How Contributions Are Used

How Contributions Are Used

The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club LLC was founded by a group of Kevin Trudeau’s loyal supporters.

The Fan Club owners are long time students and supporters of Kevin who have benefited greatly from Kevin’s teachings. We have gone through most of Kevin’s Courses, Books, Seminars, and Workshops.

We have seen firsthand how life changing Kevin’s training is, not only for ourselves, but for the thousands of people we have communicated with over the years whose lives are better because of their exposure to Kevin and his teachings.

It is a privilege to help Kevin serve and achieve his mission of “Positively Impacting Humanity”. 

In 2014, Kevin was sentenced to 10 years in a US Federal Prison for the “non crime” of Contempt of Court for “willfully” violating a court order relating to one of his #1 NY Times bestselling books. Contempt of Court is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor.

Kevin has always maintained that he never willfully violated any court order, but rather simply exercised his First Amendment Right to free speech when he expressed his personal opinions and read quotes from his book. 

We believe that this is one of the most egregious displays of government censorship and suppression of Free Speech rights in American history.

The one thing no one can take from Kevin is his ability to “create” as well as his perpetual inner peace.

Now that Kevin has been released from prison, he could easily start an international company again. Mega successful people from all around the world are making multi-million dollar offers to Kevin. They all want Kevin full time, and they want to be a business partner with Kevin.

Kevin, however, wants to focus on his mission to help people around the world achieve “Success”, make all their dreams come true, and improve the quality of their lives in every area: Financial; Spiritual; Emotional; Health; Relationships; Career/Business; and more.

Kevin is now dedicated to fulfilling his destiny and purpose by focusing 100% exclusively on helping people around the world achieve better lives, better health, as well as financial and spiritual Freedom. 

Kevin wants people to be “Enlightened” to “TRUTH”. 

OUR purpose at The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club is to help Kevin make this a reality. To do this, Kevin will need to be free and clear of all legal obstacles that may prevent him from carrying out his mission for humanity. And this is where supporters of Kevin and his mission will play a crucial role:

As of June, 2023 Kevin is still being held in “contempt of court” over non-payment of the $37 million consumer redress order imposed upon him (an amount that Kevin insists repeatedly that he does not have). Kevin has already reduced this amount to approximately $17 million.

Kevin has now been ordered by the federal court to pay 75% of his personal salary and 100% of Fan Club gifts and contributions he receives (after Fan Club operating expenses) to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the consumer redress fund. While Kevin stands firm in his opinion that the underlying reasons for the $37 million judgement are unjust, Kevin will fully cooperate with the FTC and the court to pay the approximately $17 million that he still owes to the FTC so that he can clear this matter up as quickly as possible.

Your recurring Partner contributions and one-time gifts are spent or may be spent as follows (partial list):

  • Maintenance of the KTFC website, email services, and all tech-related expenses to operate the Fan Club
  • Monthly costs to host the Partner Q&A Zoom calls
  • Staff salaries
  • Marketing and advertising to help grow the Fan Club
  • Office space for Kevin and KTFC staff to be able to work
  • Phone and internet plans for Kevin and the KTFC staff
  • Operating funds needed to host the annual Partner convention
  • Fan Club expenses

Lasty, and most importantly, all recurring Partner contributions and gift money that is not used for the Fan Club’s “reasonable operating expenses,” is paid directly to Kevin and then Kevin gives 100% of that money (after taxes) to the FTC in order to help pay down Kevin’s judgement.

Kevin’s FTC debt is not going away. He has exhausted all appeals and legal recourse to purge his judgement. Simply put, there is no way forward for Kevin without paying the fine, that the FTC says he owes, in full. Therefore, Kevin will be “all hands on deck” for as long as it takes to pay the debt and finally put this matter behind him.  

Kevin could very well pay his FTC debt in other ways, such as through lucrative business contracts, as discussed above, but he would be forced to be “owned” by wealthy businesspeople around the world, making “them” richer. Therefore, we would never see or hear from Kevin as he would need to make around $17 million that the FTC is saying he owes.

But Kevin’s supporters have spoken time and time again by helping him during his times of greatest need, and have therefore sent a message to Kevin that what he offers humanity is not only valuable, but needed and wanted! Therefore, Kevin has made a commitment to NOT accept the offers from those who want to “own” him and make him work for “them”. Kevin is instead making a commitment to each of us by working toward his Mission for Humanity!

Remember, Kevin could, if he chooses, take some of these offers and live the life of the “Rich and Famous.” 

But Kevin is giving that all up to “SERVE HUMANITY” and serve us. He is doing this FOR US, not for himself!

Remember, the FTC wants to put Kevin back in prison. They keep asking the Court to put Kevin in prison NOW if he does not pay the approximately $17 million IMMEDIATELY! YOU are keeping Kevin out of prison because of your generous gifts!

In order to help Kevin maintain his freedom, consider becoming a Partner with Kevin. CLICK HERE for more information.

Also, if you are Partner or just one of Kevin’s supporters, consider making a one-time gift contribution by CLICKING HERE.

Your contributions to the Fan Club are greatly appreciated, both by Kevin and all people around the world who give our time to help Kevin and “The Mission!”

Blessings to all!


When you contribute to the Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club by using this website, you understand that your contributions are not tax-deductible and NON-REFUNDABLE. The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club is not currently a tax-exempt organization under US law. Please see the full list of terms and conditions by CLICKING HERE:


  1. The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club LLC is a privately owned and operated business entity who provides services for Mr. Trudeau; we are NOT owned by Mr. Trudeau. Furthermore, we are NOT affiliated with the Global Information Network (GIN),, The Kevin Trudeau Legal Defense Fund, or any other entity in which Mr. Trudeau plays a prominent, visible role.
  2. Although our mission is in philanthropic in nature, we are NOT legally registered as a charity, therefore one-time gifts and recurring Partner contributions are NOT tax-deductible under US tax laws.
  3. The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club LLC is committed to protecting the confidentiality and anonymity of all contributors. Your name, email address, and other sensitive information will never be given or sold to a third party for any reason, with the possible exception of other entities in which Mr. Trudeau plays a prominent role (Ex: the Global Information Network).

If you have any questions please send your inquiry to: Click Here.