Spectacular weekend with Kevin Trudeau and David Krueger

By: Roman Mushyakov, Nathan Rafaelov, and Ruben Rafaelov

From left to right: Roman Mushyakov, Joann Lysiak, Kevin Trudeau, David Krueger, Ruben Rafaelov, Nathan Rafaelov

We are all high level members in The Global Information Network. On an ordinary evening in September I got a call from Ruben saying, “would you like to spend a private weekend with Kevin?” Ruben continued to explain, “I reached out to Kevin, and offered to gift to him a set of Carico cookware and cutlery as we are distributors of the products. He graciously accepted. I then and offered for us to personally deliver the Carico cookware and cutlery set and he graciously accepted to that as well!” 

Ruben and I got on a group call with Nathan and planned all the details of our trip for the weekend of December 10th. When we landed, the three of us excitedly went grocery shopping. As we pulled up to Kevin and David’s house we were greeted by the FedEx truck delivering the Carico cookware and cutlery. We accepted the packages and walked into the house with boxes and groceries in hand. 

What a wonderful weekend we have spent with Kevin, David and of course my amazing brothers Nathan and Ruben. Words cannot describe the feelings and energy I felt. I know you will feel the energy in my words and immense gratitude with your hearts and souls. 

First, I would like to thank Kevin and David for your generous hospitality by allowing us to spend the weekend with you. 

Second, I would like to thank Ruben and Nathan for organizing this special event. Witnessing the relationship you both have with GIN peaked my curiosity and I thank you for sharing it with me a few years back, as it saved my life. My family and I are forever grateful for the exposure to GIN and this new found wisdom it has provided us. The energy we felt during this weekend was mind blowing. It was very surreal. The smiles on our faces and the emotions we experienced were just simply spectacular. 

Spending one on one time with Kevin was a dream come true. This seed was planted as soon as I started listening to “Your Wish is Your Command”. It has been watered and nurtured for some time now. This weekend the fruit has been harvested with many tasteful meals and conversations with Kevin and David. Many other seeds were planted along the way and I’m excited to see them come to fruition.  

The energy among us was powerful. It has enlightened me to become a better person, a better husband and father, a better friend, a better brother to my family and to all the GIN brothers and sisters. 

I also had the opportunity to meet with Joann Lysiak, who Kevin invited to the house for dinner. I want to personally thank you for coming and share the amazing meal Nathan, Ruben, and I prepared using the special Carico waterless cookware. Thank you for sharing your experiences and journey in GIN. 

When I woke up in the morning in Kevin’s house I felt like I was in a movie. With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I sat across from Kevin on the couch and had an intellectual conversation. I was able to ask anything that came to mind without any sensation of being rushed. 

Every morning Kevin would lead us in an hour exercise which was incredible. Even with muscles getting sore, I continued to push through because of Kevin’s leadership. We are all half Kevin’s age, yet we were not able to keep up with his stamina. 

After the exercise we had the pleasure of using TEETER inversion table and other favorite gadgets of Kevin’s like the Kloud. All my aches and pains were gone, aside from the muscle soreness that felt great. 

After all the morning activities, I felt amazing and energized. We proceeded to cook an amazing tasty brunch full of veggies and proteins that helped energize our body and mind for more terrific conversations with Kevin. 

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was dark. We began cooking an amazing dinner and showing off our cooking skills with the Carico waterless cookware to Kevin and David. They were both very impressed and delighted with the superior quality surgical stainless steel Carico waterless cookware, which we have gifted to Kevin as a token of gratitude for everything he’s taught us over the years. 

After dinner, cigars in hand, the conversations continued as we couldn’t get enough of Kevin’s life experiences and wisdom. Thank you again for this spectacular and unforgettable weekend. It will be remembered for the rest of my life! 

Kevin gave all of our meals an A+ rating. He has eaten at some of the most exclusive and top restaurants in the world so this is a big compliment. With the Carico cookware and cutlery, we made cubed beef with cilantro rice, lamb chops with fennel and onion salad, steak with cucumber avocado salad with lime kiwi dressing, veggie cheese omelet, chicken and veggie stew, and guacamole just to name a few. These recipes are available if anyone is interested. 

As a distributor of Carico products I am proud to put my name behind the products as they are a great tool, allowing my family and friends to live healthy lives. To learn more about Carico products or if you would like to know more detail about my interaction with Kevin Trudeau please contact me at drromanwellness@gmail.com. 

From left to right: Joann Lysiak, Ruben Rafaelov, Kevin Trudeau, David Krueger, Nathan Rafaelov, Roman Mushyakov