Success Stories

Testimonials and comments from Kevin’s followers who apply what he teachings.

I first heard about Kevin Trudeau about a year ago when my girlfriend received a copy of the 14 CDs of “Your wish is your command”. As I listened to it, I felt enlightened. The information provided with great clarity and pedagogy gave me a new light on the world I had been waiting for so long. It was then that I understood that “the teacher appears when the student is ready”. I was so excited. I researched KT on the internet. I saw the GIN, but also many websites with different opinions about KT. I learned that he was in prison. I didn’t understand why. What had happened? Why could such an educated and enlightened person be in prison? I didn’t understand. I read the reasons on the internet but it didn’t make sense. I thought maybe KT talked too much and wanted to shut him up. Right away I had a discussion with the person who sent us the CDs and I signed up for the GIN. That’s when for me the adventure really started: I met so many people who had been instructed by KT and it changed my life. Then came COVID, I didn’t understand what was going on in the world. The reign of fear had arrived. Luckily KT released regular updates and I felt better. I realized that there was so much that I don’t know that I don’t know. And that luckily he was there to give us the right information. Positive information that puts things in their proper place. I now continue my journey with GIN to become a better version of myself. Thank you KT for giving me faith in life.

– FG

Of all the authors, influencers, and great minds I have been exposed to over the years, no one has had or continues to have, an impact on me like Kevin Trudeau.

My first exposure to Kevin came in 2004 or 2005. Trapped at my then mothers in-laws’ house on a Sunday afternoon watching The Home Shopping Network this guy was talking about “Natural Cures They Didn’t Want You To Know About”. He talked about how the power elite wanted us sick and we had no idea how good we were actually supposed to feel. I was transfixed and so was my mother-in-law. She had the phone out in no time ordering a set of books and asked me if I wanted a set too. I said sure! Those books changed my awareness of personal health and personal responsibility forever. They also made me keenly aware that those in power don’t necessarily have my best interest at heart.

About a year later, after reading Kevin’s Debt Cures book I popped in the CD that came with the book and for the first time heard the words “Hey, this is KT in the studio..” He spoke of financial independence and taking personal responsibility. He also made mention the elite class and how it behooves them to keep the average guy in economic slavery. This was 2006ish and it blew me away. Today in 2020 this is common knowledge. He spoke of his involvement with this elite class of people, how that was the secret to his extraordinary success and why he ultimately had to leave that life. Then it got really interesting he mentioned that he’d been encouraged by many to reveal the secrets to success, to bring this material out in some fashion. I thought I’d jump right on that!

About 4 years later, after a divorce and several other life changes, it fell in my lap. I hadn’t thought about Kevin for a while, but all of a sudden there was this email for the Your Wish Is Your Command CD set and I thought “He Finally Did It!”

That CD set literally changed my life. I listened over and over and over. In the end, there was an invitation to join The Global Information Network which I did.

That was the best decision I ever made. You see the genius to what Kevin did was not just the training itself, it was the environment that he created. The Global Information Network has a system of training the mind through reading books, listening to audios, and attending seminars. It is then topped off with live events and masterminds where we give and receive recognition to one another – which is badly needed in this world and creating relationships with like-minded people.

The Success Mastery Course continued where Your Wish Is Your Command left off, giving me further awareness, cognition, knowledge, and peace. The money came into my life. New friends came into my life. I switched careers and fell in love.

My social circle changed and I found myself in life-enhancing relationships, building others up and being built up by them. My social life improved. I travel the world with good friends, making memories enough for multiple lifetimes.

I found myself. I know who I am. And I know my purpose in life.

I cleared energetic blocks and let go of painful emotions that had plagued me my entire life up to that point. I am able to feel at peace and have a sense of well-being and faith and confidence almost all the time.

With what Kevin has taught me, I have created dynamic, energetic health and a powerful fit athletic body. I am more energetic, youthful, athletic, and stronger at 46 years of age than I was at 26. I look younger, feel better, and NEVER get sick.

I have created a career with purpose and contribution and I look forward to creating every day.

The teaching and the organization that Kevin has created along with all of the love he has poured into it has changed my life. I have taken 100% responsibility and found direction and happiness.

As much as I read and take in information from many great sources, Kevin continues to be one of the greatest if not the greatest inspirations and examples of how to create the life and the man I want to be, independent of circumstances.

I strongly recommend learning from Kevin and joining GIN as the greatest opportunity available for finding one’s life purpose, attaining one’s desires, spiritually advancing, and finding a sense of connectedness and community with bright shining kindred souls.

I wish you all the best. May you find your dream and may you never be the same.


This video is my whole transformation from this information Kevin Trudeau brought into my life.

First Video from 2013:

Kevin is our guardian angel and from our transformation, Kevin Trudeau is known in all Albanian populations all around the world.

The second video is in Albanian and English.

Is from the event in Prishtina 2018. Where You can see our Great Life. We give thanks To King Kevin.


I, who was perpetually worried, now know that the solution will come at the right time. At the moment, I have to find 4,180€ before August 4th to buy back the option to buy my car. I don’t know where the money will come from but I know it will be there. Before then I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at the thought that I didn’t have this money.

Thank you Kevin for this new serenity.


Kevin Trudeau has helped me in so many different ways throughout my life. His books and teachings have guided me and continue to offer me clarity and wisdom. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. Can’t wait for his comeback. God is with you, Kevin!


There is only 5 people in your life that really impact and change the way you think and live your life…

For me, Kevin is one of them. I thank You, Kevin and God for presenting you to my life.

Thank you!


Kevin Trudeau has changed my life!! Years ago an old employee left a copy of YWIYC. I contacted her to return it and she said I might want to listen to it first. It hit me in a huge way – I had been feeling dejected about things in my career, I had previously explored the Law of Attraction with “The Secret” but hadn’t kept up with it, and I had a very high teachability index. Over the years, I probably listened to YWIYC over 100 times; it was the only thing I would listen to in my car and I drive quite a bit. I applied its principles in so many areas In my life and saw so many of my dreams come true related to my business and my family life. Thank you, Kevin! Secondly, as I was approaching 30, with no change to my diet or exercise, my weight started going up. I added exercise to my routine, was mindful of what I ate, and my weight continued to increase! I really didn’t know what to do and after seemingly trying “everything”, I started to think maybe I just have to accept my “body type” as a little bigger. But in the meantime, my size was making me feel unconfident in so many ways. Then I found Kevin’s book The Weight Loa’s Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About. I read it cover to cover and followed the diet EXACTLY, and went from 155 lbs to 125 lbs, a weight I barely even made in high school. I felt so good about myself, it COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE. Since then I have told everyone I can about the book and the diet and I know it has helped others, too. After I had my first baby, I couldn’t believe I retained so much weight and stayed at 188 lbs!! So while I felt heavy for a year while I was breastfeeding, I didn’t worry at all. I KNEW that I had my diet in my back pocket for when I was done nursing. As I recently finished, I am midway through the diet and today have lost 32 lbs so far and will continue to follow it until I feel great in my skin again. I cannot even imagine my life without the principles of YWIYC and/or the secrets exposed in TWLCTDWYTKA. I owe Kevin so much gratitude, and I will continue to spread his word and express that through the ether to him every day!


Kevin’s teachings are truly transformational!

In 2014 I was met with a profound and life-changing event. I began searching in earnest for genuinely effective personal development training material which I could use to turn that event, and its effects, around. I discovered the audio series “Your Wish Is Your Command” in 2015 and, after listening to it several times, made the decision to take up Kevin’s Science of Personal Mastery newsletter course.

That course has been nothing short of miraculous in terms of the results I have been able to create in my life by following the teachings, exercises, and recommended reading. I have just completed Lesson 58 and can say with absolute honesty and integrity, that I am a completely different person now, compared to who I was when I started the course. My career and business prospects are blossoming, and as I have changed, so have my relationships. I now have wonderful, mutually supportive heartfelt, and fulfilling friendships. I have even been able to reconcile and restore some relationships from my past which had broken down, something I couldn’t have imagined would have been possible before undertaking this program of training.

I cannot speak highly enough of the positive impact Kevin’s work has had on my life and in turn, how that positivity has impacted the people around me; my family, friends, and community. The techniques and skillsets I have learned are priceless, and I would recommend all of Kevin’s training material and audios to everyone who is seeking to better their own lives and personal circumstances.

Thank you, Kevin!


“I love him for all he’s done for me…”

I have been a student of Kevin Trudeau’s since 2011. My son gave me a set of CDs for Mother’s Day, and since listening to “Your Wish Is Your Command”, my life has never been the same.

I’ve learned so many lessons from Kevin, more than I could ever count. I am a Level Vll member in the Global Information Network, and I studied the “Science of Personal Mastery Course” an amazing course he’s written while in prison.

If I had to pick 3 of my favorite lessons, I’d pick these although there are hundreds more:

Everyone knows something about “The Law of Attraction”, but one of the greatest lessons I learned from Kevin is that “You get what you think about most of the time”, Earl Nightingale,

1) (whether you want it or not)….

I learned “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right”, Edsel Ford,

 2) (it’s the thinking that makes it so)….

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 punches once, but I fear the man who has practiced one punch 10,000 times, Bruce Lee.

It’s Kevin’s way of teaching which makes these lessons so valuable.

Kevin Trudeau means so much to me and to thousands of others. I could never thank him enough for all that he’s contributed to the bettering of my life. I love him for all he’s done for me and for so many others. One of his many gifts is his gift of teaching and explaining things like no one can.

We have groups all over the world that pray for him and send him energy.

If it’s in your power please grant him an early release.

Best regards,


I’m grateful to Kevin. Ever since I read the books he recommends, I have been listening to his audio material. Thinking has completely changed. I’m sorry I didn’t get to know his teachings first.


You have been the spark for all these encounters. Through your spirit, all this could come about. The training opens my eyes more and more and I can see how the puzzle pieces gradually fall to the right place. The vision is big and I think it’s about nothing less than saving and preserving humanity. We are looking forward to getting to know you. Much love,


Thank you for your gift to touch and help on earth, for your speak in clear words of God. Thank you for your wonderful strength and so rare lightening the way for souls on planet earth.


Since listening to your teachings, my MLM Business has been growing, I am engaged to a successful screenwriter and most of my obligations have been paid in full. I can’t thank you enough for your honest teachings!!!


I really do look forward to shaking your hand, looking you in the eyes, and thanking you for inspiring me, motivating me, entertaining me, educating me, and reminding me that so much more is possible in this life.


Thank you for changing Me & allowing me to save my son’s life when he was at a low moment in his life and helping him to become a productive & happy person. Much Love,


I’ve had a great memory since Mega Memory and I can’t think of any aspect in my life that hasn’t been bettered by your books, products, information, recommendations, etc. The culmination is the Science of Personal Mastery Course is an understatement. I mean, it’s not just a course. It’s the most transformative experience anyone could go through. Thank you for being on the journey with us. Love,


Every day I have a deep thankfulness inside me, which is caused by the access to the system of the GIN-Club. I am 100% aware that it is only because of your loving service to humanity that this opportunity is available for us and all other people. Your service has changed the lives of many and will continue to do so in the future.


You’ve been such an inspiration to me over the last several years and I appreciate you and everything you represent. I look forward to seeing you after you are released.


I listen to the CDs almost every night and my life has been transformed in many ways. I received them at a time when I really needed a path to follow and I have been on the journey with happy results.


Your books have impacted my life in a very positive way. I enjoy the great health that I do because I read your early books and applied the knowledge.

–G. C.

You are a man with many hats! I could write many pages of thanks, but I will keep it simple and say Thank you for everything!


I have been a fan of yours for over 15 years now. I have most of your books and YWIYC CD’s. I have learned so much from you. Thank you!


I have a lot of gratitude after reading science of personal mastery course. What you do has great value and it works! Today I’m free and live my dreams because one day, a man paid the price. Thank you to be that man KT. You really impact positively my whole life.


I am looking forward to seeing you soon Kevin at the top of the world to continue the journey.


These CD’s have helped give me a new mind set. I’m no longer a victim of circumstance, but rather a creator of it. You’ve been a blessing to my life.


You have brought so many nuggets of gold to me and brought me to a community of truth seekers I had been looking for. Thank You!!


I am deeply, profoundly, and absolutely grateful for you! You are such an inspiration and have enlightened me on countless subjects, through your material and your energy.


I’m writing this letter to say thank you for what you are doing for humanity, I’m so grateful for everything that you are doing, and for saving my life.


Thank you again and again for all you do and your vision. I can’t wait for the next page of your endeavors to free humanity!


Thank you for your guidance, mentorship, friendship, and love.


This comes from my heart, which is profoundly thankful, grateful, and appreciative for all you have meant to our family! Blessings to you!


The Science of Personal Mastery Course is personal. It is the Key. I am feeling the releases. I am more at ease, peace, euphoric state, understanding but most importantly, I like myself. Thank you!!


The life experiences that I have had has provided the most personal, profound growth! Thank you Kevin!


Thank you for opening my eyes to a “natural” way of life. Your everyday wisdom and words of encouragement truly enriches my life.


I would once again like to thank you for the pivotal role you have played and continue to play in my growth. Thank you!


I thank God that he gave you the wisdom that he did and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge with the world.


I want to thank you for your work, audios and GIN. It has changed my life!

–B. H.

No words can express how much I appreciate the way you practice what you preach. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and sharing your wisdom.

–C. B.

Thank you for so much training and inspiration over the years. Your efforts have changed the course of my life.

–D. K.

Just wanted to thank you for caring so much about all of us here on earth, that you shared your knowledge about everything that’s going on. Natural Cures, changed my life! Thank you!


Thank you for your releases & for all that you’re doing. You’re a real rare one!!


Because of your books and thoughts, you saved my life. My life is happy and successful now. Thank you!


Because of your books and thoughts, you saved my life. My life is happy and successful now. Thank you!


Your book Natural Cures saved my life. Everything turned around for me. Thank you!

–S. G.

I appreciate you and your teachings they have impacted my life in all the right ways by making me confident and helping me feel good. Thank you!


Thank you for all help and contribution you have made, still making and changing people’s lives in a positive and empowering way. It takes a lot of courage, commitment, enthusiasm, discipline, time, and hard work.

–G. B.

I use to be stingy and feel lack often, but over the years and from doing the Science of Personal Mastery Course, I have moved away from that and into a space of feeling abundant and generous. So thank you for recommending those books!


I am so grateful for these lessons. Please pass my gratitude along to Kevin. I was just thinking about how much my life has changed since I started listening to Kevin’s lessons. I have enjoyed reading and practicing the information from the Natural Cures books and countless hours of listening to his audios. I am really healthy now because of the life enhancing things that I have learned and applied since becoming aware. I was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. I feel great now. As if I am aging in reverse in some respects.

Bright blessings


Dear Kevin,

I really don’t know how to describe it. Something has happened in me that, I believe is what movies, songs and people talk about but only a few of us ever reach. I feel that I was going through the wall of fire at the same time you were going through. when I received your email about it I just got out of it a few days before. This place, this feeling is simply so beautiful that it hurts (if you know what I mean).

I want to thank you once again for all your support, mentoring and friendship. Your recommendation of Dr. Malcolm and particularly the book “the untethered soul” has brought me to a place that is simply a joy in life. I am now consciously aware that I am the observer. It has been some weeks now that I notice I no longer am identified with that little voice that speaks to us. I am now acting (I feel) merely about feeling and not on thought. It’s simply amazing.

I got back with my wife (it really is a long and the most beautiful story ever). Suffice to say, she is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I can’t honestly comprehend why does she love me so much, but she was able to break and shatter my ego in thousands of pieces, reach down in corners of my heart that I didn’t even know existed and break open a pouring of unconditional love that was hidden inside me because of things that I observe and carry as my own when I was just a small kid with my parents. It wasn’t even mine the baggage I was carrying over, it was my parents’.

After dad passed away, something of him died in me, some burden I was carrying. And my wife ended up burying an old outdated/heavy/clumsy version of me that was not experiencing love at the fullest. I was literally reborn because of the love of you, my wife, myself and life itself. It really is hard to explain since I have never heard of this before, ever. What can I tell you my friend, I am simply extremely blessed to have you in my life.

Sending you all my love and all the best!

Your friend,


Hi Kevin,

I am a Level 7 Candidate in GIN. I am a huge fan of the newsletters. I am currently on Lesson 39. I find the “Golden Rule” lessons a lot harder than I thought they would be. I’ve also been experiencing lots of emotions coming up these past months, but I am sure it is all to my benefit. I can’t wait to do them all. Doing the lessons feels very “right” for me. I feel pulled to do them. I’m always amazed when I go back to re-read past lessons in a new unit of time to find out what you said was going to happen, actually happened.

I am so thankful for you and all that you have done for us. I can’t wait to meet you in person. Thank you for everything!




You are a true inspiration. I have read your books, and enjoyed many of your audios. I often tell people whether you like KT or not, the message he shares is a positive one, and a true one. Isn’t this what the world craves?

Kevin, thank you for all that you do. Having come from an organization in the past where I was misled and used for my skills, it was your audios that taught me to forgive myself and others. It was your audios that taught me that I needed that particular experience in my life in order to go forward. At the end of the day, we are all God like beings, sharing a human experience. The great things you will accomplish in the upcoming years will be staggering. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. You are loved, missed and a brother to us all.

Your friend,


Dear Kevin,

I was introduced to Your Wish Is Your command when I was 18, after a big Home Event my friends & I put together for a network marketing company… I remember hearing the 1st Basic “Who do you listen to? & in that moment I knew I had something special. 7 years later & I find myself eager and excited to learn just a little more of the basics! Because a punch, is a PUNCH!  

I’m not writing this solely to talk about myself, rather to personally Thank you Kevin. From the bottom of my Heart. Thank you for caring enough to share this knowledge to those who see its immense value. 

My parents only knew paycheck to paycheck & I never saw more than $2,500 a month. NOW I AM currently running my own Media Agency named Clientele Creators, bringing home $15K monthly. Now & ONLY NOW do I feel that I am becoming a perfect student 10/10 on the teachability index. I say all this because you have been my #1 Teacher with of course Life. The energy in All things & everyone being the Greatest Teacher. Not only a Teacher but you are my friend. 

Those rough nights alone sitting on the edge of the couch (my bed at the time) with your wish is your command playing on my phone, my friend Kevin Trudeau, Rooting for me. Now I AM rooting for you Kevin! For your FREEDOM from physical prison, for your Heart to be fulfilled with all of your Desires. Thank you, I look forward to being at the same table with you in the near future. I will continue to put money on your books!

Your friend,

Hello Kevin.

You and I have never met, nor have I physically been in your presence, but I want to tell you that you are a loved member of my family. There probably hasn’t been a day that passed in the last 7 years that my wife and I haven’t mentioned your name or referenced something you’ve said. One day I will shake your hand, hug you and thank you for everything you have done for me.

I imagine you have received hundreds or thousands of letters from people who want to tell you their story. I want to tell you mine out of pure gratitude to you. I feel like I’ve come a million miles away from where I was, however, this is just the beginning for me.

My wife and I are happily growing 2 businesses and 4 small children with your teachings and have reached the point of no return. We have no choice but to believe that we create our reality and must continue to take responsibility over ourselves.

I listened to YWIYC for around 5 years while working part time as a truck driver. When our first son was born, we decided I would stay home with him so I left my job and vowed to never get another one. I made a goal to use my time, focused on getting my creativity and imagination back. I felt that years of working in the ‘adult’ world had diminished it. Within that first couple of years, I was able to manifest freelance work as a professional audio engineer which was my lifelong dream. This work taught me how to create systems and be disciplined. 

During this time my wife’s grandmother would suggest that we open a senior care home but we thought nothing of it until one day we actually explored the idea and realized that we could create something really special that wasn’t being offered anywhere else. So we made the decision to do it and started the process. We got all the way up to the point where all we had to do now was wait for the state to approve our license.

During that time I came across the success Mastery Course and religiously listened to and studied it. While my wife was at work, I would sit in the park with my kids everyday with headphones and a notepad and transcribe them. I did this for a year before we finally got licenses and I came out of student mode and got into the game.

The very first night of opening I swear to you that I must have tapped the basic TFT sequence a hundred times until I fell asleep from exhaustion. I thought I had just destroyed the safety of my family and sanctity of my home by bringing in our first resident Doug (who was a homeless drug addict with Dementia) and who, by the way, was bigger and meaner than me. We had 2 small boys and our third son (who was only a few months old) sleeping in the next room. I had never been so terrified! I wanted to quit. I felt like an idiot and ashamed for having done this to us. It was the next day that I made a decision. I decided that I was going to going to do whatever it took to grow this business to the point where I could hire staff and move us out. We no longer saw it as our home even though we lived there for the past 9 years and home birthed all our children there. A week later the four of us moved into the garage to regain our own space and free up a bedroom to bring in more residents/revenue. We took only the things we needed (to live and run the business) into the garage and sacrificed the rest. My wife retired from her day job and I stopped doing freelance work. It was a scary yet exciting time. When I was scared, I turned to the audios and studied harder. When I was unclear or not feeling good I did cleaners and fasts. I increased my teachability and overcame blocks and programs. It was a time of amazing contrast and growth. My relationship with my wife was already strong (from previous “experiences” but this catapulted us to another level. We depended on each other for strength and clarity. We had constant new cognitions of the material and talked about it virtually all day.

We took turns caring for the residents and handling business duties. It was a 24/7 responsibility. We were living in constant contrast which allowed us to always be focused on what we wanted. Out of nowhere my wife learned that she was pregnant again! As tummy grew, the reality of us not having insurance anymore and a home to give birth in set in. She refused to give birth in a garage so we began looking for a house. A month later my wife and kids moved out while I stayed behind to work/run the business. We had never been apart like this before. She was pregnant with 2 young boys, a baby boy and now had to take care of them by herself. She also had her own business as a hypnotherapist to squeeze in.

I worked all day with the intention of learning every aspect of my business while creating and improving systems. I did this 24/7 for months. At night I would study the books from your list. One night while reading the Law of success, I suddenly had an epiphany that revealed to me that my current chief aim was not dialed in. So I jumped out of bed and began doing some math and came up with, for the first time, a chief aim that felt absolutely amazing and believable. My dream was to live at home and be with my family full time and the dollar amount needed to accomplish that was my new chief aim. I wrote it out into a simple formula that captured what I wanted, why I wanted it, How much I needed to get it and a basic plan on what I was going to do to get it as well as my next step. I then called my wife to tell her the good news.

The very next day everything changed. She got a call from an old colleague who took a new position at a nearby hospital and had 2 residents she wanted to refer to us (at this point Doug had passed so we had only one resident (Ann a cowgirl from England), a negative cash flow and basically running the business with our savings) so I took massive and immediate action and assessed them. It turned out that they were the hospital’s two “hardest to place” patients that no other home wanted. We didn’t know this at the time, but word spread through nearby hospitals that were the ones that took in Doug (our first resident). You see Doug was a “hard to place” patient who sat in the hospital for over a year before we accepted him. Not a single other home would take him. Come to find out, my wife’s colleague was telling everyone that we did miracles with him. He lost over 50 lbs.. His attitude improved and he was happy to be with us. That thing that I mentioned earlier about how we believe we could create something special that’s not being done anywhere else is really just us using what we learned in your natural cures book and YWIYC etc.

So my wife and I had a very sobering discussion as to whether we would take these two patients. After learning that this hospital held us in high regard we suddenly felt empowered and our confidence sky rocketed so we decided that we were going to specialize in doing the “impossible” and accepted the patients.

Using their “hard to place” status as leverage, we were able to negotiate unbelievable rates. A week later the hospital referred us another resident. We accepted and guess what… my chief aim was met. I moved home and reunited with my wife, 3 boys and our new baby girl.

Today almost two years since opening, we are completely moved out and have that place fully staffed and occupied. We have even converted the garage (that we live in) into another bedroom to bring in more revenue. Everything is much easier now but not without challenges. We look back on that first night and laugh but will never forget! We are also working on opening our second facility and doing it all over again. Crazy huh! 

Having my wife on my team, and those audios are what helped me get through all the hang ups and nuclear bombs going off. We overcame more in the last two years than all the previous. And I know now that no matter what new “giants” appear in my head, nothing can take away that fact that I faced Goliath and won. I have a strength and courage that I’ve never known and can clearly see/sense when others do not have it. This ability helps me when dealing with people.

The size of my dream and belief that I can do it is exponentially growing every day and I am so thankful to you for that. I’ve always known I was capable of greatness even though I behaved like a loser. My wife must have saw the winner that I would someday be. I actually met her after applying one of the techniques mentioned in “The Secret” movie, but I’ll save that story for another time.

I could write 50 more pages, but I want to end by saying thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for Mega Memory. Thank you for YWIYC. Thank you for Success Mastery Course. Thank you for the Personal Mastery Course. Thank you for the Infomercial Secrets Revealed. Thank you for GIN. Thank you for your radio show. Thank you for Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About (the first book I ever read and finished as an adult) Thank you for all the great things I’m yet to receive and become as a result of your work. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Mr. Trudeau,

I took your class that you were kind enough to put on. So after getting to where I wanted to get to, I wanted to give you some feedback. If you recall, I mentioned to you after trying some of your techniques, I had a settlement against the state. I continued to work consciously through the steps you provided, and we won that suit, which has been a blessing. It was a means to an end that I did not have to figure out, it was provided.

Also whenever I did the visualizations, I had always pictured a Jeep Wrangler. The picture was always from my vantage point in the driver’s seat. Almost immediately upon arriving back at my father’s, my brother came by in his Jeep Wrangler he had bought, and of course, I had to fulfill the vision and drive it. 

So I suppose I just wanted to let you know that I am truly sorry that you have gone through what you have, after doing some research, I do believe that you were wronged, although to the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, there is always a third party in every transaction, and one can never truly be shorted of what is coming. Like you stated before things will work out to ones benefit, it just takes some time to see how.

Your lessons have helped me solidify some subconscious mental habits that are helping me to be the person I want and love to be. Now, I am in a job that I actually like getting up in the morning and going to, I am healthy and humble, doing the things the other guys are too good to do, and it is taking me places. In less than three months, I have accomplished more than I had in a decade of prior mindless wandering. I wanted to say thank you. You have made a difference. Please keep in touch and feel free to write. I will certainly enjoy corresponding.

~ F