A Powerful Element That Makes Giving Produce Miraculous Results

There is a “secret” that activates the Law of Attraction and makes what you want to happen in life, actually manifest. 

The “secret” is “GIVING”. 

“GIVING” is an extremely powerful concept that has been written about in every ancient spiritual text. 

“Giving” is actually a spiritual and energetic “mandate”. In fact, it is an “order”, or a requirement that you must engage in if you want the Law of Attraction to activate fully and thus “attract” and manifest your desires.

When you follow the “Rules of Giving”, and you “Give” freely, you release energetic “attachment” to “things”. This then RELEASES stuck energy and allows this Universal Energy to create in physical form your desires, wants, and wishes. 

Your wish virtually does become your command.

There is an actual PROMISE given and written clearly in all those ancient texts. The PROMISE is a guarantee. 

It says that if “Giving” is followed faithfully, you will be blessed in everything you do beyond your wildest imagination. 

You will get everything you ask for. 

Your prayers WILL be answered. 

Success and prosperity are guaranteed. 

Miracles WILL happen in your life. 

The “windows of heaven” will open and blessings will pour into your life in such abundance that you will not even have room enough for all of them. 

You will virtually be “overwhelmed” with blessings and success in every area of your life.

This is not “religious” nonsense or some “new age” fantasy. 

It is proven, substantiated and documented science.
It is quantum physics that has been verified to be true in hundreds of studies around the world.

It is based on the now proven scientific fact that everything in the Universe is not only “connected”, but actually everything is simply a part of or a manifestation of the ONE Universal Energy that is all things.

Today however, “Giving” is very rarely talked about in any “Success” book or course. 

“GIVING” encompasses all forms of generosity such: 

  • Being generous with your time; giving your time, knowledge, and help away to others
  • Giving money to those people and organizations in need, such as charities, churches, ministries, as well as people and organizations that give you spiritual growth or help you in any area of your life
  • Giving food, clothing, and other ITEMS to charities, churches, and directly to people in need
  • Giving love, acts and words of kindness, and thoughts of kindness to everyone ideally without exception and without condition
  • Living by the “Expanded Golden Rule” (see Lessons on this “Rule” by clicking here)

“GIVING” however, in all spiritual texts, talks specifically about one kind of “giving” as the most powerful.

This form of giving is when you give away a portion of your INCOME, and do so on a regular basis. 

This is actually an “obligation”. You “owe” some portion of your income to “God”/Universal Consciousness.

Since everyone and everything is an expression of the ONE “God”/Universal Consciousness, you must “Give” to people.

As you “Give” to others, you see “God” not just in them, but as them. This way you are “Giving” to “God”. 

“Giving” then, in this context is defined as:

“Giving away a portion of your income on a regular, consistent basis to people or organizations in need”.

There are several GuruKev Lessons on “Giving” that I highly suggest you read. They contain the “details” and “mechanics” of Giving such as: 

  • Who do you give to?
  • How much should you give?
  • What do you give?
  • How often should you give?
  • How should you “feel” when you give?
  • What to expect when you give
  • Why “Give”?
  • Exactly “How” do you give? 
  • How “Giving” energetically (according to quantum physics) helps you manifest your desires
  • and more…

The links to those free Lessons are at the end of this message.

Some “ingredients” of “Giving that Produces Miracles” include:
    •    giving with a cheerful heart
    •    making a “vow” to give each and every week or month (giving consistently on a prearranged basis)
    •    making your “giving” the #1 priority and always the FIRST “bill” you pay 
    •    when you give, expecting a “return” on your giving thus always EXPECT A MIRACLE
    •    give in secret, don’t brag about your giving

These and several more “ingredients” are discussed in the Lessons on Giving.

There are 2 other powerful “secret ingredients” that make “Giving” “work” that most people miss.

When you “Give”:
1.) you need to be making a sacrifice
2.) your giving cannot put yourself under any financial pressure

These are 2 KEY elements that make the magic of “giving” money produce a “return” on your giving. 

“GIVING” is the principle of sowing and reaping. When you sow one seed of corn, you do not get back one kernel of corn. You get a whole stock of many corn cobs, each with dozens of kernels. One seed sown into good soil will produce a “return” of hundreds of kernels of corn! 
One apple seed sown, produces in time thousands of apples from the tree the single seed grows into.

When you sow “time” or sow “money”, or sow something you own, this is “giving”, and you will get a return. 

You will get “back”, from others, MORE than you gave….in fact MUCH MUCH MORE!

If you want to be blessed, bless others first. 
If you want to be loved, love others first.
If you want money, give money away first. 

You must always sow the seed first. 

You don’t go to a wood stove and say “Give me some heat, THEN I will put in some wood”. You must put in the wood first. 

You don’t go to a field and say “Give me some crops, THEN I will plant some seeds”. You plant seeds first.

When you plant a seed, you are PATIENT for the harvest. 
A seed planted will not produce a harvest in one day. 
There is a “season” for planting seeds. 

Then you must be patient and allow the seeds to grow.
THEN there is a “season” for harvest.

You KNOW a harvest is coming in due season IF you planted good seeds in good soil.

All this is explained in detail in my free Lessons on Giving that are at the bottom of the page.

These 2 additional “secret ingredients” are what makes your giving produce results fast, and makes sure that your “return” is not being “held back” or delayed.

When you give money, it has to create a sacrifice. This means you have to “give up something”. If a person gives $100 to a ministry or a charity as a “seed gift”, perhaps that means that the person cannot go out to eat in restaurants for a week. Thus the person has to sacrifice, or give up, the pleasure of going out to eat in restaurants for a week. 

But, that $100 gift does not put that person under any financial pressure (financial pressure means “how am I going to pay the light bill or rent?”). 

If another person who is really struggling with his finances gives $100 as a “seed gift”, but now does not have enough money to pay his rent, or car payment, or insurance premiums, that is NOT the correct way of giving.

This person will be under a lot of financial stress and pressure. He is giving money away that he needs to pay his bills. 

It would be better for this person to give $5, and thus “give up” and sacrifice a donut and coffee (something he does not NEED, but the giving still creates a sacrifice).

Some people “give” using this method: 

They look around the house and figure out what they don’t need anymore. They then sell it on Amazon or eBay and take the money and give it away. This creates no financial pressure. It may or may not create a sacrifice. But it is a good way to “Give” without creating financial stress. 

It might be better to sell something you really love, like your golf clubs, or some CDs or one of the many TVs you have. This creates a sacrifice, and at the same time does not put you into any financial stress or pressure. 

Never go into debt to give. 
Don’t use your credit cards to give. 
Don’t take loans to give. 

There must be an element of sacrifice when you give. You have to “give something up” and “feel it”. 

Yet at the same time, don’t put yourself under financial pressure or stress. 

Use these 2 ingredients combined with the other ingredients of “Giving that Produces Miraculous Results”, and you WILL see miracles in your life. 

When you GIVE the “right way”, the Universe will open the floodgates so that your desires will pour into your life. 

You will receive what you want.
Your “prayers” will be answered.
Blessings will come to you in every area of your life.
Miracles will be a normal occurrence.
The entire Universe will conspire together to make your dreams come true.

“Giving” the “right way” activates:

  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Karma
  • The Law of Sowing and Reaping
  • The Law of Giving and Receiving

“Giving” releases your fear of lack, therefore you are no longer broadcasting the frequency of lack. 

The frequency of lack is stopping the manifestation of your desires.

“Giving” releases faith. 
Faith makes the Law of Attraction bring into your life what you desire.

“Giving” eliminates doubt. 
Doubt stops what you want from manifesting.

“Giving” proves to the “Universe” that you “trust” that all is well. 
This makes you “Feel Good Now”. 
This feeling creates a frequency and vibration that “allows” your desires to manifest.

“Giving” therefore stops you from broadcasting the frequencies that are stopping your desires from becoming a reality (fear, doubt, lack, wanting, needing, etc).

“Giving” also gets you broadcasting the frequencies that attract into your life all your desires (faith, trust, joy, certainty, etc).

I encourage you to engage in “Giving” on a regular basis.
At least give some amount from time to time, even as little as $5 or $10.

People ask a lot about “Tithing”.

I will do complete teachings on “Tithing” in the future.

Giving 10% of what you earn is called “Tithing”. 
When you give 10% of what you earn, you are giving your “Tithe” (10%).
This opens the floodgates so blessings pour into your life.

This is not only a spiritual concept and promise, it is quantum physics. Today it is proven science.

“Tithing” is a big step for most people. If you are new to giving, don’t start with “Tithing” unless you feel very good about it and are really being “drawn” to become a person who tithes (A Tither).

Anything you give that is more than the 10% tithe is called an “Offering”. 

When you give your Tithe (10%) AND an offering on top of that…with a cheerful heart…the PROMISE is that you will get a 100 times or more return on your gifts from the Universe…even as much as 1000 times!

Most people should NOT start by giving 10% of their income. 

Again, if you are new to “Giving”, I encourage you to start small, and start slow. Give $5 to start or just $10. 

Give to someone or some organization you feel good about giving to. 
Give only what makes you feel comfortable. 

Read the Lessons on Giving on the links below.

GIVING will: 
    •    Release your fear of “needing” and “wanting” (you will feel FREE and Liberated!)
    •    Release your fear of “lack” (you will feel blessed and feel as if you are living in abundance) 
    •    Allow you to live in the knowledge that all your needs WILL be met (you will have confidence and CERTAINTY)
    •    Teach you to have faith, live by faith, and show your faith by your actions (you will feel like Superman/Superwoman)

Faith without action is dead. 
You must take action to release faith.

The fastest way to release Faith (which creates MIRACLES) is taking the “action” of GIVING. 

If you can give Tithes and Offerings on a regular schedule that is great. 
If you can’t, start by GIVING ANY AMOUNT. 
But the key is to START. 
Even GIVING $1 is better than GIVING zero. 

The Secret to Living IS Giving.

Step out in faith and act. Release your fear of lack. 
Do so, and all your dreams will begin to come true. 

(Consider giving at ContributeToKevin.com and becoming a “Partner” with Kevin as a way to “Give”.)

Engage in the power of GIVING and EXPECT YOUR MIRACLE!

You are loved and appreciated. 
I wish you all the best and send you all my blessings.
Your Miracle is coming!

Expect a Miracle!

May you never be the same. 

Much love.

Your friend,