Hidden Secrets

People look at successful people and wonder “What do they have that I don’t have that created all their success? What are they doing that I am not doing that is causing them to be so successful?” 

When you look at someone, you only see what is on the surface. You are not seeing the whole picture. 

Robin Williams for example seemed on the surface to “have it all”. He always “seemed” happy. He was hugely popular and had hundreds of millions of dollars. His health seemed fine. He had a great wife and family. Everything seemed “perfect”. Many would have loved to have changed places with him. 

Then, out of nowhere, without warning, we hear he committed suicide. He was dealing with major depression his whole life. No matter what he attained, he was never happy or fulfilled.

How could someone who “had it all” be depressed and so miserable we wonder. 

The point is that we never really know what is “inside” a person. We don’t know how a person thinks or what “vibration” they are sending out. We don’t know how they are “feeling” and perceiving their existence. 

We also never really know exactly what a person is currently “doing” that is causing their success. We also never really know what that person has done in the past that is now manifesting into success. 

By observation only, you will get a very inaccurate picture of the truth. And you will get only about 10% of what is in reality going on “beneath the surface”.

So you want to be financially successful, physically healthy, and have inner peace. 

You want to feel fulfilled, satisfied and complete. 

You want to have inner bliss and joy. 

You want to feel excitement, enthusiasm, and passion. 

You desire to feel like you have a purpose and that your life has meaning. 

You wish you felt totally loved and wanted. 

You want to feel safe and secure and in control. 

You want to feel whole. 

You ultimately want to have lasting and constant happiness that is not fleeting. 

There ARE people that have ALL that. 

If you “THINK” like they THINK and ACT like they ACT, then you too will get those results. 

What one person has done, you can do also. 

If you read the book The Diamond Cutter, you will see how it all works. Follow that by reading Karmic Management.

It is all there. 

Read The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment for even more in-depth knowledge of “how it all works”.

People ask me all the time what is going on inside my “head”. People want to know how I think and how do I act. They want to know what I DO, the “method”.

Read those books and you will see EXACTLY how I think and act. You will see in great detail how I live my life. Those books are the most accurate description of how I have lived for over 40 years. If you want to know what is “inside my heart and inside my head”, simply read those books and you will see into my soul.

Read The Go GIVER and The Magnificent Obsession and you will see what I have been doing “quietly and privately” for over 40 years (secretly “giving” without fanfare or press).

Read See You at the Top, The Secret, The Magic of Believing, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude and Ask and it is Give and listen to Born to Win audios (By Zig Ziglar), and The Successful Life Course (by Ed Foreman) and you will see precisely what my attitude is and how I use the “Law of Attraction”.

Read Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, and listen to the audio courses The Psychology of Winning (Dennis Waitley), The Strangest Secret and Lead the Field (both by Earl Nightingale), and you will know exactly the techniques I used for material success.

Read What to Say When You Talk to Yourself and you will learn how I mastered the power of linguistics and words (because the Tongue is a creative force and what you SAY is what you get).

Read Psycho-Cybernetics (the ORIGINAL VERSION, NOT the “updated version”) and you will see how I transformed my “self-image” and created confidence and a positive self-esteem that IS a requirement for all success and achievement.

Read The Go-Getter and discover how I developed a NEVER QUIT attitude that produces amazing results (after reading this book, I ALWAYS would NEVER STOP until I would get every “Blue Vase” in my life!)

Read The Power and The Magic and you will know what techniques I DO that makes life go extremely well for me and allows me to always “feel good”.

Watch The Secret video and you will see in vivid detail exactly the steps I take that allow me to manifest my desires.

Read How to Win Friends and Influence People and you will see the method I use to create wonderful loving relationships and gain support from people all over the world.

Watch What the Bleep do We Know? and see the TRUTH about “how it all works”. It is that knowingness of TRUTH that makes my “thoughts” super high in power and voltage thus creating better faster results.

Read The Field and see even more science and “proof” about “how it all works”. This increased my “certainty” thus increasing my personal “power” to create whatever I want.

Read books by Neville Goddard and Dr. David Hawkins and get more insight into the TRUTH about “how it all works”, increasing even MORE your personal power as it did mine (VERY TOUGH READING, so only for those intellectual academic types).

Read books by Muktananda and Yogananda (all his writings, not just The Autobiography of A Yogi), and gain deep insight into the mystical time tested proven concepts of who you really are. This awareness releases ALL your power. It can in you as it did in me (Very esoteric and not for everybody).

Read Richard Hittleman’s 28 day Yoga Program and Richard Hittleman’s Yoga Meditation and you will see the exact very first books that I read back in the early 70’s and learn the exact methods that I used as I started on my personal “path”. 

WOW, you might say, THAT Is a LOT of material! 

Yes it is. But it is but a fraction of the material I studied since the early 70’s. Books, audios, videos, seminars and more. More hours in study than you could ever imagine. I spent more hours in study than it would take to get 10 PhD’s! Really!

The good news is you don’t have to spend all the time and effort that I did. 

I have taken all that knowledge and experiential knowingness and condensed it down into bite size pieces that are simple and easy to learn and apply. 

Through my Success Mastery Course, The Science of Personal Mastery Course, and my other materials, you can get the “Reader’s Digest” version of all the material I have studied my whole life, and gain all the same spectacular results and benefits!

I certainly encourage you to read the books, watch the videos, and listen to the audio courses mentioned above. I REALLY wish everyone one of you would read ALL the books, watch all those videos, and listen to all those audio courses that I listed above. It really will not take you very long. 

The above material is all you need to make every dream you have in your life come true. 

It is ALL there. 

EVERYTHING is there.

You can get it all even if you skip the tough stuff (Neville, Hawkins, Mutananda, Yogananda, Hittleman). So that reduces the amount of time you need to get it all!

Remember, the same principals are utilized by ALL successful people all around the world, in every field. They use these principals either consciously or unconsciously. When a person USES the methods, the results follow. When they STOP using them, the results stop.

If you plant corn seeds, you will reap corn. 

If you plant apple seeds, you will not get an orange tree. 

AND if you DON’T plant ANY seeds, you will not get a harvest. 

YOU can have it all. 

Invest some time into your future and your life by reading above listed books, watching the suggested videos and listening to the recommended audios. 

If you do, and then apply even just a LITTLE of what you learn AS YOU LEARN IT, you will be planting the right seeds that will produce the right results that you are seeking. 

Your dreams CAN and WILL come true. 

Stay tuned….

Much love,