The Secret of Giving

How can you help yourself grow, increase your ability to manifest and be happier and more at peace than ever before?

By giving. The secret of living is giving. 

What do you give? Your essence, your energy. You can only give what you have and what you are. 

How do you give away your energy? First you must have it to give. It must be awakened. It must be flowing. 

You can increase it by reading books, listening to audios, going to events (seminars, meetings, workshops) and by having relationships with others who are on the same path (and ideally one who is in alignment with who they really are and has their essence already awakened). 

Thus, you give that which has helped you and is helping you! You give away the books that have transformed your life.  You give away the cd series “Your Wish is Your Command”. And you gently and lovingly encourage them to join any organization that you found to be helpful to you. 

The more you do this, the more you “give”, the more YOU expand your own abilities. When you help another, you help yourself. When you give to another, you give to yourself! 

Always be gentle and never forceful, especially when people are not asking you for help! (Maybe YOU still need more help than them!) The more people that are reading the recommended books and listening to Your Wish is Your Command increases the numbers of people who are vibrating at higher levels. 

The objective is to get to critical mass, the tipping point, the 100th monkey syndrome. As this is happening, YOU reap the benefits in so many ways. Many people tell me they want to help people. I look at them and think, they need a lot of help themselves! 

Help yourself first. And THEN help others! 

One of the best ways to do both is to share what you have experienced. You help yourself by reading the books. You help others the most (AND you help yourself) when you get others to read the books (give them away), and listen to the “Your Wish Is Your Command” audios etc. 

Think of a candle. It is a flame and gives light. The larger the flame, the more light it gives off. Also, if you take the candle and use it to light another candle… you have 2 flames, yet it came from the same flame. The flame/light is the same. With 2 flames or candles, you have 2 times the light. Continue on and on and the more candles or flames you have, the more light you get. 

The light eliminates the darkness. 

The more light there is, allows more people who are not yet “enLIGHTened” to see the “lights” in those that are now “light/love”, and want the light for themselves as well! 

This is the beginning of critical mass. 

You can help “enLIGHTen” the masses by the simple act of getting people to read a book or listen to the “Your Wish” cd series etc. When you do this YOU win, THEY win, and we ALL win. You will “feel” your own energy become awakened and alive. 

Watch and feel the magic happen in your life.

Humbly your servant, 

with the deepest appreciation and love for all of you,