The Ship Vision



The Global Information Network is currently completing a feasibility study on building a “residential” Members Only Cruise ship.

This Ship will be a combination of:

  • Floating Clubhouse traveling the world
  • Residence for GIN Members
  • A “retreat/vacation” Ship for GIN Members who can be a “Partial Owner”
  • A place for the highest most confidential and classified training for GIN’s highest level and ranking Members
kevin trudeau cruse ship

Imagine the most luxurious Cruise Ship ever built traveling around the world from one exotic location to the next at a leisurely unhurried pace. The Ship is designed exclusively for a “Private Club” and reserved for “Members ONLY”.

The CLUB is an “International Health, Wealth, and Happiness Society”.

Only Members of this International Exclusive and Private Organization “The Club”, will be allowed as passengers and crew.

The SHIP will be filled with positive, happy, successful, freedom oriented people from all over the world who enjoy “Clean, Healthy, Wholesome, Living” and who enjoy “Health, Wealth, and Happiness”.

Imagine being lucky enough to be a Member of this Club, having “exclusive” access to travel on this Ship and enjoy the opulence, luxury and majesty of this “One of a Kind” World-Class experience. Hold on a minute! You don’t have to imagine being lucky enough to be a Member, because if you’re reading this, you’re already a Member of this club. The Club is The Global Information Network, and as a Member, this is what could possibly await you…

The SHIP will be named “FREEDOM”.

The ship, “FREEDOM” and “The CLUB” will include Members who:

  • Want “A Better Life”
  • Are health, fitness, and spiritually conscious
  • Want to engage in personal development and wellness
  • Desire to learn about “Success Secrets” to attain their goals
  • Wish to learn how to use the Law of Attraction and other “secrets” to manifest their dreams
  • Aim to attain financial prosperity, create wealth, and live in abundance
  • Those who already are affluent and wealthy and who also understand what is really important in life is not material riches
  • Desire inner peace, fulfillment, and bliss
  • Intend to increase their own personal spirituality, consciousness and enlightenment
  • Focus on associating with like-minded people who are positive, motivated and inspired
  • Expect more out of life and want the best that life has to offer
  • Strive to live a life filled with “Passion”, Joy and Happiness
  • Plan to have “Fun” everyday
  • Wholeheartedly strongly desire to live a life that has “meaning” and “Purpose”. Does all that sound like someone you know?

Yes, because it’s you.

But some of you will not only be passengers, but will actually live on the ship “Freedom” as full time permanent residents and enjoy “A Better Life”.

Others will come for a week or more to enjoy a healthy fun filled vacation or to have a “Spa or Ashram like retreat, learning/educational resort” type experience.

Whether you come for a week or a lifetime The CLUB and the Ship Freedom will cater to your desire to be Healthy, Wealthy and Happy. As a Member of The Club we want you to enjoy this life of luxury and everything you could want to experience, all with the people you most want to enjoy it with!

Travel the World in your own Residence.

FREEDOM plans to be very unique in the way it travels the world. It will sail from one port to another as it circumnavigates the globe.

At some ports of call, the SHIP will arrive early in the morning, and depart in the late afternoon or evening the very same day, giving you an exciting day at that particular port of call. At other destinations, the SHIP will stay for several days allowing you the option of enjoying the destination for extended periods of time.

In some other locations the SHIP could remain for up to 4 full weeks or longer so that passengers might fully experience the city, country and culture of the SHIP’s destination. This is a totally “one of a kind” cruise experience. The SHIP could act as your personal “Hotel/Resort” at numerous destinations where the SHIP stays in port for extended periods of time.

This magnificent Ocean Liner Cruise Ship intends to be unlike any other ever built. And it will not be a tacky “booze cruise” party ship, filled with vacationers looking to drink too much, eat too much and do cookie cutter “Tourist” style activities.

“FREEDOM” will be a floating 5-Star, Ultra Luxury, “Better Life Resort/Retreat and Living Community”. Literally, it will be like a “Utopian Village” where you and your loved ones could live, vacation, and visit in your own residence.

The “flavor and atmosphere” of the SHIP might be unlike any other ever created. It will be a combination of an:

  • Ultra Luxury Vacation Resort
  • Ashram/Spiritual Center
  • Fitness and Health Retreat
  • Clubhouse
  • Learning and Educational
  • Academy
  • Wellness Community
  • Village” for “positive” people
  • Natural Cures Health Center
  • “Shangrila”
  • Mansion for the Rich and Famous
  • The SHIP could provide you with the ideal environment for personal, spiritual, and professional transformation and growth. An ideal place for you to learn “How to manifest your Dreams” and “How to Get in Life, Everything You Want”
  • The SHIP could be a place where you may meet famous people from all around the world, Celebrities, Dignitaries, Spiritual Gurus, Best Selling Authors, Billionaires, Entertainers, Movie Stars, Business Leaders, World Leaders, and possibly some of the most successful people in many fields of endeavor. Your fellow passengers on the SHIP may be a virtual “Who’s Who” of the world.
  • Everything on the SHIP is intended to be providing you, your loved ones and everyone onboard “A Better Life”. A life of Health, Wealth and Happiness.
  • FREEDOM won’t be generally open or available to the public. It’ll be reserved for “MEMBERS ONLY” and/or “RESIDENCES”

You as a Member may have the options of:

  • Buying a Residence/Stateroom on FREEDOM, and living on the ship full time (Full time Residents may have the option of working part time or full time on the ship as well)
  • Acquiring a “Fractional Ownership” in a  Residence/Stateroom. This means “owning” a Residence/Stateroom on the SHIP for 7 days a year for 50 years (you may be able to purchase as many 7 days “Fractions” as you desire). Owning a stateroom for one week on the SHIP each year for 50 years is called a “Block”. You may be able to purchase as many “Blocks” as you desire.
  • Going on the ship by booking a stateroom “Hotel Style” for 1 day or as many days you wish based on availability
  • Working full time of the SHIP as crew, thus living in “crew quarters”, and having “crew working hours”

There could be hundreds of passengers/families on the ship who own “Residences”. The SHIP could be their permanent home and they could live on the SHIP full time.

Many of these Full Time Permanent RESIDENTS may also choose to work on the ship, either part time or full time. Others may be retired and enjoy their Residence as their sole retirement home or one of their retirement homes.

Some might live on the ship as full-time residents while working a job remotely. In today’s world many jobs now don’t require a person to go to an office. “Working from home” is very common in today’s world. Having a residence on the ship then, is an ideal way to live the good life while still maintaining your full time job and income.

Others might own a Residence but use it only occasionally throughout the year, allowing family and friends (who are also CLUB Members) to use their Residence when they are not using it themselves.

A Valuable, Potentially Appreciating Asset?

No one knows, there are no guarantees. But units could be rented out to other Members and this may provide “owners” with potential rental income. They may still use the Residence themselves several weeks a year for vacations. Or they may also sell the unit at some point.

A Residence on the SHIP could be transferred, sold or given as a gift.

“Fractional Ownership Opportunities”

There could also be thousands of people who have “Fractional Ownership” in Residences. This means they could “own” a “Fraction” of a stateroom. These may be sold as a 1 week (7 days) “Fractions” or “Blocks”. You could buy as many “Fractions” or one week “Blocks” as you desire. Owning a “Fraction” or “Block” of a Residence/Stateroom means you and a guest could stay on the ship for 1 week every year for the life of the ship (50 years)!

A Fraction of a Residence (“Block”) could be transferred, sold or given as a gift.

“Members could enjoy “FREEDOM” as a “Hotel Room”.

Every week there could also be hundreds of Members who may book a stateroom, “Hotel Room” style. They could stay on the ship for 1 day or more based on their wishes and stateroom availability. They could come on the SHIP to vacation with other international CLUB Members, or to take specific “SHIP ONLY” training courses that the CLUB offers and may be delivered exclusively on the SHIP.


The ship will of course have full time crew Members who contract to work on the SHIP under industry standard “cruise ship work contracts” that last between 3 months to 1 year at a time.

These people could live and work full time on the ship as is the industry standard custom.

FREEDOM crew Members may have everything “Much Better” than they would have on any other cruise ship.

“FREEDOM” crew Members could also be treated as GUESTS onboard the SHIP when they are not working their shifts. This means crew Members could have access to the entire SHIP and all amenities, just as all other residents and passengers have access to.

This is a FIRST and ONLY in the cruise industry, guaranteeing the finest crew ever assembled on a single ship. The best of the best in the cruise industry will probably want to be working onboard this ship and all crew will have to be CLUB Members to qualify and be considered for crew positions.

Since we know that you and every person on FREEDOM will be a CLUB Member, the ship will be filled with like-minded, upbeat, happy, motivated, wellness oriented people who could be an absolute joy to spend time with.

CLUB Members, like you, are interested in personal growth, personal development, improving themselves, learning, wealth creation, increasing their ability to manifest their desires, being prosperous, being healthy, and most importantly being HAPPY and living a life that has “meaning” and “purpose.” CLUB Members desire “Health, Wealth and Happiness”.

Kevin’s New Residence

The Founder of the CLUB and Visionary of this idea of a ship named “FREEDOM” is Kevin.“Freedom” would be Kevin’s main residence and his “Home”.

“A Better Life” for everyone on board.

As a Member of The CLUB, you’ve earned the privilege to live the life you once dreamed you would. FREEDOM could be a multipurpose large ocean liner providing you the opportunity to live the life you deserve.

A “Floating Clubhouse” and World Headquarters for the CLUB.

When in port, FREEDOM could be open to all CLUB Members and their guests to come onboard and enjoy all the amenities on the SHIP including dining, entertainment, seminars, workshops, exclusive “SHIP ONLY TRAINING”, Upper Level CLUB training, meetings, and events.

The SHIP is the perfect “CLUBHOUSE” and a place for you and other Members to:

  • Entertain guests
  • Enjoy world class dining
  • Have meetings
  • Conduct personal business
  • Attend lectures
  • Participate in conferences, workshops 
  • “SHIP ONLY” Upper Level CLUB training
  • Courses
  • Enjoy spectacular free entertainment
  • Meet Celebrities, VIP’s and international dignitaries bathe in the special “energy” that has been designed into the SHIP that produces personal transformation and just relax in opulence while meeting and socializing with other CLUB Members from around the globe “The Ship”.

Here are the Numbers . . . No Promises. Simply our “Dream”. All of these numbers will go up or down, and the ratios in relation to each other will change based on sales and interest by CLUB Members. 

But our ideal scenario for the Ship would be this:

  • Passenger capacity: 4,000
  • Crew Capacity: 3,000
  • Residences: 200
  • Fractional Ownership Residences/Staterooms: 1,500 
  • Hotel Staterooms: 300
  • The number of residences could be more than 200 if there is strong interest, or be less than 200 if there are fewer people interested in buying full time Residences.
  • This applies to the Fractional Ownership Staterooms number of 1,500 as well. If there is strong interest, there could very well be more than 1500 staterooms in this category. 
  • If there is less interest, then the number of staterooms actually onboard FREEDOM when the ship is launched could be less than 1500 Residences/Staterooms.
  • The same holds true with the number of “Hotel Staterooms”.
  • FREEDOM could be an even larger vessel than stated if there is strong interest. 
  • The SHIP could have a maximum capacity of 6,000 passengers. The SHIP could also be smaller.
  • The “financial numbers” are “scalable” and still work for a ship with a passenger capacity level as low as 600. If there is less interest than that, the SHIP will not be built until interest from CLUB Members rises to the level that will produce a SHIP that can maintain financial solvency.

What all this really means is, it’s up to you, The Members. If you choose to live a life of luxury, amongst like minded people, where you can grow, learn and prosper, then together as “The Club” and it’s Members, we could possibly bring this dream to reality!

“THE SHIP” Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is living and working on FREEDOM “A Better Life”?

The SHIP could provide a living, working and vacationing environment that is “better” than anything you have ever dreamed of or imagined.

Everyone on the SHIP could work, live or vacation with Kevin, just like Kevin. Those who have seen first hand how Kevin has lived can imagine the lifestyle you would enjoy with him in the future.

 The “Kevin Factor” means everything in Kevin’s “world” is better than the best, and more glorious than one could ever imagine.

  • Everything is better than First Class.
  • Everything is grander than Grand Class.
  • Everything is finer and more opulent than World Class.
  • Everything is even beyond Royal Class.
  • FREEDOM could be the world where the “Kevin Factor” reigns supreme.

The “Kevin Factor” mostly means that everything is FUN and that life truly has meaning and purpose.

The “Kevin Factor” means that life is fulfilling and satisfying, and that one has inner peace, joy and bliss.

The “Kevin Factor” is living “A Better Life” than you have ever experienced or imagined. And it COULD be yours!

On the SHIP you might sleep on the finest mattress, on the most luxurious sheets, with the world’s greatest pillow, all that have been cleaned and pressed by your personal maid.

You might wake with the programmed sounds of chirping birds and a special full spectrum lighting system that slowly brings the room into full brightness, just like the rising sun. It is the perfect healthiest way to be awakened from the best sleep of your life.

Your personally selected affirmations play automatically as you are still in your Alpha brain wave state, “programming you for success, health, and happiness”.

You shower in the cleanest, purest filtered, energized water that can be produced.

All your personal care and hair care items are 100% organic and are all complementary. Your clothes have been cleaned, pressed and put away by your personal valet and butler.

When you leave your room, there is no traffic to deal with or bad weather. Everything in your life now is within walking distance. Everyone you meet throughout the day is a fellow CLUB Member. Everyone has a smile and greets each other with love and respect. Joy fills the SHIP. Everyone knows your name, and you know everyone by name as well. You are not just surrounded by staff and fellow passengers who are friends, but everyone feels like family.

The finest teas, coffee, fresh juices made right in front of you are always available, as is the purest water.

Positivity and the most amazing “energy” permeates the entire SHIP. You feel like you are bathing in pure love and light, the elixir of bliss.

There are dozens of exercise and yoga classes throughout the day, and all are free. Enjoy classes such as tai chi; chi gong; stretching; dancing; aerobics; strength training; High Intensity Workouts; Crossfit; many kinds of yoga; meditation; and much more.

Your work, if you are choosing to work onboard the ship, could be fulfilling and satisfying. You are doing what you love and love what you are doing. You love the people that you work with, and they love working with you.

You are living a life with “meaning” and purpose. You feel like you are fulfilling your “mission in life”. You are doing something that you are proud of and you are doing “something good” for others. You know you are contributing to something bigger than you. You are recognized for your contribution. You are appreciated, respected and loved.

Life truly does have “meaning”.

All your work clothes are provided free of charge and are cleaned and pressed complementary.

The food provided may be better than you have ever eaten in your life. We intend it to be fresh, pure, organic, delicious, and healthy.

There are no distractions or “negative” things to “tempt you”. You never feel bored or “tired”.

You are invigorated, motivated, and inspired. You socialize more than ever before with wonderful friends from all over the world. You love your life and love waking up in the morning.

You could actually be “living the life of your dreams” with the most amazing friends you have ever had. There might be so many options every day that might stimulate you such as:

Lectures, hobby craft, leather craft, music lessons, language lessons, singing lessons, spiritual practices, good clean fun and entertainment of all kinds, spectacular shows and theater productions, concerts, educational opportunities, CLUB Training, Bridge and other cards games, chess and other board games, Golf Simulators, Tennis, cooking classes, and so much more.

Everything is within a 5-20 minute walk. No traffic to deal with. No long commutes. You could walk more than you probably ever have and feel better physically than ever. Physically moving is great medicine for body, mind and spirit.

No “stinking thinkers” or “dream stealers” to deal with. You love the people you live and work with, and they love you.

Living onboard FREEDOM might be like living in a small utopian village where most everything is included and everything strives to be better than First Class.

There could be over 30 world class restaurants to choose from, from quick delicious healthy meals, homemade pizza cooked 100% in the Italian way with all the ingredients from Italy, vegetarian specialties that are divine to the taste, to 5 Star Restaurants. Any kind of food you might imagine could be available and all of it is of the absolute highest quality you have ever experienced.

You could live and work in a healthy, positive, upbeat, drug free, smoke free, (except of course in the air filtered “cigar lounge”), fast food free “village” where everyone is smiling, happy, and supportive. Nearly everyone will know your name.

You potentially could have nearly no bills, no stress, and no dramas to deal with.

Almost everything on the ship is included. That includes access to the finest medical and dental care in the world, including “Alternative and Natural” healing modalities.

And you get to travel the world and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous!

Those who are living on the SHIP no longer are in the “rat race” of normal life.

You could live like a Billionaire, but living on the SHIP could actually cost you less than living and owning a home ashore. Living and working on FREEDOM could be a dream come true. FREEDOM clearly might give you “A Better Life”.


Who could buy a Residence on the ship FREEDOM and why?

A Club Member, couple or family might buy a Residence on FREEDOM because they want “A Better Life” as described above.

Some people might want to reside full time onboard FREEDOM because they are tired of the “rat race” or tired of feeling like they always have to “keep up with the Joneses”.

Some people who choose to live onboard FREEDOM full time are those who realize that “something is missing” and their current life is no longer in alignment with who they are.

The SHIP may attract as permanent Residents, people who know “there is something more to life”, but don’t know exactly what it is, and thus feel FREEDOM might be a place to find what they are looking for.

The SHIP is for people who want more of what is “really important” in life, and who put health, and happiness above attaining material possessions.

The SHIP may appeal to people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready for a new “Better Life”.

The SHIP could also be for people who love everything in their life right now, but just want an exciting “lifestyle change” and feel “pulled” to live and work onboard FREEDOM.

The SHIP is for people who want to live a life of fulfillment and satisfaction surrounded by like-minded, positive, wellness oriented, supportive people who also want more out of life and people who want the absolute best life has to offer.

Many might reside onboard FREEDOM because they want to live the carefree lifestyle of the “Rich and Famous”, while at the same time be in a healthy wholesome environment that promotes “goodness and balance” in every area of life.

Many might want to live on board FREEDOM because they see the potential financial benefits of living and working on the ship. They see clearly that it could cost less to live onboard the ship than it does ashore since virtually everything is included for Residents. When you live on board, the only things you might have to pay for are your clothes, some restaurants / alcohol, and specialty spa treatments.

EVERYTHING else may be FREE. You might not have any bills or expenses when you are a resident on the ship.

Living on board FREEDOM could be totally stress free.

Some might choose a residence on the SHIP because they want it as a future retirement home.

There are many more reasons people might buy a Residence onboard FREEDOM and or choose to live and or work on FREEDOM.

Living full-time on FREEDOM is not for everyone. But it might be for you. If you feel it is, investigate and get more details.

Who should buy a 1 week a year “Fraction” of a Residence (a “Block”) on the SHIP and why?

A CLUB Member might buy a 1 week a year “Fraction” on the SHIP (or more weeks) every year for 50 years, because they do not want to live onboard the SHIP full time, but still want to “vacation” on the SHIP for 1 or more weeks a year, every year, and “lock in” the lowest cost possible, as well as gain all the other benefits of being a “Fractional Residential Owner”.

A buyer might view a “Fractional” purchase as the best “vacation” deal available anywhere with a per night rate “locked in” for 50 years. A price so low that it could be an “unheard of” low price for a 5 Star Luxury Cruise vacation.

As an example: Owning a block could mean that the approximate “$100 per night locked in price” is the total ALL INCLUSIVE price. You might pay absolutely nothing more for your Fraction of a Residence. Possibly no maintenance fees, no taxes, no port fees, no fees of any kind, ever!

Almost everything on the ship could be included!

A person would see owning a 1 week “Fraction” of a Residence as a great value, as the “Block” is transferable and sellable.

Owning a “Block” or Fraction of a Residence could be an extremely smart financial decision. It allows you to go on a First Class vacation, on a 5-Star Cruise Ship, in different exotic locations throughout the world every year for pennies on the dollar, compared to buying a vacation as you normally would every year.

Fractional Owners therefore could be getting international vacations for a fraction of what it normally costs.

Members may buy a Fractional Block mainly because it may be the vacation deal of a lifetime. It might be simply the best value for your money anywhere.

Consider it this way. Would you make a one-time payment of $500 to be able to drive a brand new Rolls Royce for one week every year for the next 10 years? Think about this. All you have to pay going forward is the gas. You get to drive a brand new $500,000 Rolls Royce for one full week, every year for the next 10 years, and it only costs you a one-time payment of $500. That comes out to effectively “renting the Rolls” for just $50 a week! That is a deal you cannot refuse.

Buying a one week “Fractional Block” on FREEDOM is the same idea.

It seems like the Residences might be small in size?

Living on the ship full time might be like you are “sharing with other Residents” potentially the potentially the most luxurious Private Mega Yacht in the World”.

Your residence is really just your bedroom in a MEGA MANSION at sea, and includes a bathroom, balcony and private sitting area. You will not “live” in your Residence. You will “live” on the entire SHIP. Your SHIP could be enormous. It is a floating village. It might be bigger than any Mansion you could be living in that you would probably be sharing with many other family Members.

Think about living in a large 30,000 sq. foot Mansion with many other family Members. Everyone living in the Mansion would have their own private bedroom and bathroom. Each bedroom would be relatively small, in comparison to the size of the Mansion. Each person living in the Mansion would simply have as “their own”, a private bedroom with private bathroom and small sitting area. Perhaps a desk.

But no one “lives” in their bedroom. They “live” in all the rooms that are in the Mansion and open to everyone else who lives in the Mansion. This is the same idea as living on the SHIP. For complete and total privacy, simply enjoy your “Residence”, your “Stateroom”, your private luxury “Suite”.

This is the same idea as when you go on a business trip or vacation and stay in a hotel. You really only sleep in your hotel room. You spend very little time in your hotel room, which is really just a bedroom. You spend most of your time at meetings, in restaurants, in entertainment venues, socializing with people, sightseeing, working at the office, shopping, visiting museums etc.

In the “Residence” section of the ship, there might be private “Resident ONLY” areas such as the “Living Room”, private dining room, “Reading Room”, private pool with Jacuzzis, sauna and steam rooms, private elevators, and much more. When the deck plans are released and 3D models made that you can see online, you will probably be blown away. Residents could be living like “Billionaires” or Royalty.

As a Full Time Permanent Resident, you might have VIP access everywhere on the SHIP, because YOU could be treated as one of the “Owners”. There could be plenty of places for personal privacy for those who like “time alone” or solitude.

Storerooms could be provided in the interior of the ship where full time residents might store items that they don’t use on a regular basis like sports equipment, golf clubs, clothes for different seasons, suitcases, etc. It could also be a space where residents might store their personal items while they rent out their staterooms/ suites to family/ friends/ or other Members.

 Why is a vacation on FREEDOM better than taking a vacation on another cruise ship?

A vacation onboard FREEDOM could be “different” than a vacation on any other cruise ship.

For many people, a vacation onboard FREEDOM might be the “best ever” as there is virtually nothing to compare it with.

FREEDOM might be:

  • The best SHIP ever built
  • By far the BEST FOOD on any cruise ship
  • The “best group of passengers” on any cruise ship
  • The most organized activities, beneficial classes, lectures, and fun “things to do”
  • The absolute best entertainment and the most options for fun and entertainment

FREEDOM could provide for you the best ever vacation cruise experience if you are looking for:

  • A world class opulent luxury ship
  • Associating with fellow CLUB Members from all around the world
  • Enjoying fitness and physical activity
  • Enjoying learning
  • Resonating with meditation, yoga, or mindfulness
  • Enjoying all the concepts in the Natural Cures book
  • Wanting to be in an extremely physically, mentally and emotionally healthy environment
  • Wanting to eat the most delicious food you have ever eaten, knowing that everything is organic and meets the Standards of the Natural Cures philosophy
  • Wanting “clean”, wholesome FUN and adventure
  • Wanting to laugh and have more fun than you have ever had in your life
  • Meeting new people that could become lifelong friends
  • Vacationing on FREEDOM could be a combination of: Associating and vacationing with with like-minded, positive people from all over the world. 

FREEDOM will Be a combination of:

  • A World Class Health and Fitness Spa such as Rancho La Puerta or Canyon Ranch 
  • The most exclusive luxurious Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton Holiday Resort
  • A private “Members Only” Country Club
  • A “By Invitation ONLY” Wealth Creation conference
  • A spiritual Ashram with an Enlightened “Guru”
  • A fun fitness adventure
  • A cultural and learning vacation

FREEDOM could provide the vacation of a lifetime. You will leave your FREEDOM vacation feeling recharged, rejuvenated, refreshed and awakened. You will feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually than you could ever imagine.

Can I really afford to live onboard the SHIP full time? How is it possible to suggest that it is less expensive to live on the SHIP full time as compared to renting an apartment or owning a home on land?

Consider all the costs and expenses that you incur each year living ashore in a traditional sense:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Rental or homeowner’s insurance
  • Condo or homeowner’s association fees
  • Utilities, gas, electric, water, heat
  • Property taxes and assessments
  • Property maintenance and repairs
  • Paint and wallpaper, renovations and upgrades to the inside and outside of the property
  • Lawn care and landscaping
  • Pool and hot tub care and maintenance
  • Newspaper delivery service
  • Tips and holiday gifts to service people
  • Cleaning products for the home
  • Hair care products, personal care products
  • General items for the household such as toilet tissues and paper towels
  • Vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets, hoses etc.
  • Laundry soap and supplies
  • Dry cleaning and pressing
  • All the appliances you buy for your home, and all home furnishings such as pots and pans, eating and cooking utensils, mattress, bed, sheets, pillows, furniture, bedding, etc.
  • Bottled water, shower filters, water filters
  • Internet service, phone service, streaming services, cable or satellite TV
  • Entertainment, movie ticket, movie streaming services, concert tickets, theater tickets, pay per view TV events
  • Books, magazines subscriptions, DVD’s and videos, CD’s or music streaming services
  • Education, seminars, workshops, lectures, classes
  • Lessons for various things such as language, music, or learning a new skill
  • Musical instruments
  • Gym Memberships, personal trainers, health club Memberships, spa Memberships for sauna and steam
  • Country club Membership
  • Various fitness class fees such as: exercise, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, cross fit, strength training, stretching, dance, etc
  • Card club (Bridge) Membership
  • Car payments, car insurance, parking, gas, maintenance, tolls, repairs, tires, oil and filter changes
  • Health insurance, dental insurance, medical visits not covered by insurance, alternative health care not covered by insurance such as chiropractic, alphabiotics, acupuncture, homeopathy, B.E.S.T. treatments, personalized nutritional assessments, etc
  • Vacations, travel expenses to vacation destination, hotel rooms
  • School for children, tutors, all the lessons and classes that children take such as music, dance, martial arts, language etc.
  • Uniforms or school clothes; school supplies
  • Children’s toys
  • Medical and dental care for children (braces etc.)
  • Nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, and other natural health products
  • Prescription and over the counter medications

Think about this. ALL of the above are FREE when you live on board FREEDOM. You could be truly FREE when you live on FREEDOM.

Free from bills, free from worry, free from stress.

The only things that you need, that you have to pay for are your clothes and some restaurants. NEARLY EVERYTHING onboard the ship that you need is FREE.

As you can see, it actually might be less expensive to live and work onboard FREEDOM. Almost everyone can “afford” to live and work onboard FREEDOM.

A person could sell “all their possessions” and easily be able to afford to buy a Residence on Freedom and live on FREEDOM full time. If you need an income, you simply work on the SHIP and you then may enjoy a lifestyle that you only dreamed about, and that could be beyond your wildest imaginations or expectations.

As a full-time, permanent SHIP Resident, can I get a job and work onboard the SHIP?


Jobs may be available full time (normal 8-hour shifts, 5 days a week), part time (varies in number of hours), and crew hours (10 or more hours a day).

There could be lots of flexibility when it comes to work hours. Pay will be determined by the nature of the position.

What are some of the unique one of a kind amenities or features onboard FREEDOM that make the SHIP so special and spectacular?

FREEDOM could be built with features and amenities to provide a complete “village” for full time residents where “nothing is needed” because residents may “have everything they could ever want or need”. The “Resident ONLY” section will be designed to have the feel of a Mega Mansion and be extremely “comfortable”.

The SHIP could also be specifically designed to handle seminars, conferences, workshops, and educational needs unlike any other cruise ship ever built. This is so people who come onboard the ship to take classes, study, and learn “Success Secrets” or “The Secrets of Enlightenment and Happiness” are in the ideal environment without distraction.

The SHIP might be the most “stable” ever built, meaning that when moving, you don’t feel the ship is moving. There could be far less “sway” than on any other cruise ship.

The SHIP may also be built to be the quietest. The sounds of the engine, generators, fans etc, may be minimal and in most places onboard the SHIP, may not be noticeable at all. This is a very unique feature. Your stateroom may also be quieter than any stateroom on any other cruise ship.

For vacationers, the SHIP could provide the ultimate in good clean healthy wholesome fun! The “flow” of the SHIP could be designed for the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and luxury.

One major difference of FREEDOM is that it could be as 100% “Organic” as possible in every aspect. It may be a “healthy” environment in ways that not a single cruise ship could even come close to.

FREEDOM’s main purpose is to provide THE BEST LIFE for those on board.

This means everything could be “the best of the best” and designed to provide the ultimate living, working and vacation experience for passengers and crew.

Basic amenities might include:

  • Recreational areas around the ship that include a World Class Gym with every kind of state of the art exercise equipment you could imagine, fitness class rooms, yoga areas, running track, lap pools and more
  • A World Class Spa
  • Hair/Beauty Salon
  • Library (with both physical books and hundreds of thousands of electronic books and videos)
  • Card Room
  • Sports Bar with an array of entertainment options including the most advanced GOLF simulators, darts, pool tables, air hockey and much more
  • The Game Room (board games, chess, and fun “games” to play with others)
  • Business Center/computer centre
  • Computer/Mobile Devices
  • Learning Center (to get up to date on the newest technological technologies)
  • The most advanced internet service with the world’s fastest speeds on the high seas!
  • Theater/ Showroom (the largest Showroom ever built, will hold approximately 7,000 people.
  • IMAX Theater
  • Lecture rooms, course rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms
  • Movie Theater
  • CLUB Academy and Learning Center
  • Children learning and play center and School (for the children of Full Time Residents)
  • Numerous restaurants with hundreds of food choices each day
  • A Natural Cures Health and Wellness Center including full
  • Anti-Aging treatments, A full Medical Center, “Emergency Room” and full dental care center
  • Health Food store and Nutritional Supplement Center (with products not available in the USA)
  • Lots of quiet peaceful places to sit and socialize with friends such as “living room” style lounges
  • Swimming pools, and hot tubs (no chlorine; ozone, oxygen), ultraviolet light and other natural methods used for sanitation
  • Saunas and steam rooms (the water could be filtered and purified as in the swimming pools, so no chlorine)
  • Meditation Room (soundproof)
  • Spiritual Center/Chapel
  • Cigar lounge
  • Dance Club (dance lessons during the day, and dancing with a variety show by night such as Ballroom dance night, etc.)
  • Piano Bar
  • Floating live entertainment (violins, harps, and other types of “troubadours”)
  • Karaoke Bar
  • Wine and Cheese bar
  • Hobby craft/ Art rooms with needlepoint, crocheting, and knitting; leather craft; art room; ceramics; sculpting; model making; wood craft and more
  • Music Rooms with dozens of instruments to use and enjoy: lessons available, and “make your own Audio / CD” technology
  • Singing studios with lessons and “make your own Audio / CD” technology
  • Astronomical observatory with lectures on astrology and updates on the actual cosmic constellations and influences
  • Tartan track around the ship for walkers and joggers

Unique features onboard FREEDOM could also include:

  • No toxic chemicals or cleaners used anywhere on the SHIP
  • Full spectrum lighting, no fluorescent lights
  • State of the art air filtration systems in all rooms throughout the ship providing the cleanest air possible
  • Ozone generators used to disinfect and deodorize, no harmful or toxic chemicals used
  • The mattresses might be the finest and most comfortable in the world, with possibly the world’s most luxurious sheets and pillows (there might be many pillow options, so all passengers can find the perfect pillow for them!)
  • All water (including pools and showers) chlorine free; purified with oxygen, ozone, reverse osmosis, activated charcoal filters, ultraviolet light and other natural methods, reenergized with magnets, vortex generators and more
  • There could be “water stations” all over the ship dispensing the finest, cleanest, purest water imaginable
  • The ship could be environmentally friendly: for example, no single use plastic
  • Crystals and many other natural “energy” systems may be used onboard the ship to neutralize electronic chaos and “wifi” fields and to create a “Healing Field” and powerful “Positive Energy Attractor Field”
  • Several full time “social directors”; “FUN activities coordinators”; and “passenger FUN organizers”. These “Cruise Directors” will put together and promote fun activities for passengers. They will be designed so that all passengers on board (even the most shy), are meeting new friends, having the time of their lives, and are enjoying themselves to the absolute fullest
  • Spending time onboard FREEDOM might be the most refreshing and rejuvenating cruise ever. Being onboard FREEDOM for any length of time might be the most life transforming “event” in your life. It will be the most relaxing, pleasant and enjoyable experience. It will be a “reset” for your entire “system” and allow you to fully “recharge”, reenergize and refocus
  • FREEDOM might also be the most FUN vacation you have ever experienced, where you could be treated like a VIP and Royalty

FREEDOM might have more real living plants and “alive” flowers on board than any other ship ever. This helps creates a magical “healing” energy on the ship.

What is the FOOD quality going to be like and what kind of dining options will be offered?

We cannot emphasize enough about the magnificence of the FOOD onboard FREEDOM. Simply put, FREEDOM could have the best quality, the most options, and the best tasting food ANYWHERE on planet earth. There probably isn’t any cruise ship, resort, hotel, spa, retreat, or even restaurant anywhere on the planet that could possibly compare to the FOOD on board FREEDOM.

All the food onboard FREEDOM could be as fresh as possible (almost zero canned, frozen food, freeze dried or processed food).

Almost everything on board FREEDOM could be made from scratch using the absolute finest ingredients money can buy from all over the world with a focus on locally portside produce. This is totally unheard of in the Cruise industry. Most pasta for example could be homemade onboard from scratch with all ingredients from Italy. If the pasta is not made fresh, it could be the absolute finest money can buy, imported directly from Italy.

We may have an herb garden onboard the ship and we are looking at other things we might do onboard to produce the finest, best tasting, freshest food available anywhere. Possibly even onboard green houses for tomatoes, squash, green leafy vegetables, edible flowers like nasturtium or tropical edible flowers.

All the food onboard FREEDOM might be 100% “organic” or as best as possible (in some places organic food is called “bio” and in many countries there is no certification for “organic” as there is in the USA, but the food “is” organic).

We mean here that the food used on FREEDOM intends to have:

  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers
  • No growth hormones, hormones of any kind, or antibiotics in any of the meat
  • No soy
  • No food dyes or artificial colorings
  • No chemical artificial flavorings, preservatives
  • No nitrates or nitrites
  • No thing will be “irradiated”
  • No microwave ovens used anywhere on the SHIP
  • All beef and dairy will come from organic grass fed cows and be “raw” and not homogenized where possible
  • No farm raised fish, only wild fish caught using sustainable methods or even fish or seafood that has been caught the same day during a fishing trip of crew Members or residents.
  • No processed cheese, only real cheese made with organic raw milk from grass fed cows, sheep and goats.
  • Organic fresh “fertile” eggs

And there may be:

  • plenty of gluten free, and lactose free options
  • a huge amount of world class delicious vegetarian, vegan and raw food options
  • meals designed to meet various dietary needs such as the “paleo diet”, Atkins, Weight Watchers, sugar busters,
  • the “no grain” diet, low glycemic index diet, macrobiotic diet, high fiber diet, South Beach diet, and many more (whereby nutritionists are available to assist in order to make the right daily choices)
  • and so much more…

Remember, everything could be made FROM SCRATCH, just like your great grandmother did on the farm.

For example: Pizza might be made from the world’s finest ingredients money can buy, all possibly imported directly from Italy including “00” flour, Organic extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, oregano, basil, sea salt, real “Buffalo Mozzarella” and cooked in the finest coal and wood burning pizza ovens made in Italy. The pizza could be the healthiest, authentic and best tasting pizza you have ever had in your life.

Almost nothing may come out of a can or jar or be pre-made. Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, breads, buns, yogurt, kefir, ice cream, gelato, chocolate, deserts, pies, sauces, and much more, could all be made from scratch on board by world class chefs of the absolute highest caliber.

The food on FREEDOM could be “farm to table” as much as possible. The variety and number of choices could be mind blowing.

There might be over 30 specialty restaurants, each led by a world class chef, specializing in a specific ethnic cuisine.

By use of onboard “smart tablets”, kiosks, your smart phone, or in your room “smart TV”, you could be able see all the menus, make reservations or see the wait times at all restaurants in real time. All restaurants might be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To make life easier residents might be able to book their preferred table at a preferred time at a preferred restaurant with their preferred dish and their preferred server (auto-ship style)

Some restaurants might be “casual” such as the “American Comfort Food Diner” serving such things as the world’s best fried chicken, mac and cheese, pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, French fries, burgers etc.

Mostly, food could be 100% organic, all made from scratch (including the bread, hot dog and hamburger buns).

A unique feature might be an “Eat Anything Anywhere Anytime” option. No matter where you are on the ship, simply use your smartphone and place an “order”. It could be delivered to you using the on board “GPS” system that brings it to wherever you choose onboard.

24 hour Room Service might be offered with a FULL menu, compared to the extremely small menu on other cruise ships.

Throughout the ship there could be coffee and tea stations with a “barista” making the absolute best world class coffee and offering the finest highest quality full leaf teas from around the world. Enjoy “Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona” coffee as well as other spectacular coffees instead of the standard cheap “commercial stuff” served on most cruise ships.

Throughout the ship there could be “Health and Juice Bars” where you will be able to get a freshly made customized juice, or protein shake. A large array of “Super Foods”, and delicious nutritious “healthy snacks” might be offered as well, including nuts and seeds, fresh veggies and fruit of all kinds.

Onboard could also be:

  • A Gelato and Ice Cream parlor (made from scratch)
  • A homemade Chocolate shop with the best ever freshly made chocolates, including “raw chocolate” options
  • A bakery with freshly baked pastries, breads, cookies and cakes of all kinds made fresh from scratch all day wine and cheese bar
  • A Fresh Salad and “raw food” Bar to get super delicious and nutritious salads, fresh fruit, raw organic nuts and seeds and other “super healthy foods” anytime you want
  • A “Food Court” with all “made to order” and “made from scratch” world class quality food made fast
  • Picnic baskets or “food to go” bags and boxes made so you can leave the ship and have excellent food with you in easy to carry and easy to eat packaging, made from renewable resources whenever possible
  • Sit down “coffee shops”
  • The Dessert Shop, with the best tasting desserts all made with the freshest, best ingredients in the world (example: whipped cream is made with real organic non homogenized cream, that came from grass fed cows, organic raw sugar cane, and “whipped” by the chef right before serving…SO DELICIOUS!)

There might not be a “main dining” room with 2 seating’s per night that serves banquet quality food, as is the case on most other cruise ships.

Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner might be open seating at all the various restaurants. Eat what you want, when you want. All the menus at all the restaurants could be available for preview on your smartphone, on the smart TV in your room or on the video tablets at kiosks around the ship to make it easy to choose where you want to eat.

For those travelling who would like to meet others, sign up for the possible “Shared Dining Experiences”. We could set you up with other people who are also looking to dine and meet new friends. You may want to meet people your own age, or from certain countries, or other various criteria. We could match you up with the “best fit”. A great way to meet new people.

You may also be interested in dining with a “group “instead of just another person or couple.

Tables could be set with up to 8 people making it fun to make new friends.

One unique feature in the restaurants will be how wine is sold and served. Most people cannot afford a very expensive bottle of wine. There is new technology that allows a bottle of wine to be “opened” with a thin needle through the cork, keeping the bottle “corked” and thus not exposed to air. This system allows a person to have a glass or half glass of the most expensive wines without having to buy a whole bottle. This way people can “taste” wines they would never have the opportunity to try.

Some restaurants will be “formal dress” and be Michelin Star Quality, while others will be very casual.

No “fast food chain” restaurants of any kind, and no “buffet” with luke warm, barely edible food as is the case on most cruise ships.

When will the SHIP be built and when will it be launched?

We cannot say when or even IF the SHIP will be built.

Other ships have “spas”, how is the “SPA” onboard FREEDOM going to be different or better?

Our spa could be much bigger and offer many more services and treatments.

There might not be a spa on any ship that would be able to compare with the spa onboard FREEDOM.

Other ships have recreational areas and gyms, how are those areas going to be different and better onboard FREEDOM?

The GYM onboard FREEDOM might be MUCH bigger than on any other ship, and offer much more state of the art equipment. There probably will be no comparison between our GYM and gyms on other ships.

In fact, our GYM might be better than almost any GYM on land, not just on ships. Our recreation areas could be much larger, there may be many more of them with more options and offer much more recreational activities than on any other ship.

We could have MANY more exercise classes for people of all fitness levels. Classes might include aerobics, yoga, stretching, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, CrossFit, boxing, high intensity training, state of the art vibration plates, rebounders and much much more. All taught by world class instructors and personal trainers. Getting in shape and keeping fit will be a major focus onboard FREEDOM for those who are interested.

What kind of “Meditation”, Spiritual Center and Chapel will there be on FREEDOM?

There may be a soundproof meditation room, open 24/7 with beautiful silence and no talking.There could also be a “Spiritual Center/Chapel” that will cater to all faiths, and all religions. These areas will be sanctuaries for contemplation, reflection, prayer and meditation.

What kind of library will there be onboard?

The library will be extremely comfortable and quiet. You can sit and read in amazingly comfortable chairs. No talking allowed.

There may be thousands of real physical books available. Physical books must be kept in the library because some of them could be “one of a kind” books that have Kevin’s notes in them.

There might also be hundreds of thousands of electronic books available as well that you can “check out” and read on your electronic reading device anywhere onboard the ship.


Explain more about the “Natural Cures Health and Wellness Center”, Anti-Aging therapies offered on board, and Medical and Dental Services.

The Ship’s Natural Cures Health and Wellness Center might be absolutely state of the art. It could offer the latest, most advanced treatments from around the world for health, Anti-Aging, and the “curing” of illness and disease. Many of these treatments are not available in the USA.

All kinds of preventive care could be offered such as B.E.S.T treatments; chelation; homeopathy; sound and light therapy; chiropractic; alphabiotics; I Ching instruments; energy healing; ayurvedic; nutritional and herbal treatments; traditional Chinese Medicine; live cell therapy; oxygen and ozone therapy; vitamin and mineral treatments; bioidentical hormone therapy; and much more.

All the cleanses mentioned in the book “Natural Cures” might also be offered including: colon; liver; gallbladder; spleen; heavy metal; parasite; Candida; full body fat cell; lymphatic system; deep tissue; fascia (Rolfing), virus and bacteria flushes; and much more, supported by relating menus in assigned restaurants on board.

The SHIP could also offer the world’s best and most advanced whole food nutritional supplements, many of which are not available in the USA.

The Ship might have a full “Emergency Room” staffed with Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses and all required staff in case of medical emergencies. This could also be a full “sick call” center to handle any and all normal and routine health issues that may come up. All therapies including Alternative/Natural remedies as well as standard drugs and surgery may be offered and used as appropriate.

The SHIP could also have full dental emergency services and do “cleanings”.

Everything a person needs medically might be offered onboard the SHIP. If the SHIP medical staff and facilities cannot handle a particular medical issue, passengers or crew who need further or more specific care will be taken to world class medical care centers when the SHIP is in a port of call. If there is a severe emergency, then helicopter service could, if in range, be used and the patient airlifted to where they could get the best medical care.


Why does the CLUB need to have a ship like this?

The SHIP could be a floating “Clubhouse” that travels around the world. In this way, Members from around the world get to experience, as a free benefit of CLUB Membership, the magnificence of FREEDOM. When FREEDOM comes into port, Members from the area could come onboard and attend meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops. Members could then meet other Members from around the world and develop lifelong friendships.

This may encourage hundreds of thousands of people around the world to want to be a Member in The CLUB. The SHIP in this way provides an invaluable experience for Members. Being onboard FREEDOM even for just a few hours, can raise a person’s vibration and be a life changing event. FREEDOM could be a place for Members to recharge, learn, grow, and awaken their inner motivation and drive. It could be a place where Members could get inspired. It could be a Member “sanctuary” of safety, peace and comfort.

The SHIP might provide “Welcome New Member Cruises” for new CLUB members.

Several times a year, the ship might have cruises for new Members ONLY (with a percentage of current Members to act as hosts and welcome the new Members into the club).

The SHIP may also provide “SHIP ONLY Training” and all the “UPPER-Level CLUB Training” could be delivered on the SHIP. The reason for this is 2 fold.

1.) Being onboard the SHIP allows a distraction free environment for Members who are doing SHIP ONLY training. It could be the perfect and ideal place to “learn”, grow, and transform. There is a feeling of ultimate safety, security, peace and comfort. The SHIP might be a totally stress free, drama free environment.

2.) There could be an energy on the SHIP that may be unlike anything that might be duplicated on land. The energy is generated from 5 areas:

  • A. Everyone on the SHIP is a CLUB Member, thus already vibrating at a higher frequency than the general population. When many “high Vibration people” are in the same space, there is not only a cumulative effect of that energy, there is an exponential increase in the “power”, strength and intensity of the “energy or frequency or vibration”. Thus the entire ship is at a highly magnified and intense frequency that is stronger than has ever been produced before in a single “place”.
  • B. The SHIP itself could be built by using specific materials that have energy infused in them, as well as using Vastu, Fung Shui, and Sacred Geometric methods of aligning the energy flow and making the SHIP itself a vortex of “power” and the highest frequencies and vibrations.
  • C. When the SHIP is at sea, the salt water creates a “cleansing” energy that wipes out “all negative attractor fields”. The “energy” around and in the SHIP might be extremely “clear”. Thus those on the ship could b more capable of experiencing tremendous growth at an energetic level. This creates personal transformation faster and deeper than ever before. People on FREEDOM will experience full “Transmutation”.
  • D. There are more energetic “vortexes” over certain places over the oceans than there are on land (Sedona AZ, for example is an area where there are several known energy vortexes). The vortexes over the oceans are also more powerful than any of those that are ashore. Thus the SHIP could pick up this energy, accumulate this “energy” and carry it with it permanently, making the SHIP possibly a one of a kind, source of “energy” and vibrations at the highest most powerful levels.
  • E. On the SHIP there may be at least 1 “Enlightened Master”, or SELF Realized being. Such a person has a frequency and vibration that is extremely high. This has been scientifically proven (see Dr. Hawkins research). Being in the presence of such a person is in itself permanently life changing. Everything this person touches and is around transforms. The energy of everything this person touches rises and is lifted, the vibration increases, and the frequency becomes higher and stronger. Everything they come in contact with picks up their “energy” or vibration and in turn becomes a “source of power and transformation”. Thus the entire SHIP will be permeated with the EnlightenedMaster’s “energy”, creating a place for the Ultimate in learning, personal and spiritual growth, and complete inner transformation on all levels and all dimensions.

The SHIP might be the only place where certain training can be delivered because it will be the only place where this high level training will actually “work”. The SHIP will be a place were more “old karma”, energetic blocks, and trapped encapsulated negative energy can be released in a person. Thus, the SHIP could be a place for MIRACLES in every area of a person’s life.

The CLUB’s mission is to help improve the quality of life and standard of living of all people on the planet. The SHIP could be instrumental in achieving this goal. The SHIP itself, full of high vibration passengers and crew, will put out the most powerful and highest frequency and vibration the planet has ever seen. As the SHIP travels around the world, this magnified source of high (love) frequency will positively impact people everywhere the SHIP travels. People will “feel the love” when FREEDOM pulls into port. The local communities will be “lifted up” energetically. And when FREEDOM travels over key “ley lines”, that frequency will travel all over the world.

When the SHIP is in various ports, CLUB Members and SHIP passengers can participate in “Giving Back” if they choose. We could organize groups to help educate the local poor, and share books and other material with the local people to help teach them about the power of the Law of Attraction and various things they could do to improve the quality of their lives.

This is why the CLUB needs the SHIP.

What kind of entertainment will be onboard the SHIP?

The SHIP could have a main Theater/Showroom where first class productions could perform. These “shows” could include Broadway style musicals and theater, Vegas Style acts, concerts, Ballet, Symphonies, old fashion Vaudeville shows, “Circus Night”, and much more. Over a 7 night period, every night could be a different show. There may also be shows during the day on occasion.

The SHIP may also have live musical entertainment, singers, dancers, and much more throughout the SHIP and in “Clubs” in the evening. This could include Jazz, Blues, singers, dancers, and all kinds of music to cater to a large variety of “tastes” from around the world.

Entertainment may also include special local world class “Concerts” and “Acts” when the SHIP is docked at a destination. For example: When the ship is docked in Italy, we could have Italian Opera Stars come on board for a special concert. When in London, we may have the London Philharmonic Orchestra come on to perform classical symphonies. We may have world famous singers, musicians and “acts” in our spectacular Showroom. Or on occasion we could book a famous opera house, concert hall or even world heritage site and let local famous artists perform just for the SHIPS passengers and it may be all free to passengers.

The SHIP might have an IMAX theater for movies and documentaries, and a “normal” Movie Cinema so you could watch a movie “on the big silver screen” for maximum effect. The SHIP may also offer hundreds of thousands of selected movies and videos of all kinds available to watch on your room TV or your tablet or other device.

The SHIP could also have a world class “game room”, card room, and other entertaining things to do, including lectures, classes, and learning opportunities.

And MUCH more.

Is the SHIP going to be environmentally friendly?

Yes. Extremely environmentally friendly. In fact, FREEDOM is planned to be the MOST environmentally friendly “Cruise SHIP” ever created. We deeply care about the environment.

What kind of shore excursions will be offered?

FREEDOM might have the largest selection and variety of shore excursions ever offered on a cruise ship. These excursions could vary and include such things as: adventure and physically active expeditions; educational and cultural outings; “eating with the locals”; fine dining; sightseeing; and more. Some excursions may be for only a few hours, others could be all day, and yet others could be for several days where you could stay in hotels or even camping trips in nature.

In addition, local CLUB Members or associates (those considering becoming Members in the CLUB), might also offer to meet with SHIP passengers and share their homes and do “private tours” of the area. This way, one might really get to know the culture and people in the destination and make new friends.

FREEDOM passengers could also have VIP access and tickets to a variety of local activities, events, and “things to do” at each port of call.

Will I get bored on FREEDOM and how will I meet new friends?

It may be impossible to be “bored” while onboard FREEDOM. Every minute of the day and night there might be dozens of activities you could be doing, including just sitting and visiting with new friends.

The Cruise Activities Coordinators may design programs so that passengers could always have “something fun and exciting” to do with other like-minded passengers. This will provide opportunities for people always “being put together” if they want to meet other passengers and make new friends. Within the first few hours of being onboard the SHIP, at the “Welcome New Passengers” Party, the Directors may have activities planned that will, in a very fun way, get people to meet and know each other right away.

At dining times, simply sign in under “I want to meet new friends”, and you will automatically be set up to dine with other passengers who also “want to meet new friends”. It will be easy and fun to meet new people and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

 What kind of crew jobs are there, how is the crew compensated and what are the living conditions for the crew?

All the standard cruise ship crew positions will be offered on the SHIP.

The “total compensation” package for FREEDOM crew could be better than any other cruise line or ship in the world.

Crew may get the “best” of everything when compared to working for other cruise lines. Crew could have FREE, the most comfortable accommodations, all meals (crew eats what passengers eat which is unheard of), beverages, medical, dental, free uniforms, all hair care and personal care items, and internet. Laundry and pressing will be done for you, along with cabin maid service. Everything could be free. A crew member virtually may never need to spend any money as everything is FREE.

Crew might also get free membership in The CLUB and free CLUB training (worth tens of thousands of dollars).

When crew Members are not working, they will be free to enjoy the SHIP and be treated as full guest passenger (never before on any cruise ship).

Crew Members could be offered such an amazing opportunity, so many benefits and perks, that FREEDOM will attract the best of the best in the world who might want to be full-time crew on the SHIP.

Members from all over the world can live, laugh, love, work, and vacation together in the most opulent style on the oceans and beaches of the world.

It is understood that this document consists of potential goals, dreams and visions for the future. There is no guarantee expressed or implied that any or all of the dreams contained in this document will become a reality exactly as written or in any specific time frame. Nothing contained in this document is intended to solicit any financial investment above and beyond your current monthly membership dues. Monthly Membership dues are based on current benefits delivered in any given month.