, “the 10 year sentence was the absolute best thing that could of ever happened to KT and for everyone!”

You are about to witness a miracle right before your eyes!

Remember, with God (Source energy) ALL things are possible!

I’m excited how about you?!

Much love..


April 7, 2014

The first step to manifesting your dream/desire/what you want, is to look at your current experience right now.

Look at everything.

Your health, body, relationships, financial situation, house/home, car, cloths, job, etc.

Really look at it and see it.

How does it make you feel?

Is it what you want and desire?

Instantly, without you even knowing consciously, you have made new choices about what you NOW, DO want, based on what you are looking at and how it makes you feel.

You have just created new desires, wants, and dreams.

Most people stop here.

They continue to look at who they are, what they are doing, and what they have.

They focus on what IS their current reality and feel BAD about it because it is not what they want.

They want things different.

They might even think about what they DO want and feel bad because they do not have it now!

Things thus never change.

The secret is AFTER you look at everything in your life and feel the feelings…do 2 things.

First, consciously decide and clarify what you want NOW, DO want.

Picture it.

Think about it.

Write it down.

Imagine you already are living it and having it and FEEL the way you WOULD feel if you already were in possession of your desires.

You should feel fantastic.

NOW look at everything in your life right now and realize YOU created everything in your CURRENT experience!

You and only you created it…so be proud of your creation and love it!…see it as perfect right now….see the perfection in it…be thankful for it as it allows you to clarify what you want…and ENJOY IT and LOVE IT RIGHT NOW!


That is the secret. 

Two things happen when you follow this formula.

One, you feel good right now! You are happy, full of joy and living in appreciation.

Second, BECAUSE you LOVE your current creation and feel good now, you bring your NEW choices, desires, dreams and wants, into your reality faster!

Love your created it..and you can create something different if you choose.

Peace and love to you all.


April 10, 2014

Mahatma Gandhi said “You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind!”

Your mind and your thoughts allow you to feel good anytime, anyplace, no matter what the condition.

People ask me about my life and how I view all the things that I have gone through.

I say to them with a big smile and abundant joy, happiness, ecstasy, passion, and glee in my heart…I have LOVED my life as I have chosen to live a life full of exciting exhilarating adventures and experiences!

My life was what I choose.

And as I experienced things I created, if I did not like them, I simply created something new! 

We all come into this physical life with our own purpose, life plan, and preferences.

You have yours, and I have mine.

One person’s life is not better than another.

If a person is blissfully happy doing and experiencing life in a way YOU would not choose, do not judge or criticize them.

Live and let live…and be HAPPY for them as they are following their bliss.

And most importantly, YOU follow YOUR bliss and stop looking at, being obsessed with, and comparing with, other people. 

Consider going back on this blog/posts and reading all my posts since I was incarcerated Nov 12th. There are nuggets of gold. I am leaving clues and secrets about happiness and manifesting your desires.

I am excited about the day when I will be in front of you live teaching you and answering all your questions!



April 12, 2014

People have a tendency to judge how others choose to live.

This is hindering YOUR dreams/desires from manifesting into your life.

You may look at someone who has a life and experiences YOU would not want.

You may think they are suffering.

Yet they do not complain.

YOU assume they are suffering in silence or are in denial.

But a true Master does not suffer at all.

They do not complain about their condition, experience, or circumstances because they ARE NOT SUFFERING!

And they know they created them and they can change them anytime they want!

They KNOW they are simply experiencing a set of circumstances and conditions that they created and choose.

YOU would call it insufferable, but THEY are loving the adventure, thrill, excitement, and exhilaration of living life as they choose.

They see the perfection in their condition.

They love it and appreciate it as it is THEIR creation. 

For me as an example, I have created exactly what I wanted.

YOU do not know MY desires/wants/dreams.

But I can tell you I am exactly where I need to be for the manifestation of my desires.

I have created the PERFECT creative workshop where I can focus my mind and thoughts and create the next phase of my life.

I can not do any action here, all I have is my thoughts.

I will show you all, that with thoughts ALONE and NO action, you can magically create YOUR perfect life as YOU choose it to be.

When your Dream is bigger than YOU, you will be given the gift of seeing energy and seeing things from a broader perspective and with a different perspective on TIME.

From this view point, and seeing things from this view point, you get ECSTATIC beyond words because you see everything as a final completed perfect result better than you could have ever dreamed!

I see this. I know this.

You can too!

Hint…think about over 100 million people around the world knowing this training…vibrating at a high level of love and peace…each one positively effecting hundreds of other people…..hmmmmm….the best is yet to come!

Harmony and Peace and Joy!



April 17, 2014

Here is a secret to manifesting your desires.

Think about this fact. If a specific event can make you feel a certain way, then feeling that same way will make that specific event happen in your life.

That is the secret to creating what you want to experience in your life.

Think of what you desire.

IF you had that RIGHT now, how would you feel?

Then FEEL that right now while thinking of your desire.

Do that right before you go to bed.

Drift off to sleep FEELING the FEELINGS you WOULD have IF you HAD what you desire NOW.

In time…you WILL HAVE it in your experience.

More on these mysteries and exactly HOW to do it are in the Science of Personal Master Course. (If you want more information about the Science of Personal Mastery Course, send an email to Support@GinUnited. The Course is provided free of charge to members of The Global Information Network. You may also use the same email address to obtain information on purchasing the course if you are not a member of GIN.)

Much love from the front lines!


April 21, 2014

Since I arrived here at MCC, amazing things are happening every day.

There are African American men, Mexican men, and white men here. And a few Europeans, Asians and South Americans. Many are gang members. The crimes they are charged with include murder, armed bank robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, selling or possessing drugs, kidnapping, selling, possessing, or using illegal firearms, pimping and human trafficking and a few bankruptcy fraud, and tax invasion cases. There are a few other kind of crimes as well.

Oh, and ONE contempt of court for exercising first amendment rights on TV and in a book!


The men here speak English, inner city English (which I STILL have a very hard time understanding as I have to constantly ask..WHAT did you just say?! (LOL), Spanish, Polish and Russian. Ages range from 20’s, 30’s, and a few (like me) over 40. There are Muslins, Moors, Jews, Christians of all denominations, Pagans, Buddhists, Hindu’s, and about 10 other religions represented.

Yet everyone gets along so well.

It is wonderful.

It is quite amazing how harmonious everyone is with one another. The men are mostly caring, kind, thoughtful, considerate, friendly, and generous. Everyone laughs and smiles most of the time.

It is quite amazing to see all this diversity blend together so well.

I was told by the correction officers that everything here is amazingly peaceful, calm and harmonious lately.

You get in life what you expect.

You see, and experience in your life what you WANT and EXPECT to see and experience.

YOU create what you experience.

And YOUR energy affects all those around you.

When YOUR energy and vibration is high (peace, harmony, love, acceptance, understanding, appreciation, contentment, serenity) YOU raise everyone’s vibration around you. YOU can create a harmonious environment ANYWHERE…even in a jail or prison with violent criminals!

If I can do it here, YOU can do it at home with your kids or at your office with your coworkers or anywhere you are and at any time YOU want.

I will teach you HOW to do this.

You actually “control” your environment and the people around you WITHOUT trying or wanting to control them!

You are more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Believe in YOUR dreams.

I deeply love you all.


April 27, 2014

What is Success?

What is Failure?

Ask 100 people and you might get 100 different answers.

Would you consider yourself a success if you achieved your desires, or were in the process of achieving your desires?

Or would you be successful if you simply felt total joy, peace, and contentment?

Post YOUR definition of success here.

Let’s see what we can come up with!

Now, failure….

Are you a failure if you did not achieve your desires or you still have desires that you do not have right now?

Can you EVER achieve ALL your desires?

Or are you always getting new desires as soon as one desire is achieved?

Is failure simply feeling bad?

Post YOUR definition of failure here.

Let’s see what we can come up with!

For me….I have one and only one desire. Feeling good! That is ALL that matters! It matters not what OTHER people think or say. I would not trade places with anyone.

I adore, appreciate, and love my life. I am exhilarated being me! I am at peace and harmony with myself and the Universe.

I feel bliss, joy, contentment, tranquility, ecstasy, love, happiness, enthusiasm, excitement, fun, etc etc.

What more can anyone ask?!

AND, no matter WHAT happens, or what the conditions are around me, I always feel good in varying degrees.

Life is simply a beautiful, fun, exciting adventure! No stress, drama, trauma, negativity, anger, hate, depression etc.

What do YOU want in YOUR life?

There are EASY (LOL) methods to achieve this kind of enlightenment and state of bliss.

I will teach you the secrets I have discovered…SOON (right here so keep reading this page)!

Remember, Source (God) LOVES you and KNOWS and sees you as perfect because you are perfect.

I am one with you and love you too!


May 3, 2014

People say to me ” I bet you will be very happy when you get out of prison and back with your friends and family.”

Yes, that is true. But here is the secret.

I am happy RIGHT NOW.

I will NOT be HAPPIER when I get out!

I think about getting out and feel happiness. Then I look at my current situation, see the perfection in it and feel the SAME happiness as I WILL feel when I get out!

That is the secret to both getting what you want AND being happy all the time!

You MUST see that your current situation is perfect.

It is always what YOU chose, YOU created, YOU invited into your experience and YOU manifested!

Do NOT despise your current situation. YOU and only YOU created it with your vibration (thoughts, attention, feelings, emotions, focus). It IS for YOUR benefit if you look for the gold.

Some people say “but I cannot see HOW this is for my benefit”.

The answer is the benefit is off the radar screen.

You WILL see HOW and WHY it is of benefit to you later on down the road.

People say “someday we will look back at this and laugh.”

Why wait? Be happy and laugh now! 

Treat your current experience as a glass of the best champagne.

See your current situation as very good.

Now, just like drinking fine champagne, you can CHOOSE to have something else.

You do not hate the champagne, you still love it, you just simply CHOOSE to enjoy something new or different. 

Same with your current situation.

Look at it, see the perfection in it, love it, feel good, then if you want something else, simply choose that, think about that, feel good when you think about the new thing you want to experience and replace the current situation…but always still feel good when you look at your current situation!

Life is a co-creative experience.

Every person you meet is for a reason.

Maybe THEY needed to meet YOU! Or maybe YOU needed to meet THEM. Or maybe (actually this is the truth), you BOTH needed to meet each other.

So, with everyone you meet, ask what can I learn from THEM? And ask, what can I GIVE to them? Doing this will make you feel enriched and empowered.

Take life less seriously.

Have more fun. Laugh more. Play more…..and watch your desires and dreams begin to manifest.

But you won’t even care that much or notice because you are already having too much fun!

The mystery of life is when you don’t care if you get your desire and are happy right now when you do not have it…that is when it comes to you without effort.

As the saying goes, you will get it when you least expect it.

Now that truth might make sense.

Sending you infinite peace, harmony, tranquility, serenity, and the deepest appreciation.

I love you all just the way you are as I can feel your energy (who you really are) and you ARE perfect right now!


May 12, 2014

A poor person is not someone who has little….he is a person who WANTS lots of things he does not have and feels bad about that fact!

Most people think of security in what they have…their house…their job…their investments and savings…their family etc.

But true security is knowing what you can live without!

Think about that.

When you realize ALL can be taken from you, and you will be 100% ok…THEN you have the ultimate sense of security, peace and freedom.

When you have nothing left to lose and you realize you are OK….all illusions and fears leave you…you become blissful…and totally FREE!

These are concepts I learned over 35 years ago from Og Mandino…and Janis Joplin!



May 16, 2014

As I said in a previous post there is a lot of card playing here. Spades, Gin, Rummy, poker…sometimes Texas Hold-em tournaments, casino and other card games. Plus the men play ping pong ( I am not very good, so everyone gets a good laugh!), chess, board games like monopoly, Risk, battleship, checkers and chess…and Dominos!

Yes we all have fun every day.

We laugh and smile every day.

But no one here is really taking full advantage of the time to really better themselves.

Most are just “passing the time”.

In YOUR life, are YOU just passing the time?

I would encourage you to make every day count.

Enjoy it. Have fun. Laugh. Smile.

But also…. read, listen to audios.

Do something productive and do some actions that are helping you get closer to your goals…you will feel better about yourself and your all powerful most important self-image will be even better!

Loving my life and hoping you do as well!

I wish everyone reading this was as lucky as I am!

Love and peace..


May 19, 2014

There are many old sayings…This is a blessing in disguise; Look at the bright side; look for the gold; look for the silver lining; it is what you make of it; when you are given lemons, make lemonade; there are 2 sides to everything; decide the glass is half full; etc. You probably can think of a dozen more such sayings.

Do you LIVE these sayings?

I do!

In my current situation, I think of all the ways I am actually BENEFITTING from this situation (prison).

Examples…I cannot wear contact lenses here, so I must wear glasses, and I can give my eyes a much needed rest! I cannot smoke cigars here, so I am clearing out my lungs! I do not waste time watching TV here! I have NO stress, I am totally relaxed. No responsibilities, no bills, nothing to worry about, no decisions to make, no appointments, no commitments, no pressure, no emails to answer, no telephone calls to take, no mail, no texts, ..I have all the time in the world to REST…read…meditate…study…play cards…act like a kid again…do mental exercises…tap into the ether and download knowledge and secrets…exercise…eat well…laugh…and enjoy reading all your cards and letters which bring joy to my heart!

I concentrate on feeling BLISS every day!

In YOUR life…count your blessings..look for the good things to be appreciative, and grateful for…and all your dreams will come true!

Much Love,


May 25, 2014

One big question people have is this…You do things that make you feel good…and when you do them you do feel good..then afterward you go back to feeling bad and it seems you get further and further away from your desires. 

This happens alot. I have the 100% answer to why this occurs and the remedy. In the future I will write this solution in full.

This is HUGE.

So many of you are making this simple mistake and it is actually making you ultimately feel worse and worse and making you get further and further away from your desires…The answer to this will absolutely change everything in your life.

Send an email to Support@GinUnited and ask for information on how to get the Science of Personal Master Course which contains all the answers.

Much Love,


May 28, 2014

Kevin has finally arrived at his destination! He is in Montgomery, Alabama Federal Prison Camp now.

His new address is below and I know he will love to hear from you!

BTW this is the best prison camp in the Country…way to manifest KT!!!

Kevin Trudeau – 18046036



May 29, 2014

About 3 weeks ago I was shipped out of MCC Chicago to my new home…Federal Prison Camp Montgomery, Alabama!

It was an unreal, fun adventure for sure! I was flown on “Con Air”! Sent to 3 different transfer centers in Oklahoma and Atlanta. I met some amazing people and had an amazing time!

Now I am at my designated federal facility where I will be doing my “time”. I am appealing the verdict and the sentence as you know. I could hear something within 12-18 months. 

There are almost 1000 nonviolent “criminals” here. Average age is over 50. Average sentence about 30 months. There is lots to do here and I am meeting many famous people. Politicians, billionaires, super star rock musicians, CEO’s of billion dollar companies etc.


I just arrived here. I will update you in a few days on the adventure as well as continue to give you secrets of manifesting YOUR dreams!

The mailing address was posted if you want to write me.

Also, consider going back and reading all my previous posts as they give you key nuggets of gold to help YOU reach your dreams.

Much love!


June 1, 2014

There are different roads to take in life.

None is wrong.

Most of you simply want more STUFF (money, all your bills paid, cars, material things, prestige etc)!

There is nothing right or wrong about this choice. It is neither good nor bad. There is not a “better” choice…just different ones.

Wanting material things, security, pleasurable experiences, good relationships, money, prestige, power, etc is a perfect choice for those who make that choice.

However, you think you will be happy and content WHEN you get more “stuff”.

You think you cannot be truly happy without “stuff”.

But you will never get “enough” money, sex, food, pleasure, power, “stuff”, security, etc to satisfy you!

And you think that if you seek joy, bliss, peace, harmony, serenity, happiness, and contentment as a main focus, you will never get the “stuff”, and you will miss out on the “stuff” (because right now you really want the stuff!) and you think you will never be happy without the stuff.

The fact is you can be, do, and have ANYTHING you want!

So if you want “stuff”, AND you want to be happy, you CAN have both!

If you JUST want joy/bliss etc you will STILL automatically have desires born every time you see your life experience and you will automatically choose a preference/make a choice of what you want or prefer, and a desire is born.

A main block to you being happy and/or getting the “stuff” you want, is you look at other people and judge/criticize them and their choices/preferences.

Focus on yourself.

Accept others. Never judge them. Love them. Appreciate them. See the perfection in them. DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE THEM!

If someone chooses NOT to want stuff, but instead wants to live a Spartan/simple life with little material/worldly possessions…allow them to live the life they want!

That is why I say do not follow the path I have chosen.

I have gone through almost all the levels of consciousness now. This is similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

My choices NOW are quite different than most of you. Not better, just different. But I have been where you are!

Most of you simply want to be able to manifest your desires easier and faster…and ultimately feel good (at peace, happy, contentment, etc).

I would suggest you consider the good emotions…peace, serenity, happiness, joy, bliss, ecstasy, exhilaration, contentment, having fun, laughing, smiling, security, comfort, pleasure, harmony, acceptance, wanted, loved, thankfulness, appreciation, terrific, fantastic, tremendous, amazing, magnificent, etc.

Make a list of all these kinds of words. And then read each one and look up the definition. Feel the feeling of each one.

This is a great exercise with amazing benefits. You will vibrate and feel so good! Which means you will be in a state where all your previous desires/wants can now come into your life!

After you do this, THEN ask yourself “what do I desire/want”.

You might find something interesting has happened!

Enjoy the journey…and I will see you at the top!

Much love..


June 16, 2014

I just finished reading a great book, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

While at MCC Chicago I received 4 copies of this book from 4 different people who sent me the book and thought I would like it. I did not feel compelled to read the book at the time as I had many other books I was already reading. I gave them out to other inmates to read. They loved the book and passed it around.

I never got the books back! LOL

Then I was transferred via “Con Air” to Oklahoma enroute to my new final home here at Federal Prison Camp Montgomery. When I got to my assigned room at the Oklahoma transfer center, there on my bunk, was the same book: Unbroken! It was left by the last inmate who was in that room.

I STILL did not feel compelled to read it!

I just looked at the book for 2 weeks without reading a word. I read several other books that were also left in the room and spent a lot of time talking with my cell mate who had been incarcerated since 1972! What amazing stories!

About 2 weeks later I was transferred (via “Con Air” again) to Atlanta United States Federal Penitentiary transfer/holding center, still enroute to Montgomery. After I arrived and got settled in my cell, I went to the “book cart” and began searching for books. I found another book that was sent to me at MCC that I did not have time to read, so I took that to read while I was at Atlanta. Just as I did, an inmate that I never met, walked in and was returning the book Unbroken. He looked at me and said “You need to read this, it’s great!”.

I just laughed.

The Law of Attraction works every time..perfectly.

I said “thanks, I am sure I will read it soon!” I did not take it, as I already chose to read the other book I picked.

A few days later I was on a bus going to Montgomery. After I arrived and got settled in my new room in a very nice dormitory, I went to the library to see what books they had. Nothing was drawn to me. I left empty handed. As I was checking out all the buildings, facilities, and grounds (the river, golf course, softball field, tennis courts, pool tables, exercise rooms etc) I walked across the compound to the Chapel.

As I talked to some of the inmates there they told me there is a religious library with DVD’s, cds and books so I went to look around. As I walked in, the clerk looked at me, stood up, walked over to a book shelf, grabbed a book, turned around to me and handed me a book and said “read this”.

It was Unbroken.

I simply smiled. How great “Source” (God, the Universe, Infinite Intelligence, The Law of Attraction, Universal Consciousness etc) is!

I encourage you to read this book. When you do, you might remember some of my earlier posts where I talk about forgiveness and loving your enemy.

There are secrets to manifesting your dreams/goals/desires.

There are secrets to being healthy.

There are secrets to being truly happy/blissful/content and at total peace and harmony with yourself and the world around you.

You CAN have it ALL.

Enjoy the book.

You will see you have so much to be thankful for.

The book will help you live in a state of appreciation. Thus being happier more of the time and manifesting all the things in life you want and ask for.

Much love…


June 26, 2014

I am acclimating to my new surroundings!

Each day I do so many things…I have options here each day……I do Kung Fu , tai chi. chi kung…all things I learned from Grand Master Tsai and my shaolin monk friend Shi Yang Ming.

I am enjoying it sooo much and so happy and fulfilled. I have the time now and the ability to focus on myself!

Thank you universe!!


July 2, 2014

Thank you all for your letters and cards. I read them all and they mean so much to me. I appreciate and love you all so much.

One major benefit I have gained from this experience is the outpouring of love and support. I have never felt so loved. It brings tears to my eyes and joy in my heart.

I could go to the grave today feeling totally satisfied!

But I know I still have much to do. This is only halftime!

Many of you thank me for all the sacrifices I have made fighting for free speech, the freedom to express opinions about health in books, on TV and on the internet/media, and empowering people to be independent and take responsibility in their lives. I do not feel I am making sacrifices. What I have “lost” or given up is trivial to what I am gaining.

I have temporarily “lost” or given up things. But I am gaining abilities, experiences, and knowledge that will be with me for eternity.

I have also gained the overwhelming feelings of love that I cannot express in words.

I would pay anything, and trade anything for what I am gaining from this experience.

I can tell you this is the final battle.

My war is over. When I get out of prison, my “fight” is over.

True Freedoms will come now without “force”, and without a “war”, and without resistance, a fight, or constantly beating the drum and pushing against what we do not want.

You will see this.

You MUST know what you do not want. That has happened now…NOW…we focus on what we DO want…and that is when the magic happens!

Keep believing.

And focus on what you want…and feel good NOW!

Much Love,


July 14, 2014

Thank you all again for all the cards/letters/and photos you are sending me.

Special thanks for all those outside of America sending me correspondence. I am getting amazing amounts of mail from people outside of America (as well as from America).

Thank you all. And thank you for all your posts. They do get sent to me to read!

I spend several hours a day reading all your mail and posts!

Much Love,


July 20, 2014

From Mary Miller:

Last week I had the opportunity to visit with Kevin.

He looks very healthy and is very much at peace with his new home. He continues to grow and learn. All of us hit bumps in the road from time to time. Seeing Kevin reminded me that these are truly opportunities to change and grow.

I left him reminded that I am only a victim of my life when I give over control of the driver’s seat. It was just the right day to visit.

Mary Miller

July 30, 2014

Most people do not have a high self-imagine, self-esteem, self-worth or self-love.

Most people do not have very much confidence in themselves.

Most people beat themselves up too much.

If you want to experience inner peace, tranquility, serenity, joy, happiness, and bliss the majority of the time in your life…then you must love yourself more.


You must remember who you really are.

You are an extension (that means you ARE) pure Source energy (God, Love, Universal Consciousness, All-that-IS, I Am that I Am, etc).

You and Source are ONE.

You are not separate from All-that-IS.


You are not working on getting better.


All you are doing is making new choices of what you would like to experience next, based on your perspectives preferences, which are based on your perspective of the contrast you are experiencing.

When you understand and remember who you are, and you begin to see the world from that non-physical energetic viewpoint (which means you are seeing the energy behind everything and everyone in this physical time space reality) you will see and know yourself, the world and others as everything really is…which is…everything/everyone is the same Source energy YOU are and Source is.

Everything is ONE WHOLE.

YOU are everything.


You are here in the physical reality by choice and to be part of expanding the Universe through YOUR choices, desires, wants, preferences, creations, and manifesting.

Take a deep breath and know YOU are pure love.

So LOVE yourself!

And then…watch the magic in your life unfold! 

I love you all. (NOW you might KNOW that I really do mean that!)


August 5, 2014

Things for me are better than ever.

This is an amazing experience in so many ways.

My appeals are in the works, and everything will work out perfectly.

Remember, you can get anything and everything in life you want.

You CAN have it all.

When all is said and done, being joyful and blissful in every moment is really what we desire. We might want thrills and various emotions along the way as well. 

So whatever situations you are facing and whatever emotions you are feeling, you and only you created them.

So embrace them.

And if you want something else, focus on what you KNOW.

What you know you want, while enjoying the moment. You can have all the wealth and material things you desire by simply focusing on what you desire.

True joy, bliss and happiness come from seeing everything is perfect, totally forgiving all, and going beyond forgiveness…realizing that there is nothing to forgive for everything is perfect and you created it all anyway.

This is a key point.

An example of this… A fellow inmate I did not know, came by my cube and offered a book to another inmate. He did not want it. He said he was too busy to read it. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to read it. 

Since the Universe was presenting this gift, I accepted. I never heard of the book, “Shantaram”, or the author, Gregory David Roberts. After I accepted the book, I read the “about the author” page. Here is what it says:

“The author, like the hero of his novel, spent many years as a fugitive. In 1978, after his divorce, losing custody of his daughter, and being convicted of a series of robberies committed to support his heroin habit, he was jailed in an Australian maximum-security prison and sentenced to 19 years. 2 years later, in 1980, he escaped over the prison’s front wall, and for the next 10 years eluded authorities, living in New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and Europe…but for the most of that time in Bombay India, where he established a free medical clinic for slum-dwellers, and worked as a counterfeiter, smuggler, gunrunner, and street soldier for the Bombay mafia. He was finally captured in Germany and served out his sentence there and in Australia, during which time he wrote Shantaram. He is now a full time writer and has established a successful multi-media company. He lives in Bombay.”


Another interesting gift presented to me by the Universe, to encourage me, motivate me, teach me, inspire me, and pass on to others!

Here is the first paragraph of the book…..

“It took me a long time and most of the world to learn what I know about love and fate and the choices we make, but the heart of it came to me in an instant, while I was chained to a wall and being tortured. I realized, somehow, through the screaming in my mind, that even in that shackled, bloody helplessness, I was still free: free to hate the men who were torturing me, or to forgive them. It doesn’t sound like much, I know. But in the flinch and bite of the chain, when it’s all you’ve got, THAT FREEDOM, is a universe of possibility. And the choice you make, between hating and forgiving, can become the story of your life……”

Double WOW!

I hope you read the book!

Today, right now, I am happy, healthy, at peace and totally blessed far beyond my wildest expectations!

I have forgiven everyone, including myself…and gone beyond forgiveness: realizing that there truly is nothing to forgive because everything is perfection anyway and MY world was created by ME.

I am totally free!

I want YOU to experience ALL YOUR desires, and be healthy, joyful in your heart, and at peace.

And I want YOU to experience total FREEDOM.

Much Love,


August 10, 2014

Thank you all again for the cards, letters and photos I continue to get in massive amounts! I am finding it hard to find the time to read them all! LOL

Thank you all for making me feel so loved.

Over the last few months I have left posts giving you some suggested books to read. I am suggesting and encouraging you to go back over these posts and get the names of the books and read them.

Look not only for the obvious messages, but for the hidden messages in the books. The secrets of life are there. 

We think we want happiness, health, success, money, friends, prestige, respect, admiration, security, contentment, joy, etc.

We think we want only positive experiences and emotions in our life. 

Many people do not realize that you actually subconsciously want to experience negative emotions!

You read that correct.

Most of you truly desire, subconsciously, negative experiences so you can feel negative emotions! Therefore you attract and create negative situations; people and events that make you feel bad because you WANT them!

Think about it.

When we were kids, we WANTED to go to a scary movie or go to a haunted house because we WANTED to feel scared! We wanted to ride a roller coaster because we WANTED to feel horrified, nervous etc.

This carries on throughout life.

Look at the movies you choose to watch.

Consider that we WANT to view NEGATIVE things more than pleasant positive things.

We watch the news in a transfixed state if they are reporting some tragedy. We stare at a car crash. We watch reality shows if there is human pain, suffering, and bad things happening to the people involved.

Think yourself of all the things that you read about, watch on TV, music lyrics, movies, gossip about etc. They are all mostly negative.

Why do we have this deep need and desire to feel “bad” emotions?

This is something I will explain and reveal in training when I am out…IT is so powerful. When you remove this NEED and uncontrollable desire to feel negative emotions, your whole life will become bliss, because you can now ONLY attract goodness, happiness, and positive experiences!

By the way, some of the secrets of removing this innate “need for negative” is in the books I have recommended over the last 6 months! 🙂

Much love to all of you and I WILL see YOU at the TOP!


August 16, 2014

From Dr. Ted Morter:

I didn’t know what to expect, but knew I had to go. “Camp Cupcake”, the Federal Camp where KT is currently housed was, none-the-less, a prison.

How would he deal with incarceration?

How would he adjust to having virtually nothing – no possessions at all? 

Well, let me tell you what happened.

First, he walked right by me with his newly-grown, silvery, kinky, collar-length hair, which if covered by a baseball cap would have been sticking out far enough on each side to land a small drone helicopter on each ear! He smiled with those penetrating looks and gave me a huge and lengthy hug. Like a brother to me and Dr. Tom, KT is family.

I feel the most important thing I can relay to everyone is that Kevin walks the walk and talks the talk. He told me of the job responsibilities he has in the kitchen, some of the challenges with inmates, and trying to fly below the radar when possible given his celebrity status.

He mentioned when surrounded by those being negative and blaming everyone else and everything else for their predicament, that he simply interjects a positive hint to the conversation and then watches the demeanor completely shift to the better.

Somehow he always manages to see the good and to help others. He follows to the letter, the training in all levels, and I was amazed to say the least. Amazed that given the circumstances and surroundings, he remains strong and confident in what the future will bring, and excited to share his journey when it’s appropriate.

Kevin was sincerely excited to see members of the club stepping up to continue his dream, even if he has to remain detached from everything. He advised me to review all levels of the training and encourage others to do the same.

He was genuinely concerned that people focus on the future and their success, rather than dwell on his current status.

He looks great, (not the hair) and is truly at peace with everything. He is studying each day, working out and staying positive.

What a great example of choosing to find the gold!

August 23, 2014

What do you want in life?

Most people want the same things. Financial security; health; a lover; feeling fulfilled, safe, secure; etc.

When you really think about all the things you want and then ask WHY you want them…you will end up with wanting joy, happiness, peace, contentment and a feeling of deep love, appreciation, and being totally 100% accepted.

Basically, we ALL want positive feelings/emotions.

We think THINGS or CONDITIONS will give us these feelings/emotions we so deeply seek.

They do not.

So, how do you get all the things in life you want AND the positive feelings/emotions that are the root of all our desires?

The Success Mastery Course is one place to find the formula.

The suggested books are another.

I suggest reading the following books. ALL of the Ester and Jerry Hicks (teachings of Abraham) books; Conversations with God book 1; Opening Doors Within by Eileen Caddy (excellent daily readings. You read one page a day.); The Magic of Believing; The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy; Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer.

I have re-read over 50 books in the last few months and read a few new ones.

These are suggestions for you.

There are new secrets you will learn each time you read these books as there are clues here to true bliss happiness in the messages.

So continue to re-read and learn.

Much love…


September 6, 2014

From Ed Foreman who visited KT last week:

Kevin…Congratulations on your magnificent, positive leadership example in your present environment.

Your confidence and courage are contagious. You truly “walk your talk.” It was apparent that others in the situation you are now experiencing are encouraged and uplifted by your conduct. Your educational self-improvement materials, books, and related activities are an inspiration to those with whom you interact.

Yes, we do become what we think about. Your thinking about past activities, the present, and your future plans are congruent and working for the “good of all.” We love and appreciate you as the family member that you have become! It is rewarding to watch our “boy” develop into the Inspirational Leader that you are.

Your robust, healthy physical being…your ever-alert-and-learning-mental-being…your confident, powerful and pleasant emotional being…are a living testimony to your teachings!

When we look like a professional, confident business leader, we are treated accordingly…and become that very being.

You are the Somebody, the Guru, the Confident, Powerful Influencer of Multitudes because that is what you have become by your own thoughts and actions.

We LOVE you, and always will.

After our wonderful visit with you, and dinner with Magnificent Mary Miller, we stopped by to visit a former student of ours and very long-time friend, Madelyn Flowers, in a Rehab Center near Toledo Bend (LA/TX border area) who survived a “deadly” automobile accident about six weeks ago. Madelyn (75) experienced 8 broken ribs, a broken wrist, a broken leg, and a “crushed” leg. She was smiling, confident, cheerful, and made no mention or discord about the accident or the other lady who died and appeared to have been responsible. then we had a brief, warm “hello” to old friends in Hemphill, Texas, who recently lost their son, the father of two teenagers, to an unfortunate medical death.

As we drove on to Dallas, Earlene and I remarked how fortunate you and we are to have our good health, mobility, and multitude of friends.

Life has its Ups and Downs, but overall, it is a glorious experience.

We are truly, deeply grateful for you, Kevin, and your inspirational example…to experience the consequences of a prejudicial, vindictive judge…to experience your temporary confinement, and still remain vibrantly alive with plans for the future, never referencing the past obstacles.

That’s what has made you so STRONG, and us so thankful!

You are loved and appreciated!

Ed and Earlene

September 16, 2014

Everyone likes/desires/wants different things.

That is why there are menus at restaurants! LOL

Some people LOVE to skydive, or ski, or scuba dive, or garden, or paint, or play tennis, or watch horror films, or read terrifying novels.

I personally do not LOVE any of those and might even HATE some of those. I like/love challenging my physical/mental/and emotional limits be it hiking for days with limited food and no shelter! Or being attacked by the US Government and having all my possessions taken away! Or being thrown in a jail cell for 23 hours a day for months not knowing when or if you will ever be let out! Or do mental exercises for days straight without food or sleep to access spiritual dimensions few have ever been! The list could go on and on.

These are MY desires.

The point is we all want, love, and desire different things, experiences and conditions.

There is no right and wrong, or good, better and best when it comes to desires/wants or things you love.

You love and get pleasure from certain things, and I love and get pleasure from perhaps the things YOU hate, or scare you the most.

Many people however, are not deliberate creators of their life’s experiences.

Most people do not consciously choose what they experience in their life. Most people are not focusing on their preferences or what they decided they love, want and desire. And most people are not focusing on WHY they want these things/experiences in their lives.

When you focus on what you want and WHY you want it, (instead of HOW you are going to get it), you will be happier and you WILL manifest what you want.

Many people ask WHY I would want to experience what I am experiencing.

The answer is simple.

I LOVE this!

You see, my desire is to teach, to share. (this is my destiny as decided on by ME long ago…longer than you realize) 

In order to teach and share with complete effectiveness, I must KNOW, not just KNOW ABOUT.

I must have DONE what I am to teach. And I must first HAVE what it is I want to share.

VERY few people will ever feel the desire or have the joy I (and others throughout history) have for living these types of experiences.

When you are taught by someone who KNOWS (experienced it firsthand) you can then truly learn because YOU then experience it vicariously through that teacher. You virtually learn via osmosis.

This is why throughout history, Guru’s, Sages, Enlightened Ones, Saints, Masters etc have had such a profound impact on those who were READY, and physically close to the one who KNOWS.

I am doing my part.

I am going “places” you will never want to go, and experiencing things you will never want to experience firsthand.

I am increasing that which I KNOW.

Much love,


September 22, 2014

From Earlene Vining who visited KT:

Do you know where Kevin is?

I recently visited him and of course found him physically in a very comfortable setting in Montgomery, Alabama. Kevin actually refers to it as Club Cupcake.

During our visit, his eyes sparkled with excitement as he shared some of his well thought out plans for the future. He looks healthy and implements the Daily Menu every day. He enjoys his job as a chef and cooks for Six inmates.

Yes, Kevin is in his role as a leader, a motivator and master at making the best of his reality!

So, Kevin is physically a resident at the restricted residence for the time being. But be assured that he is mentally traveling

far into the future!

Kevin is a bright star in all of our lives and we must continue to keep him in our hearts and prayers.

Earlene Vining

September 26, 2014

I am the best I have ever been.

And getting better.

I am not attached to any outcome, so I yield to the Universe and am allowing the perfect manifestation of my personal goals/dreams/desires in the WAY Source knows is best.

My desires are not about myself, they are about you, society, the planet, and the universe.

Peace, harmony, love, and all people feeling the deepest contentment and appreciation for all experiences is one of my visions.

My desires are my desires.

They are not your desires.

Mine are right for me alone.

Yours are right for you alone.

All our choices, preferences, desires/dreams/goals are always right for each of us. 

Do not try to force YOUR desires, or your ways of living on others. You will just live with frustration and never be truly at peace/contentment or experience true inner total bliss.

Many wonder about my situation (prison) and make all kinds of assumptions. 

Consider stop looking at others and judging, condemning, assuming things, and criticizing their conditions and the way they choose to go through this game we call life and the situations/events they create.

Wanting to make oneself right and others wrong is a motivation that will keep you from experiencing all your desires and feeling true bliss.

Know at the deepest levels, we create circumstances in life (that are in fact, just games we create), to experience a full range of emotions as well as conditions to allow us to exercise our invisible power!

Know all the well.

Much love,


October 3, 2014

From Mary Miller:

About 2 weeks ago I once again had the pleasure of visiting Kevin.

As ever he is looking well (even with wild and wooly hair) and is physically very fit and strong. I talk to his mom from time to time and she and I have a “Mother’s Pact.”

I told her once that if my son was in Camp Cup Cake and told me he was doing great, I would not believe a word he was saying because he loves me so much he would not want me to worry. Kevin’s mom agreed that she never knows if he is telling her how he really feels for the same reasons.

So, I promised to tell her the truth, great or not so great, so she would always know how he is.

In keeping with the Mother’s Pact, I can tell you Kevin is doing well, feeling well, looking healthy and preparing for an amazing future.

Mary Miller

October 8, 2014

So you want more material things in your life right?

Most of you do.

Most of you do not fully realize you really just want bliss, happiness, peace, contentment etc. And you think the money, cars, boats, etc are the ONLY way to be truly satisfied, fulfilled, content, blissful etc. 

You are afraid that if you seek happiness, you will NOT get the material things you seek.

Thus you seek material things, and even if you get them, you will find that bliss, happiness, peace etc actually elude you!

Here is the big fork in the road of life.

If you look at very materially successful people, those who have lots of money, say those who have 300 million USD or more, the true fact is, for the vast majority, they are NOT forgiving, loving, peaceful people. (Even if they are NOW, they were NOT when they were MAKING all the money)

They are truly NOT blissful and content. Their health is poor. Their relationships are poor. They have money, but little else, and they are constantly seeking more money and POWER and CONTROL over others because they think if they get JUST a little more, they will get what they are deeply seeking…that elusive “feeling”…that “something”…acceptance, peace, contentment, fulfillment, bliss etc.

But they never find it.

A multi-billionaire was asked how much money does he really need…just like any “addict”, he said…”just a little more”.

I tell you this because you do have a choice.

You can follow the path of love and forgiveness, which will lead to bliss AND give you ALL the material things you desire, or you can follow the most common road to riches…which is to seek riches above all else.

They BOTH lead to material wealth.

You CAN be a mean, hateful, angry, critical, condemning, judgmental, non-forgiving, revengeful person and achieve massive wealth. Many who have wealth are just like that.

Or you can follow a path of love, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, and peace. 

You have a choice.

In the Success Mastery Course of GIN you will be shown BOTH paths to riches and wealth..and the ONE and ONLY path to peace, bliss, and happiness.

You can choose your road.

And, fear not, you can always, in an instant, change the road you are on!

I have given you a lot of information about forgiving everyone, even those who torture you.

And of course forgiving yourself.

And going beyond forgiving, to complete understanding of the perfection of everything.

I am giving you the secrets to being 100% happy and levels you could not even imagine.

Much love!


October 17, 2014

Many continue to ask how is it that I am so healthy, happy and terrific even during, what most would call an ordeal, trial, or nightmare.

The fact is every day in every way I am getting better, better and better.

Today is the best day of my life, but not as good as tomorrow!

Live in this moment and see the absolute perfection in this current moment, no matter what you are experiencing.

To help teach you this magical lesson I encourage you to watch the movie…”Come See The Paradise”. It tells the buried true story of Japanese Americans who were taken from their homes, businesses and jobs and put in concentration camps (right in the middle of America) and how they turned the nightmare into paradise.

I also encourage you to read Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book ” Wishes Fulfilled”. It uses 2 other favorite books/authors of mine, Neville, and the St Germain I AM Discourses, as the basis of the book.

There are simple secrets in all the training, from Your Wish is your Command and all through the Success Mastery Course levels 1-6. 

The training works, and works like magic. 

Many people always ask about the HOW in relation to not only feeling good when “bad” things happen, but HOW to get FREE from stress, worry, anxiety, financial pressure etc.

There is a great book I HIGHLY recommend that focuses on the HOW. “The 4 Hour Work Week”, by Timothy Ferris. I interviewed him years ago when the book first came out. As you read it you might think I wrote it, as it says so many of the same things I have been suggesting to people and in workshops for over 20 years, but it also talks about using technology (computers and internet etc) in ways that are helpful for those of you that are fully into the tech lifestyle.

You all will LOVE this book. 

To answer again the question I get so often…Yes, I am more than fine thank you.

I am thriving!


I am better than good!

I am smiling more than ever because I can see, feel and I KNOW the “miracle” that is unfolding.

I see the end of the “game”.

And we ALL WIN!

Much love…..


October 26, 2014

I have more important things to share over the next few weeks. Check here daily to see if there are any more updates.

A couple of things for you to consider doing for YOUR growth and benefit:

  • read all the posts, starting from the beginning, in the order they were posted!!
  • get everyone you know to do the same!! The more people you get to read those posts the more the energy will shift and YOU will benefit as anytime YOU get someone to GROW…YOU get a 100 fold increase in YOUR growth and abilities.
  • come to this site as often as you can (daily if possible but at least once a week)
  • get everyone you know to come here as often as possible too! VERY IMPORTANT! We need people from all over the world visiting this page every month…then watch the magic and miracles happen to YOU like you have never imagined
  • read the books I suggested in the posts. They are powerful. Example: when was the last time you read the book The Secret? It is short, and easy read, and very powerful. Or when did you last watch the DVD The Secret? Hmmmm….My guidance to you is to DO IT NOW! 🙂
  • Pass out to as many people as you can the CD series “Your Wish is Your Command” give them out for Christmas presents, use them as gifts for every occasion, or just pass them out to everyone you know and everyone you meet. THIS is what YOU can do to change YOUR world.

The secret to living is GIVING. Yes, they will get benefits (didn’t YOU get benefits from the CD’s and the book?), but YOU will get even more benefit by GIVING them away.

  • Read the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. It is about being thankful…POWERFUL book. It is a very easy read as you simply read a few pages a day and doing a daily short exercise for 28 days in a row. Watch your world magically improve.

More VERY important posts coming over the next few weeks…now YOU go to work and do YOUR part!

Read this post AGAIN right now.

Feel the energy and love in this post. Feel the smile on my face and joy in my heart as I am writing this. Feel the anticipation and knowingness of what IS happening as I do.

The best is yet to come for all of us! :):):):):)

With deepest love and appreciation for all of you.


October 28, 2014

Kevin’s Father, Robert Trudeau passed away on Sunday.

He was a very kind and dear man. He was 88 years old and lived a long fulfilling life. The wake is today and the funeral is on Wednesday.

Kevin will not be allowed to attend unfortunately. I am sure this is a trying time for him.

If anyone would like to send flowers to the funeral please email me at and I will give you the information. If you’d like to send a card I have put his mailing address here as well. And if you write messages here on this page I will forward them to him (as he does not have access to the internet – only email to handful of friends/family)

Thank you !

Kevin Trudeau – 18046036



October 30, 2014

Hello all!

Many of you are looking for the magic pill that will make all your dreams and wishes come true.

Consider this powerful quote:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

 We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you NOT to be?

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” by Marianne Williamson.

Think about this slowly.

It says it all.

Consider reading this several times today, slowly, thinking about the meaning of the words.

Consider reading it again tomorrow at least once, slowly, really thinking and understanding what is being said.

Consider reading it at least once for a few more days, maybe every day, maybe print it and carry it with you and read it daily several times.

IF you do this…you will experience a miracle.

I promise!

Much love oh great and magnificent one..because YOU are truly great and magnificent beyond your imagination!


November 6, 2014

In several messages on this page and in trainings, I used certain words without ever really defining them for you.

I did this on purpose.

When you read something and come to a word that has not been clearly defined, it can cause confusion.

It can also force YOU to investigate and define the word, which brings about knowingness and clarity. 

Here are the words that have been used and not specifically defined. I suggest you get a massive dictionary and read the definitions, AND find other sources to define the words, and discuss with others the true definitions of the words.

THEN go back and reread the posts/messages on this page, and watch a miracle happen right before your eyes!

You will experience MAGIC!

I am so excited for you!

Then report here what happened so others can be motivated to do this simple yet an all powerful process.

Here are the words: Ego; Self; Higher Self; Truth; Mind; Thoughts; Enlightenment; Feelings; Emotions; Knowingness; Awareness.

Enjoy the mind blowing experience and feel your inner Self expand beyond your wildest imagination.



November 12, 2014

As you know my Dad passed and transitioned into another dimension a few weeks ago. (in English, that means he died) 

The last time I talked to him, a few hours before he passed, he laughed and said he was going to croak! We both laughed. He had never read or listened to any of the Abraham/Hicks material, but it is funny that Abraham always referred to “dying” as ‘Croaking”.

Dad was at peace at his passing and so was I.

I was not sad, I was happy for HIM.

I was not depressed, I was thankful for a marvelous life we shared. 

Many of you fear I am grieving.

I am not.

I “know” that when one leaves his body he becomes totally free and more powerful than you could ever imagine, experiencing bliss and peace that surpasses all human understanding or comprehension.

I love my Dad and it was simply his time.

We all will have our time.

I am celebrating his wonderful life as he would want me to do.

He always wanted me to follow my dreams and simply be true to myself, as he instinctively knew that would put me in alignment with who I really am, and be totally joyful.

I am thankful that he was my father. I was very lucky and blessed to have him as my Dad. I am happy as I joyfully recall our times together and all the wisdom I learned from him. Many of the lessons he taught me was by simply living his life for me to witness.

Now as I think back, I am seeing his true wisdom in a much clearer light, and at a very deep level, learning the lessons NOW he consciously and subconsciously was teaching me his whole life.

I am so appreciative for my Dad and for everything in my life.

I am more joyful now than ever.

His passing, as was his life, is a gift.

In the words of my dear departed friend Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, “Life IS Tremendous!!!”

Much love!!


November 21, 2014

I have always suggested you read various books for your own growth.

Five years from now, the person you will become, will be strongly influenced by the people you meet and the books you read. (Charlie “Tremendous” Jones).

The reason for this is not so much the intellectual knowledge you acquire, but rather what the “energy” of the people and the books do to YOU on the INSIDE.

By now many of you have read some of the books I have recommended, and some books more than once.

I am sure you found you liked some books more than others and some of the books had a very powerful positive effect on you.

Until next time….

Much love…


December 5, 2014

Many people want/desire material things in their life, such as money and the things money can buy. There is nothing good or bad about any desire. One person’s desire is not better than someone else’s desire.

Whatever YOU desire and makes you feel good on the inside is true to your nature and I encourage you to manifest it.

In the process of attaining your desire/wish/want, you might change your mind and decide you no longer want to pursue that particular desire, as your desires can change as we change.

If you are consistent with your wanting of your desire, and you ultimately, in time, attain your original desire, you may love it and feel great, or you may find that it did not give you the feeling you thought it would.

Either way, you will then clarify what you NOW want and decide on a different/new desire…and the process continues.

All of you want/desire something.

Most of you want/desire material things.

Some of you want non material things such as spiritual enlightenment or better relationships, or just a feeling of peace, bliss, inner joy, tranquility, serenity, contentment, harmony…

Remember, there are no right and wrong desires and some desires are not better than others.

All desires are the same in this regard.

However, although the principles used to manifest apply to everything, the METHODS used to manifest/attain material things are slightly different than for manifesting nonmaterial things. (Kevin’s new Recommended Books, Audios, Videos, and Courses list can be found at

You may say, “this list contains too many books. I will never have time to read them all.” Realize you do not have to read them all to make your dreams come true, you only have to read for at least 5-10 minutes a day…everyday…and within a very short period of time, if you focus on what you are reading and apply what you read, you WILL manifest your desires!

It is not about the number of books you read or how fast you read them.

It is about applying what you read!

Remember the word of the Shaolin Monk to me, “I am not afraid of the 10,000 strikes you know that you practiced only once each, I am afraid of the 1 strike that you practiced 10,000 times!”

Which book should you read first?

Whatever book you are drawn to read!

And you may read more than one book at the same time. And, if you do not like the book…put it down and try another, go back to that book later, or never!

Watch the magic happen in your life and your world!

See you all at the TOP!

Much love,


December 20, 2014

Several people who went through the Your Wish is Your Command cd program went on to fulfill their dream of authoring and publishing a book. I received 2 books from 2 such people recently. “Ian and the Great Silver Dragon Bry-Ankh” by Jim Dilyard. And “The Hero Within-a Journey into the Light” by Eden Rein.

I want to congratulate them on manifesting their dreams! I am so proud of them!

As the saying goes…you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

So it is with people.

Many are led to a particular book, or the Your Wish is Your Command cd series, of the Success Mastery Course, but how many actually grow through the material and learn it?

And how many apply the material?

It is all there.

You can make all your dreams come true.

You can have it all.

You can be, do and have anything you truly desire.

You can have peace and happiness in your life. You can have the most amazing relationships. You can feel better than you ever felt before. You can live a blessed magical life. You were born to win. You were designed for accomplishment. You were engineered for success. You were endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Let your magnificence grow and come forth!

Embrace your power and your true nature.

Go for your dreams!

And remember,…….don’t let anyone ever steal your dream!

You can do it!

December 25, 2014

I just read Victor Frankles book…Man’s Search for Meaning.

He survived the Auschwitz Nazi Death camp. I also watched a very long documentary about the Nazi concentration camps.

All I could say was…thank you, thank you, thank you universe!

I was filled with a feeling of gratefulness and appreciation!

I think of Nelson Mandela, being convicted of being a terrorist and serving 28 years in a prison CELL!

I think how lucky I am, where I am, and all the opportunities I have!

I am so blessed.

I get to decompress 100%. De-stress. Read. Meditate. Exercise. Stretch. Do Yoga. Play cards and laugh, laugh, laugh all day. Eat good food. Breath. Slow down. Work on my mental exercises. Do all the processes in my books like Ask and it is Given. Plan and create the future. Plug into the ether and download “magic” powers thus releasing new abilities!


How lucky am I!?!?

In YOUR life…look for and focus on the GOLD

Much Love,


January 8, 2015

When you want your dreams to come true, who do you listen to?

Who can help you? Who can you learn from? Whose advice should you take?

The answer is: Someone who has what you want and has been where you are.

You can only receive what someone has to give. And the most a person can give is what they have BECOME: their STATE; their ESSENCE; what they KNOW (not just know about).

Remember also, that you can and are encouraged to learn from everyone, every situation and every experience.

The major obstacle a person has is when the MIND THINKS it knows already. When we get to the point of being bored listening to audios/lectures/speakers or reading books that reveal Truth, we have lost our ability to learn and we cannot go any further. 

Ultimately, when you are one with your Source (in alignment with no resistance, 100% allowing) you simply listen to yourself (God, Source, etc) and you follow your feelings.

However, when you get to that point, you are also the most teachable and love the never ending learning process (as long as you are in a body, you are learning!). It is that inner voice/feelings (the SELF/God/Source, etc) that is always right.

Then again, remember, you can never be wrong!

Think about that!

Follow your feelings, not what your mind thinks and tells you intellectually.

As a practical matter, all of us do need others to help us grow, expand, and unleash our true potential.

And more precisely we need SOMEONE that has their “power unleashed” (in alignment, totally allowing, stripped of the mind/thoughts/ego).

As THEIR energy touches OUR energy and awakens it!

There is a mathematical universal formula: YOU plus ANOTHER (as long as that “other” already has their power/energy/awareness unleashed) overpowers the mind/ego and allows you to be free of it, releasing your unlimited potential and abilities including your ability to manifest material things, and your ability to be blissful/joyful at all times.

We do need such another “being or beings” to assist us in releasing our abilities by fully knowing our true awesome and perfect nature. (As long as that person is in alignment with their source and have the full cosmic power of light/love/wellness flowing through them without any resistance)

We do need such another initially and all along the way to help free us from our own mind/thoughts/ego, so that we can use the power/energy we ARE and manifest our desires, whatever they are, and experience true peace; harmony; bliss; joy; contentment; tranquility/serenity. 

So, the question is, what people do we follow, and who do we listen to? What group/club/society should we join? What training should we invest time and money in? What “person” should we learn from and trust their teachings?

There is a great difference between an ordinary teacher, speaker, motivator, or author who may be excellent at describing things intellectually that they know about, (instead of actually KNOW), and the “sage, guru, master, avatar, saint, etc” who actually changes you from the inside by their presence, a simple smile, their writings/words, or even when you just think of them or look at their picture.

Knowing about something, and having the ability, capacity, and experience of actually LIVING and BEING it are totally different things.

You cannot give what you do not have, what you are not, or what you have not personally experienced. 

Many people, however well meaning, do try to teach what they do not “have” or personally experienced, and what they are not, (A Savior must already be saved).

If you find someone where just their ordinary comment or conversation, a simple lecture, an audio recording, a video, or something they wrote, gives you not just information, but an experience that feels amazingly joyful and blissful, then my guidance would be to listen very closely to that person!

Follow him/her!

If someone makes you feel rearranged on the inside after some insignificant moment with them or something they wrote, listen to them…follow them.

If someone makes you feel different, in a positive permanent way, listen to them…follow them.

I have told the story many times about when I first heard Dexter Yager speak in 1979. I listened to him for an entire weekend seminar. When it was over, I was asked what I learned, I said I learned nothing. I could not remember or point to anything he said that hit home with me. I was actually annoyed the whole weekend because he was not a good speaker, and he really did not teach us anything!

But I was a changed person after that weekend seminar! I was transformed! I was rearranged on the inside. His “beingness, essence, energy”, touched me.

This happened to me 3 times with 3 different people over the years. (the positive effect I had was because of the energy they had AND the fact that I was READY to receive it!) IT (the “presence; power; energy..not THEM) awakened MY essence; energy; beingness; power! I had an “experience”.

I was different. I would never be the same! Their “power; love; essence; energy” opened me up!

I FELT different, in a major positive, permanent way.

It was like a cosmic power that came from them that initiated and awakened a spiritual awareness and consciousness in me.

I could SEE!

I could FEEL!


I had an “experience” that was uplifting, empowering, expanding my whole being, and an increased sense of clarity of perceptions. 

I had the deepest sense of thankfulness and appreciation.

This continued to increase ever sense, as long as I stayed in connection in some way to them. It was like they were a “light” and I was a candle that was not lit yet. There “flame/light” lit my candle! And together, the power of the light is exponential. 

When you meet someone in person, or via their book, cd, audio, lecture, video, writings, and your HEART feels the effects, and you feel “transformed”, you have found the “being” that can help you release your abilities, your true god nature, and truly awaken you to who you really are.

You can then truly be able to manifest all of your desires and be happier/joyful/blissful etc and more at peace than you could ever imagine.

When you feel 100% accepted and loved by a “being” you are learning from, and when you feel the person actually “knows” you…you have found a source for yourself.

You will know by how you FEEL. 

You can tell because that person will not say “look at me”…but rather…”look inside yourself, look at yourself, see the perfection in YOU, see the unlimited potential and power that IS you!”

They will empower you. 

Remember, you are the pure expression of God’s (Source) love, just as God is love, so are you.

YOU are pure Love/Perfection.

This is why I say after a lecture, or meeting, “may you never be the same”. Because I KNOW, you will never be the same after you experience a book/cd/seminar etc . 

Now that you have read this… do you feel?….

Are many mysteries now clear to you? ….

How will you feel tomorrow?!?!?…..

And the day after?!?!?……

I will say to you with my deepest love and appreciation……..

Love yourself, you are PERFECTION!……..

And…….may you never be the same.

Until next time.

Much love,


January 8, 2015

Yes, you can be rich and be happy!

And yes, you can be rich and be miserable.

You can be poor and be miserable too, and you can be poor and be happy.

But you must learn to be happy NOW no matter what the situation or condition is, even if you are totally poor.

Money/riches will not make you happy.

If you seek money first while you are miserable, you may end up with money, but you will still be miserable.

Being happy first will allow you to have money AND be happy.

But if you seek riches while you are miserable thinking that the money will make you happy, you will be disappointed when you get the money.

Much Love,


January 28, 2015

From Mary Miller:

Hello ALL!

Just spent the day with Kevin and yes, he still has that long, hippie hair. Takes me right back to the sixties and memories of Woodstock.

As you may know, I have a pact with his mom to tell the truth, knowing how normal it is for sons (and daughters) to cushion what they say so as not to worry their moms. And truth be told, Kevin is doing very well. He looks healthy and is in very good physical condition. But maybe more importantly, Kevin is at peace where he is. There are many men in “Camp Cup Cake” who use up their resources living in the future instead of the present, wishing they were someplace else and waiting to be released.

To be in the present moment under these conditions and find inner peace is no easy task.

What Kevin and I have always had in common is the belief that gaining control over our own emotions, our own personalities is where all our power lies. In developing our instruments, we have always worked toward helping each person find his or her perfect balance point and spend as much time as possible in that balanced state. The idea is to be able to stay in balance no matter what is going on around you. This is the goal of many people who meditate for years. Kevin spoke about these concepts in much of his training.

In fact, having control over one’s own emotions and thoughts is at the foundation of his training. 

To reach and sustain that place of inner balance, probably requires that we view life as a transformation process with every day providing a new opportunity to grow and change. Most days, we can know what we will be doing and where we will be going. And those times are not so challenging. But then there are events and circumstances that we do have so much control, like Kevin’s life right now.

In fact, sometimes we cannot even see these events coming like the sudden loss of a loved one, a natural disaster, a unforeseen change in finances resulting in unexpected losses, a car accident etc. There are so many things that can happen on this road of life and I too have had my share of unforeseen bumps in the road.

But if life is a journey, a process of transformation, then every event and circumstance can only take you (ultimately) to place better, assuming you have been able to recover from past hurts and wounds enough to no longer live in survival.

So from what I observe, Kevin is on that road of transformation. His current experiences are just the next step on that path. In fact from what I see, Kevin is in balance now as much as he was in balance when his life was filled with luxuries including beautiful homes and amazing cars.

Because in the end, inner peace has much more to do with what is going on inside of us, rather than what is happening outside of us.

Mary M

February 1, 2015

How can you help yourself grow, increase your ability to manifest, and be happier and more at peace than ever before?

By giving.

The secret of living is giving.

What do you give?

Your essence, your energy. You can only give what you have and what you are.

How do you give away your energy?

First you must have it to give. It must be awakened. It must be flowing.

You can increase it by reading books, listening to audios and going to events (seminars, meetings, or workshops) and by having relationships with others who are on the same path (and ideally one who is in alignment with who they really are and has their essence already awakened).

Thus, you give what helped you and is helping you!

You give away the books that have transformed your life, you give away the cd series Your Wish is Your Command, and you gently and lovingly encourage them to join any organization that you found to be helpful to you.

The more you do this, the more you “give”, YOU expand your own abilities.

When you help another, you help yourself.

When you give to another you give to yourself!

Always be gentle and never forceful, especially when people are not asking you for help! (and maybe YOU still need more help than them!)

The more people that are reading the recommended books, and listening to Your Wish is Your Command… increases the numbers of people who are vibrating at higher levels.

The objective is to get to critical mass, the tipping point, the 100th monkey syndrome.

As this is happening, YOU reap the benefits in so many ways.

Many people tell me they want to help people.

I look at them and think, they need a lot of help themselves!

Help yourself first.

And THEN help others!

One of the best ways to do both is to share what you have and experienced.

You help yourself by reading the books, and you help others the most (AND you help yourself) when you get others to read the books (give them away), and listen to the Your Wish audios etc.

Think of a candle.

It is a flame and gives light. The larger the flame, the more light it gives off.

Also, if you take the candle and use it to light another candle…you have 2 flames, yet it came from the same flame. The flame/light is the same.

With 2 flames (candles) you have 2 times the light. Continue on and on and the more candles/flames you have, the more light you get.

The light eliminates the darkness.

The more light there is, the more people who are not yet “enLIGHTened” see the “lights” in those that are now “light/love”, and want the light for themselves as well! This is the beginning of critical mass. 

You can help “enLIGHTen” the masses by the simple act of getting people to read a book, or listen to the Your Wish cd series etc.

When you do this YOU win and THEY win, and we ALL win.

You will “feel” your own energy become awakened and alive.

Watch and feel the magic happen in your life….

Humbly your servant, with the deepest appreciation and love for all of you..


February 3, 2015

Many people still ask…how do I know which group to join, teachings to embrace, or person I should trust, believe in, and/or follow?

First, you can never be wrong.

No matter what you do or choose, you will simply create something that allows you to define more clearly what you do want , and you can then create that.

Take life lightly.

Care, but not that much! 

When you are READY, you will attract into your experience, and you can and will “see and feel” the Truth in a “teaching” and/or the “power” of a “teacher”.

When you are not ready (too caught up in intellect: mind: thoughts: ego instead of heart “feelings”) you MIGHT not see/feel Truth or the power that is being made available to you!

If a thief met a true “saint” all he would see is what he could steal from him/her! He would never be aware that he was in the presence of a “saint” and his life COULD be transformed forever! Even though being in the “saint’s” presence could be transformative, he would have no awareness of his own transformation.

Thus he would reap no benefits.

If a poor man on a remote island was given 1 million Euros, he might have no awareness of what Euros or money is and the value of what he was given. He might burn it for heat! He might take the “money” and use it to make a roof so he would not get wet!

One must be ready and have awareness of the value of what one is receiving to truly benefit.

Many of you have been given more gifts than you realize.

You have everything!

It is just your lack of understanding this Truth that is holding you back from making all your dreams come true and being more joyous and blissful than you could ever imagine.

The books, the audios, the training, the Success Mastery Course, the events, meetings, seminars, webinars etc, all are designed, among other things, to increase your awareness of what is already inside you, yet dormant, and awaken it! The “energy” in all the training, not the intellectual knowledge, activates your dormant power and awareness. Without the “energy”, the training is just interesting intellectually, but lacks the true power to transform.

With intellectual knowledge you just “know about” things, but you do not truly personally experience them, so you never really KNOW.

Most of us have no awareness of what needs to be transformed within us, or what we are “wrong” about.

When you come into contact with the true “energy” (pure love), you are transformed in the way you need, but might not expect.

You are never the same. 

Based on your own awareness level, you will be able to “feel/know” what “training etc” is right for you. There are a few things to consider when choosing who/what to embrace, but always follow your feelings and what you FEEL is right.

You cannot make a mistake anyway, so do not worry! 

Life is a journey with many detours, just have fun and enjoy your adventure!

Questions you might ask or things to look for in people who do success or self-improvement training. The answers are some indicators that a person is not fully “plugged in” to Source and not coming from LOVE. These are indicators that the person is still caught up in mind, thought, intellect, ego and their training lacks the power to transform:

∙       Do they show a lack of appreciation?

∙       Are they still reading books or do they believe they don’t need to, because they know it already…a low teach ability index (the Dalai Lama reads every day and says he learns something new every day!)

∙       Do they operate, think, talk, act out of fear, lack, worry, anxiety, concern etc?

∙       Do they speak condescendingly and show conceit?

∙       Are they critical, judging, condemning and find the imperfections in things and people?

∙       They believe in absolutes, and THEIR understanding of right and wrong, good and bad are the ONLY correct viewpoints.

∙       Are they very concerned with how others view, think and talk about them?

∙       Are they very concerned about how others live their lives, and without being asked, are obsessed with trying to “change or fix” others to THEIR “correct” way of living and beliefs?

∙       Are they attached to the body and to material things?

∙       Do they have a need for prestige, status, acceptance, power, control over others and all conditions around them?

∙       Are they revengeful, unforgiving, arrogant?

∙       Have a fear of losing what they have?

∙       Concerned with what they have and what is “theirs”

∙       Focusing on analyzing, intellectualizing, over thinking, instead of follow their feelings?

∙       Afraid of making a mistake and being wrong?

∙       Must make others wrong and themselves right?

∙       Self-righteous?

And the list can go on.

You see, all of the above are fear based, not love based.

When a person is acting from an abundance of fear (they might have lots of love too, but enough fear to show itself), they are really acting from lack of personal experience and knowingness.

Fear is always based on this ignorance. 

Love them as they know not what they do.

Make sense now?

Look at yourself and do a little self-analysis with the above list. I am sure there are things you can improve on.

Be happy right now as no matter where you are, you are perfect. If you choose to be in more of a state of love than fear, then go for that, but remember, you are still perfect right now the way you are (hard concept to understand).

Not that anyone is “perfect”, consider also that as no one is that is still in a body!

Remember too, that you CAN, and are encouraged to learn from everyone! Many of these people who show many of the above traits are still very well intentioned and might have great information. 

The truly life changing experiences YOU will have that will help unleash YOUR unlimited dormant power however, will ONLY come from those who are the opposite of the above.

Simply take each characteristic above and think of what the opposite is. If you find a person with THOSE traits (or close, as no one is perfect!), you might be on to the real deal.

The ultimate test is how you FEEL about the person or group and what EXPERIENCE you get from that person or group.

Look at yourself too!

Love, not fear (lack of love) is where the power comes from.

Until next time…you are loved…


February 5, 2015

Who do YOU really want to be?

There are really only 2 emotions: fear and love.

Really there is only love. Lack of love is fear.

There is only light – lack of light is darkness.

Think about this.

The more love or light a person has, the more power they have, the more freedom they have, the more energy they have.

The more love a person has, the more bliss and peacefulness they have.

Think of this…when a person is in alignment with who they really are, when they have less ego, mind, thoughts and more awareness of the spiritual/energy nature of all of us, when they have surrendered to God/Universe, they generally exhibit the following traits: (consider yourself as well, and which traits you do have now and want to have!)

  • Supremely fearless, confident yet humble (they KNOW there is nothing to fear…EVER!); 
  • Blissful, joyful; happy, at peace, centered, tranquil, serene, fun, loving, lighthearted, laughs and smiles a lot, speaks positively, never critical or judging or condemning
  • Accepting of all people and things, forgiving, compassionate, understanding, cares but not so much, sees beauty in all people and everything without condition and without exception. Worry, stress and anxiety free, allowing, resistance free, has ultimate knowingness, has no attachments to people or things and lets others live the life they choose.
  • No or very little “EGO”…a still, quiet mind
  • They love and accept all people without exception and without condition
  • They see God and perfection in all things, conditions, situations and people
  • If they have lots of material things they are not “attached” to them
  • They have no needs, just mild preferences
  • Their very presence uplifts all around them; clears, lightens burdens and heaviness; transforms those who are ready to accept the “presence” and the gift
  • No matter what the conditions, situation or circumstances they are still blissful and at peace and they see God and the perfection in everything. They always find the gold.
  • They take 100% responsibility for everything in their world
  • They blame no one
  • They take life very lightly. They are easygoing, relaxed, at ease, at peace and harmony with himself, others and the world
  • They do not care what others think or say about them
  • The do not feel bad when others attack them or say negatives things about them
  • Their “energy” permeates and changes all physical material matter that they come in contact with. “It” permeates all their words, writing, books, audios, videos, and even can be picked up by looking at their picture. It can be picked up by just thinking about them. This “energy” and/or being in their physical presence or getting a hug, can in an instant, awaken our own dormant energy; power; light; love and allow the seeds of greatness in all of us start to grow! Even objects they “owned” or used or lived with can be infused with their energy and that energy transmitted to others who touch the object.
  • They are constantly in a state of appreciation and thankfulness.
  • They are still growing and learning
  • They are childlike in many respects
  • They have let go, and released all resistance, thoughts, ego and the mind
  • They are totally forgiving
  • They love themselves
  • They love their enemies (and realize they have no enemies)
  • They are never jealous or envious
  • They are always thankful of others and give credit to all those who taught them and went before
  • They know they are not “special”; they know all people have Divine power within them
  • They make no excuses or justifications and do not spend time “explaining” things to others to get approval
  • They give no advice or try to change someone unless asked
  • They live, act and think based on love rather than fear…they trust God (Source/The Universe) 

You cannot only learn much knowledge intellectually from this type of person, but you can more importantly be transformed by continued contact with this type of person.

There are many more traits of course. These are just a general overview. No one is or will ever be perfect while they are still “human” (with a body).

Is this the kind of person YOU want to be?

Is this the kind of person YOU want to learn from?

Look for these traits in others you choose to “learn” from (although you can and should learn from everyone), as when you see these traits (generally) you have found someone who can awaken YOUR potential and energy and help release YOUR ability to become who you truly want to be.

The truest test however, when deciding who to “follow”, is how you FEEL when you are with this person, learning from them, or just “being” with them in an energetic way.

Always follow your feelings, not your intellect or thoughts.

When you are ready to receive, you will attract this person or several of these people into your life, at the perfect time (I have attracted 3 in my lifetime.)

You might not know it when you meet them or when they appear, it may be years later that you have the awareness and understanding of what you attracted.

You must be ready to accept and receive the “energy” not just the intellectual knowledge.

You must be in a state of allowing, surrendered to the Universe (God), and most importantly, willing to change (have a high teach ability index: willingness to learn and willingness to accept change).

This is why we always say, read books, listen to speakers, learn from teachers, attend seminars/workshops etc with discernment!

Always trust your feelings and your heart.

You all are pure perfect love.

You simply need more awareness, understanding, belief in this truth and you will THEN KNOW you have complete dominion over your entire world, life and experience and you CAN make all your dreams come true.

When you KNOW this….you THEN DO easily and effortlessly manifest all your desires, wishes, and dreams…while being blissful and joyful at all times.

Much love…and deepest appreciation.

See you at the top!

Much Love,


February 9, 2015

All of you are each on your own unique path/journey.

You all are vibrating at different awareness levels.

There are not good and bad awareness levels.

They simply are all different.

Some of you are on a very “physical body” awareness level with strong desires for things relating to the body: muscles, energy, weight, how you look, sex, food, and all body sensation pleasures.

Others are more attuned to money and material possessions: cars, houses, jewelry, and the “trappings” of money wealth.

Some other frequencies, levels, and attractor fields (your primary desires) this might include: power; control; freedom; stability; security; family; social life; intellectual stimulation; creativity in various forms like arts and music; creating things; fame; acceptance; status; spiritual enlightenment and being happy.

There are many “levels” a person might be at.

Our “levels and vibrations” can change from time to time. They can go back and forth.

When you read a book or read one of these messages, you might “resonate” with the message or not, depending on where you are at in terms of YOUR frequency (awareness). 

If you read a book, or one of these messages, or listen to a speaker and you do not relate to it, do not like it, feel turned off by it, KNOW that SOMEONE actually LOVES it and it will positively impact THEIR life!

Because the message is tuned into THEIR vibration or frequency level.

If your level is on money and material things, when you hear about love or spirituality or enlightenment, you might actually get angry, thinking…I want money to pay my bills, who cares about enlightenment when your bills are late!

Or, when someone else hears a message that talks about making money, (which resonates with YOU), they might think, who cares about money, there are more important things than just materialism!

KNOW and understand that all of us are on different frequency channels…respect the other person’s channel (desires).

There are no right and wrong channels (desires).

Step back and see the bigger picture and wider perspective.

Understanding and compassion and acceptance are helpful if you want to “see”.

No matter what frequency you vibrate on or what channel you are tuned into (desires you have), if you ask yourself “why do I want this” and keep asking why …you will end up with a desire to have certain “feelings”. Seeing this will release more of your potential and power than you can imagine.

Judge not, least you not be judged.

Allow others to have the desires they want without, judgment, condemnation or criticism.

LOVE and embrace YOUR desires and wants and dreams, whatever they are.

Acquiring money or material things is actually one of the easiest desires to obtain.

If you want lots of money …go for it! Be as rich as you desire!

Just like getting in great shape and getting the weight and body you want, making money is actually easy! (I know YOU don’t think so! and THAT is what is stopping you from having it….your own belief!)

Think of this, 100% of the people who want a great body or perfect weight can achieve it, all they have to do, is do the right things, long enough consistently.

If anyone went to a “fat farm” for 6 months, everyone would lose weight and get in great shape! (as they would be eating only the right foods and a lot less and exercising).

It works 100% of the time.

The only issue is how to get you to actually DO IT.

The answer is, all the training is available to you in the Success Mastery Course, and the books I have recommended.

You can do anything.

You CAN have it all.

You ARE magnificent right now!

Go for your dreams!

Much love…..


February 18, 2015

There is a simple way to instantly feel better and increase your happiness, bliss, peace, as well as your power and ability to manifest.

Eliminate the words ” I should; I have to; I must; I need; I need to.”

Replace them with: I choose to; I have the option to; my mild preference is; I might; If I choose to, I could; I may decide; it is my pleasure to.

If you did this for just ONE day, you would feel a power that you never knew you had.

You DO have the power to choose.

You DO have the power to create.

You can feel and have total freedom.

YOU control your mind and thoughts.

Do not be deceived into believing that your mind and thoughts control

YOU and your emotions.

No matter what, YOU always have complete dominion and supreme authority over your experience, your life, your emotions, your world, and your universe.

You ALWAYS have the power to CHOOSE.

You and only you decide what you will or will not do and what you will or will not think about.

YOU are one with the omnipresent power (Source; Universe; God) that is invincible and has absolute unlimited abilities to be, do, and have anything and everything you CHOOSE to include in your experience.



February 23, 2015


My oral arguments for my appeal will be going on Tues, Feb 24th in Chicago.

Send your loving thoughts full of love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and humility, to all 3 appellate Judges and all the lawyers involved on both sides, without any attachment to the outcome.

Know all is perfect, and have no fear.

March 13, 2015

I am here, where I am.

I created this experience. I called forth this experience.

We all create the exact experiences we live, either by default (which means you are not consciously aware you are actually creating it) or by deliberate intent.

Why would I deliberately “want/desire” my current experience (prison)?

It is not for you to question another person’s wants/desires.

This is something most do, which causes people to be hindered in their ability to manifest what they really want, and instead keeps them getting what they do not want.

My choice of what I want is my choice as your choice is your choice.

YOU might want a family and lots of children. Someone else might choose to be single their whole life.

YOU might want a Mercedes. Someone else might want to live in a city and enjoy not owning a car! (walking, taking public transportation and riding a bike!)

First, do not judge, criticize or condemn others’ choices.

Stop focuses on others and how they choose to live.

Live your life, and let others live theirs.

We all have different goals; objectives; desires; wants; dreams; and wishes. We all choose and like different things. That is why they have menus at restaurants. 

I am blissful right now where I am. I have no DESIRE to leave. I am enjoying every precious moment here in complete bliss. Being here and experiencing all this perfection, I can still, and do, allow this experience to conjure in my mind, my own personal “preferences”, and even more desires and more choices.

Thus, from this place I create on the blank canvas of my mind what I want “next”.

All the while, though, enjoying right now!

And NOT caring about WHEN the “next” creation, choice, or preference will manifest.

I know that I will not be “happier” when I am actually experiencing my next creation or desire or wish or dream or choice or preference.

If I was drinking the finest Champagne, I would enjoy it immensely.

After a while, I might think, “hmmmm the Champagne is heavenly, but now I CHOOSE (my preference) to have a glass of pure spring water!”

Life and experiences are the same way. 

Many men here say, “I cannot wait to get out! I will be happy WHEN I get out”.

I say, “It does not matter when I get out, I am enjoying this so much right now! I am happy right NOW!”

Understand that pure desire is always positive, not negative.

When you have “pure” desire for something you do not have, you are still blissful in the moment, BEFORE you “have” what you now desire.

Please all of you know that the greatest and highest “good” for me, and ALL is coming directly from THIS (my) current adventure!

A few years from now, many will say, “If I knew what I know now back THEN, I would have felt different THEN.”

Get it?

It is YOUR knowing that all is well right now that is the catalyst to create your NEXT desire or dream.

Bottom line… happy right now!



May 6, 2015

Many of you ask how to deal with “difficult” times in one’s life.

Think of this:

“A mighty wind blew night and day. It stole the oak tree’s leaves away.

Then snapped its boughs and pulled its bark, until the oak was tired and stark.

But still the oak tree held its ground, while other trees fell all around.

The weary wind gave up and spoke, “How can you still be standing, Mister Oak?”

The oak tree said, “I know that you can break each branch of mine in two, carry every leaf away, shake my limbs, and make me sway.

But I have roots stretched in the earth, growing stronger and stronger since my birth.

You’ll never touch them, for you see, they are the very deepest part of me.

Until today, I was not sure, of just how much I could endure.

But now I’ve found, with thanks to you, I’m so much stronger than I ever knew!”

Be thankful for everything in your life, and know that you all win in the end.

Much love,


May 11, 2015

Hello All!

Over the last few months I have left several posts/messages here with powerful training data that can increase the quality of your life and have a major positive impact in your ability to manifest; create; attract your desires and have inner peace, joy, bliss and happiness.

You may have missed them and not read them, thus not benefited from them. 

Even if you did read them, I suggest you spend a few minutes and go back and read them in a new unit of time.

I also suggest you get together on the telephone or in person with others to discuss some of the messages that resonate with you.

Each message has an extremely powerful concept embedded in it.

Find it, and feel what happens.

You should have an “AH HA” moment with many of these messages.

At least one person will have an AH HA moment with every message!

Much Love,


May 16, 2015

From Mary Miller:

I just got back from spending a day with my dear friend Kevin.

And as I promised his Mom, I will give accurate accounts of what I see…

I see a man who is strong, calm and healthy.

I see a man who could appear on any stage tomorrow delivering the messages he came here to deliver.

Kevin seems clearer, calmer, more focused, and more centered than I have ever seen him. He is now the most relaxed person I have ever known, with a deepest inner sense of humility, and at the same time has more of a commanding presence than ever before.

This experience has been transformational for him in so many wonderful ways. He has been blessed beyond words over the last 2 years.

Many people ask me how could Kevin be so stable given where he is.

So first of all he has no traffic jams, red lights, credit card bills, delayed flights, long staff meetings, suits that need to go to cleaners, mortgage payments etc…

And secondly, he lives in the moment, which so many of us struggle to do. So now he has time to write what he came here to write. I am so honored to call this man my friend.

Mary M

May 17, 2015

Irish Luck!

His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer.

One day, while trying to make a living for his family, he heard a cry for help coming from a nearby bog. He dropped his tools and ran to the bog. 

There, mired to his waist in black muck, was a terrified boy, screaming and struggling to free himself.

Farmer Fleming saved the lad from what could have been a slow and terrifying death.

The next day, a fancy carriage pulled up to the Scotsman’s sparse surroundings. An elegantly dressed nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy Farmer Fleming had saved.

‘I want to repay you,’ said the nobleman. ‘You saved my son’s life.’ 

‘No, I can’t accept payment for what I did,’ the Scottish farmer replied waving off the offer. At that moment, the farmer’s own son came to the door of the family hovel. 

‘Is that your son?’ the nobleman asked. 

‘Yes,’ the farmer replied proudly. 

‘I’ll make you a deal. Let me provide him with the level of education my own son will enjoy.

If the lad is anything like his father, he’ll no doubt grow to be a man we both will be proud of.’

And that he did. 

Farmer Fleming’s son attended the very best schools and in time, graduated from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London, and went on to become known throughout the world as the noted 

Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of Penicillin. 

Years afterward, the same nobleman’s son who was saved from the bog was stricken with pneumonia.

What saved his life this time?


The name of the nobleman?

Lord Randolph Churchill …

His son’s name?

Sir Winston Churchill

Someone once said: What goes around comes around.

Much Love, Kevin

May 23, 2015

You become and get what you think about most of the time.

Whatever you think about a lot, you attract into your life and experience.

What you think about, talk about, you give power to.

Think about this:

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

“My son, the battle is between the two wolves inside us all.

One wolf is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other wolf is Good. It is joy, peace, love, truth, serenity, humility, kindness, empathy, benevolence, generosity, compassion, and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee replied, “The one you feed”.

What thoughts do YOU feed?

Think good, speak good, and experience good.

Simply starve “evil”, while feeding “Good”, and experience a wonderful life.

Much love..


June 6, 2015

I recently heard the news of Jacques and Linda Patenaude leaving their bodies and merging with All-that-IS. In English that means I heard they both, in the word of Abraham, “croaked”.

I am not sad.

I am so happy to be able to call them friends.

Meeting them was a true blessing, and wonderful karma for me.

They were truly special, and a gift in my life sent directly from heaven.

I thank them, appreciate them, and bow to them for touching my life in such a powerful way.

They were pure love, to each other, and to all they interacted with. They poured out their unconditional love and support to me continually. They were GIN personified. They had such a powerful positive impact on so many people around the world.

Although I will miss interacting with their physical presence very much, I am so happy that they choose to leave this physical plane together, doing what they loved, and in such a dramatic way.

They left this world as they lived it, with excitement and passion.

My love and support go out to all the wonderful family members and friends of such magnificent people.

They left a legacy that will go on for generations.

To both of you, Jacques and Linda, thank you for touching all of our lives.

We love you.


June 12, 2015

Your subconscious vibration is ONE of the vibrations and frequencies (along with what you are deliberately thinking) that is attracting into your life everything you experience.

The vibration of love, appreciation, joy, and bliss is the highest frequency and brings to you all your desires. Thinking loving thoughts and DOING loving things on a regular basis gets your subconscious vibration and frequencies into the love/appreciation level.

There are 2 ways of getting loving, bliss, joy, and appreciation thoughts into your mind, thus into your subconscious. We can think loving thoughts; think about things that make us feel joy, appreciation and bliss.

Or we can sing or dance! It is true. People sing and dance because they are happy.

However, it is also true that you can GET happy because you sing and dance!

Think about this while singing and dancing to your favorite music and see how you feel (vibrate).

Then watch all the good stuff show up in your life! But it will not matter much, because you will ALREADY BE happy and full of joy, bliss, and appreciation!

Until next time,

much love,


June 17, 2015

Your thoughts, vibration, and frequency create the world you see and experience.

Everything you experience is a reflection of yourself.

You have total power and control over what you experience in your life.

The secret key to manifesting your desires, is to have a good self-image.

Your self-esteem must be high.

You must see yourself with all the qualities of those people who attain what you desire.

You must love yourself and see yourself as worthy and deserving.

Consider this verse written almost 75 years ago:

‘When you get what you want in your struggle for self, and the world makes you king for a day,

Just go to the mirror and look at yourself, and see what that man has to say.

For it isn’t your father or mother or wife whose judgment upon you must pass.

The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from the glass.

He’s the fellow to please, never mind all the rest. For he’s with you, clear to the end.

And you’ve passed your most difficult dangerous test if the man in the glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years, and get pats on the back as you pass.

But your final reward will be heartache and tears if you’ve cheated the man in the glass.’

Much love..


June 29, 2015

GK: Delusional Teachers

There are many wonderful “teachers” who are very well intentioned, all trying to “teach” people how to “be successful”, be happy, make money, be enlightened, and manifest or attract or create one’s dreams and desires. These people want to be your “coach or mentor”, or they want to be your “guru”, leader, teacher, or guide. Many genuinely want to help you.

Most, if not all, however, FIRST, want to make money themselves, and need to feed their EGO by having “followers”, fans, and being the “star” of the show. They crave being on stage. They desire more than anything, the applause, the accolades, the spotlight.

This is not “bad”, as the ego can be a wonderful thing to witness. It does produce an entertaining “show” which is a drama at times, a comedy at times, and a horror show at other times. If you “watch” the ego of others play out, and you realize and see it as the ego, you will be amused.

Remember, that what YOU are witnessing is really a reflection of YOUR vibration.

Think about that…

I tell you this to help you as you use your own discernment, and discrimination when deciding “who to listen to”.

Many of you stress out over which seminar or courses to take, what books to read, who’s advice, method, system, or club they should follow and join.

Relax with all of this.

Follow your feelings.

Always be open.

Simply use discernment and discrimination.

Do not judge, condemn or criticize.

You CAN and SHOULD learn from EVERYONE and every situation.

Remember, the wise man learns from the fool, but the fool cannot even learn from the wise man.

Enjoy the show!

Much love…..


July 20, 2015

My wonderful blessed Mother gently and peacefully passed away this week. She was 88 years old. It was her time.

My Father quietly passed away several months ago as well, also at 88 years old. It was his time.

Both “passings” occurred while I have been held in a US prison for “contempt of court” (not a felony and not a misdemeanor).

Over the last 18 months several people very close to me have “died”. 

Many people fear their own “death”. It is one of people’s greatest fears. Most are very emotional, sad and grieve when those that are close to them and they love “die”.

I however, feel only joy and inner bliss when someone close to me “passes”. I appreciate their physical life and time in their body, and celebrate their life experiences on this physical plane. 

When you are internally liberated and self-realized, you see, understand, comprehend, and “know” that there is no “death”, only a “dropping of the physical body”. This is why the non-physical Abraham (“channeled” by Esther Hicks) and others who “know”, refer to death as “croaking, dropping the body, transitioning, merging with the infinite/absolute, returning to Source, etc”.

When we use these terms there is no intention of disrespect to those who “died”, or those family, friends and loved ones who are still on this physical plane grieving the “loss”. We use these terms to “lighten” the concept of the passing of a loved one. We wish to put into perspective this natural part of the life cycle.

The only thing in life that is assured, is that we will all “croak” (drop the physical body). 

When someone passes we will always miss his or her physical presence.

This is similar to what occurred back before travel and communication was easy. Back in the year 1900, if a loved one decided to leave his friends and family and go to a faraway foreign country, you would probably never see that loved one again. You would say your good byes, and never talk to them, communicate with them or see them ever again. You would miss their physical presence. They would be “gone”, but they would still be “living”.

Leaving the body is similar.

You (SELF) are always existing.

You (SELF) are eternal.

If you (SELF) are in a physical body, or not, you (SELF) are still the same YOU.

YOU are not a body.

You are an extension of non-physical SOURCE energy: ALL-That-Is. 

When you are fully aware and conscious of who you really are (and who everyone else is as well), your life becomes so much easier. You simply are not internally affected by outside circumstances, conditions, situations, and events. What people say or do has little or no lasting effect on you. What “happens” to you, or in your experience, has little or no effect on your inner “state”.

You see everything as Source and as Perfect, because you can perceive it from that perspective.

You have complete knowingness.

As I reflect on the passing of my mother, I have no sadness or grief. This is not a “difficult time” for me.

I am filled with joy and supreme bliss as I think with deepest appreciation for her being in my life. I celebrate her wonderful amazing life that I was so blessed to have shared. I thank her for all she did for me in so many ways, and all the lessons she taught me. I am still “with” her as well as my father, and always will be.

Thank you dear Mother, and thank you dear Father, I am always connected to you and will always be yours.

Much love….


July 26, 2015

So many “experts” and teachers, trainers, and authors claim they have no time to train themselves, and claim they do not “need” any training, because they know enough already. They stopped learning and stopped being teachable. They claim to have all these years of “experience”, when they really have only 1 or 2 years of experience repeated over and over. They actually have not grown or “really internally learned” anything new in many years.

What they teach has not passed the test of time. They simply read a book or go to a seminar and just start teaching that material as if it is fact. They mimic and parrot whatever they “learn” (hear), without putting it into practice themselves, and without gaining personal knowledge and inner experience with the material, or a complete sense of knowingness about the material.

Does this sound like some people you might be “learning” from?

Does this sound a little like you?

I encourage all of you to always remain humble, teachable and coachable.

I encourage all of you to continue training, learning, growing, experiencing.

I encourage all of you to never take anything I say or anyone says, or anything you read in a book or learn in a seminar or audio program as “fact”, but rather test it out yourself.

Get a personal experience from it.

Let it pass the test of time.

Get a deep sense of understanding of the material and knowingness before you start to promote, or endorse anything.

Always be learning (even from the ignorant).

Always be growing.

Always be expanding.

Always be humble (even with the arrogant).

Always be teachable (even from the fool or the know it all).

Always be open (even from the closed minded).

Always be tolerant (even from the intolerant and bigots).

Always be loving, understanding, compassionate and accepting (even from the unloving, the hard headed snobs, the hateful, and the judgmental, critical, and condemning self-righteous zealots). 

You will be the wise one.

You will be the happy one.

You will be the enlightened one.

You will live the life of your dreams in peace and contentment manifesting all your desires.

You will have it all.

Much love.


August 4, 2015

From Mary Miller:

Hello All,

Just spent the day with Kevin. It is interesting to see how many people in this setting are living for the future, for the day when they are no longer incarcerated. And, certainly this is probably very normal.

Over the years, I have noticed that when people make a commitment to a path of personal transformation, they make a commitment to live in the present no matter what the present may bring.

In fact, I think that on a course of transformation, you even begin to welcome challenging events and circumstances as opportunities to grow and change.

Maybe, the more challenging times offer all of us the greatest opportunities to grow and change.

When I spend time with Kevin, from what I see he does not project himself into the future or live for the day when he is released.

He has built a productive life based on where he is right now.

He could probably write a book about how to maximize your time in prison and come out a better person. He is among the healthiest looking men on the unit. And he lives a life that is rich is full every day.

I look forward to the day when we have a beautiful dinner with many friends celebrating his release. And until that day, I see a man who has taken the expression “Carpe Diem” (Horace 23 BC) to heart.

Mary Miller

September 9, 2015

Do you like these messages?

Are they helpful to you?

Do they help inspire, motivate and empower you?

If so, then share this page with others.

I get so many letters/cards from people around the world that still have no idea that this Facebook page exists!

You have the power to change that, thus YOU have the power to positively impact other people’s lives. You could change someone’s life forever by telling others about this page, getting people to know this page exists, and getting people to come to this page often and read these messages. 

Do all you can to inform others about this page. Do this on a regular basis. Email all you know about this page, not just one time, but over and over again. Call people and tell them about it. Send post cards to people. Text message people. Even post banner ads about this page.

You are all creative. Use your creative power and your knowledge of the internet to get millions visiting this page. 


Why would you want to do this?

Because by doing so, you will positively impact someone’s life. When you help another, you help yourself. It is karma. You reap what you sow.

When you GIVE out of love, you get back returned to you, in this lifetime, 100 fold more. (scripture says your return will be “pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will men give to you in overflowing abundance when you give out of love!”)

In a previous post I explained the “tipping point, critical mass and the 100th monkey syndrome”.

Go back and reread that post to really understand how YOU and society will benefit the more people are coming to this page and reading these messages.

Tell everyone you know and even everyone you do not know about this page! Market and promote this page and get millions to come here often.

YOU will see wonderful things happen in your life as you share with others this page and these messages.

You can do it!

The best is yet to come for YOU.

Much love.


September 16, 2015

Who is your greatest teacher?

Who can you learn the most from?

Consider this.

If you are able to be unaffected by what anyone says or does not say to you, does or does not do to you or for you, then you are in control of your life.

If you can withstand ridicule, pain, suffering, and negative experiences, then you are in control of your life.

If circumstances, conditions, events, and situations have no effect on your emotions, then you are in control of your life.

Thus, all those people that tease you, talk bad about you and treat you with no respect are your “trainers”. They are giving you opportunities to practice being unaffected by outside circumstances. They are testing your ability to “handle” situations in life.

How much can you take? How much can you put up with? How much can you stand?

If you can handle anything, then you win. Be happy for those who talk bad about you, do bad things to you, and disrespect you.

Be thankful for all the “challenges” in life. They are all testing you, and training you at the same time.

If you know this, then you will “figure out” the “game”. When you are unaffected by anything “outside” yourSELF, then all the world will be yours, and all your dreams will come true.

October 8, 2015

Since I was incarcerated I have watched (with amusement) the different ways people have reacted and interacted with me.

Almost everyone (90%) did everything they could to support me, make sure I was ok, and make sure I know they are standing by me no matter what.

However a small number of people acted differently.

Some simply vanished. They are the people full of fear. They are afraid to be known to have associated with me, and do not want to be known to be associating with me now that I am incarcerated. 

They have not communicated with me in any way. No cards or letters (think of Peter, 3 times denying he knew Jesus when the heat was on!). These people had only good things to say about me when everything was “going great”, but now, have only bad, negative things to say about me (some are actually gloating that I am incarcerated). 

Another small group of people did in fact communicate with me since I have been incarcerated. They sent a letter or 2. But the communication was something like this…. “KT, what am I supposed to do now that you are incarcerated? or KT, you need to help me, or KT you need to send me some money, or KT you need to look at my business and help me get it off the ground, or KT I cannot believe you let yourself get incarcerated, don’t you know how that negatively affects my life, or KT I need you to do this or do that for me….”

These people are only concerned about their life, and have no interest in how I am doing.

Then there is a small group that seem to have a mission to be my “angels”. They send positive uplifting cards, letters, and emails regularly, some almost weekly. They ask how am I doing, and if they can do anything for me. They are supportive, loving, kind, thoughtful, encouraging, upbeat. They do everything they can to make me feel good, and encourage me. Their words are positive and enthusiastic. They talk about the wonderful future and the fun exciting times that we will have together when I get out. They have sent money to my commissary account without being asked… They have been true “angels”. 

Then there are also people that I have not talked to in years who have come out of the wood work and have come to visit, sent money to my commissary account without me asking, sent me books, cards, letters and done many little things that show their unconditional support.

In all of this, it is clear who is unconditionally loving and supportive, who gives only conditional love and support, and those who only want from me what they can get from me, and have no interest in “giving” to me in any form.

Does the term fair weather friends come to mind?

Here is the point.

If you were in my place (prison), would you feel some people “stabbed in you in the back”, or betrayed you, or let you down?

Think about that.

Have you ever felt betrayed in your life, or felt let down by someone, or felt that someone stabbed in you in the back, or kicked you when you were down, or did the “I told you so”?

I am sure we all have felt that way at least once in our life.

Here is a better question.

Have YOU ever betrayed someone, or stabbed them in the back, or let someone down, or kicked someone when they were down, or did the “I told you so” to someone?

I am sure we all would have to admit yes.

Here is the message.

The “sage” is kind to those who are kind to him, and kind to those who are unkind to him, because kindness is his nature.

The magic happens in your life when you do not judge, criticize or condemn others for what they do or do not do or say or do not say (we have all done the same things at one time or another).

Your love, acceptance, understanding, and compassion for others must be unconditional and without exception.

When you can do this, when you can be unaffected by others actions, you are a master of your thoughts, thus your point of focus, thus your emotions, thus your vibrations, thus your experience in life and what you manifest.

To everyone, no matter what they have done or not done, said or not said, I send only love and positive thoughts. I love them all equally. We all act only as we are able, at the time.

So, be forgiving and understanding. Let it all go. Hold no grudges. Do not condemn them. Do not gossip about them.

You cannot control others actions, but you can control your reaction and how you feel about those actions.

React always with love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding (as you would want others to treat you).

See their actions as a cry for love, and then give them love.

Be thankful for all these people who give you an opportunity to send love to those who need it most.

With humility,


October 20, 2015

Many of you know Wayne Dyer passed away recently. I had known Wayne for over 30 years.

Most people are sad when someone “passes”.

When the veil between YOU (the SELF) and the Ego (mind, body with a personality) is lifted, you know who you really are as an eternal being of light that is one with everything.

When this happens (enlightenment), you “see” everything differently. You know what everything really is.

Life is seen as a play of “consciousness”.

Thus when someone passes (an actor in the “play”), you applaud their role and great performance in the dance of life.

When you go to a Broadway play, and the main character “dies” on stage, and the play is “over”, you stand and applaud.

You feel great, not sad, when the play comes to an end.

As a self-realized being, you see the same in “real life”.

Thus, I stand and applaud Wayne for his role in the play of consciousness we call life. I thank him for his interacting with me, in my own “play”. Wayne has gone nowhere. His “role” and the character he played is over, not his essence or being. I am still “one” with that; the SELF.

Becoming more aware, more conscious, closer to enlightenment; self-realization; God realization, is a wonderful way to live, as outside conditions, circumstances, events, people, and situations have less and less power over you.

You can always be in a state of bliss, joy, peace and inner equanimity.

Sending you all love, and encouraging you to seek first the inner peace that is in fact who you are.


October 26, 2015

One of my closest friends, “Archie”, just passed away (croaked; kicked the bucket).

We were friends for over 30 years. He was one of our fishing buddies. I talked about him often as did Mike Sigel and the Morters. Some of you met him at Gin events. He also did welcome calls for Gin. Archie was loved by everyone who met him. He was a loyal, dear friend.

As I wrote in a previous message about Wayne Dyer’s passing, “death” is just a transition. The physical body is gone, but the essence of the real person is always eternal.

In fact, when YOU leave the body, your true essence is fully released.

All those around you can now sense the pure love that you are.

You have finished the role you decided and choose to play when you decided and choose to be embodied.

We all applaud your “performance” Archie. All those who knew you are glad we got to participate in the “play of consciousness” with you.

You are getting a standing ovation from all of us my friend.

With love…


November 8, 2015

Here is a question that comes in very often.

How do I know if I, or someone is enlightened (self realized; God-realized; self-actualized)

How can I tell and how can I be sure?

What if someone told me they were enlightened, how would I know if that is true?

Maybe they just think or “believe” they are ‘enlightened” but they are actually not?

How do I know for sure if I, myself am enlightened? 


For yourself it is simple, if you have any question about your self-realization then you are not.

When you lose the ego and mind fully then the “veil” lifts and you know and experience your oneness with Source, you are fully enlightened.

Those who are, simply know, without any doubt. The experience is pure, true and without comparison. The experience of full self/God-realization can happen all at once, as in a quantum leap from 0-1000. The experience can also occur over a series of “steps” as you shed more and more of your mind/ego. The “veil” may be lifted in an instant or slowly over time.

The “final” breakthrough is infinitely clear.

The bliss and human joy is beyond comprehension, words or description.

Here are some of the things experienced by those who are enlightened:

  • In most respects everything is still the same as you still have a body, karma, a mind ( which is needed to operate a body) and a personality. The difference is YOU (the Self) is separated from all of that. You are witnessing (looking at) the body and mind experience “life”. YOU are witnessing the mind (personality) go through emotions and karma. You are in a complete state of “bliss” which is separate from what the body and mind are experiencing.
  • YOU can see everything as it really is. You “see” people and things not as the “eyes” see them but rather “light” and energy all connected and all one.
  • YOU see past, present and future simultaneously, thus you see the “whole” and so you see the light, love and perfection in everything.
  • YOU have a total sense of “being” not “doing” While your karma, mind and body might be still “doing” or achieving, YOU are without desire.
  • YOU are not your body or mind. YOU sense yourself as non-physical. YOU look at and see your mind/body. The body can experience pain but YOU cannot. The mind can experience “emotional pain” but YOU cannot and do not.
  • There is much more. I will give more information about how you can tell if someone else is “enlightened”
  • I can assure you, this is a state, once attained, surpasses in every respect, all other desires, wishes and wants.
  • This is the Ultimate. This is everything that can be attained in not only this life, but eternally.

Much Love….


November 19, 2015

If you want something, a strong desire can override everything else.

But the road to the attainment of your desire will be rough going.

This is why you see people get the “things” they strongly desire, but are miserable while they are in the process of attaining their desires.

And once they get their desires they have no satisfaction or fulfillment. 

There are seemingly many “ways or methods” to manifesting what you want in life.

Actually there is only one.

The Law of Attraction is what manifests all desires for all people.

Karma however does come into play. Karma is unmanifested desires (vibration) that are in your “escrow account”, and seemingly manifest without you doing anything in this life.

However, this is still the Law of Attraction in action.

I suggest to all, seek first inner peace, and all your desires will come true, but you will be happy and joyous in the process.

Much love,


November 24, 2015

GK: The Road to Your Dreams

Most people do not think about “enlightenment”, or self-realization.

Most people think that those ideals are a waste of time because they have bills to pay!

Most people think that the inner feelings that they seek can only be obtained from the acquisition and attainment of “things”; achievements and status; and having more stuff than the “other guys”. 

Thus manifesting one’s desires are the most important thing to most people.

Getting more money is high on the list of over 90% of people in America (this changes slightly by culture). 

There is nothing wrong with wanting things or having desires. 

There is nothing wrong with celebrating attaining something that you had as a goal (money, a successful business, a job promotion, a big house, a fancy car, a weight loss or physical aspect objective, a spectacular vacation etc). 

However, when you think that when you attain your desire, you will have the internal feelings that is your true core desire, you will be, as all others have, extremely disappointed.

Having inner joy, peace, equanimity, and bliss FIRST, no matter what the outside conditions, will allow you to easily attain your “desires” while always being in a state of happiness. 

Thus, you live a marvelous, wonderful, magical life full of joy, friends, family, laughter, and filled with love.

You are all special.

Think about these things.

I will see you at the top!

Much love…


December 2, 2015

Many people are asking me what my thoughts are about the Paris terrorist attacks, and other recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Beirut, Mali, Israel, Canada, the downing of the Russian passenger jet over Egypt, and in several other countries around the world. 

The fact is there are “terrorist” attacks every week somewhere in the world.

This has been going on for over 70 years. The media just does not report them. Hundreds of human beings have been killed every month from terrorist attacks for decades.

Think about this.

Just days after the Paris attacks, where 129 people were killed, there were terrorist attacks in Nigeria, where over 120 people were killed by child suicide bombers as young as 11 years old. All in a 48 hour period.

The news was almost 100% focused on the terror in Paris, but virtually never mentioned the terror and loss of life in Nigeria. 

The bombing in Beirut (over 50 people killed and hundreds injured) got almost no coverage.

With all that said, if we step back, take a deep breath, and be rational, we can see what is really occurring.

There have always been “conflicts” and violence in the world. There have always been “wars” somewhere in the world going on every year (the media just does not talk about them).

People are being killed and are dying from violence all over the world, every day. In certain regions, there has been historically more conflict, violence and instability than in other regions. In the middle east, since the beginning of recorded history there has been instability, violence, and conflict. 

Conflict, violence, war and terror has historically gone in cycles, with highs and lows.

Yet, violence in some form always has been a constant, to some degree, worldwide.

There has never been true “world peace”.

However, consider the other viewpoint.

The facts also show that over 90% of people worldwide never had and never will have an experience with violence in their lifetime.

Think about that.

So one could say that the world is incredibly violent and dangerous, or incredibly peaceful and safe. It is simply one’s perspective. 

With all this said, consider this.

Anytime anyone, anywhere, of any race or religion, experiences “tragedy” or loss of life, or terror, or violence perpetrated against them, we should send them love. Virtually everyone agrees with this.

Sending love means sending loving thoughts and vibrations. This is the most important aspect of “sending love”.

Use your creative power to create the future as you want it for your life by “being love”, emitting love, and having your entire self-permeated by love.

Let love have dominion over your thoughts and actions.

“Sending love” can also mean doing loving things and taking loving actions, such as providing financial or emotional support to those who need it. If more people “send love”, dramatic things will happen.

However there is another ingredient that is even more powerful. This additional element is the real secret to increasing love in the world and decreasing hate and violence.

Anytime anyone, anywhere, of any race or religion, perpetuates hate, violence, and/or terror, against someone else, we should send the perpetrator of the hate, violence and terror love as well as the “victim”.

Think about this.

Remember, it is easy to love those who love you. But you must “love your enemies”.

This is the secret to real and tangible joy, happiness and peace.

This is the secret to living your life is peace and never being a “part” of the terror.

People also ask me what I would do with all that is going on if I were President.

I am not President. It is not my karma.

I do not know what I would do as only the people in those positions have the complete intelligence, and all the “real” truth and facts.

Anyone who says we should do this or do that is a fool, for they are making assertions without all the facts and data.

It is not my karma to make those tough decisions.

It is my karma to be a “witness” to these events, and not part of them.

It is my karma to simply send love and be love.

I do what I can do.

I can send love to all, I can be love, so that is what I am doing.

I will leave the “politics” to the Politician’s, and will leave war to the military, and will leave philosophy with the philosophers.

I will do what I can do. I will simply send love and be love.

These are interesting times. The world is always changing.

Know that, no matter how things appear, that everything is always in perfect balance, and everything is perfect for the highest good for everyone.

Much love…


December 15, 2015

May each of you become aware of your own perfection and own divinity.

May you all become established with the inner peace, joy, and bliss that surpasses all human understanding and comprehension.

May you love everyone without condition and without exception.

May you give compassion, forgiveness and acceptance to everyone without condition and without exception. 

And may you treat and think of others first, as you want others to treat and think of you, regardless of whether you actually are treated and thought of as you want to be.

I love you all.


February 4, 2016

One of our fellow inmates is a Christian TV Evangelist.

He is serving a 3 year sentence for some kind of white collar “crime”. Since the day he arrived he has been complaining about how horrible this experience is (he was never arrested, put in a real jail cell, or even handcuffed; he was allowed to simply self surrender here to the camp).

He is miserable most of the time. You would think he was being tortured everyday by the guards, given nothing to eat, and forced to work 16 hours a day in a slave labor POW camp. His constant “oh poor me” attitude, and how horribly he is suffering is actually amazing to watch. 

While most of the men would prefer to be home with their families, all would agree that we are not in a “prison”. We are in a very comfortable “camp” that is more like a college dorm living situation and campus or a military “barracks” type set up.

Everything in life is simply what you make of it.

Everything you are dealing with is what you decide it will be.

You and only you have the power to decide how you are going to react or respond to whatever you are facing in your life. 

A discussion started about being optimistic or pessimistic. The usual arguments about “realistic” and dealing with the facts and the true undeniable reality were vigorously debated. 

Then came up the analogy of the glass being half empty or half full. Everyone had an interesting opinion. I simply listened to this discussion and remained silent. No one asked my opinion therefore I felt no need to give one. I listened intently and tried to understand and appreciate everyone’s various viewpoints and ideas. I learned a lot.

As the “debate” was winding to a close, one of my friends said as a matter of fact “you all are missing the point about the glass being half full or half empty. That does not matter. What matters is you can always refill the glass!”

Everyone was silent.

I smiled, so thankful for being given this wonderful new example of TRUTH.

Much love,


February 16, 2016

Remember the words of Les Brown “It ain’t over until I win!”. 

ALL things are possible for those who believe.

Most people who have had ultimate victory and vindication were knocked down early on their quest.

As I have said many times, no matter what the conditions or circumstances, never feel like a victim, take 100% responsibility, learn the lessons from the experience, be in a constant state of thankfulness, gratefulness and appreciation, and be blissfully happy where you are at.

Find the gold in everything. Look for, find, and focus on the silver lining in your current situation.

Know that you don’t know what you don’t know, and that most of the things coming your way are off the radar screen anyway.

Feel good right now.

Be happy.

Be thankful.

Love yourself and love everyone and everything in your world, without condition and without exception.

Live in, and totally enjoy the moment. Live in and experience fully the NOW.

I am at total peace and enjoying fully my wonderful exciting life and adventure!

I am living my dreams in more ways than you can imagine and all is very, very well! 

Much love.


March 10, 2016

A story from Mary Miller:

This is a great true story that really shows how the “powers that be” refuse to change the status quo no matter what the facts are. As Gandhi said ” First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, THEN you win.”

Enjoy the Truth….


In the mid-eighteen hundreds a man named Ignaz Semmelweis worked as the head doctor on a unit in a hospital where women came to deliver their babies.

The story goes that there were two clinics in the hospital.

The first clinic was for women who had money to pay for services. So they received services from the highly trained medical doctors.

The second clinic was open to women with limited finances. They received services from midwives, considered then to be less than the doctors, only for the poor.

For some unknown reason, 10% to 11% of babies born in the first clinic serviced by the medical doctors died from infections (puerperal fever) right after birth while in the second clinic serviced by the midwives the death rate was more like 2% to 4%. Word of this death rate became known in the community.

Some of the women who were supposed to go to the first clinic serviced by the doctors gave birth to their babies on the street. They pretended to be on the way to the first clinic to give birth. But they realized they had a better chance of having a healthy baby by just giving birth in the street.

Dr Semmelweis became very aware of these death rates but like other people, could not figure out what was going on. Then one day, a good friend and fellow-physician died right after being accidently poked with a scalpel during an autopsy. Semmelweis realized that his friend’s post mortem pathology showed that he had the same puerperal fever as the babies who were dying in the first clinic. And he concluded quite accurately that the physicians were not washing their hands after performing autopsies. They were just moving on to delivering babies with all the infectious materials on their hands and implements.

Semmelweis found a solution that would clean the physicians’ hands, making it possible to deliver babies without passing on infections. He had the doctors on his unit use this solution and the death rate in the first clinic serviced by physicians dropped to equal the death rate of the midwife serviced unit.

Now surely one would think this would be a time of great celebration, but instead Semmelweis was met with great resistance.

He ultimately lost his job, apparently for political reasons. He tried to tell physicians about what he knew and became perceived as a madman, even though all the statistical figures were in his favor.

He ultimately died after being deemed insane for his efforts.

Long after Semmelweis died and his work became known as undeniably accurate, the society recognized him in something they called the Semmelweis Reflex or the Semmelweis Effect.

This concept referred to the tendency of people to reject any new information regardless of proof that might contradict established norms and beliefs.

And it also helps to explain why so many pathways of real help so often find resistance.

March 21, 2016

I had a wonderful visit with Mary Miller and Blaine Athorn recently. Many of you wonder “how Kevin is doing” dealing with federal prison.

I have told you all over and over that I am doing wonderful and having a great fun time.

I look at this experience as a great adventure filled with laughter, joy, and excitement in a stress free relaxing environment. 

This has been a great time for rejuvenation, reflection, exercise, meditation, and rest.

I appreciate this opportunity so very much.

I am thankful and grateful that I have had this amazing “sabbatical”.

As you know, I am here for “contempt of court” which is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor. I exercised my First Amendment rights of free speech, and the court said I was in “contempt” for violating an order by a judge.

I am 100% innocent and appealing.

I am doing Terrific. I am relaxed and having fun every day. The training works. 

You too can be happy, at peace, and enjoy total contentment no matter what the conditions or circumstances in your life.

You do not have to suffer or experience pain. You can always feel good. You can always be happy. You can always have inner bliss.

That is what the training will do for you. You can have total freedom and liberation in your life.

You are loved.

Mary and Blaine will be leaving an update on their visit here. Check back and see what they have to say about their visit! 

Much love to you all.


May 12, 2016

Over the last 2 years I have left many messages here on this page, sharing my experience of being incarcerated. I have also shared insights, and secrets to inner joy, bliss and contentment. I have also given you practical things to do that can make you manifest your goals and dreams in life: helping you get what you want and achieve your desires.

So many people have read these posts and shared with me the miracles that are occurring in their lives by implementing some of the concepts and ideas that I have presented.

If you have not read these posts, I encourage you to go back and read these posts in the order they were posted. 

This will be a great process that will not only be eye opening, but begin to awaken your own dormant power of attracting and manifesting what you want in life.

As you read these, if you particularly like one of the messages, or if one of the messages causes you to feel tingling, or energy moving up your spine, write down the date the message was posted. 

Then, here, post what message or messages you particularly liked. You can write a comment about how that particular message affected you and what you got out of it, or you can just list the dates of the messages you think others would benefit from as you did.

All of you check back here often and see what messages others found particularly helpful.

This is a powerful process for you. For those of you who take the time to do this process, you will see and feel profound benefits in your life.

Feel free to comment on those as well.

Have fun!

May 30, 2016

People take life too seriously.

If you look at your thoughts throughout the day, almost all thoughts are about the past or the future. 

Even when you are thinking about something in the present you are comparing it to something in the past, or to what you want or do not want in the future.

Most people have very few thoughts that are just in the moment. 

When you can live in the moment, it is called being mindful or mindfulness.

You are really paying attention. You are in present time. You are not thinking about the past. You are not thinking about the future (what you want or do not want).

You are fully present. You are childlike. You are playful. You live with a sense of wonder.

You enjoy each experience no matter what it is!

Just as a child. You have no cares about the future. You have no regrets about the past.

This is a wonderful place to be.

Try it and you will see!

Much love…


June 3, 2016

Your words are very powerful.

The words you use create the world you experience.

Think about what you say.

Today, focus on paying attention to every word that comes out of your mouth.

Notice how negative you speak!

Notice who you say the same phrases all the time.

You have patterns of speech, habits of using the same words and phrases, and you are generally not even aware of the words you say.

Notice what you are saying almost subconsciously.

You speak most of the time on autopilot.

Pay attention.

Then, focus, be aware, and be conscious of the words you use.

Decide to speak positively and with intention and purpose.

Remember the old saying “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all!” 

Be the person that everyone knows always says only positive things with a smile on his face!

Then watch you world improve in every way.

You are loved.


July 7, 2016

Life is as you see it.

This statement was written thousands of years ago. This statement (or a similar version of it such as “life is what you make it, or life is how you perceive it”) is in every religious and ancient spiritual book ever written.

It is the secret to happiness.

It is the secret of the ages.

What you focus on, where you put your mind, is how you experience life.

You choose your emotional state.

The external conditions do not make you feel a certain way, unless you allow it.

When you control your mind and thoughts, you control your life.

Much love….


July 20, 2016

Here is a tip to make you feel better.

Every day, make it a point to do the following.

First, smile as often as you can. Smile for no reason. Just smile.

Second, laugh as often as you can. Laugh for no reason and as often as you can. 

Third, sing out loud. Just sing.

Next, dance! Yes, dance. Dance often, even if it by yourself when no one is watching.

Do this and see how amazing you feel. 

When you act like a kid, by smiling, laughing, singing, and dancing, you will feel lighter and more cheerful.

You will be taking life less seriously.

You will vibrate frequencies that will attract into your life all the things you want.

Watch the magic happen in your life.

Much love…


July 25, 2016

In May 2015 there was talk about a possible Trump run for President of the USA.

Immediately a group of men here got together and began discussing the upcoming primaries. I was invited to participate.

The group included former billionaires, CEO’s of major US Corporations, a judge, former Politicians, Washington DC insiders, lawyers and others. On the Democratic side, Clinton was a foregone conclusion. Everyone agreed it would be a coronation for her. As for the Republicans, they talked about Bush, Rubio and others, but at the end everyone agreed 100% that Bush would win easily.

No one mentioned Trump. 

I remained silent for over an hour as each man made their points and gave their opinions. They all sounded smart, knowledgeable and rational. They all made intelligent comments. After all, these are amazing men with amazing backgrounds.

I knew I could learn a lot from them.

As the discussions were winding down, someone mentioned that I had not said a single word! I was actually listening intently, taking some notes, and during the discussion wrote a short prediction about the primaries that I intended to send to the NY Times. 

Everyone turned and looked at me as I was asked for my opinion and what I thought about the primary elections.

I sat quiet for a moment. 

Everyone just looked at me in silence. You could hear a pin drop.

I smiled and thanked them for asking for my opinion. 

I told them I had written a prediction that I was going to send to the NY Times. I said I would like to read it.

Here is what I read (as I still have the original), “I make the following prediction as to the Democratic and Republican primaries.

This is what is going to happen. 

On the Democratic side, Sanders will push Clinton to the very end. But the fix is in, and the system is rigged. The insiders choose the candidate, not the people.

Candidates are selected, not elected. Clinton will win, because the Democrat insiders will make sure she wins.

On the Republican side, Gandhi’s 4 step process of breaking the status quo will be obvious.

Trump will first be ignored. Then he will be laughed at. Then he will be attacked. And then he will win.

Trump will win the Republican nomination easily, even though the system is designed to “elect” the “chosen” candidate.

Trump will win because the overwhelming energy of the people is consistent with Trump’s vibration.

He will resonate with a powerful energy, and activate and awaken a dormant energy in people. This energy is very intense. I know this because I can read the energy of the public. 

The group just laughed.

I did send my prediction to the NY Times, and also to Janine and some other close friends. I also shared it with Donald. I say this not to brag or show off. I share this with you to point out the power of being able to read “group energy”.

You too can release this power.

You too can be able to “read group energy”.

All you need is desire, and the right training by a person who has this power released. (I also predicted the UK vote to leave the EU).

I am not saying who will make the best President. The group energy, intention, and desire will determine the outcome of the election and how our government is run.

The play of consciousness that we are all a part of is a “perfect” play. Sometimes it is a drama, sometimes a horror show, sometimes a comedy, and sometimes a romance.

Rather than be a part of it and feel all the emotional ups and downs, you can observe and witness the play and simply enjoy the show.

Much love..


August 7, 2016

When you are attached to nothing, you have total freedom.

All pain and suffering comes from the sense of loss, or separation from something.

The great poet, philosopher and musician, Janis Joplin said it best in one of her hit songs: Freedom’s just another word for nothing more to lose.

As you live your life, have all the stuff you desire, achieve everything you wish, and enjoy all the material things you choose.

But be attached to nothing.

Fear losing nothing.

Then, you will taste freedom. 

Much love..


August 22, 2016

GK: Initiative

One overlooked common denominator of all financially successful people is initiative.

People who make lots of money are people who show initiative every day, in everything they do.

Remember, the way you do anything, is the way you do everything.

If you want to make more money in your life, start showing initiative every day in as many ways as you can develop success habits and you will start making more money.

Successful people are always willing to do what the other guys are not willing to do!

Live your life with abundance and be prosperous in everything you do.

Much love…


September 8, 2016

From Jon Denny:


A short while back, I had the pleasure of seeing my dear friend Kevin at his present address at the Federal facility in Montgomery, Alabama. I’ve known KT since 1996, so I guess we celebrated our 20th anniversary of friendship that weekend in the deep South.

Prior to my visit, I had a sliver of unease about seeing him; it had been a couple of years since I’d seen him last. But I was immediately put at ease when Kevin appeared in the common meeting area of the facility. He looked thin and well- in fact, in better shape than I’d ever seen him. His eyes were clear and spirited.

We spent hours talking, sharing news, disagreeing (profoundly) over Presidential politics, reminiscing, laughing.

Kevin has always been a remarkably positive person in my life; I owe him a great deal relative to my career and to my own personal growth. We’ve also had an incredible range of experiences together.

What I always loved about Kevin was his indomitable mettle- and sense that everything- energetically, spiritually and in physical, tangible ways- would be fine, as long as you projected that to the universe.

“You are what you think”, I recall KT saying. “Go as far as you can see,” he said, “and when you get there, you’ll see further.”

Even given his present circumstance, Kevin still sees further than most. He remains steadfast in his belief that everything that has transpired in his life was meant to be. He sees his current state of affairs as life lessons, teaching him what he needed most.

Equally, he remains the same hopeful, powerful and spirited force that he always was- even more so.

I laughed when he said that he used to spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to fancy yoga and meditation retreats (we’ve been to a couple of those in our day!)- but now, he gets it all for free.

He seems relieved that his life has become more simple but somehow even richer.

I wasn’t surprised that a couple of Kevin’s new acquaintances inside the facility credited him with helping them not only endure but thrive. KT’s gift as a teacher and sage has only grown over the past couple of years.

There is not an ounce of “victim mentality” about him. If “life is but a dream”- an old song lyric I recall him particularly liking (and occasionally singing)- then his present situation is not a predicament, but a moment in time- a unit in time- that is giving him greater illumination and self-knowledge.

In that way, and many others, Kevin Trudeau is more unfettered than most of us. In fact, he may be the most free man I know. That’s why his teachings and insights are so valuable to me personally- and to us all.

I look forward to seeing him again soon, wherever the universe- and his incredible life force- takes him.

Jon Denny

September 15, 2016

Many people ask me how to deal with negative people.

Everyone has “negative” people in their lives. Everyone has people who talk bad about you behind your back; will turn their back on you when things are not going well; will stab you in the back; will be disloyal to you; who are jealous of you; who will try to hurt you; who will do everything they can to see you suffer; and the list goes on.

Everyone has such people in their lives. It does not matter if you are a saint, a successful business person, a spiritual person, a mother, a dad, a worker, a famous celebrity, a journalist, a radio host, an author, a Politician, a doctor, or an artist.

Everyone has “haters” in their life.

Mother Theresa had many such people. Steven Jobs, Trump, Marc Cuban, Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, and every business leader has “haters”, detractors, and critics. Yogi’s, Guru’s, Spiritual Meditators, and every religious leader in every religion has people who try to “debunk” and “expose” these champions of free speech.

“Haters” come in all forms. Most are former “best friends”, insiders, former close inner circle loyalists, ex-lovers, ex-employees, ex-spouses, and even relatives and close family members.

The more you do that is “positive”, the more “negative” you will get thrown at you.

This is how the Universe keeps everything in balance.

There has to be a balance between yin and yang.

How do you handle this?

There are many ways, which I teach in The Science of Personal Mastery Course.

The main thing is to be happy when people talk bad about you. This means that what you are doing is right.

In the second world war, the army air corps pilots said “you only get flack when you are over the target!”

Sending positive energy to your “haters” is how to get the Universe to open the flood gates of prosperity, abundance and positivity in your life.

Smile and be happy when the negative comes at you.

Gandhi said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, and THEN you WIN!”

Much love.


October 17, 2016

There is a secret to happiness.

One time, Buddha was sitting with a few of his followers under a tree. They owned nothing and had nothing, yet they were always happy. 

A man came up to them crying and was very sad and upset. He said his 10 cows ran away and he could not find them. He asked if they had seen any cows.

Buddha said they did not see any cows.

The man got more upset and became very depressed. 

He said that if he did not find his cows, that he would probably kill himself, and with that, the man went on his way.

Buddha said to his followers “We have just discovered the secret to happiness. Do not own any cows.” 

There are many lessons from this story.

The main lesson is the key to happiness is not being attached to anything.

Do not be attached to things, status, position, your job, your opinion, outcomes, etc.

When you are attached to things, and they “leave”, are taken away, or you lose them you have a sense of “loss”.

When you never have a sense of loss you are always happy.

All is always perfect.

Much love..


December 18, 2016

Let me share 2 secrets that will give you success in every area of your life.

First, live in the present moment, be in present time, fully experience and focus on the “now”.

If you examine your thoughts, you will find that you are almost always thinking about the past, or the future. Most people think of the past with some form of guilt, regret or negative feelings.

When you are not thinking about the past, most people’s thoughts are about the future: what they want or do not want to happen (and most of these future thoughts are fear based).

Most people never really are thinking about and focusing on the moment they are experiencing.

If you can focus on the “now”, the moment you are living and experiencing, you will release your inner peace and joy.

You will also vibrate frequencies that will allow you to create the life you “want”.

The second secret is to truly love and cherish yourself.

When you love yourself without judgment, you can BE the love that you ARE.

When this happens, you are blissful. 

You will live in the moment with grace and ease. You will radiate love, attract your “desires”, and create a magical glorious life filled with peace, contentment and fulfillment.

You will be happy no matter what the conditions are, yet all the conditions will be better than ever anyway.

You are deeply and unconditionally loved so love yourself and experience what is already yours…your own magnificence.

Much love…


December 25, 2016

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe, it can achieve.

The missing key to this statement is understanding the word believe.

Belief is anchored in doubt.

If you “believe something”, you subconsciously have doubts.

The correct word here is “know”.

Knowingness has no doubts.

It flows from within and gives you total peace. It eliminates all fear.

You no longer have to convince someone else to “believe” as you “believe”, because you simply “know”. 

So ponder this new statement for manifesting your desires:

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and KNOW that it can achieve, it can achieve.

Think about this difference.

Then apply it.

Then watch the magic happen in your life.


January 9, 2017

Here is a secret that will make your life better.

Whatever you see in others, is really what you see in yourself.

If you see others as being mean and nasty, that is how you, deep down, see yourself. If you think others are loving and kind (and you feel good about that and not jealous), then that is how you feel about yourself.

Life is a mirror. You see yourself everywhere, in every person, and in every situation.

Think about this today as you go through out your day.

As you do, you will confront TRUTH.

Confronting TRUTH will set you free!

That is the meaning of the spiritual quote “the TRUTH will set you free”.

The world is a mirror reflecting your feelings and thoughts (which are your vibrations and frequencies).

With all this in mind, know that when others say bad things about YOU, they are really saying what they feel about themselves.

Therefore, do not hate them, but love them and feel compassion for them.

Think about this every day.

Do this every day.

Make this a habit.

If you do, YOUR life will improve in every way.

This is a secret of the “Masters”.

Much love..


January 16, 2017

From Mary Miller:

I have been in the field of mental health for a very long time. I can see that most of us including myself usually do not transform our lives because we are feeling great, successful, uplifted and happy.

More often, we transform our lives when we are challenged and confronted with something that requires us to approach life differently. And while these challenges might not always be pleasant, they are always opportunities to become better people and to focus on higher goals.

I spent a day with Kevin and if ever a person has taken full advantage of the opportunity of challenging times, Kevin is that person.

He is peaceful and relaxed. He is writing and reading and teaching through his writings, all the things he seems to have come here to do. He is living proof that inner peace is our most valuable possession.

Mary Miller

January 20, 2017

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, even Mother Theresa, all had a huge percent of people who hated them.

Yes, even Mother Theresa was hated! In almost all cases, these people were hated by those in “power”. Politicians, the media, the “establishment” all hated these “enlightened masters”, and the masses hated them as well.

Most all Christian “saints” were put to death or shunned.

How could you kill a “saint” if you knew he was a saint?

Almost all Eastern “holy men”, sages, Guru’s, and “masters” were laughed at, attacked, and vilified. Many were imprisoned. Most saints and “masters” were never known by the masses when they were alive, because they were rejected by the masses when they were alive. Buddha and Jesus were rejected by the masses when they were alive and were known by very few.

Both Jesus and Buddha were hated and rejected by the majority of people they met!

People used to spit at Buddha and call him all kinds of insults and terrible names.

Think about this.

Today, there are great beings living among us.

There are “saints” walking our streets. There are enlightened and SELFRealized masters among us who are “teaching” others and transforming people’s lives.

But as it has been throughout history, very few people realize and can see who these great beings are.

One thing is for certain, all great beings are rejected by the masses while they are living.

Wake up.

Pay attention.

Be aware.

You just might be standing next to a “Master”!

In your awareness of this, YOU will be positivity transformed in ways that defy comprehension.

Much love…


March 6, 2017

I have been leaving messages here since November 2013, when I was first put in prison for contempt of court.

The messages have been a real time explanation of what was happening to me. I shared a little of what my life was like in prison and how I was handling the situation. I also shared many secrets of manifesting your desires and how to deal with adversity directlyfrom the front lines”.

The other day, I spent a few hours and read all the posts and messages I left in date order.

If you have not read them, I encourage you to do so.

If you want to learn about how to attain all your desires in life, and have inner peace and joy no matter what the circumstances are in your life, the secrets are in the messages.

As you read them, if you find some you particularly like, pass them on to others and leave a message here sharing the date of the messages you really liked.


March 19, 2017

Not written by KT:

Imagine, if you would, being sentenced to spend a decade in prison without being convicted of a “crime”.

No fraud, no felony, and not even a misdemeanor (like your garden variety DUI rap).

Picture this draconian sentence imposed on you, not by a “jury of your peers”, but by a singularly mortal and fallible federal judge.

Ponder what it would be like to be emphatically and cynically denied every opportunity to defend yourself against ridiculous “charges” leveled against you, not by ANY law enforcement agency, and not by any “complaint” filed against you by any “injured party”, but rather by ONE virtually omnipotent and pettily vindictive federal judge. To be forbidden to so much as utter the phrases “first amendment” and “free speech” in “HIS” courtroom, as if these were personal affronts to the judge rather than fundamental rights granted to every citizen of this country vis-a-vis its supposedly respected and revered founding document.

Put yourself in the shoes of a completely innocent person as he is handcuffed and shackled, with bail denied, and thrown into MCC (Metropolitan Correctional Center) Chicago, one of America’s toughest jails, to defend himself amongst “real criminals”: convicted murderers; armed bank robbers; human traffickers; drug kingpins; mafia hit men; violent and ruthless gang members; and pedophiles. Having the “courtesy” of being offered solitary confinement extended to you by your jailers “for your own protection” (naturally), as you stare down the prospect of ten more years in the federal penitentiary system.

Sadly, the above is not a teaser for a fictional Grisham-style thriller. This is a real story unfolding right now in 21st century America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, the “shining city upon a hill”.

Kevin Trudeau is one of the world’s most prolific and popular #1 NY Times bestselling authors and radio hosts. More importantly (to me), he has in the course of the last 30 months, become one of my closest friends. Kevin is currently incarcerated because he has been sentenced to the LONGEST PRISON TERM ever imposed in HISTORY for “contempt of court. 10 years. 120 months. 4,380 days. 

Think about this.

Contempt of Court is not a felony. It is not even a misdemeanor. It is not even inherently a “crime”. Most people get held in contempt for arriving late to a hearing or talking shit to a judge. Most people might pay a $500 fine or-for egregiously prominent displays of disrespect-spend 30 days behind bars in county jail. 

But guess what happens if you really, really, REALLY piss off a federal judge? If you dare to commit an act as unconscionable as Kevin’s, who dared to go on TV and exercise his right to free speech by promoting a book that certain powerful lobby groups did not find as illuminating as the millions of readers who purchased it and loved it?

In that case, the judge has the sole and personal discretion to lock you up for a long as he likes.

No limits. No controls. You can even be sentenced to life in prison!

Why did the government go after Kevin in the first place?

Throughout his 30 year career, Kevin has ruffled many feathers, in his own words, “exposing corporate and government corruption. including the dangers, addictiveness and ineffectiveness of many prescription drugs”.

I’ve had a number of chances in the years we’ve spent here together to listen to Kevin’s opinions on government, corporate America, including Big Pharma, and many other subjects.

Kevin has enlightened me on many issues.

I remain skeptical about certain things he says and disagree with some of his views.

But I also happen to believe that the world needs provocateurs like Kevin.

However, none of that really matters.

The real issue here is not about the value of Kevin’s books, whether you agree or disagree with his opinions, or if what Kevin says is true and correct. The issue is not even about the ridiculous 10 year prison sentence.

For me, Kevin’s story is actually a perfect opportunity to reflect on the reasons that my Mother left the Soviet Union. About the vanishing freedoms that too many people in the USA take for granted, but are even in this day and age, still the subject of daily life-and-death struggles in many parts of the world.

Kevin’s story is about the right to free speech. The ability to express your personal opinion, no matter how inconvenient or incendiary to the powers that be. Not having to worry about arbitrary retribution from big business and the government. The expectation of a fair and balanced judiciary system. In other words- THE RIGHT TO LIVE AND EXPRESS YOURSELF WITHOUT FEAR OF TYRANNY.

We MUST stand up for every person’s right to express his views without having to think about retribution from big business, our government, and judges. 

Irrespective of whether we consider a person’s books to be God’s own gospel, “alternative facts”, or even outright lies, no author should ever have any reservation about publishing and promoting his work in any way that he chooses. (This of course does not apply to categories that must be controlled in any civilized society, such as child pornography.) 

It’s hard to imagine that the American justice system has become as repressive as the infamous Soviet “censura”, yet it’s even harder to ignore the evidence that’s right in front of us.

Please take a moment to educate yourself about Kevin’s travails, because what is happening to him, affects YOU.

If “they” can do this to Kevin, who will be next?

Go to right now and get the story. You will find the relevant facts about the shameful witch-hunt that the US government has levied against Kevin. 

Kevin is actively lobbying President Trump-the only person left who has the power to “right this terrible wrong” by pardoning Kevin, or at least commute (reduce) Kevin’s outrageous sentence and have him released (he has already served over 3 1/2 years).

I hope you will join me and thousands of others in supporting this very important fight for Kevin’s freedom and, by extension, our very own. 

This is about Free Speech and government censorship.

This is about stopping government overreach and abuse of power.

This is about stopping judges from ignoring the law, and making decisions based on their personal and political beliefs.

This is about corporations and special interests controlling politicians and judges.

Go to Send the President a Tweet. Mail him a letter. Post something on his Facebook page. And do this often! Most importantly spread the word. Feel free to forward this letter or write your own.

I did not want to make this letter too personal, but Kevin has been as good a friend to me as anyone could possibly wish for, whether in prison or on the street. There is no place you could ever get to know a person as well as you do living next to them 24-hours a day, seven days a week for almost three years in close quarters. You don’t even spend that much time with your spouse or children.

Kevin is truly one of the most honorable people I have ever met and I’m proud to know a person of such rare vintage. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore. 🙂

I also admire his fortitude and constant cheer and sense of inner peace in the light of the massive injustice that has been perpetrated upon him. He is always blissfully happy, and nothing ever “gets him down”.

His attitude is simply “superhuman”.

Kevin was living a comfortable life in Europe when this drama started to unfold. He did not have to come back to America to face these ridiculous “contempt of court” charges brought against him by a single vindictive judge. He did so to stand up for OUR RIGHTS and OUR FREEDOMS.

Please take a few minutes out of your day to do the same for him.

Go to 

Thank You!


March 29, 2017 

Sometimes you have to “disconnect” from people out of love.

Many people find themselves in a “relationship” with someone that seems to be negative.

Have you ever been with someone who says bad things to you, over and over again?

No matter what you say to the person about how their comments “hurt” you, they continue to say the same exact things. It seems like a broken record, going in circles, repeating the same negative things over and over.

When this happens, know the reasons why.

First all relationships are karmic. You are with someone because karma must be burned off between you. 

When that karma is gone, the relationship ends.

Next, whatever you are hearing from the person is really not about you. What others see in you is what they see in themselves.

You must have compassion for those who say bad things about you. And what you think of others is really what you are feeling about yourself.

Remember, what you see in the world, is a reflection of what you are feeling about yourself. 

If you see people as good and kind, you see yourself that way. If you see someone as bad, you are seeing yourself in others.

This is true when you “feel” negative about someone.

The way you feel about others is how you feel about yourself.

When you are in a relationship that is emotionally and verbally abusive, first have compassion for that person.

Be thankful for that person being in your life.

They are in your life to help you grow, confront your own issues and to work on acceptance, understanding, compassion and forgiveness. 

They are helping you work on loving people without condition and without exception.

So, love them. Forgive them. Be understanding, accepting, and thankful for them. Have compassion for them. Want them to be happy and to be free from suffering.

If the verbal and emotional “abuse” continues, disconnect from them in a manner that is graceful.

Move on.

But, always continue to think only good and positive thoughts about them, say only good things about them, and sincerely wish for them happiness, joy, and peace.

When you can do this, you will release and let go of the karma, and you will release all negativity you had toward that person, even if they continue to say bad things about you!

And, you will no longer be emotionally affected by their negative words or actions. You will instead be just a witness and observer to the “play of consciousness”.

There is more on this topic in the Science of Personal Mastery Course that I have put together and is available by sending an email to Support@GinUnited. The Course is provided free of charge to members of The Global Information Network. You may also ask how to obtain information on purchasing the course if you are not a member of GIN.

I encourage you to take the Course and free yourself of suffering and pain.

Much love 

April 5, 2017

Know that life is what you make of it.

Life is as you choose to see it.

Happy people see the silver lining in everything. Cheerful people take life lightly and not too seriously.

Focus on being cheerful, lighthearted and not too serious.

Smile every day. Laugh every day.

Look for and find the gold in everything. When people dig for gold, they move tons of dirt to find a few ounces of gold.

But they are not looking for the dirt, they are looking for the gold.

In life, you might have to move lots of dirt to find the gold in a situation, event, circumstance or person.

Don’t focus on the dirt, just move it out of the way. Look for, find, and focus on the gold!

Life will then give you more gold to find!

Smile, you are loved!


April 11, 2017

You can be wealthy, rich, make tons of money, be successful in life, have all the “toys” that money can buy, have prestige, status, and be powerful and famous.

All you need is to engage “correctly” the Law of Attraction (which I teach in my Science of Personal Mastery Course), AND have the right karma.

You do need both.

However, the good news is even if you have the wrong “karma”, by engaging and using the Law of Attraction CORRECTLY, you can still have it all, at least to some degree (if you do not have the right “karma”, maybe you won’t be a billionaire even if you use the Law of Attraction “correctly”, but you will make millions).

However, “success” in the material world does not and cannot, give you inner peace, joy, contentment, and bliss because all material things are temporary.

They all fade. They all turn to dust. Everything materially, we attain gets “old”, and within a short time loses all of its luster.

The inner wealth of bliss, peace, joy, and contentment is the only “real” wealth as it is everlasting.

This inner wealth is only attained when the “veil” is lifted between the ego and the “real” you: the SELF.

The SELF is not the body, and it is not the mind. It is the real you that observes the mind that thinks, and the body that engages in the physical Universe.

When the “veil” is lifted you then have total awareness and consciousness that everything you are experiencing in your life is in fact the SELF manifesting in different forms.

The terms for this state are called enlightenment or Self-Realization.

This can happen to you.

I am teaching you how to achieve this state ONLY in The Science of Personal Mastery Course, available by emailing & asking for information on the course.

I encourage you to consider taking this monthly correspondence Course.

Those who are taking the Course are experiencing major improvements in their lives.

All the conditions of life get better when you are increasing your Personal Mastery. You actually manifest your desires faster and easier than before. More importantly you feel better on the inside. 

The feelings of inner joy, bliss, compassion, love, happiness, excitement for living, cheerfulness, lightheartedness all dramatically improve.

You become more forgiving, accepting and understanding. You are more comfortable, relaxed and at ease. You relate with people better. You like and have affinity for people and people like and have affinity for you. You are calmer, more serene and tranquil, yet have more enthusiasm and zest for life. You become more childlike. You laugh easily and much more often. You are less serious. You become stress free, worry free and care free.

Life becomes wondrous and magical again. 

All this is within you right now. It only needs to be released.

This is a state that I can never adequately describe in words, as it surpasses all human comprehension. You must experience this first hand to grasp what I am talking about.

I can tell you this is a state that is the ultimate goal of existence for any human being.

If you are reading this, it is not an accident.

You are here right now because you have been asking, or maybe even praying for “something”.

Maybe you have asked questions like “Why? Why me? Who am I? Why am I here? There has to be more to life than this? Something is missing in my life. Why am I depressed, unfulfilled and never content? What is the meaning of life? What is my life’s purpose?” 

This is your time.

You have found your answer.

I know the path. I have made the journey. I can show you the way home. I have the map for you.

Take this Course and I will personally be your guide to complete and total freedom and liberation. Send an email to and ask about the Science of Personal Mastery Course.

Each month you will be sent the Newsletter and the next Lesson in The Science of Personal Mastery Course.

You have asked, and this is the answer.

Much love…I will meet you on your journey to freedom!


April 19, 2017

I woke this morning. Meditated for an hour…read for 20 minutes…made some fresh coffee…wrote for 30 minutes. And then sat reflecting…smiling…feeling amazing.

What a wonderful gift I have been given to be here.

I am so thankful and grateful.

Bliss bubbled up inside.

I sat just “being”…feeling soooo good! 

I looked around me and then thought about all the sad people getting off a train… sitting in traffic… rushing to work…stressed. Miserable…unfulfilled…searching for life’s meaning…struggling with debt….

I smiled again…how lucky am I!?

YOU can feel good in ANY situation.

YOU have the power to CHOOSE your thoughts and point of focus…use your power wisely.

Much love…


April 29, 2017

Real “freedom” is when external circumstances have no effect on your natural inner state of peace, joy and bliss.

Real “freedom” is when other people or outside conditions have no effect on your natural inner state of contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Real “freedom” is when things that happen to you have no effect on your natural inner state of unconditional love and total appreciation. 

When you have any “attachments” you are not free, you are a slave.

Most people are attached to their status, job, material possessions, beliefs, country, political party etc.

Most people have so many things they are “attached” to.

You can have and enjoy all these things, but when you are not “attached” to them, you are free. 

When none of these kinds of things “define” who you “are”, you are liberated.

When you do not let these kinds of things give your life meaning, you are truly alive.

When you have nothing that can be taken away from you, because you are not “attached” to anything you might be currently enjoying, you are in the state of constant expansion and bliss.

As the great poet and philosopher Janis Joplin said in song, “Freedom is just another word for having nothing more to lose.”

Freedom thus is living in the world but not being “attached” to anything in the world.

I teach how to attain this wonderful state of pure freedom in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Send an email to Support@GinUnited and ask for information on how to get the Science of Personal Master Course 

Much Love,


May 8, 2017

We all have one perspective on things….our own.

When you deal with something, you see it and understand it from your perspective or your point of view. You see things through the filters of where you are and where you have been. You view things from your conditioning.

Everyone has a unique and different perspective and point of view of everything.

We think that everyone should see things and understand things exactly as we do.

But no one sees things, understanding things, or views things exactly as you do.

Everyone’s perspective is totally unique.

When you can see something, view something, and understand something from everyone’s uniquely different viewpoint simultaneously, you have complete understanding and knowingness.

You have compassion for others. You are more accepting.

This gives you inner peace. It also gives you major advantages in your life.

Imagine “knowing” exactly how someone feels about something as if you were “inside” that person. Imagine being able to understand someone else’s viewpoint exactly as they see it.

Since we all share the same SELF and are all extensions of the same ONE Universal Consciousness, then this is something you can do.

When you have this ability, you have compassion for everyone. You hate no one. You have love for everyone and everything without condition and without exception. You also can communicate with people flawlessly. You “understand” everyone and you can get them to completely understand you.

I teach how to release this ability in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Send us an email to for details on how to obtain the course.

Much Love,


May 15, 2017

Who do you listen to?

This question is different than “Who do you learn from?”

Most people think they are the same.

What does “listen” mean? What does “learn from” mean.

Think about these things.

Ponder this: You can learn the most from your enemies. 

Think about those who hate you, those who YOU hate, those who make you feel bad, those who “hurt” you, those who if they would only change your life would be better. These people are your greatest teachers. 

You should love these people.

These people, more than any other, can bring you to a “place” where all your dreams can come true.

Remember, YOU attracted them into your life. They are an answer to what you have been asking for. 

YOU called them forth into your life. This is why “love your enemies, love those who hate you” is a common high spiritual teaching.

Much love..


May 22, 2017


If you want to manifest your desires in life and be blissfully happy consider these facts.

Your feelings are the vibrations that you are sending out into the ether that attract what you want in life.

The actions you do while feeling good create great results. 

With this in mind think of this.

Your thoughts affect how you feel and how you act.

So, it is important to “think good thoughts”.

However, your feelings affect how you think.

So you should work on “feeling good” so you can think good thoughts. Your feelings also affect how you act.

If you are feeling bad, you do not “do” the actions required to achieve what you desire. 

But wait, there is more!

How you act (the physical things you do) affect how you think and how you feel.

So even if you feel bad and are thinking negative thoughts, by ACTING AS IF you feel good, you start to actually feel good, and then start thinking good thoughts. 

This is the AS IF principle.

In life however, most people “think” a thought, which in turn determines how they feel. How they feel then determines how they act and what actions they do or do not do. Those who can control their thoughts, thus control how they feel and how they act. Thus they control their vibrations and what they attract in life. 

You can control how you feel many ways including using the AS IF principle.

Dale Carnegie said it best “ACT enthusiastic, and you will very soon FEEL enthusiastic”.

But there is an even more powerful level.

Most people think with the “head” or their mind. Wizards however “think” with their “heart” or feelings. 

When you can learn how to “feel” first even before a thought or an action, you can create any thought and action you want. You then become a true magician that can conjure up anything you want anytime you want.

Since you control your feelings, you always feel content, satisfied, and fulfilled.

You always experience bliss in addition to being able to manifest things quickly and easily.

I teach how to do this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. For more information, contact 

You can have, be, and do, whatever you desire.

You simply need to learn “how”.

Much love…


May 30, 2017

You can achieve all your dreams.

You can be, have and do anything you want in this life…within reason.

All you have to do is know exactly what you want, be obsessed with it, think about it all the time, make the decision that you are going to have it no matter what, and have a burning desire to achieve it.

Life is wonderful once you decide it is.

You are wonderful and you will know this fact once you realize who you really are.

You are perfect.

You are Divine.

You are an extension of Source, just as everyone and everything is.

We are one.

Much Love,


June 8, 2017

As you may know, I am serving a 10 year prison sentence for “contempt of court”, because I went on TV and talked about my books (all the details are at

I have filed an Official Petition for Commutation of Sentence with the President. This means I am asking the President to exercise his power to lower my sentence and have me released. 

As of today, there has been no response from the White House. However, this is not unusual. The President has yet to appoint and have confirmed the person who will be in charge of the Pardon Office.

So, keep writing, tweeting, emailing, posting on the Facebook pages and calling. The President, the Vice President, The First Lady Melania, Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr, Jared Kushner, Kelly Ann Conway, as well as your Senator and Congressman telling them you support the decision to have my sentence commuted.

Tell them about all the information at Maybe send them copies of my books, or copies of the letters I have sent to the President.

The more you do, and the more often you do it, the better the chances are that the President will see the massive support there is for commuting my sentence.

Thanks for all you do!

While I am optimistic that the President will commute my sentence, there still is one more legal appeal I can file. This is called a 2255 motion. This appeal must be filed by November of this year. That is the deadline.

My current lawyers cannot file this appeal. I need to find a new lawyer who has successfully filed 2255’s in the past and would like to take on my case. 

Perhaps if you are motivated you could reach out to some “superstar” lawyers and see if they would be interested in representing me. The lawyer who takes on this appeal, will be massive publicity. They could, if they wanted, be on virtually every major TV and radio talk show as well as be interviewed in newspapers and magazines worldwide, as this is a free speech, and government suppression and censorship issue.

Thanks for your help on this! 

So you all know, I have no attachment to any particular outcome. I know everything is perfect right now. I am happy right now. There is nothing I “want, need or desire”. I have it all! This is a wonderful state that you too can be established and anchored in at all times, regardless of the circumstances and external conditions you are experiencing. I teach how to have this state in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. For more information, email

Much love, and I will see you all at the TOP!


June 25, 2017

Did you know that you can be happy no matter what the external conditions, circumstances, situations, or events are?

You can always be happy. You can always be in a state of inner bliss, joy and ecstasy.

You can always have a deep and total feeling of contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment. You can always feel totally connected, whole, and complete. 

This comes from within you.

Focus within.

The Source of all these wonderful feelings that were just mentioned is within you.

Allow them to flow and bubble up. 

Focus on this inner “Source”. It is who you really are, as you are an extension of this ONE Universal Source that is all things.

To learn more about how to do this, become my student by taking The Science of Personal Mastery Course. For more information, email

Much love,


July 5, 2017

The mind cannot comprehend the concept of Universal Oneness.

This reality is that everything is simply a manifestation of the same One Universal Infinite Intelligence.

This has been called many names such as God; Consciousness; The SELF; the Force; The Field; Energy; All-That-IS; etc.

The mind is anchored in duality, thus rejects Oneness.

In order to “see” the true reality, you must “get out of your mind”. When someone says to you “You are out of your mind!”.

Smile inside and be happy, as you are on your way to full Realization.

I am sending you love, and I will see you in the space between thoughts.


July 25, 2017

Think about each of the following statements and questions, and then answer out loud.

Think of one thing you want to have and say what it is.

Think of one thing you want to do and say what it is.

Think of who, how and what you want to be, and say it in detail out loud.

Most people think that once they have what they want, then they can do what they want, and then they can be who, how and what they want to be.

Ultimately everyone is looking for an inner feeling that is that “something” missing. This feeling is one of wholeness, completeness, bliss, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, contentment and oneness.

The secret is to BE who, how and what you want to be right now, before you have or do what you are seeking.

Then, you will manifest what you want to have and do it faster and easier.

Most importantly, you will be happier right now.

As the Dalai Lama said, “The meaning of life is happiness”.

I teach how to do this in my new course, The Science of Personal Mastery…. Email for details.

Much love,


August 5, 2017

Your efforts are paying off!

People who wrote the President are getting responses mailed back! It seems that your physical letters to the President are being read by “someone” at the White House. While the President himself probably does not read every letter received, and probably does not read ANY of the letters he gets, the fact is “someone” is reading the letters.

The more often you write the President asking him to approve my Petition for Commutation of Sentence (have my sentence reduced), the more likely the President will take positive action.

Go to and get all the details about the various things you can do, such as writing letters to the President, that can help get my Petition approved.

Thank you for all your help.

These are exciting times.

I know many of you have taken these last few years as a great opportunity to learn much about the secrets of manifesting your desires, being happy regardless of the external conditions and getting more in tuned with the One Universal Infinite Source of all that is!

Life is tremendous!

Much love.


August 13, 2017

Imagine being supremely confident, but not arrogant or conceited.

Imagine having such total knowingness that you never need to be affirmed, or validated by anyone.

Imagine never feeling the need to convince anyone or prove anything. 

Think about never needing to argue or debate anyone about anything.

Dream about never having the need to feel respected, never needing to be understood, never needing to be recognized or given credit for something you did.

Imagine never being affected by what someone says or does to you, or doesn’t say or do!

Imagine having total clarity and certainty but remaining completely humble, and never having any doubts, fears, or worries about anything.

Dream about always feeling joy inside and never being affected by external conditions, situations, events, people or circumstances. Imagine being amused by everything and everyone and having an inner laugh and smile for you actually “see” everyone and everything as simply a play of the One Universal Consciousness.

Think about how your life would be always feeling lighthearted and cheerful, without any concerns or stress, and never feeling the need to change anyone or anything in order to make you happy.

You can be this person.

I teach you how in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. People from all over the world are students in this Course and the results are nothing less than spectacular and mind blowing.

Join us in “Happy Land”.

Email about the Science of Personal Mastery Course.

Your life will never be the same.

I know I will see you on the beaches of the world soon!

Much love,


August 19, 2017

Success is a decision away.

This is so simple, yet absolute Truth.

When you make a “real decision” that you are going to do something, the whole Universe stands up at attention and will do your bidding.

When you are totally resolute that you are going to do something, no matter what comes up, the whole world will get out of your way, or help you achieve your dream.

Everyone will move out of the way or assist the man who knows where he is going, and has absolute determination that he will get there and an attitude that he will never be denied.

This “decision” sets out a frequency and vibration that creates results.

Success is a decision away.

Decide now that you WILL achieve your dream.

Much love,


August 29, 2017

When a man knows where he is going, is determined to get there and will not be denied, even without saying a word, his energy is such that everyone will get out of his way and will yield to his will thus…

BE and exhibit these traits…

















































September 6, 2017

Kevin received this letter and asked me to share it:

Dear Kevin,

I have just completed Lesson 10 of “The Science of Personal Mastery Course” which I find incomparable to all other courses, books or workshops I have ever read or attended.

I have been listening to your audios since 2011 and today as part of lesson 10 I am finally led to write you personally.

I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am that you are willing to share this incredible, profound knowledge and in a way that is so perfectly designed for me that it actually works better than I could have ever imagined.

Even this next step of writing you a personal message in this moment, fills me up with a deep feeling of gratitude which I know will bring me more things to be grateful for. It is hard for me to discriminate which benefit came from which audio or book that I read.

The day I listened to the “Your Wish Is Your Command” series for the first time, I was blown away and since then I could not stop pursueing this path of wanting to know more. About at the end of CD 6 you brought me for the first time to the “promised land” – having experienced it once I always wanted to get back. This instant changed the whole course of my life.

When I found out that you created this course called “The Science of Personal Mastery” I knew that it had to be special however once again you exceeded my expectations. Often times I am amazed by your abilities to get certain points across so accurately everything you explain is so clear and makes perfect sense to me, literally eye-opening.

So what did I get out of the “Science of Personal Mastery” so far?

Every time I read your lessons I get enthused and feel inspired. After activating and illuminating the recommended words I can feel the energy of your words even more. It is as if now I have these energies awakened inside me. At certain points I even get tears of joy.

Thanks to your taught science of self-image creation I had major shifts in my life since I started. Doing these exercises, I can actually sculpture my life as I want it to be – it is life transforming. 

Thanks to that I attracted a new way of income where I work less, have more fun and earn more money, I earned money by traveling and seeing cool, exotic places. I went to Bali, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia with friends, which I had never done before. My health and posture improved significantly. I am for the first time in my life in a loving, long-term relationship with a beautiful woman. I am about to successfully move to Cologne into my lovable apartment with a balcony.

I am less judgmental, have more compassion and respect for other people. I am more at peace and calm. I take more responsibility for what happens in my life and when I dont I am able to catch myself. I like myself more than ever before and have this deep inner feeling of confidence that everything will turn out fine because I can change anything I want. It has become my choice (again). I can’t wait to learn more about all this and deepen my knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your truly magnificent piece of work!

I am looking forward to seeing you one day personally and give you a big hug – you are truly my hero.

Much Love and greetings from Dusseldorf Germany,


September 22, 2017

If you want to feel good when things in your life make you feel bad, there is a secret.

Life is as you choose to see it.

Things in life are what you decide and agree that they are to you.

You can decide that rain is “bad weather”. Or you can decide that rain is a wonderful blessing that should be celebrated and cheered. You can choose to have rain make you sad, or you can choose to have rain make you ecstatic and happy.

Focus your mind. Focus your thoughts.

Observe yourself from the place of your inner consciousness.

Be the witness of “yourself” from the point of your inner true SELF. 

We are told by “experts” to “focus within”.

While “looking within” is wonderful, the magic will happen in your life when you “focus FROM within”. You will then be focusing from the viewpoint and perspective of your true SELF. 

You will then be seeing everything from the perspective of “source”. 

This viewpoint and perspective is something that few ever see the world from. When you do this, you always experience bliss regardless of the external circumstances.

I teach how to do this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Send an email to for more information.

Much love,


October 4, 2017

If you focus your attention on a tree, who is doing the focusing?

If you focus your attention within, who is doing the focusing?

If you focus your attention FROM within, which means FROM the source that IS you, magic will happen in your life.

You can then see everything from the standpoint of being a “witness or observer”.

Seeing everything from the perspective of “source” makes everything look differently.

This is the secret of the ages.

Much love,


October 11, 2017

The single most important thing that will determine what happens in your life is how you respond and react to the things that are happening right now.

You constantly judge, evaluate, react, and respond to every person you meet; everything anyone says or does to you; every situation you deal with; every event that is presented to you; every external condition you are in; and everything you experience.

This means you have thoughts, say words, do things, and feel emotions based on how you choose to respond to everything around you as it is happening.

How you choose to respond with your thoughts, words, actions and feelings determine the NEXT set of conditions, experiences, events, and situations that the Universe will present to you. 

This is “karma”.

Having a deliberate intent and desire for something is a “wanting”.

This is the creation process that you can activate on purpose.

But, for most people, the desires that a person has (the wanting), is counteracted by the reactions (thoughts, words, actions and feelings) that you put out in response to what life is presenting to you in each moment.

When you can feel good about everything being presented to you, you are in a constant state of creating “good karma” and thus creating a wonderful next set of conditions.

I teach how to do this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. For more info please email 

Much Love,


October 19, 2017

If you are a humble person, you will always feel good.

If you practice the art of genuine humility and make it your nature, you will always feel good. Most people however misunderstand humility. You are truly humble when you have no sense of duality, but rather come from the perspective that everyone and everything is an extension of the same ONE Source. 

When you do this, you first realize that you are a pure extension of the ONE perfect universal consciousness (energy).

Thus, you cannot see yourself as “low” or inferior or inadequate in any way. To the contrary, you see yourself and know yourself to be Divine, to be magnificent, to be “perfect”. You see yourself as the absolute highest in every respect.

Then, you see everyone, and everything as absolutely EQUAL to “you”. You see everyone and everything as an extension of the same ONE Source in the exact same way that you are. Seeing yourself as the highest, and seeing everyone else as equally the highest is true humility. 

This is Namaste: The same Divinity that is me, bows with respect to the same Divinity that is you. This is true humility. This is truly being humble.

It is having equal vision and understanding. It is knowing that you are magnificent and everyone else is equally magnificent as well! Namaste everyone!

Much love,


October 27, 2017

You can achieve all your dreams.

You can be, have and do anything you want in this life…within reason.

All you have to do is know exactly what you want, be obsessed with it, think about it all the time, make the decision that you are going to have it no matter what, and have a burning desire to achieve it.

Life is wonderful once you decide it is.

You are wonderful and you will know this fact once you realize who you really are.

You are perfect.

You are Divine.

You are an extension of Source, just as everyone and everything is.

We are one.

Much Love,


November 2, 2017

You really can be, do and have whatever you want.

Your wishes can come true.

I teach this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. A Lesson in The Course is emailed to you each month when you contribute to the Nuggets of Gold Newsletter that helps support my legal defense fund.

People who are students of the Course are experiencing life enhancements that are blowing their minds.

You can too. Email for details.

“Hi Kevin just finished reading lesson 10 and really all I have to say is WOW!!!. Really have felt that way through most of the lessons.

I feel privileged and honored to have been able to receive this knowledge and the changes it has made in my life has been amazing.

Would recommend everyone to join the course. It is well worth it. Once again thank you so much!”


November 9, 2017

Most people have a hard time when they get criticized, judged or condemned.

Consider these ideas the next time you get criticized (and there will be many next times!).

First remember that what people criticize in you, is really something within them that they are struggling with.

So feel compassion for them.

Next, take being criticized as an opportunity to have inner equanimity. Work on being the witness and observer to the criticism, and do not partake in the “play of consciousness” that you are witnessing. 

Lastly remember that there was never a statue raised to a critic. But every person who has a statue raised in their honor was viciously criticized, condemned, and judged negatively.

So, when someone talks bad about you, smile to yourself and celebrate within, as the Universe is with you always.

Much Love,


November 17, 2017

There is a fine line between an automatic habit and being mindful.

You want to have “success habits”, while at the same time being mindful, aware and conscious in every moment. It must come from within – it must be a feeling such as:

  • You CAN have anything you want in life.
  • You CAN manifest money.
  • You CAN manifest your physical desires.
  • If you want to be happy, be happy now, no matter what the conditions.

The most important feeling (vibration or frequency) is how you feel about yourself.

So feel GREAT about yourself.

LOVE yourself and appreciate yourself.



November 27, 2017

Most people want things in their life to be different.

They have desires they want to attain and achieve. They want conditions to change. They want material things, health, money, better relationships, status, recognition, to be liked, admired and respected, and to be understood (and this list could go on and on).

Very few people think of attaining: enlightenment; self-realization; complete and total consciousness and awareness; or self-mastery. Those words mean nothing to most people. 

But if you are reading this, ask yourself if it is true that you DO truly desire to have the following kinds of feelings permeating within you constantly: inner joy; peace; happiness; satisfaction; fulfillment; contentment; acceptance; ecstasy and bliss; and a sense of total certainty, confidence and knowingness; absolute understanding; harmony; equanimity; and the feeling of being totally and completely loved without exception and without any condition.

You can have these inner “feelings”.

These words do not come close to describing the magnificence of this magical “inner state” that comes with “attainment of enlightenment”.

No physical sense of pleasure in life even comes close or compares to this inner state.

This state cannot be described in words. It is ineffable. It can only be experienced. 

It goes beyond anything the human mind can comprehend or imagine, because it is beyond the human mind.

And the wonderful thing is, when you have this state, you can manifest in the material world whatever you desire with ease.

You can be, do and have whatever you desire. You can create your dreams easily. Your wish becomes your command. Your inner experience of every moment in life is beyond wonderful and magnificent. 

You never suffer!

I teach you how to achieve this state in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Email for details.

Much love,


December 11, 2017

I am often asked how I can be so happy and at peace being here in prison.

People come up to me all the time and say “how can you focus on being free and living a happy life, when the government took everything away from you, and you are stuck in the horrible conditions of prison?” 

The answer is this.

I do not focus on being free and living a happy life as that would be focusing on the future.

I focus on the present. But when I do, I am an expert treasure hunter. I look for the gold in every situation, and I find a fortune worth of gold every day! 

In my situation, I find “good” in every event, person, condition, and experience.

I think about what I want (the future), but only momentarily. I live in the present and focus on each moment.

As I do, I see something wonderful in everything.

That gives me the experience of total bliss and joy. 

Because I am always “happy”, content, fulfilled, and satisfied, I vibrate these positive frequencies of ecstasy and peace.

By doing so, I am attracting into my life more people, situations, conditions, events, and circumstances that will make me feel joy, bliss, happiness, contentment, peace etc. 

One might say that my conditions do not seem to be changing.

But when you plant a seed in the ground, it does not sprout immediately.

It takes time.

When conditions do not seem to change but you are always genuinely happy, know that the seed that has been planted will take root and grow into a magnificent and beautiful tree that will produce magnificent fruit. 

This is something you can learn how to do.

This is freedom, not delusion.

This is being completely liberated. This is being “at cause” over your environment, instead of “at effect” of your environment.

I teach how to do this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Email  for more details. 

Much love,

your friend,


December 17, 2017

A secret to living is giving. When you do something for others, or for a cause, without any thought of personal benefit or recognition, joy explodes from within. 

Ancient texts say “Do the work that comes to you-but don’t’ look for the results. Don’t be motivated by the fruits of your actions.” Doing anything with “selfless” dedication, no matter how mundane the work or action, will give you inner bliss. 

Doing any action with the thought that you are doing it and dedicating it to “God”, will produce miracles in your life.

Therefore, every day you have been given a gift and an opportunity to produce “magic” in your own life, and release the inner ecstasy that lives within you always. Much love, KT

January 14, 2018

Everything you are searching for is within you.

Ancient texts say “The sun, moon, and all the planets are situated with each person. When one has knowingness of this, and fully experiences this, one attains all Divine powers.”

Look within for all your answers.

Then, you will realize that is where you actually “are”, and then you will be able to look at the whole universe from that sacred place. 

Much Love,


January 29, 2018

Over the last 4 years that I have been incarcerated, many of my friends and family members have passed away, including my Mom and Dad.

I recently received news from my friend that her husband passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. This woman happens to be my closest friend of over 30 years, and her husband was also a close friend. She has an amazing close loving family that will support her during this very challenging time. She is also surrounded by friends from all over the world that love her.

My heart goes out to all of their family and friends. He was a wonderful man who was always so kind, generous and supportive of me. I still remember the first time I met him at an Italian restaurant in Chicago where we had a lovely dinner. He, being Italian and such a loving soul, gave me a big hug and a “kiss” on both cheeks “Italian style”.

When someone close to us passes away, losing their physical presence can create a huge sense of “loss”, a void, an emptiness and a vacuum that seems impossible to fill.

Yet, these are the times when love is poured out to us more than at any other.

Yes, there is loss and an empty void. But know that LOVE from everywhere is pouring in to fill that void.

My Dear Friend, you are loved more than you know.

Open your heart now and receive that love and allow it to heal your heart.

God loves you, all the people whose lives you touch love you, and so do I. 

Your friend,


February 15, 2018

A crooked ugly tree is still “perfect”. It is the “perfect” crooked ugly tree.

When “bad” things happen, they are the “perfect” bad things.

Think about the story of the man named Lee, in ancient China.

The fence to his corral came loose in a storm, and his only horse ran away.

His friends came to console him. It was his only horse. Now Lee had nothing.

His friends said ” Lee, we are sorry for the bad news about your horse”.

Lee smiled calmly and said, “maybe bad, maybe not”.

The next day, the horse came back. But with 8 other wild horses!

Now Lee had 9 horses..

His friends came and said “Lee you are so lucky. You have become rich.”

Lee said, “maybe lucky, maybe not”.

The next week Lee’s son was riding one of the wild horses trying to “break” him. The wild horse threw Lee’s son off him, and the boy broke his leg.

Lee’s friends came and said “Lee, it is bad that your son broke his leg”.

Lee said, “maybe bad, maybe not”.

The next day, the army came to the village and took all the young men, forcing them into the army and forcing them to go into battle. They did not take Lee’s son, because of his broken leg.

Lee’s friends came and said “Lee, you are so lucky that your son was not taken by the army, as all our sons are sure to be killed in battle.”

Lee said, “maybe I am lucky, maybe not”.

The story never ends.

Everything happens for a reason.

Everything flows in life.

There are times to plant seeds. There are times to harvest. There are times to rest, and times to work.

There are times to be happy, and there will times to be sad.

There are times when you need a shoulder to cry on, and there are times when you will provide the shoulder to cry on.

This is life.

Much Love,


February 17, 2018

Dear friends, there must be something very good going on in “Heaven” because so many people I know are going there.

I have yet another “death” announcement to make. Someone else has “kicked the bucket” and “transitioned” to the higher dimension. Since I have been incarcerated, over 30 very close friends and family members have “died”, including my mom and dad.

I was just informed that one of my closest friends, Mary Miller, passed away suddenly last night.

Many of you have met Mary and used her healing instruments. Mary came to visit me very regularly. We talked several times a week via email. Mary was always smiling and laughing. She was a treasure to me. A beautiful human being and a genius. Many times we would get together and talk about everything and nothing for hours. Mary was never afraid of “death”. 

We talked about it often over the last 4 years as so many of my loved ones have died. She knew that a person never dies, they just “drop their body”. Mary always told me that everyone could do more on the “other side”, than they could do here. She said that when the person was really needed to help others on earth, and could do nothing more in a physical body to help those in need, that was one of the main factors that determined their passing. 

I believe that Mary did all she was destined to do on earth, and she needed to transition in order to complete her work and really help other people.

I know I will be “hearing from Mary” very soon. I know that many of you will be hearing from her too. She will continue her extraordinary work from her new place without any limits.

To Mary, “We all love you Mary. While we will miss your physical presence, if we are open, we will experience your divinity more now than ever before. 

Your friend always,


February 23, 2018

Everything you do in life is like building sand castles.

You might spend hours making the most magnificent sand castle. But, every sandcastle washes away and vanishes. Everything that you hold so dear, will fade away, rust, decay, deteriorate, and be nothing but garbage or dust in time.

The toy that you wanted so much, was thrown on the heap shortly after you received it, totally forgotten. It’s allure and luster forever gone from your mind.

This is the world of the physical.

But in the world of the spiritual, everything is eternal and new.

Nothing fades away.

What you attain on the spiritual path lasts forever.

So, enjoy all the pleasures of the material world, but do not be attached to those things.

Do not put your “faith” in the material world as it is all transient.

Put your heart and faith in what lasts forever.

Much love,


March 1, 2018

Our opinions, judgments, and thoughts about things many times are not based on facts and reality.

A woman had a son who was “set up”, 100% innocent, yet still sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The facts and the reality are: The boy was set up; he is 100% innocent; he is serving a 10 year prison sentence.

That is the reality.

Arguing with reality (or the absolute facts), and condemning the Universe for this reality will always cause you pain. 

Wishing that the Universe made things happen differently (the way your mind THINKS it SHOULD have happened) will also always cause you pain.

See things as they are without judgment.

Be neutral about things. 

There is ultimately no good or bad news, only news.

It is YOU who decides if news is good or bad.

What YOU perceive as good news, others may perceive as bad news.

Accept more. Relax more. Take life more lightly. Be more cheerful. Go with the flow of life.

This will reduce your suffering. 

Much love,


March 8, 2018

A Universal “game” played by children around the world, without exception, is hide and seek.

This is our natural inner state when we are incarnated in a physical body. 

This world is a play of Consciousness, created BY Consciousness for its own enjoyment.

Everything is an extension of the ONE Universal Consciousness called by hundreds of names including GOD.

The “game” that God established is that he “hid” himself in plain view of everyone.

We, not realizing that we are in fact an extension of God, seek to find him somewhere “out there”.

God plays hide and seek with himself. 

This is ultimately the game of life.

Just as the Musk Ox searches the world to find the source of the scent that he himself is emitting, people search the world for “God” or to find “oneness” or “connection”, when all we have to do is look within.

Much love,


March 15, 2018

There is a secret that is known and fully experienced by “Masters”.

It is this: Nothing we ever possess, see, taste, smell, touch, hear or think about, is ever going to bring the inner sensations of peace, bliss, contentment and total satisfaction that we are all ultimately really seeking. 

Complete, lasting, and perpetual joy, happiness, fulfillment, and inner peace comes ONLY from within.

It does NOT come from anything external, anything material, any other person, or through any sense pleasure you might enjoy, as they are all only temporary and transient. 

Their luster always fades leaving us empty inside.

Experiencing the state of permanent inner joy and bliss, regardless of what the external conditions in your life are, and not just intellectually agreeing with this concept, makes you more powerful than you could ever imagine.

I can teach you how to be fully established and “live” in this perpetual state of bliss, and have the power to manifest whatever you desire in life.

Ask me how.

Send an email to for information on the Science of Personal Master course.

Much love,


March 25, 2018

We hear, “Love your enemies”, “Love those who hate you”, and other such things.

Why should you love your enemies and those who hate you?

Because what you put out WILL come back into your life.

How you think about them, how you talk about them will come back to YOU.

This is karma.

What you put out, will be returned to you.

But HOW is it possible to love your enemies and those who hate you?


The word “love’ is confusing. Buddha never used the word “love”. The word he used is best translated as “compassion”. If you define compassion (love) as believing that your enemies and those who hate you have a RIGHT to be happy and they should NOT suffer, then you are showering them with LOVE! 

You do NOT have to invite them to your house to dinner!

Follow this simple formula and watch magic start to happen in your life.

Your thoughts are the most powerful tool you have. 

Have compassionate thoughts as compassion is defined here, and your life will get better and better and “gooder and gooder”!

Much love,

your friend,


April 6, 2018

Most people have “demons” they deal with.

These “demons” are other people living in ways that you do not like.

You think, “If only they would act differently, then I would be happy.”

Think about this story.

Andrew Carnegie used to go into a room, lock the door, shut off the lights, and do what he called “hard thinking”. 

Effectively, he was meditating. He was opening his mind, stilling and calming his mind, and allowing the “subconscious” as he put it, to give him answers and direction. Others would call this contemplation, mindfulness or even prayer.

He tells the story of one time going into the room and being annoyed with “inner voices”, nonstop random thoughts, “demons” as he called them, disturbing his peace. 

First he decided to “talk to them”, lecture them, teach them, preach to them, and tell them how they should act.

But nothing changed. 

Then he decided to ignore them. He tried this for hours, but they persisted.

He finally gave up. He felt totally defeated by these demons.

He solemnly said to them, “I guess you are who you are, and you will persist no matter what I do. But I am not leaving this room, so I accept that we will both have to share this room”.

With that “acceptance”, Carnegie stopped resisting. He stopped fighting. He stopped trying to “change” the demons.

With that, he said, they began to stop annoying him and disturbing his peace, and they simply left the room, leaving Carnegie all alone.

Whatever you resist in life persists.

Be in a state of “allowing”, go with the flow, stop swimming upstream.

Life is for laughing, loving and living!

So keep smiling and don’t sweat the small stuff (and remember, it is ALL small stuff).

Much love,


April 12, 2018

A great Guru once said that the difference between an enlightened being and someone who still has the ego and mind in control, is that when the average person gets mad, they stay mad for 3 weeks, the SELF Realized one gets mad for 3 minutes. 

This is personal mastery.

When you can control your mind and your thoughts, you control your emotions and you control your life. You have mastery over your experience on earth. 

You control the vibration you “broadcast”.

Thus you control what you “attract” in your life.

I am writing about how to attain this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course which is sent with my monthly Newsletter. Email for more information.

Much Love,


April 19, 2018

Consider that the mind, and thus thoughts, are what are used to activate the law of attraction.

Thus it is your mind and your thoughts that you use to create and manifest your desires in this physical duality based reality we call “life”.

The “heart” however is what must be opened to experience true oneness, connectedness, wholeness, completeness, joy, bliss and inner ecstasy. 

When you are basing everything from thoughts and the mind you are “in your head”. You can become an amazing manifestor of “things” in your life using only the mind.

Yet, if you use only the mind, you will still have some kind of “emptiness” within and feel like “something is missing in life”. If your focus is mind and thought based, and manifesting what you do not have yet, you are rooted in the sense of “duality, separateness and lack”.

If on the other hand, you base everything from the “heart”, you may experience more inner peace.

Yet, if everything is from the heart and you ignore that fact that you have a mind with thoughts, that you have a physical body, and that you live in a physical world, you may be living in what others perceive as “lack of abundance” because you probably won’t be manifesting much. 

There is a balance point.

You can have it all if you choose.

You can have total inner peace, love, harmony, contentment, fulfillment, joy and satisfaction, while at the same time being able to use your mind and thoughts to manifest any and all material things in the physical world you desire.



April 26

One way to know a true “Master” is the fact they do not fall for any of the facades you put on to fool or impress people.

A “Master” does not fall for your beauty, intelligence, wit, talent, words, personality, or your status, friends, achievements, accomplishments or what you have acquired.

A “Master” is never impressed.

He does not care about how important you are or that you think you are. He knows who you “really” are.

He sees through everything, directly into the depths of your true SELF.

Confucius said “True love means knowing a person’s faults completely, and still loving that person completely.”

A “Master” knows you totally. He knows all your faults.

A “Master” is never impressed with the show you put on, but still always “loves” you, without condition, and without exception.

When you find a “Master” and know he is “yours”, embrace that love, let that love in, and your life will be blessed in more ways than you can imagine.

Much Love,


May 4, 2018

Five years from now, the person you will become will be based on the people you associate with and the books you read.

Think about this.

I have recently recommended some books to consider reading or reading again in a new unit of time. They include: The Kybalion by the Three Initiates.

This text and other “Hermetic texts” were given to me in the early 70s as part of my initial training; The Little Red Engine that Could. Yes, this little children’s book tells the simple secret to making your dreams come true.

Success is simple.

All my other NEW book suggestions are in my NEW updated book and DVD recommended list. You can get the list emailed to you if you are on our Newsletter list. 

Other GREAT NEW books I suggest include “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. This book explains the “secret” to perpetual bliss and joy no matter what you are dealing with in life.

Also “Designing your Life” by Burnett and Evans. This is a wonderful “high tech” way to design and attain the life and lifestyle you always dreamed about!

Consider also It Work;, As a Man Thinketh; A Messenger to Garcia; The Go Getter; Acres of Diamonds.


Much love,

your friend,


May 11, 2018

When I was very young, I learned a lot from a man named Joseph Greenstein.

He was the famous “Mighty Atom”, known as “The Strongest Man in The World”.

He taught me how to use and control my mind.

I suggest you read the book “The Spiritual Journey of Joseph L. Greenstein” by Ed Spielman.

It is a very easy and fun read.

You will learn what I learned.

Then share your thoughts about it here on this page!


May 19, 2018

Everything is at its core, simply a vibration or energy.

Everything is connected to everything else. 

Nothing is separate. 

Your brain broadcasts and receives frequencies (vibrations).

Those frequencies touch everything in the Universe simultaneously. 

Your vibrations attract like vibrations.

When the vibration you are broadcasting matches the vibration of what you want, it must manifest into your physical reality. 

This is science and is now proven to be true.

Use this knowledge to create the life of your dreams!

I love you.

Your friend,


May 22, 2018

A small group of wonderful people have translated these posts into the Hungarian language – A heartfelt thank you to them for their hard work and dedication.

Here is the link to the Hungarian page for those who speak the language……/

June 1, 2018

“Everything is energy and that is all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”.

Albert Einstein said this. He said many other things like this that have been kept under the carpet. 

The fact is that the Law of Attraction (the Law of Karma) is true.

You have the power to create the life you want.

Learn HOW.

Much love,

Your friend,


June 7, 2018

I went to visit Kevin last weekend…

It was the first time I’d seen him since my Husband passed away. He told me funny stories, he made me laugh. He told me inspirational stories, he inspired me. He spoke to me about my grief and he gave me techniques and tools to help me through the most challenging time of my life. 

We discussed the books he gave me to read about grief in detail and at length…

I was there to cheer him up – he’s in jail! I was there to keep him company and to keep his hope of an early release alive!

But look at what he did…he spent the entire time supporting me! 

This man is completely selfless and I am so incredibly grateful for his friendship and all the inspiration he sends to us through this page and through his Science of Personal Mastery Course!

Thank you KT!

June 13, 2018

Believe and you receive, doubt and go without. There is “Magic in Believing”.

Whatever your mind can conceive, and you can bring yourself to believe, it can achieve.

This statement means that whatever you can dream, whatever you desire, IF you can bring yourself to the point where you KNOW that you CAN achieve it (with time, effort and things going right), THEN, you are in alignment and it WILL manifest in your life.

As long as you do not DOUBT. Doubt slows the manifesting process and hinders your dreams from becoming a reality.

Go for your dreams. And don’t let anyone steal your dream.

You can do it!

Your friend,


June 26, 2018

Many people ask me how I am doing.

It may be hard for you to grasp this, but I am doing better than ever.

Everything is perfect. I am living in constant bliss and joy. I smile and laugh all day. I am thankful, grateful and appreciative every moment.

Whatever happens, I see it as the perfect “play of the Universal Consciousness”. 

This is not something I intellectually understand. This is something that I “see” and actually fully experience.

Most people live with themselves as the “subject” and what they are looking at as the object. That is “duality”.

For me, there is no subject and no object. 

Everything is simply different expressions of the same ONE Universal Consciousness. That Consciousness is pure unconditional love. It is beyond perfect benevolence.

I therefore “see” and experience everything (without exception and without condition) as perfect “love”.

This means I only experience total and complete oneness and inner joy at all times. 

This is hard for people to imagine as most people deal with various emotions all day with lots of “ups and downs”.

I simply do not have that.

You can enjoy this amazing state as well.

I can teach you the secrets.

I am teaching some of the men here, and it works 100% of the time!

Desire this state, and it can be yours.

Much love.

Your friend,


Ask about The Science of Personal Mastery Course by emailing

Much Love,


July 3, 2018

“Everything is energy. Energy is simply another word for vibration or frequency. That is all there is, there is nothing else. If you match the vibration of what you want with how you feel right now, the Universe must deliver it to you.

This is not philosophy; it is physics”.

Albert Einstein 

Think about this.

Much love,


July 10, 2018

You hear a lot about needing to forgive and needing to “heal” if you truly want to have joy and happiness in your life.

Thousands of books, authors and experts talk about the need to “heal oneself” of the “wounds” we have painfully endured in life, and all the suffering we have experienced. 

Is this true?

Consider this.

When I was young I was introduced to a man who was going to “open my eyes to the truth of success”. I was looking forward to meeting a successful man who could tell me the secrets of prosperity and happiness. 

The man was not the kind of person I expected to meet. He was not “successful” as far as I could see. He lived in a small apartment. He did not have lots of money. He was not healthy. His life seemed tragic. 

Early in his marriage, his wife had unexpectedly left him and their daughter to be with another man, and cut off all communication with both of them. His daughter, his only child, was killed a few years later while she was driving a car drunk. He was a diabetic whose right foot had been amputated.

Yet he was blissfully at peace with everything in his life. You could see it in his eyes. You could feel his inner sense of love, contentment, and fulfillment. He had a knowingness about him that was magical. 

He was at harmony with himself, his circumstances, and all those around him.

I asked him about his tragic and painful life, how he could have such genuine happiness, and how he seemed to radiate authentic inner joy. 

He told me he had a realization early in his life that allowed him to see things from a different viewpoint and perspective. He clearly saw, with total certainty and knowingness, that he simply was experiencing his karma in this life. He said that after that “awakening”, he never suffered in life, he simply observed and witnessed what was occurring like watching a movie.

I asked him how he healed his wounds.

He smiled and said that he never had any wounds to heal.

This realization (that one never has any wounds to heal) he said, was the key to bliss.

I asked him how he could forgive those who hurt him. He said there was no one and nothing to forgive, and there is never anyone or anything to forgive, as it is all just the perfect play of consciousness manifesting in the physical world for us to experience. 

This realization (that there is nothing ever to forgive) he said, was the key to bliss. I asked him how he endured pain and suffering. He said that while the body and mind can experience “pain”, the SELF that witnesses and observes this never suffers. 

Realization of this is the key to bliss. I asked “How does one get the realization of these things?” He said “grace” from a master. This “grace” is the transference of energy from one who has attained what you seek, to you, thus awakening the dormant energy within you.

This takes you out of your “trance”. This takes you out of your “sleep”. This allows you to “see the truth” and experience true reality. You have asked, and therefore you have already received this “grace”, simply allow yourself to receive it. To receive the Grace, become a student in the Science of Personal Mastery Course by sending an email to  and request more information.

Much love, KT

July 17, 2018 

Whatever your mind can conceive, and you can feel that you in fact COULD attain it, it therefore CAN attain it, if you simply do the right things, long enough consistently.

The keys to manifesting your desires are first knowing what you want.

Then, when you think about what you want, really know, and get the feeling that you are capable of attaining it.

Then feel now AS IF you already have it.

You will then attract it into your life.

Go for your Dreams!

Much love,


July 24, 2018

Many people ask, “How do I find answers to my own questions and really know that I am in fact getting real “downloads” or knowledge from the collective Universal Field or the collective consciousness? How do I know that the “beings or entities” or people that are on the council/mastermind that I created in my imagination are giving me real accurate answers?”

First, some people cannot even look within for answers, they feel like they have to look to external sources.

They are constantly asking others for answers to their questions. Those “others” could be mentors, leaders, Guru’s, teachers, authors, people in authority, those with more education or in positions of power, friends, relatives, or even psychics, astrologers, etc. 

Then there are other people who have a hard time asking anyone for answers, yet still question their own intuition.

These people are constantly in a state of “unsure and lack of certainty”. These are all common issues. Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions for fear of being embarrassed for not knowing something or maybe fear that they would be asking what appears to be a dumb or stupid question.

Some do like to admit that they do not know or understand something.

This can be from inner beliefs of inferiority, unworthiness, or simply feeling “not good enough”, or intelligent as others.

All these issues “go away” when one does the training in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. This course virtually ‘releases’ all the underlying issues that cause all these insecurity issues.

You may develop a constant state of 100% Certainty! You are totally fearless. You never second guess yourself. You are completely confident and have a level of security that you have never had before.

This can be you.

Ask us about The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Email for more information.

Your friend,

Kevin Trudeau

July 31, 2018

“Everything is energy. Energy is simply another word for vibration or frequency. That is all there is, there is nothing else. If you match the vibration of what you want with how you feel right now, the Universe must deliver it to you. This is not philosophy; it is physics”.

Albert Einstein 

Think about this.

Much love,


August 7, 2018

If you want success and prosperity, there are a couple key things that all successful people do.

Those who manifest their desires, make their dreams come true, achieve their goals, and make lots of money have “success habits”. 

Two basic habits of ALL successful people are

1.) They have a “Do it NOW” attitude, and

2.) they don’t care much about HOW they are going to turn their desires into reality, but they know WHY they want what they want. They let the “how” manifest and present itself in time.

If you focus on these 2 aspects for just the next 30 days, you will see and experience miraculous things in your life.

I taught these 2 keys to over 400 inmates here. The guys stopped procrastinating and putting things off. They took action NOW.


What a difference on this compound in just a month with these guys immediately taking action on things.

Then, they stopped wondering “how” they were going to achieve their dreams, they simply focused on defining their dreams, clarifying and knowing exactly what they wanted, and WHY they wanted it.

Over 100 inmates came up to me telling of what they described as “miracles” about how the Universe presented them with the “how” to achieve their dreams.

It was almost “spooky” to see the Universe help each inmate see that they can achieve their dreams.

You CAN have what you desire.

Follow these steps and I WILL see YOU on the beaches of the world.

Your friend,


August 13, 2018

You were born to win.

You were designed for accomplishment.

You are engineered for success.

And you have been endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Success for you is simply a decision away. 

When you make a real decision to succeed and attain your desires, such things as setbacks, temporary defeats, obstacles, and challenges do NOT affect your resolve and commitment to attain your desire. 

Those ‘negative’ situations only make your desire all that more powerful.

Get a burning desire for the attainment of your goals so strong that nothing can put your fire out!

You can do it.

I will see you at the top.

Much love,

your friend,


August 20, 2018

I arrived at this Federal Prison Camp over 4 1/2 years ago.

Over 900 men live here. Since my arrival over 850 men that were here when I arrived have left. There is a big turnover here as most men have less than 3 years to serve when they arrive. Within the first 3 months of my arrival I met 2 men that would go on to become very close friends of mine. 

The 3 of us lived in the same dorm “room” consisting of over 18 men. The 3 of us all became close.

One of those men left a little over a 1 year ago. The other left today. It was exciting for me to see them leave, return to their families, and get on with their lives. 

I have been blessed to meet them and thankful for their friendship. I am sure we all will remain close for many years to come. 

At the end of the day, relationships are the most important thing in life.

Treasure the ones you have.

Honor them.

Cherish them.

Adore them.

And protect them.

Doing so will make your lives so much richer and joyous.

Much love,

your friend,


August 26, 2018

Just some of the comments from Students of KT’s The Science of Personal Mastery Course:

“I am just amazed and blown away about HOW impactful these exercises are, and I see how the previous lessons were leading up to this”


“Thank you for writing The Science of Personal Mastery newsletter. It has been life changing.”


“You have changed my life with this course – just reading the lessons have been so incredibly helpful in my life. You always seem to know exactly what I am needing at the time…Funny how that works…Forever grateful to you for writing this new course and guiding me through my personal wall of fire with your inspiring words!!”


“Thank you for sending me the material. My mind has been blowing up every day. I feel like I’m living in a different world now, I feel so much happier now. Again, thank you a lot that you help Kevin Trudeau spreading the word. I am very grateful for your help, and care.”


“I am so grateful for the teachings you make available to us through the Science of Personal Mastery Course. There is an absolute, massive and direct correlation between the amount I engage in these lessons and the improvements I experience in my life.” 

“I love these lessons! I’ve experienced levels of joy, gratitude and contentment I didn’t know were possible, and I’m starting to realize there really is no plateau. The joy and bliss can continue to surprise me with newer and higher levels for forever! And as it does, more and more physical, material and experiential blessings are coming into my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am on lesson 22 and WOW!!! Thank You!!! The Magic – is happening!!”


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August 31, 2018

Many people ask me how I am doing.

It may be hard for you to grasp this, but I am doing better than ever.

Everything is perfect. I am living in constant bliss and joy. I smile and laugh all day.

I am thankful, grateful and appreciative every moment. Whatever happens, I see it as the perfect “play of the Universal Consciousness”. This is not something I intellectually understand. This is something that I “see” and actually fully experience. 

Most people live with themselves as the “subject” and what they are looking at as the object. That is “duality”. For me, there is no subject and no object. Everything is simply different expressions of the same ONE Universal Consciousness. That Consciousness is pure unconditional love.

It is beyond perfect benevolence. I therefore “see” and experience everything (without exception and without condition) as perfect “love”. 

This means I only experience total and complete oneness and inner joy at all times. 

This is hard for people to imagine as most people deal with various emotions all day with lots of “ups and downs”. I simply do not have that. You can enjoy this amazing state as well. I can teach you the secrets. I am teaching some of the men here, and it works 100% of the time! Desire this state, and it can be yours.

Much love.

Your friend,


September 7, 2018


Inner peace.

The feeling that everything is perfect.

The joy of experiencing the ecstasy of connection and oneness with another.

Would you like these things?

We have all experienced them from time to time.

But, they are not lasting are they?

They are temporary.

We know these feelings and emotions are real, but they are missing from our lives.

In truth there are very few people that are anchored in these feelings.

But there ARE those highly evolved people that live in this state ALL THE TIME, no matter what the external conditions of their lives are. 

Seek FIRST this inner peace.

Seek FIRST happiness and joy.

THEN all the material things you desire will manifest in your life faster and easier than ever before. 

Soon, when we meet, this inner state of feelings of perfection will awaken in you.

You are close to attaining what you desire.

Keep your eye on your dream.

Much love,

Your friend,


September 13, 2018

You become what you think about most of the time.

Whatever your mind can conceive, and you can bring yourself to know that it is possible, then you can achieve it. 

Believe you can succeed and you will.

Expect success.

Have confidence in yourself.

Keep your eye on your dream.

Success is a decision away.

If you make a real decision that you will attain what you desire, then you will wake up earlier, go to bed later, and spend every spare moment working on the attainment of your goal. 

You will have a magnificent obsession with attaining what you desire.

All I have just said contains every secret you need to know to manifest all your dreams and become wealthy, healthy, and happy. 

Contemplate these words.

Much love,

your friend,


September 19, 2018

The secret to success can be summed up this way.

Do the right things long enough consistently.

What are the “right things”?

Your thoughts, your words, and your actions. 

Think about what you want and feel now as if you were already in possession of what you desire. 

Say out loud affirmations that confirm and virtually speak into existence what you want. 

Speak in the present tense AS IF you were already in possession of what you want. 

Act AS IF you were already in possession of your desire.

Contemplate all the above, as everything you need to manifest whatever you wish is in this message.

Much love,

your friend,


September 25, 2018

Every person and the whole Universe takes notice when a person knows where he is going and is 100% determined to get there.

In fact, when a person has made the decision that no matter what, they are going to get to where they want to go, or attain what they desire, with a 100% commitment, the entire Universe will conspire in mysterious ways to help that person achieve their goal. 

You have just been given the secret to attaining all your desire. Meditate and contemplate the meaning of these words.

Much love,

your friend


October 13, 2018

“Can you really attain what you do not have now?

Or do you simply “attain” what you already have by becoming aware of what is already there?

If you do get something you do not already have, what good is that anyway?

If you did not have it before, and if you do attain it and have it now, it is almost certain that you will lose it, or it will fade away in time, as everything in the material world does.

Mastery is knowing that you “attain” what you already have right now, by simply becoming more conscious. 

Then you can never “lose” what you “attained”.”

Here is the clarification: This is a very high teaching. You may not “get it” now. That is OK. The seed has been planted.

Let me amplify and expound on this teaching. When you are trying to attain something you do not have now, it is usually something material in nature, such as a new car, a new job, a lover, better health, more money, etc.

But if you REALLY ask yourself WHY you want any of these things, you will find that what you are REALLY trying to attain is a “feeling”.

If you REALLY keep asking WHY you want something you don’t have now it will come down to wanting to have inner happiness, joy, love, contentment, fulfillment, ecstasy, peace, bliss, serenity, a feeling or sense of connectedness or oneness or union, a feeling or being wanted and loved, etc.

We ultimately want to feel beyond just good.

We want to feel COMPLETE.

ALL these “feelings” are ALREADY within you. They are “already there”.

So in reality, you never “attain” something you don’t already have. You simply become more aware or conscious of what is always within you. 

This is why masters are always anchored in a state of perpetual bliss no matter what the external conditions of their life are like.

When you are at this state of awareness, no material loss will ever affect you. And no material gain will ever be a source of inner joy, but rather only a source of temporary physical pleasure, which ALWAYS fades away.

Think about this teaching and experience the peace and joy that surpasses all human understanding.

You can experience this NOW…..right NOW if you simply wake up!

Much love,

your friend always,


October 23, 2018

What is your name?


I bet you didn’t have to think about that.

You KNOW your name, instantly.

Now, let me ask you this.

What do you want?


I bet you had to think about that! 

You need to KNOW exactly what you want in the same way you know your own name!

If you DO, then you will GET what you want very soon.

It is LAW.

IT MUST manifest, and very quickly.

DEFINE your dream!

Clearly KNOW what you want.

Be specific!

You can do it!

See you at the top.

Your friend,


October 30, 2018

  • Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you will still wind up among the stars!
  • Believe and you receive, doubt and go without. 
  • Expect Success. Believe you can succeed and you will.
  • Cure yourself of excusitis, the failure disease.
  • To know and not to do is not to know. 

These are just a few “Nuggets of Gold” that contain all the secrets to success.

Allow these seeds to grow within you.

If you do, I know, I will see you on the beaches of the world.

For more Nuggets of Gold, go to 

Your friend,


November 4, 2018

Why would anyone want to attain enlightenment, which is also called SELF realization and God realization? When you attain this state you achieve a feeling of complete and total wholeness, completeness, and oneness. 

You are perpetually fulfilled, satisfied, and content.

You have bubbling up from within you, at all times, the feelings of love, joy, bliss, ecstasy, happiness, and glee.

You are carefree, cheerful, and lighthearted.

You are fun to be around.

You see the gold in everyone and everything. 

You see GOD in everyone and everything.

You love people without condition and without exception.

This love permeates your being and radiates from you perpetually.

You never suffer.

While your body and mind may show some human emotions at times, you are not attached to them.

You witness them and observe them. They do not affect your inner state.

Imagine going on a roller coaster ride. During the ride you may be screaming in fear, but you are never suffering. In fact, you ENJOY experiencing the emotion of fear while on the roller coaster, and may even want to go for another ride!

When you are fully SELF realized you never suffer from any kind of fear.

You are fearless. You have total peace, security and contentment.

You are calm, relaxed and at ease at all times and in all situations.

You have supreme confidence. 

You never suffer from depression, sadness, grief, anger, fear, anxiety, envy, lust, jealousy, embarrassment, humiliation, hate, or any negative emotion.

When you are enlightened you are truly free on all levels and all dimensions.

I teach how to attain this state in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Email for details and become my student.

Much Love,


November 11, 2018

Every person and the whole Universe takes notice when a person knows where he is going and is 100% determined to get there. In fact, when a person has made the decision that no matter what, they are going to get to where they want to go, or attain what they desire, with a 100% commitment, the entire Universe will conspire in mysterious ways to help that person achieve their goal.

You have just been given the secret to attaining all your desire.

Meditate and contemplate the meaning of these words.

Much love,

your friend,


November 22, 2018

What is freedom?

Think about being free from guilt, suffering, pain, loneliness, depression, sadness, anger, hate, jealously, envy, greed, want, desire, emptiness, insecurity, fear, the feelings of unworthiness and not being good enough, feeling undeserving, unwanted or unloved, embarrassment, shame, stress, anxiety, bitterness, despair, sadness, and laziness.

Feel true freedom from any negative thoughts…

Much Love,


November 29, 2018

All minds “move”. Minds constantly produce thoughts. The mind is always agitated. However, if you can control your mind, quiet your mind, make your mind more “still”, you attain peace and clarity. You release inner joy. Try this. Simply sit quietly, not moving at all.

First, let the mind think and be agitated all it wants. Let your mind run wild. But just sit still, relaxed, in quiet and not moving. Focus on your breathing. Within a few minutes the mind will slow down a bit.

If your body is still, the mind will begin to still and calm down all by itself. When there is no physical movement, the breath slows down and lengths. The breath is the link between the body and the mind. As the breath slows, so does the mind. Be physically at ease, and mental peace will follow. These are the words of a great Master. They are Truth.

This is why what you eat, exercise, what you drink, are all important to not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. AND, when you have a calm mind, you can create and manifest all the riches and material wealth you desire.

Much love,


December 6, 2018

I ask people “what do you REALLY want that you do not have right now?”

The answers are always the same.

More money, better health, better relationships with their family and friends, more romantic love or sex or intimacy, and ultimately everything leads to more happiness.

Whatever you “want”, ultimately you want it because you think it will make you happier.

What we all really seek is more inner joy, happiness, peace, bliss, connectedness, and feelings of being loved.

We all want to feel loved and wanted. We want all these things because we want some “feeling” on the inside that is “missing”. 

Whatever you want, you CAN attain, including perpetual inner bliss and joy no matter what the external conditions are in your life.

No matter what you have or don’t have, you can always feel inner joy and love. You can always feel happiness.

Choose to be happy.

Happiness is a choice you make every minute of the day.

Much love,

your friend,


December 15, 2018

Think about this quote;

“I detach myself from preconceived outcomes and trust that all is well. Being myself allows the wholeness of my unique magnificence to draw me in those directions most beneficial to me and to all others. This is really the only thinking I have to do. And within that framework, everything that is truly mine comes into my life effortlessly, in the most magical and unexpected ways imaginable, demonstrating every day the power and love of who I truly am”

Anita Moorjani, from her book “Dying to be Me”: My journey from Cancer, to Death, to True Healing.

Michael Singer in his books: The Untethered Soul and the Surrender Experiment also shares this concept.

Esther Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham) has been saying this for years with the concept of being in a state of “Allowing”. 

This is a secret to not only manifesting your desires, but inner peace, contentment and fulfillment.

Much love,

Your friend,


December 23, 2018

You can live your dreams.

You can have your wishes come true.

You can achieve your desires.

You can live the life you want.

Dream big dreams.

Believe in yourself.

Have supreme confidence. 

Know that whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve.

If you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way you are right, as it is your thinking that makes it so.

You have what it takes to make it.

You are special.

You were born to win.

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Don’t let anyone steal your dreams, and I will see YOU at the TOP!

Your friend,


December 31, 2018


  • Nothing is impossible for the man who believes in himself and his dream
  • Believe and you receive, doubt and go without
  • Focus! Concentrate! Pay Attention!
  • Smile and the world smiles back at you
  • Whatever you want, give it away first
  • You can if you THINK you can
  • Life is how you choose to see it
  • Life is how you choose it to be
  • Life is what you make of it
  • No one can upset you unless you allow it
  • You always have 100% control of how you think and how you feel
  • You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get in life what they want.
  • Talk about others as you want them to talk about you
  • Embrace every day, and every moment
  • Live your life with passion
  • Never, never, never, never give up
  • Shoot for the moon, for even if you miss you will still wind up among the stars
  • Everything will be fine in the end. If things are not fine, it just means it is not the end
  • Never stop dreaming
  • You can do it! (repeat out loud “I can do it”)



January 6, 2019

Many people ask me about meditation and “mindfulness”. Some of you know I have been engaged in this process for over 40 years utilizing hundreds of different methods and systems.

I just read a great new book published this year (2018) called: Strength in Stillness, The Power of Transcendental Meditation by Bob Roth. It is a short, easy to read book that explains meditation very effectively. 

The author has taught this technique to Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, Billionaire CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, inner city students, homeless people, and everyone in between.

Highly recommended.

Meditation CAN completely transform your life for the better in every area.



January 13, 2019

My friend sent me this quote from the ancient Mystic Rumi.

It contains the secret to success in anything and everything.

“When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety.

If I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without struggle or pain.

From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me.

There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it.”

Much love,

your friend,


January 20, 2019

Over 3 decades ago, I went through all The Sedona Method courses and training. As you know, I have done almost every kind of personal development, self-improvement, personal transformation, enlightenment, personal growth and spiritual kind of training available. Mostly from the founders or developers of the method themselves (not always).

I just reviewed the Sedona Method material again, from the newest book on the Method….titled The Sedona Method. 

The book is very good. But just like trying to do memory training from a book, one will always find the audio course MUCH better and easier…and the LIVE training even better still.

If you look at most of all the training out there for personal development, self-improvement and personal transformation etc, they all try to achieve the same result:

Getting “stuck” trapped energy patterns, or attractor fields, or “programs”, that are in the “subconscious”, “released, or let go, or dissolved, or transmuted”.

When that happens we become “free” and thus all of our “power and abilities” are available to us including manifesting our desires with speed and ease, AND having a constant flow of peace, joy and happiness bubbling up from within no matter what the external conditions of our life.

These suppressed vibrations and frequencies usually are counterproductive to what our current intentions, wants and desires are, thus they “hold us back” from achieving our desires and manifesting our dreams.

When they get “activated or keyed IN”, they also make us anxious, stressed, sad, depressed, angry, jealous, envious, grief ridden, fearful, moody, lack confidence, pessimistic, and have a low negative self-image.

Basically, every negative feeling and emotion can be traced to these energy patterns becoming activated.

So when we look at The Callahan Techniques of Thought Field Therapy, or Emotional Freedom Technique (any kind of Tapping), B.E.S.T (Morter), Dianetics and Scientology auditing and processing, Landmark Forum, EST, Homeopathy, Energetic Rebalancing, Gestalt Therapy, all forms of Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, various “spiritual practices”, confessionals, regressive therapy, past life therapy, Psychotheraphy, Motivational training, Alphabiotics, rapid eye desensitization, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, guided visualizations, Mary Miller’s I Ching Instruments, Psychoanalysis, and hundreds of other methods, we can see they all try to do the same thing:

Release those negative energy patterns and fields and free us from what has control over our emotions, the things that make us act, feel and say things irrationally and is uncontrollable.

Other therapies ADD programs into the mind …such as Hypnotherapy, Subliminal programs, NLP, positive affirmations and self-talk, positive thinking etc.

That is a different issue and those have advantages and benefits as well.

But…releasing and getting rid of the deep stuff…our deep hidden pain, fear, insecurities etc always produce the most lasting and profound results.

Mainly because when you get rid of that layer of negative energy, it is gone for good!

Then the “REAL YOU” comes out and you are FREE!

So…I highly suggest you consider going through The Sedona Method training. You can do it by yourself via audio training at home at your own pace. You can do it with a partner, your business associates or family members. It is easy, simple and fun.

You of course can always to go to the live training and get the material delivered in person. Always the best, but time consuming, and the costs of travel, hotel etc can be restrictive.

The audios are terrific.

I did both.

The audios first, and then I went to all the training that was available.

Something to consider….

Your Friend,


January 27, 2019

I recently held a seminar here on “How to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals”. Over 400 inmates participated in the 15 hour course.

I told the students about one of my favorite books of all time…The Original Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz published in 1960 (NOT the “new updated version”, the ORIGINAL).

The book is the authority on SELF image.

Many of the men immediately bought the book and read it. Over 100 of the men that were reading the book have since been released.

Over the last few months I have received so many unsolicited testimonials from both men who are still here at the camp, and those who finished their sentences and were released. These letters shared how changing their self-image as described in the book, made things happen in their lives that were almost miraculous. They said that the positive results were astonishing.

Several of these men are “positive” people who read many PMA (positive mental attitude) books and are familiar with the Law of Attraction. Most, however were not familiar with “positive thinking” at all.

They all said that the “self-image”was a missing key to success and worked “like magic”.

True. So true.

Probably to 2 “missing ingredients” to all success are:

1.) Self-image (few people have any idea how this powerful mechanism works and how to change your self-image so that you attract success like a magnet)

2.) Letting go, surrendering, allowing, releasing your desire so that you get to a point where you feel good now and do not care about the outcome, getting to the point where you are free from “needing or wanting’ any particular outcome.

Many people use all the success basics (vision boards, writing down goals, focusing on a chief aim, positive self-talk, positive affirmations, defining your dream, getting a burning desire for its achievement, giving first, feeling good now, etc. etc.) and STILL don’t attain their desires.

When that happens, upon analysis, it is almost always the above 2 components that are amiss.

I HIGHLY recommend reading this book. It is short, and an easy read.

Read the book and DO the simple processes in it and see the results.

In The Science of Personal Mastery Course, there are Lessons with these processes and others on Self Image. Those students who actually DID the processes in the Course have written some of the most powerful testimonials I have ever seen. The results you can expect to see in your life when you “correct” your self-image can be miraculous.

I look forward to hearing YOUR success story!

Email  for info on the Science of Personal Mastery Course.

Much love,

Your friend,


February 12, 2019

I just re-read a short inspirational and motivational book: The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday.

If you think you are in a funk or need a “pick me up pep talk”, or a good “kick in the ass” to get you motivated, this is a great book. In fact, it is a great book for anyone, at any time.

It is a short, quick read.

Remember, one has to feed their mind everyday with positive, inspirational, motivational, mental attitude material in the form of books and audios.

Even just 5 minutes a day, just one page a day of reading, can make a huge difference in the results you see in your life and how you feel inside.

In today’s world, you can excel and rise to the top easier than ever before because there are fewer and fewer motivated and inspired “go getters” who read and do the “little things” that make the difference.

Leaders are always readers.

Be a leader, and WIN.

Your friend,


February 18, 2019

As you know, I have read thousands of books over the years on “success” and “enlightenment” as well as other subjects. 

Being here has given me a great opportunity to read many of those books yet again in a new unit of time. 

I have also had the wonderful chance to read many NEW books that I have not read before. Most of the books I have read since being incarcerated do not justify being mentioned.

But a few DO stand out. And I HIGHLY recommend them.

I know most of you do not have “time” to read books as I do (I am reading up to 10 books a week). But, consider taking a little of your TV time or the time you spend texting, or facebooking or whatever social media stuff you do, to “feed your mind” with the “good stuff”.

Here are the most powerful books I would like to suggest:

  • Designing Your Life by Burnett and Evens (from geniuses at Stanford who teach how to create the life you want and be happy and fulfilled)
  • The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer (spectacular in every way, describing what the “SELF” is and how to be the “witness” thus attain complete inner peace and joy)
  • The Spiritual Journey of Joseph L. Greenstein (The Mighty Atom) by Ed Spielman (one of my early mentors who taught me how to use the power of my mind)
  • The Kybalion by The Three Initiates (the basis of the Law of Attraction and the “laws” of how it works)
  • Proof of Heaven (evidence from a neurosurgeon who “died”, of “consciousness”) Eben Alexander
  • Dying to be Me (evidence from someone who “died”, of “consciousness”) Anita Moorjani

All are great. The first 2 can be read at the same time as they take on 2 different issues, but blend perfectly together.

Much love my friend,


February 24. 2019

When it comes to self-improvement, personal development, Self-Realization, Enlightenment, “success” training, personal transformation, how to set and attain goals, and other such areas of the mind and spiritual nature of man, consider this: no one ever has invented or created anything.

All a person ever did was “discover” the Truth: what was there all along.

  • No scientist invented DNA. They discovered DNA, as DNA was always a reality. 
  • No researcher created the atom, as atoms were always atoms even before mankind “knew” about them. 
  • No astronomer invented Pluto or any “new” planet. They simply discovered what was always there. 
  • Electricity was not invented, it was discovered. As was Quantum physics.

But when we get into areas of personal development such as: “how to remove blocks” to help you achieve success; the “secret” to enlightenment; the method to eliminate mental and emotional pain; opening your chakras; success secrets; and so forth, many “Masters”, authors, speakers, trainers, and Guru’s want to patent, copyright, and call these discoveries “MINE”. They want to claim ownership to what they are teaching as if they “invented or created” something NEW.

“Nobody ever did this before I invented it!” they shout.


Have they ever read the 5000-year-old Vedas, Pantagali’s Yoga Sutra’s written thousands of years ago, the Chinese writings of the Tao, Kashmir Shavaism, The Zohar, Kabbala, Sufi teachings, or other ancient texts?

How about the “secret” teachings of the FreeMasons (made available only to 33 degree Masons who are selected), or other “Secret Societies” teachings?

I can assure you, that whatever is being taught today as “new”, is in these ancient texts or other writings that go back many hundreds or thousands of years.

Everything from “tapping”, to homeopathy, to “energy clearing”, you name it…. they were all practiced and used by people thousands of years ago.

No one created or invented the Law of Attraction, in the same way that no one invented the Law of Gravity. 

No one invented how the mind works…it simply always worked the way it does.

No one can patent how the mind holds pictures & traps energy, and can be re-stimulated later and adversely affect us. 

No one invented “chakras” or “astral bodies” or “energetic bodies” or how the words you use can create.

They simply “discovered” what is Truth, what was always there, and what is in fact…reality.

No one can say “I invented THE ONLY method of “releasing and clearing” trapped energy, and if you use MY method, your life will improve in every area.”

What a person CAN say is “I discovered A method, probably one of MANY, that I THINK and appears to be, a way to release and clear trapped energy, and is used, it SEEMS to help most people and improve every area of their lives.”

The key points are:

1.) It is only what they “think or assume” or “theorize”. They DO NOT know with 100% certainty.

2.) They did not invent it. It is not the ONLY method, nor can they say the “best”. If what they discovered DOES do something, they did not invent or create it, they DISCOVERED or became aware of, a method of “clearing or releasing” energy.

3.) Claiming ownership is the #1 indicator that the person is NOT highly evolved and instead, is EGO driven. It also shows that the person in fact does NOT “KNOW”, but rather, only “knows about”.

One of the greatest researchers in the area of the mind, and unlocking human potential and abilities, delivered over 100,000 hours of recorded lectures over his lifetime. He dedicated his life to researching and discovering the “Truths” of how the mind works, how to unlock the unlimited human potential that lies dormant, and how to release abilities in people that appear superhuman or supernatural.

He stated: “The Truth of the mind, the entire physical Universe, Consciousness, and everything that can be classified as non-physical or spiritual, can now be proven with science, hard facts and evidence. It comes from nuclear and quantum physics, higher mathematics, and understanding the Ancients of the East (mostly India, Tibet, China)”.


Quantum physics and the Ancient teachings of those mystics, Guru’s and Enlightened Masters of India and the East, all in agreement.

L. Ron Hubbard for example said:

“The so-called experts of the recent past, in the area of the mind, gave dissertations espousing their philosophies, ideas and opinions.

They were however, simply speculating and had very little actual proof verifying what they were saying was true. Their philosophies were their own creations, and each philosopher was at work trying to out-create every other philosopher. It was all ego driven and all about competition. 

We, however are simply dealing with discoveries. The phenomena we are sharing are what we discovered and are held in common by all men and all life forms.

We are not trying to out-create every other so-called expert that comes along.”

He goes on to say;

“We really are not trying to teach you anything. We are really just trying to remind you of what you already “know”.

Truth, coming from anyone, in any form, was always yours in the first place.

Many people are explaining the same things, and have been for thousands of years, just saying it differently.

Truth therefore is not only the “science of life”, but it is an account of what you were doing before you forgot what you were doing.”

Edison, arguably one of, if not THE greatest inventors of all time agreed on this point about “discoveries”.

He always claimed he “discovered” things, rather than “invented” things. So did Ford, Krishnamurti, Yogananda, Buddha, Tesla, OSHO, Einstein and many other “Masters”.

Consider this.

When it comes to the mind, in order for one to explain it, to “know” how it works, one must be separate from it and observe it.

Who then would be doing the observing?

YOU, yourself (The SELF, or Consciousness).

You are not your mind and not your body.

You HAVE a mind and you HAVE a body.

When one reaches this level, of being separate from the mind and body and observing and being the witness of both, one can then share what they DISCOVERED, observed and witnessed.

All we have to do is listen to them.

Lucky for mankind, thousands of Enlightened souls have already done this and their writings and DISCOVERIES are available to all. They have no EGO and claim nothing as “THEIRS”.

With this in mind, consider what I have said before in many messages, books, emails, posts, and lectures.

Who do you listen to?

Beware of those “experts” who I am certain are very well intentioned, but perhaps a little too Ego driven that they want to claim credit to Truth as if it is THEIR inventions, creations, methods, or secret systems relating to how to improve the human condition and make your life better in every area and aspect.

When you “know” truth, because you have actually experienced observing the mind and the nonphysical Universe, as Edison describes, you never feel you have to claim anything as YOURS. Therefore, if someone is claiming ownership to “Truth” or a method as THEIR Trademarked creation, know that they have not achieved that state of actually being the witness to the mind.

Therefore, they do not know.

They only “know about”.

Thus, they always feel threatened.

Nothing real can ever be threatened.

Therefore, when you HAVE experienced firsthand that of being a “witness” to the mind, and have experienced personally the merging with “ALL THAT IS”, you never feel threatened, you never need approval, validation, or feel the need to be affirmed.

Truth is Truth. Reality is Reality.

You have complete “knowingness” and “certainty”.

Look for these qualities in those you listen to, and work to attain them in yourself.

Everything already IS when it comes to the mind and spirituality. All has already been discovered and revealed to all of us because so many have already achieved “Enlightenment”. There have been millions of highly evolved beings on earth spanning thousands of years, who have reached the spiritual level of being able to observe and witness the mind in action and the entire spiritual nonphysical nature of the Universe. These people are known as being “Enlightened” or “Saints” or Avatars or Self Realized.

Many of them, over thousands of years, have written such observations and discoveries for all of us to learn from. These texts are available to all of us.

But, who will spend the time, reading these esoteric texts from all around the world?

Very few.

Lucky for us, right now in fact, there are hundreds of thousands of such “Enlightened” Self Realized beings on planet Earth. Many of them are sharing what they “know” through books, lectures, videos, and workshops.

They are sharing what they KNOW, not just “know about”.

I encourage you to seek Truth from SOURCE via someone who is not claiming to BE Source, but rather working to open you up so that you can connect with Source directly.

Finding such a person, and following their teachings, is the fastest and easiest path to get to where you absolutely want to go.

Much love to you as you proceed on your journey.

Make it an adventure!

Much love, and may you never be the same.

Your friend,


March 2, 2019

People write me all the time saying things like “you must be so lonely there…you must be suffering….you must be counting the days until your release…it must be so hard for you….etc. etc.”

While I appreciate everyone’s concern for my mental, physical and emotional states, please know that I am not just doing ok, I am having the most wonderful time of my life!

This to me is paradise.


How can I say that?


Every spiritual text says basically “everything is within you…the kingdom of God is within you…God lives within you as you…etc”.

So, when one can look within, and merge with that part of you that is the whole Universe, you experience peace, joy, ecstasy, and bliss that surpasses all human comprehension and understanding. 

The reason you cannot understand how I can be so happy right now, is because this state that I live in surpasses all human understanding.

But YOU too can experience this amazing state of perpetual joy, happiness and ecstasy!

Join me and I will help lead you to this place of total freedom on all levels and on all dimensions.

Do so, and you will never be the same!

Your friend,


March 9, 2019

In a previous post, I talked about the hundreds of self-improvement, personal transformation, success training, and spiritual enlightenment methods and systems I have “studied” in my life.

I am often asked how I had the time to study so much material.

The answer is interesting.

Think about this.

Two children, who have never seen a piano, go to take piano lessons on the same day with the same teacher. They are taught at the same time in a “class” consisting of just the 2 of them. They both practice the exact same amount of time each day.

In 6 months, one of the children is playing the piano almost like a master, and the other still can’t play chopsticks.

What is the difference?

One child came into this world “predisposed” to play the piano, preloaded if you will, with piano playing talent, probably from previous lives of playing the piano, and/or is “plugged into the Universal Field (The Ether)” and is downloading piano playing talent. It might be in his/her DNA.

The other child simply has no “previous life” programming for piano and is not plugging into the piano playing vibrations in the “field of consciousness”. Perhaps this child will be better at a physical sport, math or art.

To take that further, consider that when a child reads a book (such as Level 1 Math), they might not “get math”. It might be a struggle for them to comprehend and understand the material. They might be “slow at math”.

Yet, when another child reads that same book (Level 1 Math), they may be able to remember and use immediately almost all of the material in it, and “get math” instantly with almost total understanding as it “comes easy to them and feels natural”. They are “naturally good and quick with math”.

Not only will this “gifted in math” child have total and immediate comprehension of all the material in the book (Level 1 Math), but they will also “know” the material in Level 2, 3, 4, and 5 Math even though they have not even started those books yet! It is like they already KNOW all the material already, and they are just being “reminded” of the data. It all comes to them easily and naturally. They are “gifted in math”.

For example:

When you tell someone like the late Dr. Morter, Edison, Einstein, Tesla, or Hubbard BEFORE they ever learned anything about math ” 1+1=2, and 2+2=4…they stop you and say…”I get it! 3+3=6 and 6+6=12 and 4X4=16!” Their minds can process information so fast, and come to such complete and quick comprehension and conclusions, it looks “superhuman”.

They do this because everything in life is a virtual “hologram”.

Meaning in any little piece, EVERYTHING is contained within it!

One little cell contains enough “information” to create the whole animal.

These people have the innate ability to tap into the “holographic” nature of everything in the Universe and thus, when exposed to even a tiny bit, can understand the “whole” and entire body of knowledge that the tiny bit of information came from.

So, the first way someone learns so much so fast, is that the material is actually already “known” to them. They are simply being “reminded” of the data. This is said to be from previous lives.

We see this often with prodigies for example in math, science, sports, or the arts. There are thousands of kids who sit in front of a piano and just start playing without ever having a lesson, or can draw perfectly the first time they try, or can do algebraic math calculations before they go to the first grade. This is documented around the world in hundreds of thousands of known cases.

The next way someone learns so quickly, is their innate natural gift and ability to “download” information from the “minds” of “experts” as well as from the Universal Field of Consciousness (the Ether). 

In addition to downloading information from a particular person, or directly from a book, since ALL knowledge is in this Universal field, I (and many others who learn so quickly with complete comprehension and understanding), can tap into the Ether and find any “answer” we want.

This is how certain gifted “psychics” tell you all about YOU with near 100% accuracy. They “read your mind”. They do this by: looking at the pictures (memories) in your mind; looking at the virtual 3-dimensional video recording of everything that ever came in through your senses (all your memories); and hear or feel all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you ever had.

Additionally, they tap into the Universal field. In that field is all YOUR memories, pictures, thoughts, feelings, conclusions, and emotions, as well as everyone else’s from the beginning of time.

So, when you look at people like Yogananda, Hubbard, Dr. Morter, Muktananda, Krishnamurti, OSHO, Edison, Einstein, Her Holiness Sai Maa, Lester Levenson, Dr. Callahan, Buddha, Tesla, and many other people who simply “knew and learned’ more information than “time” allowed, this is how they did it.

Some did it consciously, some did it unconsciously.

I originally did it unconsciously.

Now I do it consciously.

Then add this element.

Imagine a computer from 1985. It had a small RAM (random access memory) and a slow 16-bit processor.

Compare this to a computer today. It might take 100 times longer for a computer made in 1985 to compute something compared to a computer today with it’s much, much larger RAM and much, much faster processors.

Everyone’s mind has RAM and processing power. Everyone can store the same infinite amount of information as we all have that same capacity.

But, we all have different amounts of RAM and differing processing powers. Some people, like Edison or Einstein, had HUGE amounts of RAM and super-fast processing powers, thus they never got “overwhelmed” with “too much information”. They never had a problem processing and “digesting” HUGE amounts of data.

Everyone CAN, using specific processes, increase their “RAM” and mental processing speeds to a certain extent.

However, few of us will ever get to the levels of processing power and RAM of an Einstein.

So, this is another factor that allows some people to “learn and know” more information that “time would allow”.

The good news is when one reads some of Dr. Morters words, Sai Maa, Hubbard. Buddha, Muktananda, or other “masters”, one can gain knowledge in just a few pages of their “condensed” conclusions and explanations that would have taken YEARS of intense study on our parts.

So we all are blessed to have those people who have taken it upon themselves to study self-improvement material and teach it.

May we all become better because of wonderful “Masters” who have been given the gift of being able to “learn and know” so much information, so totally and completely with complete comprehension, so quickly, and be able to share those conclusions with us.

I know I am much better because of them.

I am forever grateful to those Masters who I humbly bow.

Much love,

Your friend,


March 18, 2019

Many people ask me what is the difference between “Surrendering to the Universe” your desires, and simply “Giving Up” on your dream and “Giving Up” trying to manifest the things you want.

There have been many terms used over thousands of years relating to the mental and emotional “sweet spot state” one must be in, in order for their dreams and desires to manifest quickly and effortlessly.

Just a FEW of these terms include:

Surrender to the Universe; Letting Go; Allowing; Release “wanting” and “needing’; do not be in a state of wanting or lack; non-attachment; not being attached to a particular outcome or result; not giving a hoot if you get what you are wanting or not; success is a journey not a destination; stop and smell the roses; be here now; be in present time; be in the NOW; turn it over to God; be in the moment; let go and let God; name it and claim it; calling those things which be not as though they were; and many more.

How is that state, as described above, with all those different terms, different from simply “Giving Up”.

The distinction is easy to “feel”.

When you have a specific desire, dream, or goal, (such as wanting a new house or car; a new better job; a mate; a better relationship with someone; a physical healing in your body; weight loss; more money; a financial miracle to get you out of debt; to stop being depressed; to have inner peace, etc.), in order for your desire to manifest do these steps:

  • First, you have to know specifically what you want. You should be clear about what you want. Generally, your desire should be very specific, as much as it can be. Define your dream/desire/goal/chief aim.
  • Then, you have to imagine in your mind’s eye, yourself in possession of what you are wanting to attain. See yourself, as clearly and vividly as you can, in your imagination, actually living your life with what you are wanting to achieve. See this as a vivid movie that can run for between 1-3 minutes at least, more is even better. Try to include all the senses in your movie (sight, smells, tastes, textures, etc.)
  • THEN, the first secret ingredient is, as you see that movie in your imagination, FEEL the emotions and feelings right now, AS IF you would feel, if you actually were in possession of your desire right now. The FEELINGS are the key.
  • Then, the most powerful secret ingredient is that you have to feel that same way, even if you KNOW you will NEVER get what you desire. Imagine NOT getting your desire, EVER. You should STILL FEEL the same way right now, AS IF you WOULD feel if you DID have your desire, while imagining you will NEVER get your desire. You are releasing the outcome to the Universe. You are Letting Go of the outcome.

“Run” this in your mind over and over, maybe a dozen or more times if needed until you become indifferent to the outcome. 

Get to the point where you are not attached to any particular outcome or result. 

Get to the point where if you think of attaining your desire and never attaining your desire, you feel the SAME WAY. 

Get to the point where you simply don’t give a hoot anymore if you get what you are wanting or not, because you feel so full of joy and happiness right now. 

Get to the point where you are totally at peace right now, NO MATTER IF YOU GET YOUR DESIRE OR NOT. 

Get to the point where you feel if you get what you want, great! But if you don’t get what you want, you really don’t care! You feel that SAME either way.

THAT is “Surrendering to the Universe”.

That is “Letting Go”.

That is being in a state of “Allowing”.

That is “NON Attachment”

That is “Casting all your cares (wishes, wants and desires) upon the Lord”.

(There are DOZENS of Biblical scriptures, both Old and New Testament, that I could quote here which NOW might actually make sense to you. There are also hundreds of other ancient scriptures from the Indian Veda’s, The Tao, Buddha etc. that also all say the same thing.)

Now, compare this to “Giving up”.

When you “give up” on your dream, you will know, because you feel bad.

You might feel some or all of these emotions: low, blue, melancholy, lethargic, resentful, bitter, upset, sad, depressed, apathetic, inactive, tired, moody, angry, jealous, envious, delusional, critical, judgmental, accusatory, mad, etc.

So the difference is easy to “feel”:

When you “let go” and “release” your want (you stop “wanting or needing”, you stop feeling “lack”), you feel GREAT right now, even though you DO NOT have what you desire!

There is not a feeling of wanting, yearning, striving, missing.

You don’t care if you actually do get what you want or not, anymore.

It is 100% OK to you either way.

You feel whole, complete, and a sense of oneness with the Universe right now.

You are calm and have deep inner peace.

You have an inner serenity, equanimity, and knowingness that everything is perfect just like it is right now, and is unfolding exactly HOW it should, WHEN it should.

You may also get “motivated and inspired” to take some actions, which, when you engage in those activities, bring you joy just by doing them, not in anticipation of any particular result.

When you “Give up” on your desire, you feel BAD. It is NOT ok that you will not get what you want. You REALLY DO want it, and if you don’t get it, you don’t like that idea at all, thus you feel “Bad” to some degree and express that with some negative emotion.

Surrendered to the Universe = feeling “good” and feeling very happy (even though you don’t have your desire).

Giving Up on your dreams and goals = feeling defeated and “bad” (and feeling terrible that you don’t have what you want NOW and think that ONLY WHEN I get what I want, ONLY THEN will I feel good).

“Surrendering your desire” means you are actually vibrating “I HAVE”, as in “I HAVE my desire now” (even when you don’t).

The Universe must, by the Law of Attraction, match your vibration. Since you are vibrating “I HAVE”, you MUST physically actually HAVE at some point what you put out as your “wish” or desire. 

You are not “resisting”, you are ALLOWING the Universe to deliver and manifest your desire.

“Giving up” means you are vibrating “I LACK” as in “I LACK my desire now, I do NOT have my desire now, thus I am WANTING”. You are in a state of “resistance”.

The Universe will also match this vibration and keep you in a state of NOT HAVING, of WANTING, of feeling LACK. Your goal can NOT physically manifest, due to the Law of Attraction.

It can be no other way.

Your desire CAN’T manifest physically, because if it did, you would no longer have the feeling of WANTING, and the Universe MUST deliver to you a matching frequency to what you are vibrating.

The Law of Attraction is LAW.

Remember, with “surrendering” or “letting go”, we are NOT talking about:

  • not facing reality
  • being irrational and stupid
  • being lazy
  • having no motivation or inspiration to take any action, lethargic
  • simply praying for, or hoping for a miracle
  • hoping to get lucky
  • waiting for your ship to come in
  • simply hoping for the best…whatever that is
  • leaving it to fate or destiny
  • having a “if it meant to be, it will happen, so I have to do nothing about it” attitude
  • wishful thinking
  • living in a dream or fantasy world (a very common mistake)
  • seeing everything with rose colored glasses
  • having your head buried in the sand
  • having your head in the clouds
  • being delusional

It IS however, having a complete inner KNOWINGNESS that everything is OK just as it is right now, and you see the perfection, in the always present imperfection!

You are joyous NOW.

The difference between having a desire and letting go of the outcome and when or if it will happen vs. having a desire and giving up on it, is always your INNER FEELING OF PEACE vs. your INNER FEELING OF UNEASE (worry, anxiety, stress, sadness, or any other negative emotion).

This is the “secret sauce” that if used, allows for:

  • the creation and manifestation of your desires quickly and effortlessly (certainly faster and easier than before)
  • you feel good right now and go through life being happy most of the time and filled with inner peace

Think about this.

Apply it.

Watch the miracles happen in your life.

May you never be the same.

Your friend,


March 27, 2019

Consider that the mind, and thus thoughts, are what are used to activate the law of attraction.

Thus it is your mind and your thoughts that you use to create and manifest your desires in this physical duality based reality we call “life”.

The “heart” however is what must be opened to experience true oneness, connectedness, wholeness, completeness, joy, bliss and inner ecstasy. 

When you are basing everything from thoughts and the mind you are “in your head”. You can become an amazing manifestor of “things” in your life using only the mind.

Yet, if you use only the mind, you will still have some kind of “emptiness” within and feel like “something is missing in life”. 

If your focus is mind and thought based, and manifesting what you do not have yet based, you are rooted in the sense of “duality, separateness and lack”.

If on the other hand, you base everything from the “heart”, you may experience more inner peace.

Yet, if everything is from the heart and you ignore that fact that you have mind with thoughts, that you have a physical body, and that you live in a physical world, you may be living in what others perceive as “lack of abundance” because you probably won’t be manifesting much. 

There is a balance point.

You can have it all if you choose.

You can have total inner peace, love, harmony, contentment, fulfillment, joy and satisfaction, while at the same time being able to use your mind and thoughts to manifest any and all material things in the physical world you desire.

Use your heart and your thoughts…

Much Love,


April 3, 2019

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm!

Think about this.

  • Elvis was told he had no talent and should go back to driving a truck.
  • Brittney Spears did not win Star Search.
  • In January 1962 the Beatles were auditioned and told “The Beatles have no future in show business”, by a large panel of talent experts.
  • Steven Jobs said the 3 greatest things to happen to him which were instrumental to his success were:
  • dropping out of University
  • being fired from Apple, the company he founded 
  • being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 

Rather than being defeated by them, he turned them all to creative use.

  • J.K Rowling’s initial Harry Potter novel was rejected by over 100 publishers.
  • Edison failed over 10,000 times when trying to find a filament that would create the incandescent light bulb.
  • Sly Stallone’s screenplay Rocky was rejected by every production company in Hollywood as “junk”, and he was told he would never succeed as an actor.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was told he would never appear in films other than as a muscle man and would never have a speaking role.
  • Donald Trump was laughed at by EVERY political expert, journalists, TV political commentator and political pundit as having a ZERO chance at winning the Republican nomination. And when he DID win the nomination, that same group of over 300 experts said he had a ZERO chance of being President. 

Successful people are not people without problems.

They are simply people who overcome their problems.

Successful people have MORE adversity and failures than you.

They simply go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. 

They keep going long after the excitement and emotion of the moment has passed.

Much love,


April 10, 2019

Back in the 70’s I was given a book to read: “Magnificent Obsession” by Lloyd C. Douglas.

The book was written in 1929 and for 18 months was one of the best-selling books in all of America.

It is a wonderful novel with great character and a terrific plot that makes it a real page turner. Once you start reading it, after about 30 pages, it is hard to put down. More than just an excellent well written story, the book shares the simple “secret” to success. It gives an actual “formula” for success.

I suggest you read this book. If you do, make sure you have a good dictionary with you! There are MANY words that you probably won’t know the meaning of.

Make sure you look them up when you come to them, before you continue reading. It will make the book MUCH better.

I gave the book to several friends here who love reading novels. Every one of them said they could not put it down and read it in record time. They also said they loved learning all the new words they never heard of before. One man said it was the best novel he had ever read and will read it many more times before he leaves here.

This book was one of the original “lessons” I was given early on in my life that taught me the method to achieving one’s dreams.

There is a recipe for success.

There is a step by step “pattern for success” that works and has passed the test of time. It is not “new”. The “law” of success has been written down for thousands of years and is available to you.

This book is just one of the thousands of pieces of literature that explain the “secret success formula” for manifesting one’s desires. Some of these literary works are religious or spiritual texts, some are works of fiction, others are books and manuals that explain the “secret” with the perspective of scientific advanced nuclear and quantum physics.

This book is simply a FUN way to learn this powerful secret and hopefully entice you to actually apply it in your life.

If you do, you WILL see the results.

Share with me your thoughts, if you choose to accept this invitation and engage in reading the book and putting into practice what it reveals.

Much love,

Your friend, 


April 17, 2019

This is from a friend of Kevin’s:


I cannot mention my name for obvious reasons.

I recently gave Kevin a thank you letter for all the time and effort he has given me, helping me in so many ways from “running processes”, to just allowing his amazing radiant “energy” raise my vibration just by being in his physical presence.

I asked Kevin if I could share this letter with his friends so that they can see what kind of person he is and what kind of impact he is having on others.

Kevin reluctantly agreed after much persuading! So this is being emailed to everyone on his email list.

I am not the only person Kevin has helped. Kevin has been getting hundreds of these types of letters since he has been in prison. He makes an impact in people’s lives wherever he goes.

Soon, Kevin will be back among you, his friend, and you will all be able to benefit from his presence.

Don’t take Kevin for granted. See him for what he really is.

I wrote this letter extemporaneously. As I read it again now, I think this letter is a powerful testament to Kevin, but also typical and proves that Kevin is a gift to all of us.

Here is my letter to Kevin:

Kevin, I would like to say thank you for everything!

Over the past year and a half, you’ve transformed my life in more ways than I can explain. Perhaps I could explain if I wrote an entire novel the length of War and Peace, but I wouldn’t want to bore you with my self-centered revelations that I ‘m sure you knew would happen. After all, changing people’s lives and making others better is who you are and what you have been destined to do.

Your unbelievable effect on my life solidifies my belief that you ARE a true GURU!

I know you don’t like that title, but it is what it is. The force and the duty has been thrust upon you. It’s your destiny, your dharma.

God willing this will be our last holiday season in the Feds, a place neither of us intended or predicted we’d be, in this moment in our life. As usual though, we are exactly where we’re destined to be, and supposed to be. I’m thankful that the Almighty puppet masters allowed our strings to cross. Your presence in my journey means the world to me.

Yet, I’m often moving so quickly that I forget to stop and give thanks to you for all the quality time you have expended with me. It’s people like you that have helped me accept and embrace the prison experience as an opportunity to introspect, to grow, and to manifest my dreams.

I want you to know how much the time, effort, and energy you have put into me means to me personally, as well as to my family. I truly believe that the work you’ve done with me has fueled my evolution from a lost boy into a maturing man. Your patience has taught me the secret to a meaningful life and your sensitivity has shown me what it means to be a compassionate being.

Your daily actions of unselfish kindness are an example of the self-less attitude that the world needs, your personal “energy” raises the bar for the global standard of consciousness. You have demonstrated, against all odds and circumstances, the power of a highly evolved being. Someone who has moved people up the consciousness scale, and uplifts the awareness of all the people you teach and the entire world.

I’m fortunate enough to have a front row seat to this magical revolution you are spearheading just by being you. Not to mention, I’m blessed enough to have spent so much time benefiting from your physical presence and personal tutelage. For this, I ‘ll be forever grateful.

In mind’s eye, your gifts that you’ve shared with me are a direct blessing for my daughter. I can’t imagine the father I would have been had I not met you. So this thanks is bigger than me.

I want to thank you for giving me the tools, perspective, and the confidence to be a present, engaged and approachable father. I’ll never forget the Band-Aid analogy and the effect it had on my daughter’s understanding when I shared your wisdom with her. It was your uncanny ability with words that allowed me to bridge this ocean’s gap in time and space. Again, thank you.

I am honored and grateful to call you a friend. No matter how far you are from me, or how long a time we are apart, know that I’ll always see you as one of my greatest mentors and friends.

Much love, and thank you with love and respect.

Your friend forever.

(In my last post a friend of mine here in prison mentioned how the Band Aid analogy I shared with him helped him when he was dealing with an issue with his daughter.

Many have asked me to describe the Band Aid analogy.

The context is this: My friend has a 8 year old daughter.

She got caught doing something wrong. Her mom called her out on it. Their daughter got scared about the consequences, and therefore lied about it to the mom and to her dad who is here in prison (when he was talking on the phone with her). Over several days, the mom would not let it go and kept asking their daughter about it.

Their daughter kept making up more lies to cover up the previous lies. Finally, after several days, the truth came out. Their daughter broke down and confessed. Mom scolded the child for doing the wrong deed AND for lying about it! Then said…”Ok, that’s over now, let’s go get some ice cream”.

My friend was struggling with how to handle addressing this with his daughter. I told my friend that the lesson his daughter should get from this is always be honest even when you make a mistake or do something wrong.

Always tell the truth, even if doing it will get you scolded.

Take responsibility, stand up tall and tell the truth, and face the consequences head on. The pain of the consequences will be over quickly instead of lingering on and on and on. You won’t be internally tortured for hours, days or weeks with stress, fear and anxiety.

I told him to use the band aid analogy: It is like taking a band aid off. The best way is just pull it off as fast as you can. You get LESS pain and it is over FAST. So when you make a mistake, confess FAST and take full responsibility, and don’t make excuses.

People will LOVE you for being so honest.

When my friend shared this with his daughter, she GOT IT! He told me that he was certain that going forward, she would always just “stand up”, be honest, and tell the truth and “get it over with”.

This is a life lesson. If more kids learned this, they would take more responsibility for their actions, and learn how to confront issues head on. When you do this, the issues usually “fade away” right before your eyes. Courage dissolves “issues” in life.

Fear, on the other hand, allows “issues” to grow.

With this mindset, your ethics go up.

You become MORE honest, act with more integrity and learn that lying is something that is something YOU just don’t do.

Much love,


April 25, 19

When you are deciding on what to do to make money, earn a living, or as your life’s work consider this.

Find the place where what you LOVE to do intersects with what you are currently really good at doing.

So the perfect combination of the activity that brings you joy and bliss when you actually do the work, and something that you do very well, are very competent in and do with ease and excellence.

That is the sweet spot.

Much love


May 4, 2019

Are you only a “body”?

When the body dies, is it all over?

Neuroscientists and Neurosurgeons say the brain is all there is.

“Consciousness” and all spirituality comes from the brain. When the brain dies there is no longer any “consciousness”, awareness or knowingness.

They claim that all the people who “die” and come back to talk about “the other side”, “life after life”, the spiritual dimension, or “heaven” are simply having experiences created by the brain and the chemical reactions that occur during these “near death experiences”. 

One such Harvard neurosurgeon was completely convinced of this line of thought.

That is until he went into a coma, and for 7 days his “brain” was “dead”, completely non-functioning.

Yet, he came out of his coma and said that “he” never died. “He”, as consciousness, simply transitioned to “other dimensions”.

Basically, he said, he went to “heaven”.

His story is unique and extraordinary. It gives empirical proof beyond any doubt that you are an extension of pure love and the One “Source” or consciousness that is all things.

His book, a #1 NY Times bestseller, “Proof of Heaven” is a must read.

I read it in a few hours.

Read this book and all fear of death will leave you.

The other book on this subject I have recommended is called “Dying to be Me”, also by an MD who “died” and came back to tell about the “other side”.

This is also an excellent book and very quick and easy read.

These books provide evidence from the “scientific mind”, that what has been written in spiritual texts for thousands of years about the true nature of reality is all true.

Having this knowledge will make your experience in this life richer, more fulfilling, and give you a sense of wholeness and completeness that you may not have felt before.

Much love as we are all completely “connected”. 


May 11, 2019

Written by a close friend of KT who wanted this shared with those who care about him…

I’ve known KT for over 20-years. I’m privileged to call him both a dear friend and mentor. I’m also privileged to be on his visitor list and email communications. We worked together very closely for almost 10-years, prior to the launch and release of his Natural cures series of books. Although I enjoyed watching those developments, and still recommend many of KT’s suggestions on alternative health today.

The time I did spend working with KT as a partner in a number of businesses in several countries was truly amazing. I learned an incredible amount during what I will proudly refer to as my “apprenticeship” (even as a partner/chairman/CEO) and all my businesses since have gone onwards to be very successful based on many principles, beliefs and attitudes taught by KT. I’m based in the UK, and took 3 planes over a 20-hour period to get to Montgomery!

I saw Kevin for the first time in 10-years in person, although we’ve kept in regular communication.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect!

As we all know, his state of mind and attitude is, literally, incredible – and more on that follows, but how would he even look?

Whilst KT teased me with “what to expect” he wasn’t massively overweight, bald and requiring the use of a walking aid! Unsurprisingly, he looked the BEST I think I’ve EVER seen him! He hasn’t aged one bit! He looks AMAZING! He’s in great shape, and the “Aura” he radiates (and always has) – which you can feel, is more in abundance than I’ve ever known it!

Most reading this will know exactly what I’m talking about!

We spent almost 6-hours chatting, which just flew by. There was so much to catch up on, and like all of us that keep in touch and follow his journey, It was great to hear from him, first-hand how he is doing, what he’s thinking and where he’s going! I had so many questions for him.

The positivity and attitude we “hear” from someone in his particular circumstances surely can’t completely be for real?

Can they?

Well, as certain as we know the sun will always shine again, I found Kevin to be in a truly incredible place – spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Truly remarkable, and of course, totally inspirational.

It’s all very much for real.

In fact, I would say he’s in the best place (spiritually, emotionally etc) I’ve ever known him to be, regardless of what’s happened, and the serious injustice.

His time in Montgomery is quickly coming to an end. It’s in sight, and we hope and pray that it comes even sooner.

Kevin’s best is yet to come, and I will be very excited to see what he does in the future, as indeed a great many others will, too.

In the meantime, he’s clearly accepting who he is, where he is, and more importantly where he’s going.

He’s doing that with an attitude and belief that will be unbelievable to most.

I will join many in awaiting his return, and all the good that will bring.

May 18, 2019

“Everything is energy. Energy is simply another word for vibration or frequency. That is all there is, there is nothing else.

If you match the vibration of what you want with how you feel right now, the Universe must deliver it to you. This is not philosophy; it is physics”.

Albert Einstein 

Think about this.

Much love,


May 25, 2019

The desire to be Victorious points out that most people feel like they are in a “struggle”, fight, or “battle” of some kind in their lives.

Most view life in this way.

Thus the desire to be a Victor over the “enemy”.

In truth, there are no enemies, there is no battle.

Life is a game, where YOU are playing ALL roles.

Your Friend.


June 1, 2019

Everyone wants to be happy.

Everyone wants to be loved, accepted and listened to and understood. 

We need to feel safe, and in control. 

We crave validation, acknowledgment, to be appreciated and wanted. 

We all want inner peace, serenity and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with our lives. 

We also want a feeling of connectedness with other people and the world we live in.

And we all want THINGS.

That could be money or the things only money can buy.

When a person seeks to attain something tangible and material in life (a new car; more money; a relationship; better health; etc), many apply the “techniques” and methods of how to use the Law of Attraction taught in books such as The Secret, The Magic, Think and Grow Rich, Ask and it is Given, The Magic of Believing, The Science of Getting Rich, The Master Key Method, It Works, or audio courses such as Your Wish is your Command or The Science of Personal Mastery Course.

For many, what they seek to attain does not come “fast enough” and thus comes frustration and doubt in the Law of Attraction itself.

The simple ERROR that everyone makes is this: no FAITH.

Faith is defined as “the substance of things NOT seen; the evidence of things HOPE for”.

If you have physical SUBSTANCE of something not “seen” (not yet manifested in the physical) and actual EVIDENCE of what you are HOPING for, then you have zero doubt about whether you will attain your desire.

That is faith.

Zero doubt.

Faith is UNQUESTIONING belief; complete knowingness and trust in something.

So, if you question the TIMING of WHEN you will attain your desire, you do not have faith.


If you have faith, you are happy RIGHT NOW, even though you do not have your desire. 

You do not care WHEN you will attain your desire. 

You are enjoying the process of attaining your desire.

You know you placed your order with the Universe, and that what you ordered is “in route”.

You understand that success is a journey, not a destination.

Success is doing the process of attaining your desire and enjoying the DOING. Success is NOT attaining your desire.

The JOURNEY itself is the reward.

Believe and you receive, doubt and go without.

Much love,


June 8, 2019

Over the last 100 years, researchers have examined hundreds of thousands of super successful people from all over the world

Here are the common denominators:

1.) They knew exactly what they wanted, with amazing clarity and specificity, and it was always a single goal

2.) They made the absolute 100% decision that they were going to get it and that nothing was going to stop them

3.) They were willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal, nothing was too hard and no sacrifice too big

4.) They were willing to work for however long it would take…no matter how long it would take…time was not an issue

5.) They had a total and complete obsession with attaining the ONE thing they were wanting, and nothing else, and were totally focused on attaining this ONE THING and one thing only

There you have the absolute success formula that never fails.

An interesting side note:

Most of these mega successful people were laughed at for trying to achieve their business dreams.

Their family, friends, business associates, and acquaintances did not have the same vision and did not believe that attaining this “crazy business idea” was possible (almost everyone was against them and most people thought their business idea was stupid).

These mega successful people saw what others could not see.

They had vision.

They saw the potential where others could not see it.

Mega successful people are always visionaries who SEE what others cannot see.

Because they had total faith in what THEIR minds conceive, they all DID achieve MEGA SUCCESS!

See you all at the top…that is where I am going…I would love you to come with me!

Much love,

your friend,


June 15, 2019


Over the years thousands of people have written to me or talked to me in person, telling me about “their situation”.

Keep in mind, these are people that have “read all the books”, know the Law of Attraction, and have gone to all the seminars.

In their mind they are doing all the right things, but they are NOT seeing the results.

They are delusional.

Here is the fact that they cannot see.

Even when “this” is pointed out to them, they do not accept it.

These people (and maybe YOU), almost always state that when conditions in their life improve, or change into the way they want it to be, THEN they will feel good and THEN everything will start to work out better for them.

They constantly say things like, “when I finish my move; when I get out of debt; when I get married; when I get into a relationship; when I get a better job; when my health improves; when my business is doing better; when things are more organized; when I get settled; when I finish school; when I get a new car; etc”.

It is always “WHEN such and such happens….THEN I will feel good and THEN I will start really making my dreams come true”.

This is delusion.

It is now a well-established fact that when you change your inner state, THEN everything on the outside improves. When you change your inner emotional and mental state (the way you FEEL), only THEN will the external conditions of your life get better.

Most people are waiting for everything to “get lined up”, or waiting for “all their ducks to be in a row”, or for something to happen FIRST in their life, BEFORE they will “feel good on the inside”.

It does not work this way.

Yes, for a brief moment, an external change of situation can and does change your internal state (the way you FEEL).

A person says “when I get my new car, THEN I will be settled and ready to really go after my dreams!” They get the car. They DO feel GREAT….for a few days.

Then they start making NEW excuses and rationalizations as to why they are NOT feeling good and doing what needs to be done to make their dreams a reality.

Next comes…”Oh…as soon as I get moved”….then when that happens…”OH…as soon as I get my cable TV set up”….then as soon as that happens….”Oh my boss just turned out to be a terrible person, so as soon as I get another job”…and on and on it goes.

Winners have a winning attitude no matter how “bad or unsettling or unstable” the conditions and circumstances of their life are.

This is a secret.

Stop commenting on your “circumstances”.

Stop allowing the conditions of your life to affect you like wind would affect a ship without a rudder.

Stop making excuses.

Stop rationalizing why you have to “wait” for conditions to be a certain way.

Stop being at “effect” of your environment.

Stop resisting what IS.

What you resist persists.

Winners are at “cause” over their environment. They do not resist what is. Think about that.

Remember the serenity prayer “God, grant me the understanding and peace to accept the things I cannot change; the courage and power to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Much love, 

Your Friend,


July 13, 2019

You can live your dreams.

You can have your wishes come true.

You can achieve your desires.

You can live the life you want.

Dream big dreams.

Believe in yourself.

Have supreme confidence.

Know that whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve.

If you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way you are right, as it is your thinking that makes it so.

You have what it takes to make it.

You are special.

You were born to win.

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Don’t let anyone steal your dreams, and I will see YOU at the TOP!

Your friend,


June 29, 2019

One of the most common questions I get from people all over the world goes something like this: “I have a business or want to start a business and want it to be very financially successful, how do I do it?” or “I work for a company and want to get promotions and make more money, how do I do it?”

My suggestion would be the following:

1.) Read Think and Grow Rich and DO EVERYTHING he says to do in the book

2.) read The Diamond Cutter; Karmic Management; and The Go Giver and DO WHAT THEY SAY TO DO

3.) Go through The Sedona Method audio’s, releasing and letting go everyday as instructed.

If you do THOSE THINGS, you WILL become successful AND much happier with less stress and anxiety in your life.

The “secrets” are right there in front of you. 

You CAN become rich.

You CAN have a hugely successful career or business.

DO the steps (they are simple to do), and I WILL see YOU on at the top!

Much love,

your friend,


August 25, 2019

This is Kevin’s friend, Shelly Miller, with I Ching Systems & Artworks.

I lived, worked and played with Mary Miller — who as you know was very close with Kevin — for over 40 years. And in Mary’s stead, I recently went to visit Kevin. 

Kevin is currently being unjustly held in a Federal Prison Camp for — wait for it — “Contempt of Court.”


I want to tell you a little about our visit. We spent much of our time getting to know each other better — something we had not previously had an opportunity to do.

And something I learned right away about Kevin is — he’s doing GREAT. Not just okay — GREAT.

He looks and feels like a man on a long-awaited vacation. He told me that from 5:30 am to 10 pm, his time is essentially his own, to do whatever he wants. Kevin has spent most of his time reading and writing — two things he is most passionate about. And because of the particular job he has in the kitchen, he is able to have fresh salads and vegetables every day.

So, Kevin is fantastic!

Kevin and I talked some about I Ching Systems and where we are today with the technology. Kevin and I talked about his vision for the future.

And as you would expect, it’s AMAZING. It’s perfect, it’s phenomenal, it’s gigantic. 

As Kevin was describing his vision to me, what I saw was a coming together of all the separate paths he has walked during his life up to this moment. All roads have led him to this exact point — to this exact vision.

I suspect that much of the last few years have been Kevin pulling together his vision and the personal resources he will need to accomplish his goal. And make no mistake — Kevin will most definitely accomplish his goal. He will bring his vision out into the world and make it happen. 

Kevin is one of only a handful of people who are truly able to change the world — and for the better — who can accomplish whatever they set out to do.

His next chapter will be his best yet — so standby!

September 28, 2019

Always remember that success is a decision away.

Once you make a decision that you will attain your desire no matter what it takes or how long it takes, and are willing to give up everything for its attainment, then success is assured.

See you at the top…

October 12, 2019

A miracle can happen in your life in 1 second.

There is in fact a “1 Second Miracle”.

I personally experienced this “1 Second Miracle” years ago.

I watched others experience it as well.

When this miracle happens to you, it will change everything in your life for the better.

Your outer world (what you experience) WILL become better.

More importantly your inner world (how you “feel”) will instantly become better.

That “something” that has been missing in your life will be awakened. You will “find” the missing piece of the puzzle of life.

When you experience this miracle, your vibration will rise to levels you have never experienced before.

When this miracle happens in your life, your awareness, your complete consciousness of your SELF and the entire Universe will radically change.

The veil that has been hiding the TRUTH will be lifted, at least to some degree.

You will “see” for the first time. You will “know” for the first time.

You will realize you have been “asleep” your whole life because this miracle will begin to bring you out of the trance you have been living in your entire existence.

You will begin to “awaken”.

PLUS all the conditions, situations, events, people and circumstances that you are experiencing will become better in every way.

Your “life” will become “magical” and wonderful. You will become more “successful”, more prosperous, and live in more abundance.

Everyday in everyway you and your life will become better, better and better.

The “1 Second Miracle” is simple, but not easy.

The Miracle occurs the moment you choose to take responsibility for everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen in your life.

No excuses, no pointing the finger, and no blaming others.

You choose that you have never been, never are and never will be a “victim”.

When you “realize” that you created EVERYTHING that is happening to you, everything will change for the better.

The awareness that YOU and only you are the “cause” for everything in your life will make everything in your inner and outer world magically better in every respect.

Perhaps today you cannot accept responsibility for everything in your life. Perhaps today you can accept responsibility for only a small percentage of things that happen in your life.

That is at least a step.

Total enlightenment, realization of the SELF, inner peace, perpetual bliss and joy, comes from the knowingness and the complete experience and awareness that you are totally responsible and the “cause” for everything in your life.

This realization brings you to knowingness that YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for how you think and how you feel at any moment in time.

YOU and ONLY YOU have complete control over your thoughts and feelings. Those thoughts and feelings are what, by their vibration and frequency, create everything you have and will ever experience.

No one can make you feel bad unless you let them.

No situation can make you upset unless you allow it.

Ponder this Truth and begin to experience a whole new world.

Much Love!


October 26, 2019

Everyone on earth from time to time feels sad. When you feel low, blue, or “depressed”, it sucks!


Or does it?

Consider this.

You go to a movie. It is an excellent movie about a man and his wife who die in a car crash and leave their 5 young children who get separated and sent to various foster homes. Horrible things happen to the kids.

The movie is “depressing” and makes you feel “sad”.

When you walk out of the theater, you are smiling and feeling good because the movie was so good it REALLY made you feel “terrible”!

Think about this.

In life, certain events, circumstances, situations and people can “make” you feel “terrible”.

And sometimes, it seems like everything is going very well in your life, but for no apparent reason at all you still feel “terrible” (low, depressed, sad).

This happens to everyone.

When it does, I encourage you to simply embrace those feelings fully. Accept them. Do not resist them. Let them flow through you and feel them totally. “Enjoy” the “terrible” feelings as you do when experiencing them while watching a movie.

They are just feelings.

Don’t hate them.

Don’t run away from them.

Simply know that YOU are NOT your feelings.

Come to that realization.

Then, simply breath very deeply in and out, smile, and let those feelings go.

Allow them to release.

Stop “holding on” to those feelings.

Stop resisting those feelings and emotions.

Don’t judge, criticize or condemn your emotions and feelings.

We are all “human”, so we all have feelings and emotions.

Do not resist what IS.

Acknowledge what IS.

Accept what IS.

Embrace what IS.

Then let it go and release it.

Surrender it all to the Universe (God).

When you do, as the holy saints and sages have said for thousands of years, and I can attest from personal experience, you will attain the inner peace that surpasses all human comprehension and understanding.

Much love!


November 23, 2019

Laughing is the best medicine for anything that ails you.

No matter if you are physically sick, or down in the dumps emotionally, or in financial ruin, nothing is better to “fix things up” than laughing.

Laughing has amazing benefits to both the body and the mind. This has been scientifically proven to be fact. Laughing releases tension and stress. It calms the central nervous system. It slows and calms the mind. It releases endorphins into your body, which both help heal the body, while at the same time make you feel great.

As the great Ed Foreman says “Life is for laughing, loving, and living”.

Live the good life.

It is your choice.

The secret to laughing that creates miracles in your life is to make it a habit of laughing even when there does not seem to be a reason to laugh.

THAT is the key.

Laugh EVERY day.

Be the kind of person who laughs easily and often, and watch the miracles start to manifest in your life.

December 11, 2020


Throughout history, many men and women who thought differently than others, who challenged the status quo, who dared to do great things, risking their own fortunes and reputations, were often called: Con men; Scammers; Frauds; Charlatans; Rip Off Artists; Liars; Narcissists and even worse names.

Today we call these same people Geniuses, Visionaries, and Dreamers.

Some who have been called these exact names by the media, government officials, business leaders and other influential and powerful people include:

-Andrew Carnegie (US Steel and the Richest man in American history)

-J.P. Morgan (multi billionaire financier)

-Nikola Tesla

-Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder)

-Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder)


-Michael Bloomberg (worth 55 Billion today)


-Margaret Thatcher (former Prime Minister of the UK)


-Thomas Edison

-L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Dianetics and Scientology)

-Napoleon Hill (author of Think and Grow Rich)

-Mother Theresa (Catholic nun and Saint)

-Tony Robbins (motivational speaker)

-Zig Ziglar (motivational speaker)

-Michael Beckwith (spiritual leader/motivational speaker)

-Deepak Chopra (he was called horrible things by his own son)

-Dr. Andrew Weil (alternative health care expert)

-Henry Ford (also called a racist; moron; idiot; stupid)

-Bill Gates

-Ted Turner (founder of CNN)

-Martin Luther King (civil rights icon)

-Benjamin Franklin (US Founding Father; Inventor of the printing press and discover of electricity)

-Alexander Graham Bell (invented the telephone)

-Andrew Lloyd Webber (Phantom of The Opera and other Broadways hits)


-The Beatles

-Joseph of the Bible

-US General George S. Patton

-US General Douglas MacArthur

-Dana White (founder of UFC)

-Don King (convicted murderer who later became a world famous boxing promoter)

-Moses of the Bible

-Mohammad Ali (heavyweight boxing champion)

-Elon Musk (Tesla Motors; SpaceX)

-The Wright Brothers (invented the airplane)

-Ray Kroc (Founder of McDonalds: called “The Greatest Con Man of all time”)

-Sir Richard Branson (The Virgin Group)

-President Donald Trump

-President Barack Obama

-Michael Milken (invented junk bonds allowing businesses to raise money)

-Gandhi (put in prison 3 times)

-Nelson Mandela (black South African terrorist, and convict who became president of South Africa)

-Yogananda (Yogi; Guru; spiritual leader)

-Sai Baba (Guru; spiritual leader

-Krishnamurti (spiritual leader)

-Rush Limbaugh (conservative radio host)

-Howard Stern (shock jock radio host)

-Rachel Maddow (liberal TV host)

-Michael Moore (liberal activist)

-Sean Hannity (conservative TV and radio host)

-Eli Whitney (invented the cotton gin)

-Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel (Amway founders)

-Mary Kay Ashe (Mary Kay Cosmetics founder)

-Mark Hughes (Herbalife founder)

-Vince McMann (World Wide Wrestling and XFL founder)

-Kevin Trudeau

And the list goes on and on and on and on…..

Most of these people were sued dozens of times throughout their lives, by individuals, companies and governments both with civil and criminal charges, all of which made the most outrageous claims of fraud and illegal behavior.

Many were put in prison.

Think about this.

Most of these people were called FRAUDS!

Some were called CON ARTISTS!

They were called LIARS and MANIPULATORS.


Because they dared to dream big.

They dared to TRY.

They took action.

Being human, in many cases they failed along the way.

They all made mistakes.

Sometimes they made bad decisions at times.

Many times things did not work out the way they hoped.

But they TRIED! 

I am glad I am on the list.

That puts me in very good company. 🙂

The wise man said, “The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on!”

In the words of President Roosevelt:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Much love, 

With deepest humility, 

Kevin Trudeau

~ The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club