Magnificent Obsession Book

Back in the 70’s I was given a book to read: Magnificent Obsession by Lloyd C. Douglas.

The book was written in 1929 and for 18 months was one of the best-selling books in all of America. It is a wonderful novel with great character and a terrific plot that makes it a real page turner.

Once you start reading it, after about 30 pages, it is hard to put down. More than just an excellent, well written story, the book shares the simple “secret” to success. 

It gives an actual “formula” for success. I suggest you read this book. If you do, make sure you have a good dictionary with you! There are MANY words that you probably won’t know the meaning of. Make sure you look them up when you come to them, before you continue reading. It will make the book MUCH better.

I gave the book to several friends here who love reading novels. Every one of them said they could not put it down and read it in record time. They also said they loved learning all the new words they had never heard of before. One man said it was the best novel he had ever read and will read it many more times before he leaves here. 

This book was one of the original “lessons” I was given early on in my life that taught me the method to achieving one’s dreams. There is a recipe for success. There is a step by step “pattern for success” that works and has passed the test of time. It is not “new”. The “law” of success has been written down for thousands of years and is available to you.

This book is just one of the thousands of pieces of literature that explain the “secret success formula” for manifesting one’s desires. Some of these literary works are religious or spiritual texts, some are works of fiction, others are books and manuals that explain the “secret” with the perspective of scientific, advanced, nuclear and quantum physics.

This book is simply a FUN way to learn this powerful secret and hopefully entice you to actually apply it in your life. If you do, you WILL see the results.

Share with me your thoughts, if you choose to accept this invitation and engage in reading the book and putting into practice what it reveals.

Much love,

Your friend,