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Kevin Trudeau exposed government corruption and refused to be silenced. Now he is in home confinement - serving the remainder of a 10-year prison sentence for "Contempt of Court".

Everything he ever owned, created, or worked for was taken away from him and sold by the courts - all for talking about his own opinions in his own book.

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The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club is owned and managed by Tonya Canada & Rahelios – two of Kevin Trudeau’s Apprentices, Personal Assistants, and Loyal Friends.

Many people have expressed a desire to assist Kevin by donating money, and we have created this website page to facilitate this. 

Kevin and we GREATLY appreciate your support and we will look forward to meeting you in person when Kevin is fully released from home confinement.

Thank you sincerely!

There are two ways that you can donate money to Kevin:

1.) Click the button below and make a donation in any amount that feels good to you using a Credit Card or PayPal. All donations are fully encrypted, processed, and protected by a secure network.

2.) For those who would prefer to use digital currency, you can Donate to Kevin from your crypto-account.  Just copy/paste our wallet addresses below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you use this option, after you donate, please be sure to send us an email with your name and donation amount using
  This "Contact Us" Form  so we can notify Kevin of your generosity.






All your donations will be used to benefit Kevin in various ways. When you send a donation through us, we will personally inform Kevin of your name and donation amount, unless you ask to remain anonymous. In either case, we will be sure that your name is included on our Private List of Donors, as we would like to send you an exclusive invitation to Kevin’s First Live Event, to be held once he is fully released from home confinement. We look forward to seeing you there!

We appreciate you with all our hearts!!!

Kevin Trudeau, Tonya Canada, & Rahelios

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