At this point, you all know more about living a “successful” wonderful life than 99% of the people on the planet.

You know that “success” is not defined as having lots of money or material things. 

A “successful” person may be rich or poor when it comes to finances. 

Success can be defined so many ways. 

You could say success is: Feeling totally satisfied and fulfilled right now, being blissfully happy and joyful, having inner peace and a sense of being whole and “complete”.

What else could make you a success? What else are you looking for?

You could be broke and STILL have all those inner feelings, or you could be rich and not feel any of those. 

Which would you rather be?

You could be sick and your body a wreck, and you could STILL have all those inner feelings, or you could have perfect health yet live with depression and despair. 

Which would you rather be?

We try to attain things so that we can experience these inner “States”. But those “states” do not come from anything external. 

They spring from within. 

Success is really being anchored or fully established in these inner “States” no matter what the external conditions of your life are. This is the ultimate point of “non-attachment” to material things.

When you achieve this, you MAY actually attain lots of material things and enjoy all the physical things that life has to offer, yet you are not attached to any of them. You CAN have it all…health, wealth and happiness.

But you know EXTERNAL THINGS can never make you feel lasting “happiness” or true joy. 

Your true happiness and peace comes from inside you, no matter if you have external material things or not.

This is the idea of “Surrendering”. 

Surrendering to “God” or the Universe is actually knowing the true SOURCE of all your desires, and putting FAITH AND TRUST in that ultimate SOURCE.

When you “let go” and “surrender” to SOURCE, and you KNOW that the TRUE SOURCE WILL give you what you desire as long as you follow the “laws of the Universe”, THEN you are fully activating the Law of Attraction and all its power.

You are putting yourself in a “state of allowing”, a receptive state. This state is needed for your desire to “come” into your life.

The BEST, fastest and most powerful way to help you attain this state of allowing and activate the Law of Attraction is following an ancient method of living. 

This method is mentioned in the 5000-year-old “Vedas” of India, the writings of Buddha, ancient Tibetan books, the Bible (both Old and New Testament), the Zohar, Kabala, the mystic writings of Islam, the teaching of the ancient Sumerians, Egyptian mystery school books, and many other legendary texts and teachings.

The method is “giving”.

The secret of living is giving. 

When you GIVE AWAY WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY WANTING AND DESIRING FIRST, you are putting out the most powerful “rocket of desire” and “frequency broadcast” that you are capable of producing.

You are putting out into the ether, the perfect “vibration” for what you want, in its most powerful form.

When you give, you are effectively planting a seed. That seed WILL multiply and return to you 100 fold or more, IN THIS LIFE and FAST. It is creating “karma”.

Giving away want you want activates the Law of Attraction faster and more powerfully than anything else you can do.

But there are some specific “rules” that make giving “work” (meaning manifesting into your life what you want).

The secrets of giving so that you DO get a HUGE “return” and FAST are:

  • give joyfully (you MUST give with joy in your heart and FEEL SUPER GOOD about your giving)
  • give without anyone knowing you are giving (as best as possible…don’t brag about your giving)
  • after you give, PRAY in private, meaning ask the Universe for what you want and be as specific as you can
  • then, EXPECT a return (have the spirit of THANKFULNESS and feel NOW as if you are already in possession of what you are asking for)
  • even though you EXPECT a return, you RELEASE your expectation and leave it to GOD (the Universe, Universal Consciousness, The Field or whatever you want to call the one Universal Loving Benevolent Intelligence that is all that is). This means you FEEL GOOD NOW even though you don’t yet have what you want, and knowing that it is OK if you NEVER get it!

These secrets are beautifully revealed and taught in the following books:

What do you give?

First, give the hardest thing for YOU to give. For most people that is money. Money is YOU. YOU earned it with your labor, your mind, and your time. Giving money for most people is like cutting off their arm! So GIVE money.

Other things you can give include:

  • your time volunteering to causes you feel good about
  • your time and effort to help those around you, including family, friends and neighbors
  • your talents and advice and expertise to those who need it
  • stuff you have in your house like clothes, furniture, toys, food, etc. (I know men who gave away cars, expensive jewelry and even multi-million dollar planes)
  • a smile, a kind word, a written note, a compliment, a kind act

By the same measure you give, it will be given back to you. You cannot out give GOD.

How much should you give?

Scripturally, you MUST give 10% of your income. This is called a “tithe”. The scriptures are very clear about this. If you give your tithe AND offerings (which is anything above the 10%), and do so with a joyful heart, and do so expecting a RETURN, then GOD will “Open the windows of heaven and pour out to you a blessing that will be MORE than enough to fill ALL your needs and beyond”.

Remember, what you sow you will reap.

“Give and it WILL (SHALL) be given back to you…. a 100 fold and more return…”

Purposely plant seeds (giving money and other things away) expecting a return. 

When I wanted something to manifest, I always planted a seed FIRST by GIVING. 

You have to put in, before you can take out.

You must plant a seed FIRST before you get a return.

Who should you give to?

Anyone in need and anyone you feel led to give to. Follow your heart.

First, consider those people and organizations who have “fed” you. Perhaps a church or another group or a particular person that inspired you. 

Back in the 80’s a minister came to my office. He told me my Mega Memory Course had helped him and his children so much. We had a nice talk. (Weeks before I made a very large donation to a homeless shelter).

When he stood to leave, he took off his beautiful gold watch and handed it to me saying “I want to give this to you”. I was a little shocked. The watch was worth almost $100,000 in today’s money. I smiled and said “No thank you, but I appreciate your kind offer”. He then told me that he HAD to give it to me, as he felt very led to give me his expensive watch. 

I then accepted with thanks. I knew what he was doing. I had an idea that he must have some financial needs in his life and ministry and he was “planting a seed” that would multiply back to him. It turned out to be true. We BOTH got a return many times over by our giving and his church became the largest church in the Midwest. 

So, give to anyone you feel led to give to.

Do NOT give to someone because you think THAT person will be able to give back to you! 

Actually it is rare that the person or organization you give to, will give back to you. 

It will be someone else or some other group. 

Your return will come from an unexpected source. 

Give because it gives you JOY to give, NOT because you think or want THAT particular person to give back to you. Yes, EXPECT a return, but not from any particular person or organization.

This is the idea of “releasing and letting go” of the outcome.

This “feeling” of “letting go and releasing” also activates another KEY to making SEED GIVING work and produce a 100 or more return for you fast.

When you “let go”, you are putting all your faith in “God” or whatever word you want to use here.

You are looking to the ONE Universal Loving Benevolent Intelligence, the ONE Universal Consciousness, the “Universe” as your SOURCE of supply, not any particular person or organization.

One more point. When you give money (or anything) freely and with joy, and letting go and releasing any “NEED” for a particular outcome, you are showing the Universe by your actions and attitude that you are looking to “GOD” or the Universe as the SOURCE that will fulfill all your wants. 

This “trust”, or “faith” is what opens the windows of heaven and allows all your desires to flood into your life.

You now have all the secrets to manifesting all of your desires AND attaining the inner peace, bliss and joy that surpasses all understanding.

Integrate these concepts into your being. Make giving, letting go and releasing, be “who you are”. 

The scriptures say “GOD loves a cheerful giver”.  So “give, release and let go” with joy in your heart and a smile on your face, thus “allowing” all the good things you want to come into your life.

Much love,

Your friend, 



Ask yourself and answer these questions. Discuss them with like-minded friends.

1.) “Who or what is the SOURCE that will supply all your needs in this life”? 

2.) Why is it important to “give” on a regular basis?

3.) What are some things that you can give?

4.) Give some examples of who or what you can give to.

5.) What happens inside us when we give money?

6.) Why is this statement true “The greater the sacrifice, the greater the return (the blessings you get)”

7.) Why does giving create vibrations/frequencies that allow what you want to manifest in your life?

8.) Why is this statement true “Whatever you want, you must give it away FIRST for it to come into your life”

9.) Why is giving away what you want FIRST, with joy, the ultimate way to activate the Law of Attraction and manifest what your desire?

10.) Why is the Expanded Golden Rule (do to, talk to, talk about, and think about others as you want them to do to, talk to, talk about, and think about you) an excellent way of “giving”, “surrendering”, and activating the Law Of Attraction?