Messages From Kevin and Friends

Who Is Kevin Trudeau?

Who Is Kevin Trudeau? Kevin Trudeau, the NY Times #1 bestselling author, is one of the most unique, controversial, and impressive Success Stories in American history.   For the last 3 decades, Kevin Trudeau has been known as: His critics have called him everything from a snake oil salesman to a fraudster. The US Government has … Read more

Congressman Speaks Out

The Facts Ed Foreman – Former United States Congressman Summary of Court Proceedings: The Facts and Circumstances of Kevin Trudeau’s Case in Chronological Order What got this started Kevin Trudeau is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of six books, with over thirty million copies sold. He is also a former radio show host. … Read more

How Contributions Are Used

How Contributions Are Used How Contributions Are Used The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club LLC was founded by a group of Kevin Trudeau’s loyal supporters. The Fan Club owners are long time students and supporters of Kevin who have benefited greatly from Kevin’s teachings. We have gone through most of Kevin’s Courses, Books, Seminars, and … Read more

Kevin’s Mission & Purpose

Kevin’s Mission & Purpose To improve your quality of life and standard of living in all areas and aspects including: To help you become This MISSION is being achieved by providing information, knowledge, and training (much of which has never been revealed before) in the forms of: The underlying major purpose of this Mission is … Read more

Is Kevin A Fraudster?

A Letter From A Friend By Eugene Gourevitch Imagine, if you would, being sentenced to spend a decade in prison without being convicted of a “crime”. No fraud, no felony, and not even a misdemeanor (like your garden variety DUI rap). Picture this draconian sentence imposed on you, not by a “jury of your peers”, … Read more
the team

What Is It Like Working For Us?

What Is It Like Working For Us? Testimonials from some people who have worked with Kevin Trudeau. It’s wonderful, and priceless~ I am one of “Kevin’s Helpers”. My personal experience has been that working for him is truly a profound, life-enhancing, self-improving, fun and exciting experience that I am LOVING! I get so much JOY from … Read more
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Prison Diaries

Personal Prison Diary of Kevin Trudeau November 18, 2013 I sat down today to start writing all the things I am thankful and grateful for. Things like my health, my friends, my mind, my loving supportive parents etc. I wrote and wrote and wrote. Over 1 hour later I was still writing things I was … Read more

Recommended Materials

Recommended Materials The Following are the list of Recommended Books, Audios, Videos, Courses and Websites directly from Kevin Trudeau. BOOKS: AUDIOS: VIDEOS / MOVIES: COURSES: “The above books, videos, audios and courses are all you need. They are the “required reading and education list”. There is no need to read any other books, watch any other … Read more

The Club Vision

The “Club” Vision Imagine a private international Successful Life Club that could completely change your life. A Club where being a member almost magically transforms you into another world of possibility. You instantly have access to information and people that can potentially help you achieve all your dreams. You become part of a global “brotherhood/sisterhood” … Read more

The Ship Vision

The Ship Vision INTRODUCING . . .“FREEDOM” The Vision for a “PRIVATE CLUB CRUISE SHIP” The Global Information Network is currently completing a feasibility study on building a “residential” Members Only Cruise ship. This Ship will be a combination of: Imagine the most luxurious Cruise Ship ever built traveling around the world from one exotic … Read more

Spectacular weekend with Kevin Trudeau and David Krueger

Spectacular weekend with Kevin Trudeau and David Krueger By: Roman Mushyakov, Nathan Rafaelov, and Ruben Rafaelov From left to right: Roman Mushyakov, Joann Lysiak, Kevin Trudeau, David Krueger, Ruben Rafaelov, Nathan Rafaelov We are all high level members in The Global Information Network. On an ordinary evening in September I got a call from Ruben saying, … Read more

Fellow Inmates Speak

Fellow inmates talk about what it is like to be in prison with Kevin Trudeau “He talks very little…” I am with KT in prison. I have to tell everyone about him. He is very different from everyone else. He is simply amazing. Every day whenever you see him, he is relaxed, calm, and smiling. … Read more
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Success Steps To Get What You Want

Success Steps To Get What You Want How to make your Dreams come True As Taught by Kevin Trudeau at Montgomery Transcribed by Charles Wilson from his handout and notes 1. Embrace the “Success Principles” 1-22 (Listed below) Read, study, and live them daily. 2. Make a Decision. Success is only a Decision Away. I am going to … Read more

The State Of Consciousness

The State Of Consciousness When a being is fully “conscious” and aware, they transcend the illusion of the physical material world of duality (duality is seeing everything as independent such as a me and you; a this and that; a here and there; where everything and everyone is separate and not connected). When a being … Read more

Lost Prison Diary Messages

Lost Prison Diary Messages By Kevin Trudeau Lost Prison Diary Message #1 Thank you all for the hundreds of letters and cards I get every day. I read each one. I cannot reply as there is limited paper, envelopes, and stamps. Most are letters and notes of encouragement and support. Thank you so much from … Read more


Giving The question I get asked the most by people who don’t know me very well is:  “How did you get so successful so fast, without any education, starting with no money and having no connections?”  I am humbled to get this question. It is asked mostly because of the well-established fact of the billions of … Read more

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets People look at successful people and wonder “What do they have that I don’t have that created all their success? What are they doing that I am not doing that is causing them to be so successful?”  When you look at someone, you only see what is on the surface. You are not … Read more


Success At this point, you all know more about living a “successful” wonderful life than 99% of the people on the planet. You know that “success” is not defined as having lots of money or material things.  A “successful” person may be rich or poor when it comes to finances.  Success can be defined so … Read more

Magnificent Obsession Book

Magnificent Obsession Book Back in the 70’s I was given a book to read: Magnificent Obsession by Lloyd C. Douglas. The book was written in 1929 and for 18 months was one of the best-selling books in all of America. It is a wonderful novel with great character and a terrific plot that makes it … Read more

The Secret of Giving

The Secret of Giving How can you help yourself grow, increase your ability to manifest and be happier and more at peace than ever before? By giving. The secret of living is giving.  What do you give? Your essence, your energy. You can only give what you have and what you are.  How do you … Read more

Giving Secrets

Giving Secrets A secret to living is giving. When you do something for others or for a cause, without any thought of personal benefit or recognition, joy explodes from within.  Ancient texts say, “Do the work that comes to you-but don’t look for the results. Don’t be motivated by the fruits of your actions.” Doing … Read more

The Go Giver

The Go Giver My good friend Andrew Malcher (a “superstar” from the UK), sent me a spectacular book The Go-Giver. It was co-authored by a man I shared the speaker’s platform with years ago, Bob Burg.  It is a very short little story that explains brilliantly the core secrets to mega financial success as well as … Read more

Giving Creates Inner Joy

Giving Creates Inner Joy A secret to living is giving. When you do something for others or for a cause, without any thought of personal benefit or recognition, joy explodes from within.  Ancient texts say, “Do the work that comes to you-but don’t look for the results. Don’t be motivated by the fruits of your … Read more

A Powerful Element That Makes Giving Produce Miraculous Results

A Powerful Element That Makes Giving Produce Miraculous Results There is a “secret” that activates the Law of Attraction and makes what you want to happen in life, actually manifest.  The “secret” is “GIVING”.  “GIVING” is an extremely powerful concept that has been written about in every ancient spiritual text.  “Giving” is actually a spiritual … Read more

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule The Golden Rule says Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you. The word translated DO actually means more than DO…it also means think about, wish for, etc. So…THINK about OTHERS, WISH for OTHERS, and DO to and for others as you want them to THINK about, WISH for, … Read more

The Expanded Golden Rule

The Expanded Golden Rule You have heard of the “Golden Rule”, which is “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you”. This rule activated the Law of Attraction; the Law of Giving and Receiving; and the Law of Karma. Using this rule will help manifest in your life what you want. But … Read more
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Prison Life With Kevin

 Prison Life With Kevin  By Charles Wilson Part 1 – The Beginning Bad karma and circumstance from one position may be the total opposite from another. Shakespeare told us that “Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Kevin Trudeau would tell us to, “Take Life Lightly” and “Feel Good Now” regardless … Read more