How to set Objectives

How to set Objectives A Partner asks a question about the setting objectives: “You mentioned that you were going to initially consider releasing them in 2035 what is it that will occur in this world or would potentially mean more people would be ready in 2035 “?

Prison Life With Kevin

prison life with kevin

 Prison Life With Kevin  By Charles Wilson Part 1 – The Beginning Bad karma and circumstance from one position may be the total opposite from another. Shakespeare told us that “Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Kevin Trudeau would tell us to, “Take Life Lightly” and “Feel Good Now” regardless … Read more

The Expanded Golden Rule

The Expanded Golden Rule You have heard of the “Golden Rule”, which is “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you”. This rule activated the Law of Attraction; the Law of Giving and Receiving; and the Law of Karma. Using this rule will help manifest in your life what you want. But … Read more

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule The Golden Rule says Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you. The word translated DO actually means more than DO…it also means think about, wish for, etc. So…THINK about OTHERS, WISH for OTHERS, and DO to and for others as you want them to THINK about, WISH for, … Read more

A Powerful Element That Makes Giving Produce Miraculous Results

A Powerful Element That Makes Giving Produce Miraculous Results There is a “secret” that activates the Law of Attraction and makes what you want to happen in life, actually manifest.  The “secret” is “GIVING”.  “GIVING” is an extremely powerful concept that has been written about in every ancient spiritual text.  “Giving” is actually a spiritual … Read more

Giving Creates Inner Joy

Giving Creates Inner Joy A secret to living is giving. When you do something for others or for a cause, without any thought of personal benefit or recognition, joy explodes from within.  Ancient texts say, “Do the work that comes to you-but don’t look for the results. Don’t be motivated by the fruits of your … Read more

The Go Giver

The Go Giver My good friend Andrew Malcher (a “superstar” from the UK), sent me a spectacular book The Go-Giver. It was co-authored by a man I shared the speaker’s platform with years ago, Bob Burg.  It is a very short little story that explains brilliantly the core secrets to mega financial success as well as … Read more